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Surabaya Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Surabaya is the capital of East Java and the 2nd largest city in Indonesia.

Sex and Prostitution in Surabaya

Prostitution in Indonesia is legally considered a "crime against decency/morality", although it is widely practiced, tolerated and regulated. Some women are financially motivated to become prostitutes, while others may be forced by friends, relatives or strangers.

Surabaya is the so-called sex capital of Indonesia. Surabaya is a port city, where prostitution has developed rapidly. 2,000 women work in Surabaya's red light district the most infamous area, Gang Dolly. Now a days Gang Dolly. is officially closed and there are no flashy neon lights, but the business is still there, not just as open as in the past.

It is said that online prostitution is booming in Indonesia. There are escort agencies and other freelance sexual service providers who advertise and promote their services online in order to attract and impress clients all across the globe. This is the reason people these days are more informed and aware of the availability of the latest sexual services and other offerings. One can find various links and related websites promoting sexual services in Surabaya along with other added perks. Apart from that, the brothel based areas in this place can also prove to be helpful for the enthusiastic sex tourists.

Surabaya Female Escorts

Escorting in surabaya is getting more popular all the time while internet use is growing in Indonesia.

Red Light Districts

  • Gang Dolly in Surabaya is a “red light district” which is located in Jarak District of Surabaya, North Java, Indonesia. In this area, women were displayed in an aquarium in front of shops, just like in some Red District areas in western countries. But nowadays it is much more discreet.
  • There is a place called Barbara (or Barbarella) about half way down the street from Gang Dolly which usually has a large selection behind a window that charges 200kRp (about 20 bucks). Big green lights may not be on anymore, because of the police raid.
  • Place called Barbara 2 (or Barbarella 2) where they are asking 400kRp for their services.
  • There was another red light area called Dupak Bangusari, less famous, that was shut down at the end of 2012.
  • Moroseneng, this is a place about 10-15km west of the centre of town which is basically the same as Gang Dolly.

You need to keep a few things in mind before deciding to visit the red light districts. There are certain risks that are always associated with such ventures. Apart from that, you need to know and understand the intention of an individual before paying them the money that has been asked for the sexual service. A bit of alert mindset and smart choices can actually help you and make things smoother and quite easy. You can even consult a friend if he has been through an experience of visiting red light districts before.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

In terms of price, normally a young prostitute (18 to 23 years old) will cost you around Rp 150,000 and normally this commercial sex worker will sit on the chair among them in the aquarium and the housekeeper will approach the passer-by customer for some “marketing” stuff. Sometimes, there are customers who are asking for some discounts from Rp 150,000 to Rp 80,000. Normally, a prostitute at Rp80,000 is slightly aged from 26 to 30 years old.

It is said that although the brothels might seem to disappear, the sex trade is still on. You can go through various sources and other references online in order to find suitable places where prostitutes and sex workers are found to be offering their range of sexual services for the potential clients. Prostitutes and sex workers are basically of two kinds, one that is agency based or controlled by pimps. And the other one is often independent, offering her freelance services to various interested men.


There are a few places to go clubbing and meet girls, but prices will vary depending on how desperate the girl is, how late it is and whether or not she thinks she might not get another chance for another customer who'll pay more, but you're looking at anywhere between 300k and 1 mil. Some might fancy you and stay all night, some might not even want money if they think they might get a husband out of it. If you live in Surabaya you can normally start a little relationship with two or three of these girls at once if you are clever, but most won't fuck on the first night, you'll have to take them to a mall or some bullshit a couple of times first. But if you are just visiting they'll probably want cash.

See the "Nightclubs and Bars" section below.

Street Hookers

  • In the darkest corners of Dolly, a bit further from the mainland, the freelance prostitutes are earning their daily bread right there between the old Chinese cemetery tombstones. At the other end of the graveyard there’s also the location for the sex workers.
  • Delta Plaza / Surabaya Plaza. There are often some working girls on the street between 8:30 PM and 12 PM.
  • Street hookers sometimes in the Tunjungan PLaza area.

Tretes area - outside of Surabaya

Tretes is out of Surabaya. It has some spectacular panoramic views and behind all of the main roads are rabbit warren style streets full of working girls. You have to take them to your hotel, the going rate is 400k for three hours, usually that means a couple of pops if you like. The girls are hit and miss, some are easy going and nice, some hate their life and hate you.

Don't waste your time negotiating, it doesn't work, the price is set, some of the hotter ones cost 500k or 600k or even a million but 90% are 400k. Like Gang Dolly, sometimes the quality isn't so great, but sometimes you can find absolute stunners if you are patient. The big name hotels here cost between 400k and 600k a night. If you have a friend or two with you, ask a random guy on the main street outside Indo Market shop to find you a villa. You can get one with four bedrooms for about 750k, and a balcony and living room, way better than a nice small room in a hotel more designed for corporate meetings than girls. You'll probably be able to find a decent room on your own for less than 300k too.

Specify that you want sucking and touching etc. It's frustrating if you have three hours with a girl who is not willing to do anything you like. Three hours is a long time. Most taxi drivers should know where Tretes is, and should be able to get there for 200-300k from Surabaya. Or, go to Bungarasi bus station and get the bus to Pandaan (pronounced panda-an) for like 10k or something, which takes about an hour, maybe 90 mins. Then take a bemo (little shitty minibus thing) for about 10k, they might try and ask you for 50k because they know tourists visit here up the hill to Tretes. Get dropped of near the Surya hotel and find a local guy to help, you'll be approached pretty quickly if you're a guy without a girl.

If you are approaching streetwalkers in order to have sex, then consider conforming about her health status before engaging in any kind of sexual activity with her. At times, the local street hookers turn out to be unfit or medically unwell. So, this is one of the most alarming factors that should be taken care of. Apart from that, you can even try and get connected with freelance sex workers online. This can make things easier and hassle free at times.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in Surabaya:

Live Sex Cams

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Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Surabaya. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Adult Locations

There are certain bars, massage parlors and salons offering adult oriented services for entertainment and recreation. So, you can choose to visit these locations in order to find relevant services and offerings meant for adult fun and pleasure.

Escort Services and Agencies

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

Finding an escort when you’re travelling can be a bit tricky. An ideal alternative to escorts is a girl who is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. There are thousands of horny girls willing to do anything for a generous guy. Click Here to hookup with a beautiful young woman now.

You'll find few escort services in Surabaya online. If you visit various online sites and other related forums, then you will be able to find several escort service providers offering their range of sexual services by promoting them online. This can actually make the entire thing easier for you and with just a simple click you can expect to hire an attractive escort girl companionship.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

The general deal here is you pay around 250-300k and you get a whole day in a spa with sauna, steam room, hot and cold pool, jacuzzi, lounge, all you can eat buffet and a massage with a handjob to finish. Amazing value. Great places to spend all day hungover and with some truly stunning chicks. However, not all of them will do extras, and some will try to charge a fortune for it. If you go regularly, you should find girls who will let you fuck them for 500k, and they will be worth it in terms of their looks alone.

There are certain massage parlors and salons offering special body massage and other extra services for interested adults. One can enjoy these services by paying an extra amount apart from what he would have paid for the regular massage services. The massage girls would come up to you and ask whether you would like some extra service and special massages.

When you sit in the lounge you will be approached by the woman or mamasan (not as scary and crazy as a typical mamasan), you can always inquire about full service just in case they won't give it. There are loads of these places. You will be given a menu when you go in. It doesn't mention sexual services on the menu of course, but if you pay a bit more you can get a room with a jacuzzi, or a room with two therapists, or a bit longer in the room. Some places you can have two girls for 2 hours with jacuzzi and karaoke for about 700k, which should include hand jobs, but keep in mind prices for extra services will vary depending on the girl.

If your budget is around IDR 300k (including: Massage, hand job, blow job, and full service):

  • Glamour Spa, it's in Jl. Embong Malang, when you follow the street coming from Tunjungan Plaza Mall on your right hand side, there is only a very small sign at eye level.
  • Cosmo Spa, (at Go Skate Building), Jl. Embong Malang, closer to TP Mall than Glamour Spa.
  • Bu Mamiek at Barata Jaya (the room here is made from plywood board, and the neighboring room could hear your (or the massage therapist's) moan. The recommended therapists here are Yuli, Yuhana, Yeyen, and Putri.
  • Pattaya at Kalibokor (the rooms are the same with Bu Mamiek).
  • Tiara at Kalibokor (the rooms are the same).
  • New Pattaya at Jalan Dharmawangsa (the rooms are the same). The New Pattaya provides some Thailand therapists.
  • Anggrek at Barata Jaya (the room is much better than the previous massage centers. It has an inside bathroom). The recommended therapist is Novi.
  • Kalimantan, Selancar, Orange, and some more massage centers at Ruko Darmo Park, just off Jalan Mayjend Sungkon near the Shangri La. Ask a taxi driver or just get dropped off at a bar called Lido and have a beer in relatively western style surroundings before having a wander around the 4 or 5 blocks in the complex looking for them. Apparently you can get full service for under 300k with a room onsite. But they mostly close at a about 9pm so get there early.

If you have more than IDR 1,500k to spend for one night (The cost depend on your negotiation skill. Also, if you cannot spend around IDR 2,000k, please don't choose the Chinese, Uzbekistan, or Thai therapist, because they cost a lot more):

  • C'zar (in the same building as Penthouse, at Jalan Ngagel)
  • Celcius (at Royal Plaza)
  • Mr. Spa
  • Atmosphere (at HR Muhammad or at Twin Hotel [Ruko Golden Palace]).

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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Simphony Salon View Map

Symphony at Jalan Tunjungan. Go to Majapahit Hotel. From the main entrance of the hotel, turn right, past Bata shoe store two shops away on right, then turn right into the first alley. There are barbers poles in front. It is the last storefront on the right. About 15 girls. Big bottle of beer costs ...
Jalan Tunjungan, 57

Some brothels in Surabaya are operating inside of the beauty salons or barber shops. As mentioned earlier, online prostitution is booming in and around Indonesia these days. So, one can choose to enjoy brothel based activities by getting in touch with the sex worker online as well. You can find few brothels and related activities taking place in certain salons and adult based erotic massage parlors. So, this can be a nice choice for you in case you are planning to enjoy sexual services in Surabaya.

Strip Clubs and Striptease

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It seems that there aren't any strip clubs in Surabaya. You can still approach and ask the local taxi drivers or the street vendors in order to find out if they know any place that has a similar ambience and availability of services that are generally found in strip clubs and lap dance joints.

Karaoke and KTVs

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KTVs (hostess karaoke bars with beautiful female staff) are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Surabaya.

Swinger Clubs and BDSM

Want to show your business here? Get Started Now! is the best place for local singles, swingers, and couples in the BDSM community to connect with those interested in submissive sex, power exchange, locating persons for new slave roles, erotic BDSM, bondage & fetish sex, as well as live sex dates. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism. So whether you have the desire to explore your unrealized fetish fantasies, or you are extremely experienced and would love to train someone new, is a community designed for people with like-minded interests to find and connect with each other.

Swinger clubs (lifestyle clubs), are formal or informal groups that organize sex-related activities or establishments where patrons can engage in sex acts with other patrons. It's very difficult to find any swinging action in Surabaya. However, you can always choose to go online and join swinger clubs and forums in order to get connected with thousands of interested couple willing to enjoy swinging actions. One can plan and fix up a date in order to enjoy sexual activities in Surabaya.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Surabaya, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

Most pharmacies will sell Viagra and Cialis without prescription. The best way to shop in this matter is to go online and buy the required product. There are many online adult stores and sex shops available these days. So, finding on would not be an issue.

Love Hotels and Short Time Hotels

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Love hotels are popular in some parts of Asia, especially in Japan. There are also many love motels and short-time hotels in South America. Unfortunately you cannot find any real Japanese style love hotels in Surabaya. If there are short-time hotels near by, usually the working girls know all of these places.

Most of the times, you will find the local sex workers and prostitutes having proper information and other required details regarding the availability of cheap hotels and love motels. These are basically short time hotels giving rooms on rent for people willing to spend time with their female companions for a couple of hours.

Nightclubs and Bars

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Nightclubs in Surabaya are very expensive. 250ml of beer is between 5 and 10 bucks, most places charge a similar price to get in, and a bottle of spirits will cost you close to a million. If you are still determined to throw your money away, you can try:

  • Desperados (full of old white guys with lots of money and young chicks on their arm) in the basement of the Shangri La hotel on Jalan Mayjend Sungkono.
  • Colors nightclub on Jalan Sumatera.
  • Coyote club in Tunjungan Plaza (entrance on floor 7 or 8 in the car park) sometimes has dancers and insanely hot little minxes in very little clothing trying to get you to buy lady drinks, but this place is REALLY expensive. They have karaoke fishbowl things upstairs too, but I normally have too many girls in my inbox who are free of charge to tempt me into throwing half my salary away in a place like this. If you have the money though, like about 3 million for one night, you can probably buy a bottle of whisky and a girl to take to your hotel, but don't count on it as nothing is 100% sure.
  • Ice Club (Lenmark)
  • Playmate (Plaza Tunjungan)
  • Penthouse (Ngagel)

You can find various nightclubs and bars in and around Surabaya. Sex tourists willing to have some kinky fun by getting lucky with the local visitors of the club can end up falling into fraudulent traps. Thus it is important for an individual to approach a girl wisely, after analyzing things and situations thoroughly.

Gay and Lesbian

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Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Surabaya as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Indonesia will face legal challenges and prejudices not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Traditional mores disapprove of homosexuality and cross-dressing, which impacts public policy. For example, Indonesian same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for any of the legal protections available to opposite-sex married couples. The importance in Indonesia for social harmony leads to duties rather than rights to be emphasized, which means that human rights along with homosexual rights are very fragile. Yet, the LGBT community in Indonesia has steadily become more visible and politically active.

  • Kowloon Palace (guests completely mixed), Jl. Pemuda 31-37. Plaza Surabaya LT 5

If you are fond of causal dating, then join and be a member of gay and lesbian dating sites in order to get in touch with likeminded people over there, whom you can meet and date or share some light moments together on mutual consent.

Other Adult Services

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There are escort girls and other professional sex workers who can come up with new and interesting adult services on demands and during other occasional events. So, you can always ask them and confirm if an extra dose of entertainment is available.


Dating in Surabaya can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Surabaya and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Surabaya may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

How to find Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

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Often referred to as the “Tinder for Older Guys”, SecretBenfits matches hot young women interested in pampering older gentlemen. You don’t have to be a millionaire at, you just need to be a respectful gentleman who knows how to treat a woman.

Transsexuals and Shemales

Finding someone for transsexual dating when you’re on the road can be a bit tricky, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you go so you can find locals ahead of time. is a dating site designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your hookup in Surabaya. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. With over 40 million members, and thousands of transsexual members around the world, is the world’s largest site of sex-minded friends for discreet encounters and will help you find your next transsexual play partner.

Surabaya ladyboy escorts often advertise and promote their service online. So, you can check their websites and hire the service you find attractive and suitable. Apart from that, one can be a member of transsexual and shemale dating sites as well. These forums come in to play in case of casual dating and other related activities.

Where can I find shemales in Surabaya? You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Surabaya as long as you are connected to internet. Check Now: Tranny Live Sex Video Chat

For a predominantly muslim country like Indonesia it can be said that t-girls in Indonesia face legal challenges and prejudices not experienced by non-transsexuals residents. There is a big reflection of the struggle of trans-girl community there. Despite this hurdle, most would likely observe that there are a big number of TS/TV/TG and CD girls actually coming from Indonesia if you check them on social networking sites but because of their society it is hard for them to just come out in the open.

There are steps that ladyboy communities do there to push certain rights but as we all know that will be a long battle to fight. The good thing is at least they are coming out in a slow speed. Trannies in Indonesia (or Warias, as they are called locally) are caring and warm people despite how other people treat them with endless taunts and violence. Transgirls in Indonesia also made their first mark to offer “World-First” Home for elderly transgender. Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia but industry’s pertaining to karaoke bars and shady streets. Warias in Indonesia still has a lot to go to fight for their equality and rights but the good news is that it is happening now and we could just all hope for the best.

Sexual Services for Women

It is really easy for a western woman to find a companion in Indonesia. Male escort services are available for women. So, interested females can definitely get in touch with the professional escorts offering sexual services for women. One can choose to have fun and get lucky with the local guys too.

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

Many hotels allow you bring guests (girls) in your room. If you have a friend or two, renting an apartment or villa is better and most probably cheaper option than hotel.

Girl friendly Hotels:

  • Desperados is a nightclub (full of old white guys with lots of money and young chicks on their arm) in the basement of the Shangri La hotel on Jalan Mayjend Sungkono.

You can find certain hotels allowing guests to enter and spend time over there with female companions on hourly basis. At times, the local prostitutes are seen taking their clients to various cheap hotels to provide them the desired service in absolute privacy. In case you are about to visit a cheap hotel of which you had no idea beforehand, always consider taking a close look at it and try to analyze the ambience carefully. This will help you to stay away from any possible risk and other fraudulent activities.

Stay Safe

As with any big city, never let your guard down, because big cities such as Surabaya have a reputation among Indonesians for a mid crime rate. That said, Surabaya has few real dangers for visitors apart from the perils of crossing the very busy roads (the secret is to raise an arm while crossing, and to progress with a predictable speed and bearing, allowing the traffic to flow around you). Don't walk on the streets, especially at night other than the CBD area, if you can avoid it since you won't have anything to sightsee. Bring along your face mask if you travel by foot during rush hour since the traffic will be chaos and the air pollution is bad. (Around 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM) Be polite to the people, since Surabayans tend to swear easily which are very common. Do not easily trust people you have just met, even if they look friendly.

These days, people are absolutely alert and aware of each and everything that goes around them. However, in case of sexual activities in an unknown place, you have to be careful, wise and smart. One must always choose to stay safe and away from people with ill intentions and motives. Apart from that, staying medically fit and safe is also a priority. You should always use condoms while having sex in order to ensure good health and STD free life.

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