Dresden Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs, FKK Clubs and escorts in Dresden, Germany.

Dresden in the evening

Dresden (German pronunciation: [ˈdʁeːsdən]; Upper Sorbian: Drježdźany) is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. It is situated in a valley on the River Elbe, near the Czech Republic border. The Dresden conurbation is part of the Saxon Triangle metropolitan area with 2.4 million inhabitants.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution in Germany is legal, and so are brothels. In 2002, the government changed the law in an effort to improve the legal situation of prostitutes. However, the social stigmatization of prostitutes persists and many prostitutes continue to lead a double life. Authorities consider the common exploitation of women from Eastern Europe to be the main problem associated with the profession.

It is thought that around two thirds of the country's 400,000 sex workers come from other countries, in 1999 only half of the prostitutes came from other countries. Many of the girls come from Eastern European EU countries such as Romania & Bulgaria. Most prostitutes who come from outside EU, are from Ukraine, Russia & South America. Red light districts have also become much more prominent in Germany's major cities - there is approximately 3500 established brothels in Germany and the trade is now big business.

The details of prostitution vary regionally, because the federal states and municipalities decide where and how brothels may operate. (Berlin is the only city without zoning restrictions.) In some places, streetwalkers line up along motorways with open-air booths nearby for quickies. In others, such as Saarbrücken, near the border with a stricter country like France, entrepreneurs are investing in mega-brothels that cater to cross-border demand.

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Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Dresden. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

Dresden does not have a real Red-light district, but there are many good Whore houses and Laufhaus Eroscenter on Hamburger Strasse 31 with many sexy young prostitutes. Quicky Sex, which is about 15 minutes, cost 50 € in Laufhaus & 1 hour cost 120€.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

In Dresden, you can go to the Eroscenter or visit girls in their appartments. Just find girls online or buy newspaper “Dresdner Morgenpost”, there are listed up a lot of hookers advertising ! Price is around 50-100 EUR for 30 min.

Dresden does not have sex scene like Hamburg or Frankfurt, but it has still hookers to choose from and also some really cute ones.

  • Documentary about Prostitution in Dresden

Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWIyneQt6YA

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=999Wpug18Nk

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB2vf7j_iD8

Street Hookers

Regular street prostitution (Straßenprostitution) in Germany is often very well organized and sometimes controlled by pimps. Most German cities however established "Sperrbezirke" (off-limits zones) and charge the street prostitutes an amusement tax, that in the city of Bonn for instance is paid by the streethookers at parking meters, 6€ for a period of about 8 hours at nightime. The same fee is collected from sex workers in apartments and brothels, sometimes by municipal tax collectors in person. Some street whores have a nearby caravan, others use the customer's car, still others use hotel rooms. With recent economic problems, in some bigger cities "wild" street prostitution has started to appear: areas where prostitutes work temporarily out of short-term financial need. A "Sex drive-in", or "Verrichtungsbox", is a facility of structures to enclose cars to provide a safer place for sex workers using cars.

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Dresden does not really have street prostitutes. Best way is to go to the Eroscenter and have a safe fuck there for a quite affordable price. If you drive to Prague from Dresden, you may see some high-way hookers on the road during the summer hours.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in Dresden: https://hookuptravels.com/wiki/Dresden

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Angels Tabledance Dresden located in Wiener Platz 1 and Blue Dance Club located in Wallstraße 11 have been rumoured to have the best striptease shows in Dresden.

Basic American style gentlemen´s clubs where you can only drink beer, get a lap-dance and nothing else, are not so common in Germany. In Germany most strip joints are hardcore. At some strip clubs you can also have sex with the dancers in a private room provided at the strip joint, or sometimes even take a stripper with you to your hotel room and fuck her there. It is always more expensive to have sex at the nude bar, than what it is in a Laufhaus Brothels. So if you just want to have sex in Germany, it is not recommended to go to the Strip club. Most girls who work as a strippers in Germany come from Eastern Europe and South America. Entrance fee to the nude bar is usually not much, drinks are usually affordable too, but if you order drinks or champagne to the strippers, you can get a huge bill!

Where to find Strip Clubs in Dresden

  • Nightclub Cin Cin Tabledance, Hamburgerstrasse 31 01067 Dresden
http://www.cin-cin-dresden.de/cincin/index.html VIP rooms, Private rooms, Alcohol service and hot nude dancers.
  • Nightclub Angels Tabledance, Wiener Platz 1 01069 Dresden - Admission 30 Euro including all drinks. Private dances 50€.
  • Blue Dance Club, Wallstraße 11, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Phone: +49 351 8020066 - Blue Club is a Great Adult Club to be during the mid-week. Good music and beautiful ladies
  • Nachtbar Klax, Leipziger Str. 131, tel.: +49 351 8889980
  • BABYLON, Zwickauer Str. 38, tel.: +49 351 33948588
  • Angels Tabledance Dresden, Wiener Platz 1, tel.: +49 351 6529699

Brothels, Sauna and FKK clubs

Germany has always had brothels and red light districts. About 30 years ago in a town called Lichtenberg outside of Bonn a man started the first FKK club. The term FKK means "Frei Korper Kultur" Free Body Culture which translates best to "nudist". The difference between a normal brothel and an FKK club was the presentation and system. The owner and inventor named "Bernd" got tired of the brothel system where price was negotiated, dark lighting, pressure sales and the workers bodies were hidden by clothing. Starting out in his basement he opened the first FKK club with his own system. Women were totally nude, the club had normal lighting, prices and services were set Above all service was based on quality and customer satisfaction. Bernd's main customer base were local business men. The club is located in a small village in his basement. He charged an entry fee which included all you could drink beer, alcohol and snacks. Women were paid a flat fee for a session which averages about 30 minutes. The concept caught on and soon the club took over the entire home.

As the years went by numerous other clubs opened and used similar terms such as Sauna Club or FKK Club. The main difference is all the clubs offered a sauna but FKK clubs meant the women were totally nude.

Years ago the clubs were not tourist friendly and one had to speak some German to enter. Today some clubs still limit visitors and forbid entry to some guests. Tour providers have opened many doors to tourists and convinced clubs that foreign visitors were another form of income. Guests are picked up from major airports, transported to the clubs and then to a hotel in the evening. Tours were provided in the English language as well as Japanese. Tour packages came in 6 or 8 day tours and visited 10-12 clubs during the duration. A guide is provided to the guests who explains rules, culture and history of the clubs in their own.

In spa town of Aachen, men may go window-shopping for sex; they can have unlimited sex with as many girls they liked for 99€ at a “flat-rate” brothel in Berlin; or they can visit Pascha, an eight-story “mega-bordello” in Cologne. Prostitutes in Germany all work freelance — instead of being paid a salary, they rent rooms from brothel owners who sometimes still do not question their health or see proof of insurance. The city of Stuttgart is home to high-class brothel Paradise, where girls were required to be completely naked at all times while men walked around in bath robes.

FKK Saunaclubs are very popular in Germany (and also in Austria and Switzerland). The guests pay entry fee (50-150€) and got several services for their money. The most commons services are: solarium, sauna cabin, bar, infrared cabin, showers. The most of Saunaclubs offer erotic or sexual services as well, from porn movies to private sex with girls.

Brothels, FKK, Sauna and Swingers Clubs in Dresden

  • Laufhaus Eroscenter Haus Hamburg, Hamburger Strasse 31 01067 Dresden
Opening times: Monday - Thursday 10-5 Clock, Friday - Saturday 10-6 Clock, Sunday 10-2 Clock. Quicky Sex, which is about 15 minutes, cost 50 € in Laufhaus & 1 hour cost 120€. http://www.eroscenterdresden.de/
  • Saunawelt Römer, Kolbestraße 2-4 01445 Radebeul, Germany
Monday - Friday 12:00 - 3.00, Saturday 18.00 - 3.00, Sunday closed. +49 351 8308002.
This is a run down place with a large jaccuzzi and a pair of saunas. small snack buffet. Some really nice looking sexy girls and some ugly ones. Most come from Bulgaria and Romania. It is about 25 euros to come in and 50 euros for a session.
  • Club / Studio Babylon Dresden, Zwickauer Strasse 38 01069 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Asia Paradies, Grossenhainer Strasse 41 01097 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Nari Thai, Grossenhainer Strasse 43 01097 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Studio Royal , Langebrücker Strasse 2 01109 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Studio Pieschen, Leipziger Strasse 140 01127 Dresden
  • Working Girl Lisa & Viola, Leisniger Strasse 1 01127 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Ad Blue, Grossenhainer Strasse 134 01129 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Sex Sternchen, Roquettestrasse 42 01156 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Club KP Dresden , Pennricher Strasse 24 01157 Dresden
  • Club / Studio RR1, Rudolf Renner-Strasse 11 01157 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Venus DD, Semmelweisstrasse 3 01157 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Sandra's World, Behringstrasse 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Wilde Orchidee, Bonhöffer Platz 23 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Enjoygirls, Burgkstrasse 12 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Studio Clara, Clara-Viebig-Strasse 9 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio ddsex Richter, Reisewitzer Strasse 62 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Tollhaus-DD, Reisewitzer Strasse 63 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Maria's Wohlfühl Oase, Rosenstrasse 91 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Oase Dresden, Saalhausener Strasse 62 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Relaxe in Paradise, Saxoniastrasse 1 01159 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Ddiskret II, Tharandter Strasse 82 01187 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Ina - totouch, Reisstrasse 40a 01257 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Billy, Jacobistrasse 33 01309 Dresden
  • Club / Studio Hotgirls DD, Pillnitzer Landstrasse 264 01326 Dresden

Partytreffs, Pauschalclubs & Swingers Clubs

Partytreffs and Pauschalclubs are a variation on partner-swapping swing clubs with (sometimes, but not always) paid prostitutes in attendance, as well as 'amateur' girls and couples. Single men pay a flat-rate entrance charge of about 50 to 150 euros, which includes food, drink and unlimited sex sessions, with the added twist that these are performed in the open in full view of all the guests. Ladies normally pay a lower entrance fee than men or no entrance fee at all.


The basic form of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance & Submission/ Sado-Masochism) is all about the erotic and sexual acts and mind-sets of dominating and relinquishing control.

In the past few years BDSM has got a pretty bad reputation, but the basic principles can be extremely liberating and in the long run if you engage with it, turn you on in a way that you would never even have thought about. The fact that the standard media representation of BDSM is of something seedy and weird and sometimes make it feel like a taboo.

"But if girl take the reins it can actually increase their sexual confidence and sense of agency, while giving men a break from having to be 'on top', psychologically as well as literally which is the standard dynamic for most lovers. The trick is to have an open mind to sexuality, obviously anything which causes harm to your loved one or yourself is not good, but we're all humans and exploring the parts that make us a little different is what can make a hugely beneficial relationship.

Germany has some of the most exceptional fetish practices that are often only found on Japan.

  • Appartement Sinnes-Zeit, Burckhardtstr., 01307 Dresden
Zimmer / Appartement. Tel:015252189987
Features adjustable shackle sun, hanging pillory, electrically adjustable wire cage, examination chair, roll cage, scrollable fixation chair, spanking bench, sling, sling, bondage bed of steel, stretching rack with 2 cages, St. Andrew's cross (whole-body-lock available), Bondage wall, wire cage, wrestling mats. Accessories handcuffs, foot and hand cuffs, ropes, Padel, whips, masks, collars, leash, Spreitzstange, varnish sheets, pillory, Bondagefolie, .
Fully Rapporteur Club Clinic, Kabbinett black, fetish area, shower room with floor drain, Dungeons, interrogation room, authendischem stable, Zofenzimmer, dark cell, hall, view protected outdoor area
  • LLdeSaxe Fashion, Schandauer Straße 23 B, 01309 Dresden
SM Shop. Tel: 0351 281 34 49
  • Rubbermagic, Kamenzer Straße 56, 01099 Dresden
Clothing Shop. Tel:03 51 8 02 82 20

Erotic Massage Parlors

City of Dresden has a good variety of erotic massages available. Average cost is 70-150€ for one hour massage including hand job. Some of the body rub salons also provide blow-job, sex, whipping, golden showers or role-play massages. Just relax while being pampered, enjoy the moment which will guide you to a dream world where you always wanted to be! Most workers at the massage salons come from Asia and Eastern Europe. The Dresden massage salons are located around the city of Dresden and not just in one area.

Where to find Massage Salons in Dresden

  • Vital Massage Salon, Robert matzke str 39 - Typical apartment salon. Small cosy girls around 30 years old. Some of them offer very good erotic massage. 60-80€ for the hour and maybe 20-40€ more and they get nude.
  • Sinnesart Massage - Studio Cotta, Mobschatzer Str. 15/1. OG, 01157 Dresden, Germany
  • Massage Studio, Großenhainer Str. 153, 01129 Dresden, Germany
  • Shakti Massage, Wachsbleichstrasse 22 01067 Dresden

Live Sex Cams

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Dating in Dresden can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Dresden and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Dresden may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

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Swinger Clubs and BDSM

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Transsexuals / Shemales

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Where can I find shemales in Dresden? You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Dresden as long as you are connected to internet. Check Now: Tranny Live Sex Video Chat

Many transexual who work as a prostitutes in Germany come from Southern European South American countries. Cheapest transgirls in Germany usually work at the Laufhaus Brothels and sex with them cost an average of 50€ per 20-30 minutes. Then there are trannies who work at the private flats. Average cost for sex is usually 80-150€ for half hour or 120-200€ for one hour. At Pascha in Cologne and Crazy Sexy in Frankfurts redlight district there are whole floors reserved only for trans prostitutes.

Dresden has some sexy Shemales like every other big city in Germany. Most Dresden trannies can be found online and they usually charge 80-150€ for 30 minutes of sex and 120-200€ for 1 hour of sex. Make sure you negotiate first what you want with t-girls, because some of the trannies only do topping and some do only bottoming. So incase you want to be the one who fucks or get fucked, you need to negotiate this before paying. Many international travelling ladyboy escort do also visit Dresden on their eurotrips, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Dresden as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

Fresden's gay scene can't be compared with Berlin or Cologne. But if you happen to be in Dresden on a Friday or Saturday night, you might still have a good time in some of the gay clubs.


  • Bunker,Prießnitzstraße 51 [Tram: Alaunplatz, Diakonissenhaus]
+49 (0)351-4412345; www.lederclub-dresden.de
Open Fri and Sat from 22:00; some Sundays 17:00 – 22:00 Bar and playrooms, managed by the gay Leather Club Dresden. Friday open to everybody, Saturday dresscode preferred (leather, rubber, uniform). For special parties check their website.
  • Boys Bar, Alaunstraße 80 [Tram: Alaunplatz]
Daily 20:00 – 03:00; Fri, Sat till 05:00. :+49 (0)351-5633630
The Boys is a gay bars in Dresden-Neustadt. Since 9 years meet for a celebration, talking, preheat before a party, chill out after a party in a cozy atmosphere. Whether gay, lesbian or straight, young or old, student, lawyer, actor, hairdresser, the Boys of course, is open to everyone and woman. The page gives a brief overview of our specials for the coming days and a few additional info about the Dresden scene. The friendly team provides daily 20-3 clock, Friday and Saturday even to 5 clock for cool drinks, cocktails, beer on tap.
  • Queens & Kings, Görlitzer Straße 2b [Tram: Görlitzer Straße]
Daily 20:00 – 05:00. Small gay lounge bar in Dresden-Neustadt. Usually best at weekends and on Wednesday.
+49 (0)351-3290168
  • Valentino, Jordanstraße 2 [Tram: Louisenstraße]
Small gay cafe-bar and pub in Dresden-Neustadt. Clientele mainly 30+. Food served: cakes, ice-cream, toasts and instant meals. Sun to Thu 15:00-01:00, Fri / Sat 15:00-03:00. Internet cafe. +49 (0)351-2109595; www.valentino-dresden.de
  • Infocafé Kontakt, (Gerede), Prießnitzstraße 18
Open Mon 18:00 – 21:00; Tue (boys-only), Thu (girls-only) 15:00 – 19:00. Small cafe in the heart of the bustling district of Dresden. Cafe managed by volunteers (Gerede e.V.).
+49 (0)351-8022251; www.gerede-dresden.de
  • Café Kontinental, Görlitzer Straße 1, 01099 Dresden
24h-Café mit Großstadtflair. Hier kommen Nachtschwärmer und Frühaufsteher gleichermaßen auf ihre Kosten. Inter 24-hour cafe with big city flair. This is where night owls and early birds in their element. International breakfast menu and daily changing menu of hot food.
  • Klara Fall, Angelikastraße 1, 01099 Dresden
Frauenkneipe in anyway-Women's Center, Thu-Sat from 19 clock, every 2nd Sat closed, disco riesa efau.
  • PickUp - Mens Club, Jordanstraße 2, 01099 Dresden
Only for men club with darkroom in stage 1.0! The Pickup makes no entrance fee, no minimum consumption and there is no dress code. Opening times: daily 21 to 4 clock clock
  • Studiobar, Görlitzer Straße 1, 01099 Dresden
Open daily from 20 clock. Small intimate cocktail lounge with a fine selection of cocktails and spirits.


  • Think Pink @ Solidoor, Eventwerk, Hermann-Mende-Straße 1 [Tram: Dresden Industriegelände]
+49 (0)351-4824515; http://www.dresden-ist-pink.de
Very popular, unregular gay & lesbian party, about once a month. Located in a former industrial area, with 2 dancefloors: Electro and Pop. Admission: 8–15 €, drink 1–3 €
  • Love Celebration, Leipziger Strasse 15 , 01097 Dresden
In Pier15 Current Events and tickets to the homepage
  • Matrix, Maxstraße 6 , 01067 Dresden
"Valentino's Wonderful" every Monday from 21 clock!
  • Princess Party, Am Brauhaus 3 , 01099 Dresden
The gay party in Dresden. Current dates and reservation on the homepage.


  • Man’s Paradise, Friedensstraße 45 [Tram: Friedensstraße]
Men sauna and Beach Club opening times: from 12:00 - 1:00 clock. Every 1st Friday of the month, sauna night to Saturday 6:00 clock. Busiest time usually Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Crowd is mixed ages. Admission: 14.50–16.50 € (10 € up to 27 years), private cabin + 6 € (admission 8.50 €). +49 (0)351-8022566; www.mans-paradise.de

Gay Outdoor Cruising, Nudism, Glory-holes and Toilets

  • Lake at Neuer Anbau, Großenhainer Straße, 01689 Dresden
From Dresden Großenhainer the road at the junction of the A4 "Wilder Mann" over towards Moritzburg. In Boxdorf / Reichenberg you come to a roundabout, turn on the S81 to Auer. By Auer and "Neuer Anbau" drive through it and always stay on the S81. Approximately 1km after "New cultivation" you can see on the right a paved parking bay in the forest, which is about 70m long. If you find there place, the car park right there. Immediately after the parking bay a way of coming run right into the forest. After 50 meters you can see behind a hill already the middle of the lake are in the forest. The lawn for gays is on the opposite side of the road to the lake behind a small hill. When cruising grounds of the adjacent forest is down to next clearing very suitable and is widely used.
  • Cruising Station Cossebaude, Bahnhofstraße, 01156 Dresden
Directly on the Cossebaude Train Station is a Gaytreff: It just sits around at the station and has a sign hanging a towel out of his pants pocket.
  • Toilet at goldenen Reiter, Neustädter Markt 8, 01097 Dresden
WC directly in the underpass between the main road and Augustus Bridge. Entrance is on the staircase directly on the Golden Rider. Mixed ages. Best time 14 to 18h.
  • Reservoir Oberwartha, 01156 Dresden
Small pond at the upper reservoir, back in the woods just off the highway.
  • Toilet at Sophienstraße / Theaterplatz, Sophienstraße, 01067 Dresden
Small inconspicuous toilet at the Augustus Bridge opposite the theater space. For men, although there is only 1 toilet but a few urinals. Meet in front inside or possible then. Relatively quiet! Admission 50 cents.
  • Floßhofstraße corner Wölfnitzstraße, Wölfnitzstraße , 01159 Dresden
Cruising in the bushes at the high voltage pylon between the World Trade Center and Löbtauer road. All day gays meet. Extensive grounds.
  • Gravel pit Leuben, Salzburgerstraße, 01237 Dresden
On the "mountain" at the rear of the two lakes are found (s) quickly contacts. Mixed ages.
  • Gravel pit Birkwitz Pirna, Pratzschwitz, Dresden
Pirna Pratzschwitzer road - gravel pit with a mixed crowd - Gaybereich on the steep bank across the street.


There are many good adult arcades and Sex Cinemas in Dresden. Most are for straight and gay crowd. So you can see all the locations from the Sex Shops section below. Here are just two of the cinemas listed.

  • Erotic market Dresden Neustadt, Louisenstraße 13, 01099 Dresden
Erotic market with Sexkino day ticket 6, - € including 1 drink (cola, water, juice) "Come as often as you like." Sexkino / Gaykino, big screen (Led projector), Glory Hole. Daily changing program. Magazines, DVD's, Toy`s, gels, oils, lingerie, condoms. Open: Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 20:00, Saturday from 10:00 -18:00 clock.

Sexual Services for Women

A comparatively small number of male prostitutes in Germany offer sexual services to females, usually in the form of escort services, meeting in hotels. Usual cost for evening with a male escort is 100-600€. Some of the male escorts also offer weekly rates such as 2000-6000€. Most male escorts in Germany come from Southern European countries, but there are some real Germans too.

In Germany, somewhere there are around 20 escort agencies cater to women. You can see the pictures of the men online: age, height, physique. Some of the men also list preferences: oral, anal, group sex. Some men set limits and some do not. Most female customers are from early 30s through mid-50s, and are normal women. Most female customers like the feeling of being loved and not just sex like most male johns.

German sex shops have a good variety of different kind of condoms

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Dresden, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

Most Adult Shops (also called: Sex Shop, Erotic Shop, Adult Shop) in Germany have wide selection of dildos, butt plugs, fleshlights, sex films, condoms and other sex related items. Some of the adult stores also have a Adult Cinema (called: Sex Kino in Germany) or Adult Cruising Arcade attached to the sex shop. Most of these premises are used by straight, bi sexual and gay men, but occasionally there can be women on these places. Adult Arcades often have cinemas showing porn movies, private booths, gloryholes, darkrooms, sex slings and other kinky things.

Where to find Adult Shops and Sex Cinemas in Dresden

  • Dessous & Erotika Sexshop und Pornokino, Großenhainer Straße 43, 01097 Dresden
Monday-Saturday 10 to 22 clock. Saturday 10-20 clock. Sexshop with cabins and multi video cinema. In the cabins there is a Glory Hole. Admission € 7,50.
  • Shop Intim, Pirnaer Landstraße 119, 01257 Dresden
Gay Cruising in the shop intimate. Admission mixed for 5 euros No GH, 1 cinema room with about 10 seats, 3 small cabins with curtains audience, mostly elderly
  • Erotic-World, Tharandter Straße 84, Dresden
The Erotic World Porn Movies is a sex shop with cabins cinema (straight and gay porn) with high Cruising factor. Opening times: Mon-Saturday 10.00 - 22:00 clock. Day ticket 6,50 €.
  • Erotik-Land Puschmann, Leipziger Straße 182, Dresden (+49 351 8492366)
The EroticLand Puschman sex shop and porn cinema has mixed crowd. Cabins videos with Gaykino and sex shop.
  • Erotikmarkt, Louisenstraße 13, Dresden (www.sexydresden.de/ +49 351 8038213)
Erotic market with Sexkino day ticket 6, - € including 1 drink (cola, water, juice) "Come as often as you like." Sexkino / Gaykino, big screen (Led projector), clory Hole. Daily changing program. Magazines, DVD's, Toy`s, gels, oils, lingerie, condoms, and more. Opening times: Monday to friday between 10:00 bis 20:00 clock clock, clock Saturday from 10:00 bis 18:00 clock.
  • Erotik-Welt Dresden, Lommatzscher Straße 82. Dresden (+49 351 8438105)
  • Carte Blanche, Prießnitzstraße 10, Dresden
  • Leselust, Louisenstraße 24, Dresden
  • Erotic Maxx, St.Petersburger Straße 18A (www.cupidons.de/ +49 351 4821444)

Escort Services & Agencies

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There are many beautiful escorts to choose from in Dresden. If you are not attracted to the street whores, brothels or Red-light districts, you can always place a call to individual escort or escort agency which will assign a girl to you for 100-250€ an hour. You can fuck escorts at your place or in their place as most escorts work from the private flats or hotels. Escort agencies usually provide a room also if you need a one. Most Dresden escorts and escort agencies have their advertisements placed on internet. Some of the Dresden escorts also advertise on magazines and daily newspapers.


Most hotels allow guests as long you do not cause a trouble. The most convenient way however, is to rent an apartment if you’re planning to invite escorts to your place. Airbnb has many fairly priced options when choosing an apartment to rent at Dresden. There are also many good hostels in Dresden, but hostels are better options if you are in to hooking up with the tourists girls instead of the Dresden escorts.

Stay Safe

Dresden is very safe in general. You can also walk around the city center and most other parts late at night without having any worries. Simply enjoy the city.

In some regions of Saxony, right-wing political parties are strong. Districts of concern include Gorbitz, Prohlis or Reick. In the vicinity of the city, southeastern regions from the near city of Pirna throughout the popular area of Saxon Switzerland have had also high rates of affirmation towards right-wing parties. Away from the touristic centers of this region, chances of racist encounters are higher. So it is better to stay with groups and not to stroll around at night.

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