Top 10 Most Expensive Female Escorts in The World

Who are the Female escorts whom for a man would pay a lot more than some people earn in a month?

Female “companions” come in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, the ones we hear about the most are the high class escorts who make an incredible living being the recipients of both cash and prizes. New York City, California, Cannes or any city in the world where you can throw a great party has its own collection of luxury escorts.

With today’s technology, escort services and independents are able to peddle their services on the Internet for all the world to see. Photo galleries, thinly veiled services, prices and specific instructions etc..

But what makes men so interested that they are willing to pay so much money?

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List of The Most Expensive Female Escorts in the world

1. Cannes Film Festival Favorites: $40,000/Night

2. Lauren: $24,000/Night

3. Natalie McLennan: $16,000/Night

4. Ava Xi’an: $6,500/Night

5. Ms.Maya Blue: $4,500/Night

6. Ashley Dupre (Kristen): $4,300/Night

7. Just Kassandra: $3,000/Night

8. Loredana Jolie: $2,000/Night

9. Zahia Dehar: $1,200/Night

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