Prostitution Prices

International world prostitution prices below and the money paid to prostitutes is quoted in U.S. Dollars. The International rates and prices for sex are collected from news reports, law enforcement and security agencies, user submissions, and other public documents that reports on where to find prostitutes.

There are huge price differences between prostitute types. Usually street sex workers are the chepest hookers. After that comes massage salon workers and bar girls. The most expensive prices can be found from high-class escort models. Some of the most elegant escorts are asking several thousands of U.S. dollars per night. If you want to spend some time with a high class, grade A escort with multiple languages, flawless, model complexion, highly educated and often internationally known, expect to pay A LOT.

If you want to find out where the RED-LIGHT DISTRICTS, EROTIC MASSAGE PARLORS and STREET PROSTITUTES are located in these countries - Just CLICK the COUNTRY!

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List of Prostitute Prices Around the World

Afghanistan: $30 to $60 for a whore.

Albania: $50 for one hour with escort

Argentina: $30 with a street hooker

Australia: $150 per hour for Asian woman, $300 for Caucasian woman

Austria: $75 for quick sex at the brothel

Azerbaijan: $200-500 for high-end escort.

Bahrain: $200 and up for high end escort.

Bangladesh: $0.60 to $3 for most types of hookers.

Brazil: $5.50 for young girl in ghetto

Brazil - Brothel (Rio): $60 entry fee at Centaurus

Brazil - Vila Mimosa, Rio: $20 for a hooker.

Brazil - $100 to $200 for one hour with high-end escort.

Belarus: $70 one hour at the brothel

Belgium: $35-70 at the Red Light District

Belize: $20 starting price in brothels

Brazil: $10 streetwalker in Ghetto

Bulgaria: $15 to $25 for a gypsy highway street hooker, $50-100 for in-call escort.

Cambodia: at the RDL takeaway, at around US$15-25 for a ‘short time’ or up to US$50 for all night. US$10 at the chicken ranch shack brothels.

Canada - $50 street prostitute (most are aboriginal), $250-$350 one hour with escort

China - Beijing: $100 to $400 for Escort agency

China - Hotel Spa: $130

China - Shanghai: $650 to $1,600

Chile $25 sex at the massage parlor

Colombia: $200 with Virgin Girl or about $30-50 for an escort.

Costa Rica: $30 Young street hooker

Croatia: $80 escort in a private apartment

Cuba: $20-40 for quickie and $50-150 for all night

Cyprus: $70-80 in the brothels on the northern side of Cyprus. $100 and up in the southern side.

Denmark: $200 to $350 per hour for escort/prostitute

Dubai: $250-500 for one hour with an escort. Overnights go from $500 and up.

Egypt: $200-400 for Tourists & under $20 for locals

Estonia: $30-40 street hooker & $60-150 one hour in a private apartment with a prostitute

Finland- $200-350 for one hour with escort or $50-100 quickie with a street hooker

France- Cannes: Up to $40,000 a night

Germany: $40-$65 at the Red Light Districts. $120-130 gangbang all inclusive brothel.

Greece: $10 to $30 in a common brothel, $50-$80 in a studio (high class brothel), $80-$150 call girl

Hong Kong: $40 in a one-room brothel to $232 in hostess bar

Hungary: $30-40 quick sex with a street prostitute. $40-100 for 30 minutes with in-call escort.

India: $1,000 for virgin, $1-$4 for regular prostitute. High-end call girls ask around $180-300 per hour.

India - Kolkata, Calcutta Prostitute Earnings: $2 per day

India - Online: up to $500 for two hours

Indonesia - Earnings for Prostitute: $784 to $1,120 per month

Iran: $20-50 depending on the area. Sex Prices in Iran vary a lot.

Iraq:$100 per session / $200 per night

Ireland: $50 to $200 charged by male prostitutes

Ireland -Limerick: $120 to $250 online, $40 to $80 street price.

Italy - Gypsy street hooker on the highway roadside $30 for quickie

A street prostitute talking to a potential customer in Turin, Italy, 2005

Japan: $200 for 60 minutes with a South Korean prostitute

Japan - $300 for sex with younger girls.

Jordan: up to$1,000 for Filipino Women.

Kenya: $5-25 for sex with young Rwandan or Ugandan girl.

• Kurdistan: $200 in Iraq side. In Kurdish areas $250 for a night at the high-end brothels.

Kuwait: $500-$700 for a couple hours.

Latvia $50 for in-call hooker.

Laos $20 for a quick sex with a young girl at the shack brothel.

Lithuania $30-40 for a street prostitute. $50-70 at the privat flat.

Madagascar: $15 for one session with young girl

Maldives: $10 for young girl

Mali: $2-$4 for a young hooker.

Malaysia: $100 for sex with young girl

Mexico: $30 for a room and a prostitute for a tourist at the Zona Tolerancia. Or $3 at one of the world's cheapest brothels in Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas.

Moldova: $30 girl from the street

Monaco $3000-10000 for an all night luxury escort.

Morocco: In Rabat prices start from $25

Nepal: about $20-25 for street hookers.

Netherlands - Amsterdam: $45-$70 for 15 minutes

Nepal: as little as few dollars for sex with a Nepalese hooker

Nigerian women in Italy: $10 to $30 per transaction

Nigerian women in streets of Ivory Coast: $5 to $10 per act

Norway: under $50-$100 (African street girls) $250-$350 (online incall, mostly Eastern Europeans), $400 (Native Norwegian girls)

Oman: $25-35 for a short time and $150 for a long time with Chinese prostitutes.

Pakistan: $6 starting price for locals, tourist pay more

Panama: $200 to $300 for a strip club take out girl.

Peru: $50 for hour in a brothel

Philippines - Street hookers in the suburbs $6-15, freelancer girls at the night clubs $40.

Poland $30 to $50 for a fuck in a brothel

Portugal: $35 quickie with a black African hooker

Qatar: $100 to $500 for a girl from the bar

Republic of Macedonia: $20 quickie with a street prostitute.

Romania: $20-$40 street prostitute

Russia $60-150 for one hour in a Russian brothel. Independent working girls vary from $80 to $250 an hour.

Saint Lucia $50-$100 for a fuck

Scotland: As low as $50 for a hooker

Singapore: $25,000 for 3-day tour

Singapore - Young girl: $47 to $55

Singapore - Online escort $100 to $150 for 1 hour.

South Korea - Southern Seoul: $120

South Korea - young Girl: $300

Spain: $35 with a black street whore in Madrid

Suriname: One gram of gold for some girls. You can also find many girls for around $50.

Switzerland: Union minimum of $100

Syrian Women: $10 to $50 at the brothels or under $10 at the refugee camp.

Taiwan: $200 for sex with a local escort.

Thailand $30-$100 with a bargirl for a short time, $50 to $200 for a long night..

Turkey: $500 for VIP service with the high-class hookers & $10 to $30 at Red-light district

Tunisia $15-$25 in the red-light district.

Ukraine: $100 to $250 for english language speaking prostitute. Nightclub girls who do not speak english can be less than $100.

United Kingdom - Street Prostitute: $30 to $50 for a short time.

United States: $40 to $100 for street prostitute

• United States - High-End Escort in Indianapolis: $500 per hour

• United States - High-End Escort in NYC: up to $5,000 a night. Many also accept BitCoin these days.

• United States - Legal Brothel in Nevada: $250 to $600

• United States - Massage Parlor: $150 to $300 for oral sex and intercourse

• United States - Massage Parlor Worker Earnings: $8,000 to $10,000

• United States - Minnesota: $40 for oral sex with young street girls.

• United States - Houston, Texas: $40-$80 with a street prostitute.

• United States - Prison Guard: $200 to $400 charged by female guards.

• United States - San Diego, CA: Under $100 per act.

• United States - San Jose (California): $350 to $500 per hour with a high end escort.

• United States - Young girls: $40 to $100 for 15 to 30 minutes of sex

• United States - Miami : $250 an hour

Venezuela: $15 sex at the massage parlor

Vietnam: $10 to $20 for a short time with a street whore.

Yemen: $50 for a high class escort.

Zimbabwe: sex with a condom $5-$10 (One Round aka short time) and $20-$50 whole night with the bar and street girls. $10 Blow jobs. For unprotected sex $10-15 for locals.

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