Window prostitution

Window prostitution is a form of prostitution in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The prostitute hires a working area of a window frame plus operator for a certain time period, often a day or half day. The prostitute is more independent and self-recruits and negotiates its own customers on price and services to be provided. An old term and method in the window prostitution is called uitpezen. The prostitute provides an amount for which the customer may enter. Then, for each additional service they offer to pay extra.

A window prostitute negotiating with a potential client.

Situation in Netherlands

Window prostitution was originally a typical Dutch form of prostitution. This form was created by tolerating silent prostitution in the old Red-light district in Amsterdam around the old church. Were at first completely closed the curtains, as the less stringent sexual morality was the curtains were open more. Meanwhile, the curtains closed only if the customer has a prostitute. When the curtains were wide open went further in revealing the form of fewer garments that bore the prostitute. In Amsterdam , the traditional neighborhoods window prostitution the red light district , the area around the canal and the Ruysdaelkade . In Rotterdam since the seventies window prostitution is not tolerated. In The Hague concerning the Huns Street, the Yellow and Doubletstraat Street. In Alkmaar , there is a tolerance zone for windows on the Achterdam. In Arnhem, Spijkerkwartier was the Red-light district, but it was closed in January 2006. In Utrecht there is a special form of window prostitution: the women sit at the Zandpad behind the windows of houseboats. Twenty percent of the prostitutes work behind the windows. The basic price of a window prostitute in Netherlands is 25 to 30 euros for 20 minutes. Most of the time this price includes blow-job and a sexual intercourse.

How Sex Workers Operate

With window prostitution, female or some cases male rent a room and are on display to the clients from behind the window. Window prostitution is independent work. Sex workers can negotiate with a client at the door over the price and the services that you they provide. Prostitutes determine themself whether to entertain the client or refuse him. They have their own room and can they can close the curtains when they need a break. Sex workers need between 2 to 3 clients per day in order to earn enough to cover the rental of the room, travel costs and other costs (clothing, condoms, lubricant).

Window prostitution is relatively safe. Assistance workers are often available in a reception room. There is usually camera surveillance, the police regularly patrol the area and each room has an alarm button connected to the office of the landlord.

Some women do not like being open and exposed to the viewing public. It is possible that their friends, family or acquaintances might see them.

Prostitutes set their own prices for the services.

List of Cities with window prostitution



  • Arnhem - window prostitution until 2006.
  • Rotterdam – window prostitution until 1981.



In Cologne and Frankfurt, this concerns Eros Centers where girls work behind windows inside the buildings, often large flats over 6 floors. These brothel buildings are often called Laufhaus in Germany.

Other Countries

You can find [Laufhaus]] walk-in brothels from the following countries.

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