Gang Dolly

Gang Dolly in Surabaya is a “red light district” which is located in Jarak District of Surabaya, North Java, Indonesia. At this area, women are displayed in a aquarium in front of shops, just like in some Red District area in western countries.

Some people say that the Gang Dolly area is the biggest in South East Asia, even bigger than Patpong in Thailand and Geylang in Singapore. It used to be a controversy among the Indonesian when the government planned to include the district as a tourism attraction for foreigner tourist in Surabaya.

Walking in Gang Dolly area will bring you a different experience especially at early evening. Other than seeing the beautiful women in the aquarium, the housekeeper will show you their displayed products (the prostitutes) and the price are varies. As for Dolly, it's hit and miss. It depends on the time you go, and your luck (have all the beauties been taken already, in which case, grab a beer and sit in one of the larger establishments for half hour and see if the talent is any different).

Rumor has it in the press that it will be shutdown soon, and that it has less girls than before, but no-one hasn't really noticed any sign of that happening. Maybe there are less girls, but there are still lots. It may happen though, there was another red light area called Dupak Bangusari, less famous, that was shut down end of 2012 and apparently they are trying to shut down each red light area one by one. Indonesian authorities are planning to shut down Dolly area again during 2014.


Generally speaking the prices range from between 100kRp and 160kRp in Dolly and the range of experiences are pretty much the same in the cheaper places as the more expensive ones. The trick is, don't be in a hurry, be firm but polite in refusing the guys hassling you and have a good look around. If you take the first one you like without talking to the guy first about what you want, you'll probably end up with a girl who takes you into her room, gets completely naked instantly and expects you to finish in 5 minutes.

Also, very important, insist on paying at the end. A few places will try and get you to pay up front. They all want your business, if you make a U-turn and start to walk away after they have demanded money up front, more than once they will soon change their mind. Also, if you make a point of looking in each window and spending a full half hour choosing, some of them will quote you an even lower price when you return to their place later, maybe 150k comes down to 120k.

Stay Healthy

Advice is to specify to the pimp that you want to touch them all over (if you do of course), and that your dick will be sucked, it may be bareback or it may not be, but make sure you use a condom when you actually fuck them. Be careful, because some of them won't mention it and when your weiner is ready for action, if you've forgotten to bring one it's going to be hard to resist, and if you take risks like that you're asking for trouble. They usually have condoms there for an extra 10k though, whereas you can get a box of 12 "Sutra" in the shop for around the same price. Also specify you want a full hour. You can buy viagra from street vendors, but can't guarantee you that it is the real deal.

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