KTVs are karaoke bars consisting entirely of private rooms. Many of them are fronts for prostitution. Others can be more family-oriented.

Definition of a KTV sex club

  • You can go to the KTV club to sing and drink, just like a clean family-oriented KTV.
  • The setup is just like a real KTV place except it's much more luxurious, with big private rooms.
  • Instead of paying hourly, club is a lot more expensive. It usually means spending a lot of money to the liquor/food, think of "minimum spending".
  • If you do not want ladies, no one will bother you, just enjoy the room, sing and drink with your friends.
  • If you want ladies, there are mama-san's, who will bring out line up's of women. You can pick any girl you like, they will sing, drink, chat, play games with you, all that for a fee.
  • If you like a particular lady, and would like to take them out, it's entirely up to you and the girl, the establishments are not involved, you might or might not have to pay a fee to the establishments.
  • Not every girl will "go out" with you, some of them purely earn a living by being your companion, not selling sex. Of course some are prostitutes that will happily "go out" with you.

If your purpose is girls, go there early, get there by 8 or 9pm, don't roll in like it's a night club at 11:30, because all the good looking women would have been picked by other customers. Also, ask for all pricing before you proceed. Those place are quite legit, do not rip you off, all price is published, just ask, you will have a minimum spending amount for the room, there is a set fee for each lady that you pick to accompany you, you also need to pay a set tip to the waitress, and the mama-san. That's all.

Where to find KTV´s?

You can find KTV´s mainly from Japan, China and Korea.

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