Indonesian Sex Phrasebook

Indonesian is a phonetic language, it rarely has stupid pronunciation like English. Every time you see an 'I' it is pronounced 'ee' like the word 'feet'. 'see' is always 'ch' like in 'check'. 'you' is always 'oo' like 'food'. 'j' is always like the 'g' in 'Germany' and 'g' is always like the 'g' in 'golf'

Remember this one: 'e' is almost always like a little 'uh' sound. Like the 'e' in 'wallet'. If there is a 'h' after a vowel it makes the vowel sound long.

Here are some phrases to help you in Indonesia as an example:

  • ngentot - have sex (f**k)
  • EGP (Emang Gue Pikirin) - I don't Care
  • memek, pepek, puki, moki - vagina
  • totong, kanjut - penis
  • cipok - kiss
  • susu (literally = milk) - tits
  • Berapa? - How much?
  • Seratus (one hundred) ribuh (thousand) - 100000.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - satu, dua, tiga, empat (sounds like 'mpa') Lima, enam, tujuh, delapan, sembilan, sepuluh.
  • 20 - duapuluh. 30 - tigapuluh. 40 - empatpuluh etc.
  • Ratus = hundred 100=seratus 200=duaratus 300=tigaratus.
  • Ribuh = thousand 1000=seribuh 2000=duaribuh 3000=tigaribuh.
  • Juta = million. 1mil=sejuta. 2mil =dua juta you get the idea.
  • So, seratus enampuluh ribuh is 160000. They might sometimes just say seratus enampuluh, and not mention the ribuh, as you can't buy anything for 160 rupiah so it's pretty obvious they mean 160000.
  • Ada. "have" Delightfully simple. It can also mean "have you got" in one little word. Ada bir = have you got a beer? If they reply 'ada" it meanns, yes, we have got.
  • Iya = yes, Tidak = no, 'ga' also means no. If they don'w have something they might say "ga ada".
  • Mau = want. Again, delightfully simple. 'Cewek' or 'perempuan' = girl. So,"mau cewek" = I want a girl.
  • Bisa = can I? Or can you or can she? Saya = I, Anda = you, dia = he / she. Menetek = suck. Bisa dia menetak = can / will she suck. Bisa dia menari = Can she dance (not likely in Dolly) Bisa seks dubur (can anal sex)? I've never found anal in Surabaya, though I haven't tried too hard. Menyentuh = touch. Bisa saya menyentuh dia = can I touch her? This can be confused with can I fuck her, you might want to gesticulate that you want to touch her pussy while you say this. Also, do the internationally recognized body language symbol for cocksucking if you struggle with the cocksucking question.
  • Jigijigi= sex.
  • Jam = hour. Satu jam = one hour. However, Jam satu means 1 o clock. Look at the numbers above and figure the rest out.
  • Bisa bahasa Inggris (ing-gris) - Can you speak English?
  • Sedikit = slightly, a little bit. This is useful. Sugar in coffee? Sedikit. Speak indonesian? Sedikit? Want spicy food? Sedikit.
  • Belum = not yet. If a girl is taking off those wonderful sexy clothes as fast as possible, stop her, say 'belum'.
  • Suka = like.
  • Pakai = use or wear. Pakai condom = use condom. Pakai-an = clothes.
  • Although 'saya'. 'I' and 'anda' = you, these are very formal words. You can say 'aku' for 'I' and 'kamu' for 'you'. If you put 'ku' on the end of a word like beer it means 'my', likewise 'mu' on the end means 'your'. Birku = my beer. So, the 'cewek', tries to take off her 'pakai-an' too quickly. You say,"belum, aku suka pakai-anmu, kamu seksi". Then light up a cigarette while taking the occasional drink of beer and groping her through her clothes.
  • Lihat = 'look' or 'see'
  • Banyak = 'lots'
  • Jalanjalan = 'walk'
  • Mungkin = maybe.
  • Nanti = later.
  • So, after looking at brothel for example in Gang Dolly, politely say to the pimp, mau jalanjalan, lihat banyak cewek. Mungkin nanti iya.
  • Bayar = pay.
  • Bayar nanti. Pay later / at the end.
  • Taxis. Very important "Uang" = money."Kecil" = small.
  • Ada uang Kecil, Pak? Have you got small change mister? Ask every taxi driver this as they'll usually pretend they haven't got it at the end of your journey so they can take a nice fifty off you.
  • Stop = stop! Di Sini = at here. Stop di sini = stop here. Belok = turn. Kiri = left, kanan = right.

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