Drei-Farben-Haus (brothel)

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The Drei-Farben-Haus (three-color house) in Stuttgart-Mitte is located in the street Bebenhäuser yard near the King Street and Stuttgart's biggest brothel .


In the existing since 1957. Three-Color House have had rooms for 67 working prostitutes. The "DFH" has three connected buildings, including the rooms in the basement, five floors up to 24 rooms per house, the numbering goes back to the time when the corridors of the houses were still isolated and accessible only by the court was carried out. The name comes from the distinctive red-white-blue house paint. The location is in the bustling business district at the end of Königstraße and the Town Hall does not leave the impression of a lawless space.

Tips for your 3-Farben-Haus Visit

Repeat customers usually get better service than tourists. It is advisable to pretend that you are in city for a longer period of time. This way you get better service because she wants to see you again to get more money. Be aware of the fact, that there are some scammers that want to squeeze out as much cash out of you as possible and returning as little as necessary or nothing at all.

When you negotiate the price make sure:

• what is the maximum time

• how many times you will be able to cum

• are you allowed to change positions during intercourse or does extra positions cost more

You will avoid to get scammed if you make things clear from the beginning. Some hookers (usually the German whores that believe they are something better than their Latina and eastern European counterparts) promise you everything. Don't lose your head! If you do, this may happen: Suddenly she will only allow you to lower your jeans a little and will start to give you a hand job. She will ask for more money for oral sex, than she will charge another 20€ if she takes off her bra and each other promise will set you back more and more financially without any real benefit. This scam is designed to get you to a point when you will just say, NO and leave with less euros and no satisfaction at all. Rather give up your initial investment of 30 € and venture for a new girl if you get caught in this trap. The girl has secret alarm buttons in her room and within a short time 2 or 3 flatheads with pitbulls will be waiting in front of her room and not let you leave before you pay her. They will ask for money themselves. Usually pay is before service. However it is advisable to pay after if possible or deposit the money on a table visible for the lady so she can take it after the job is done.


The interior and the condition of the inside are in the style of the founding in 1957. The rooms are equipped with a sink, corridors and stairways are maintained in accordance with the design more functional. The approximately twelve square meter rooms are furnished depending on the services offered and the taste of the tenant. Female supervisors contribute to a regulated process. Rooms are attached with emergency buttons.


This is a pure Brothel Laufhaus in the classical sense without additional club rooms or bar. It was at that time approved by the city as a pure whore house with social reasoning and strict conditions to the operator so, especially to the Zuhältertum and other violations of law or complaints from the outset limit. Thus, there is also a not accessible to the public canteen , shared bathrooms, showers and sanitary facilities for the residents. The DFH has long been a model for other institutions in Germany

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