How to Behave in Strip Clubs

Like any other place, strip clubs (also called: Topless Bar, Nudy bar, Gentlemen´s Club, Rippers, Peelers, Strip bar) have a code of conduct; some is written, some not. This is a guide for a strip joints newbie.

When you arrive to the Strip club you will be greeted by bouncer and your I.D. will most likely be checked to ensure you are the appropriate age to enter the club. There is generally a cover charge for men whereas most times girls will be permitted to enter for free. Upon paying your entrance fee you will be often given a bracelet or hand stamp so that if you leave and return you have proof of cover. The hand stamp might be suggestive, and difficult to explain to your girlfriend. After this you can find a bar, get a drink from the bar (dont have to tip a waitress this way) and find a seat with a good view to the stage. When the Striptease show begins you will be treated to the visual pleasure of watching a sexy dancers women swinging in poles while taking their clothes off. As the strippers finish their routines they would then normally walk around among the bar floor offering a private lap-dances in one of the back rooms for a fee.

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Strip Club Guidelines

  • Tip the bouncer
Upon entering, you should always slide some money to the bouncer, especially if there is no cover charge that time. Not only will it turn the bouncer into a friend for that night or even for a longer time, but it will go a long way in getting you good seating.
If there's a particular seat that you want, do not be afraid to ask for it. "Perverts Row," the area around the stage, is always the busiest part, but the bouncer can always make room for you if your tip him enough. If you sit in perverts row, you are expected to tip the dancer. You might get move away from the stage if bouncer sees you are taking up prime space and not tipping, and another patron could replace you at the stage. If the dancer is ugly, either move away from the stage, or "loose attention" and dont watch the dancer so you dont have the obligation to tip. Also be aware that special seats such as booths or VIP area will cost you extra. In some clubs, all seats cost extra, you will have to stand unless you pay extra. The door fee did not give your the privilege to sit in that case.
  • Dress appropriately
While most strip joints do not have dress codes, make sure to look your best. If anything, the strippers will be more attentive. However, should you visit seedy clubs — the backwoods watering hole where the top attraction is the older lady standing on a stool sweeping the floor with the tip of her breasts — you should not wear your best suit. These kinds of clubs are usually frequented by close-knit bands of locals, and looking like an outsider can bring on trouble.
While strip clubs desire your patronage and money compared to more exclusive and selective non-sex nightclubs, strip club may have a dress code, it can include, shoes must be closed (no flip flops, no sandals), pants must be full length (no shorts), and shoulders must be covered (no wife beaters and no jerseys). These rules are about the logistics of lapdances, not "looking hot" or "looking rich". For example, a stripper accidentally stepping on your flip flop bare foot with a stiletto. Shorts can cause a house rule breaking stripper's hand to go up inside, or dicks to discretely come out. Not having skin to skin contact stops your body odor or cologne getting on the stripper. Her skin to your clothes is fine, but her skin to your hairy rough skin is not. Strip clubs in urban areas might have a very strict dress code that is business casual, to keep out thugs, pimps, and street people but these are rare. The bouncer has a job to keep out patrons that the strippers would hesitate or refuse to do lapdances on.
Strip clubs often have a mandatory coat and bag check. If something is expensive, leave it in your car, or dont take it with you from your home or hotel.
  • Befriend the DJ
It's actually one of the best-kept secrets of the strip-bar circuit. DJ´s are the most connected employees in the joint; they know the girls and can hook you up should you be in their good graces.
In many joints, strippers receive no salaries and actually have to pay the DJ to go up on stage; they make their salary with table or lap-dances and they get a cut of the dancer drinks you buy them. So buy the DJ a drink, tell him you like the music. You won't regret it.
  • Ask about prices
Do not be afraid to ask about the fees for lap-dances, booth, VIP lounge, etc. Some dances feature props and could cost you much more. Or you may even discover that you can in fact afford two-stripper table dances. It pays to inquire. Ask a waitress or bartender about prices before asking a stripper. The strippers are often new or temporarily working there and honestly dont remember the price. Strippers are not employees of a strip club and may work at multiple strip clubs.
  • Be forward with what you want
No one can presume to know what you are thinking, not even your best friend, no matter what she says. You should therefore be outspoken about your needs. Ask. If you want a particular stripper to come to your table, simply ask her. If you want to know the name of a stripper on stage, ask the nearest waitress, dont wait until the DJ announces, or doesn't announce it. Some strippers won't do rounds after a dance and go straight to backstage. You will have to ask a waitress to get her by name from the back room.
Ask her exactly what kind of services she offers and what you expect. If it does not work out, fine, but at least you will know. Sometimes *every* girl will do rounds after her dance and approach you. Also, do not be afraid to turn down a girl who offers you a dance if you don't feel like it; a simple polite "No thanks, maybe some other time" will suffice. If you give a rude or hostile no, a girl might tell the other girls not to approach you. A strip club is like a pet store, you pick the right girl for yourself, all the other girls understand that, they get rejections dozens of times each night. If the club has all the strippers sitting at the bar when they are offstage, just walk upto them, dont wait until they've danced and say hi, they are there to get money from you.
Do not get too drunk, but do tip the dancers and they'll thank you for it.

Terms Used in Strip Clubs

  • Coin Toss - A game played where the stripper will ask audience members to throw change at a desired target such as into a funnel, off her ass, or get a coin to stick to her somewhere in order to win a prize.
  • Lap Dance - As the name suggests a stripper would perform a erotic dance for you on your lap. Although the lady is in your personal space you will not be permitted to touch her in some countries
  • Pole Dancing - A erotic style of dancing involving a metal pole that stripper swing and twirl around and even climb all the way to the top and slide down in a naughty and erotic way.
  • Private Room - An area or room dedicated to providing privacy for you and a dancer of your choosing so the stripper can offer you a private and sensual dance.
  • Shot Girl - A waitress that is scantily clad who will walk among the tables and booths offering shots and drinks from a tray for a flat rate.

Other Important Things

  • Although the shot girls/servers/waitresses/ are dressed sexy they will not dance for you and will not tolerate being touched, smacked in the ass or harassed in any other manner. Initially, when you first enter a strip club, it might be confusing in figuring out who is a waitress and who is a stripper, especially since they might be dressed equally sexy compared to off-stage strippers. If in doubt, ask if they are a waitress. Strippers will never touch the cash register. Waitresses, bartenders, and bouncers, represent the day in and out management and employees of a club, the strippers are independent contractors that might be fired at the end of the night for bad behavior. Treat waitresses as if they were waitresses at a family restaurant, or pretend they are a man. Some waitresses last worked at Applebees, tomorrow they work at the Kiss Club, and later on work at IHOP.
  • You should act with manners, because the bouncers in strip clubs take their positions seriously and will throw you out if you over step your boundaries, drink to excess or bother any other people.
  • Touching the strippers or waitresses is not allowed especially in North America unless they invite you to. In North America always ask about touching before doing it, instant ejection will result otherwise. Even inside one club, different girls have different personal rules for touching. In some jurisdictions in North America, as of a rule of no contact lapdances, any unexpected touching means you are undercover law enforcement testing the government rules.
  • Taking pictures of any kind is almost always prohibited at the nudy bars and grounds for ejection or in the worst case taking your cellphone or camera away. It is forbidden since your photographs can be used to blackmail both girls and other customers. Clubs often have night vision or infrared enhanced security cameras that show the club as bright as day. They will see your phone in darkness. Keep phones aimed at the floor so there arent misunderstandings.
  • Being rude or aggressive towards the workers in a strip club will not be tolerated.
  • Do not jerk off in a strip club. This isn't a swingers club. Some clubs will have a men bathroom attendant to make sure you dont do it.


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