This is a place about 10-15km west of the centre of Surabaya which is basically the same as Gang Dolly, price, nature of venues etc. But more spread out over two or three streets, called Gang Seneni 1, 2 and 3. The quality of girls is worse than Dolly. Anyway you cannot never know for sure about hidden gems unless you take a deeper look.

How to get there

Take a road called Jalan Raya Tandes, follow it west for ages, the name of the road will change two or three times before it becomes Jalan Moroseneng. Eventually you will reach a place that has a tiny bit of development about it unlike the endless shacks before it. You will see a large glitzy dangdut (the local music style) karaoke style venue on the right with neon lights. That's basically where the entrances to Gang seneni 1 2 and 3 are, also on your right. Moroseneng is difficult to pronounce properly so write it down and show it to a taxi driver.

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