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Beirut Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut (Arabic: بيروت‎, French: Beyrouth) is the capital city of Lebanon with a population of approximately 2.1 million people in its metropolitan area. The city is on a relatively small headland jutting into the east Mediterranean. It is by far the biggest city in Lebanon.

Sex and Prostitution in Beirut

Prostitution is nominally legal in Lebanon. It's the only Arab country in the world where prostitution is allowed by the official government law. Officially, Lebanese law requires that brothels be licensed, a process that includes regular testing of workers for the disease. However, in an attempt to gradually eliminate legal prostitution in the country, current government policy is to not issue new licenses for brothels. Thus, many brothels and prostitutes practice illegally.

In 1998, then President Amil Lahoud passed a law forbidding brothels where women had rooms and beds for sex work. However, to bypass this law, the official status of these establishments changed to “nightclubs,” where women were picked up and taken to other locations, permitting the shadow operation of the sex industry. The official law permits the government to claim a restrictive stance on prostitution, yet reap the benefits of increased tourist revenue from those seeking sexual adventure. As a result, most prostitution now occurs illegally.

Beirut is known for its adult scenes to some extent. So, one can expect to find relevant results in Beirut. It is to be noted that if a person is visiting such areas for the first time, then he must definitely consider being alert and aware of the possible risks that might emerge if things are not analyzed well. Reportedly, there are certain super nightclubs located in and around Lebanon. You may try your luck by visiting these places and see if you can find a favorable female companion to have fun with.

About 6,000 Ukrainian, Russian and Moroccan women come to Lebanon every year to work in Lebanon’s adult entertainment industry, of which the estimated 150 super nightclubs in the country are a staple.

Red Light Districts

The historic Hamra Street is kind of the red light district of Beirut. The present acceptability of opening pubs, bars, and public cafes that serve alcohol in the district. You might find a few girls offering sex for money, but nowadays it's really rear. You might hit on a local girl and get free sex though.

Twenty minutes north of Beirut, in the Christian heartland of Lebanon is Jounieh , the country’s little Las Vegas, where dozens of “super nightclubs,” Lebanon’s equivalent of strip clubs, line the main street. This is an area north of Beirut (about 30 minutes on the freeway). The beaches are packed and the nightlife is amazing. Wherever you go in Beirut the women are exotic and beautiful (not to mention friendly so you wouldn't have a hard time finding "chicks").

The place called Maameltein, situated 20km north of Beirut is considered as the red light district of Lebanon. It is a place where the Arab tourists can watch gorgeous women from Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania staging naked performances. To hire a night-out service of these dancers can cost you an amount of US $1000. However, you should try and stay alert while entering these areas due to safety reasons and for the purpose of remaining self alert in certain situations. You may spot few nightclubs in and around these areas and at other parts of the country.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

On the surface, the Mediterranean coastal city of Beirut is an upmarket tourist destination, offering tourists good weather, good food, and good times, but beyond the tables heavy with food and the shining lights, Beirut’s greatest attraction is sex.

Most people travel 25km north from Beirut to Jounieh, that's a more open-minded Christian city of Lebanon where dozens of "super nightclubs", Lebanon’s equivalent of strip clubs, line the main street.

Beyond the projection of Beirut as a playground, the sexual consumption of female bodies becomes a tourist attraction. Additionally, the consumed bodies are not merely marked as female, but certain bodies are sold as commodities of higher or lesser value based on national origin.

Usually, sex cost varies from 80,000 Lebanese pounds (nearly 50 dollars) per hour. Foreigners have more chances to make sex with local ladies because a tourist is a temporary person in the city. He will make sex with her, and then, abandon the city. A foreigner won’t stay there forever. Tourists do not create any rumors as local men do. It is safer for a Lebanese girl to make sex with foreigners.

When it comes to prostitution, Russian and Ukrainian ladies come into the mind of every Lebanese man as such practices have long been associated with said nationalities. With the influx of refugees that has overwhelmed the country, the scale has tipped and the focus of all-night activities has included Syrian sex workers. The same price is applied to all prostitutes with 100,000 Lebanese Pounds ($US 66) as the hourly fee; only the quarter is handed to the girl, while the rest goes to brothel owner.

Prostitutes and sex workers in Lebanon are mostly seen operating around the red light districts of the place. One can choose to hire the services of escort girls as well. They can be contacted through websites and other adult online portals. Most prostitutes enter Lebanon knowing that they will be operating in the adult clubs. However, the adult entertainment hubs of Lebanon can fetch you some relevant results in this matter as well. A place called Chez Yousef is said to be a newly discovered prostitution ring in Beirut. Reportedly, this prostitution ring is said to be the largest ring to be discovered in recent days.

Street Hookers

If you are into the streetwalkers, you may try Hamra Street and in Maameltein, but it might be difficult to find any street action nowadays. In a Muslim city, girls have to hide somehow and this makes street prostitution very rare. But if you are a player, you may be able to pick up freebies from the streets. The streetwalkers in Lebanon are generally seen to be operating between Jal El Dib and Batroun. Most of the hookers are not Lebanese. Some of them are Syrian and Ethiopian. The Lebanese hookers do not work in these areas. You can find some of the street hookers working on their own and some of them are managed by pimps. Well, you need to be absolutely aware of the surroundings and figure out whether things that are going around are perfect and there nothing fishy. These are basic suggestions for being safe in such areas and certain situations.

You may visit Monot Street to find some girls as well.

In modern Lebanon, prostitution takes place semi-officially via 'super night clubs', and illegally on the streets, in bars, hotels, and brothels.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in Beirut:

Live Sex Cams

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Where to Get Sex Now

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Adult Locations

There aren't many adult venues in Beirut. The red light districts and the areas where streetwalkers are found operating can bring in some relevant results in the matter of looking for adult locations in and around Lebanon. You may find some nightclubs and bars as well, where one can probably decide to try his luck with someone he finds interested

At least 9,000 females from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and the Dominican Republic are working in the Lebanese adult entertainment industry, consisting more than 150 “super nightclubs”.

Escort Services and Agencies

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Price for one hour in Beirut with an escort is around US $100-200. Escort agencies do take a small cut of the girls fee, so it is cheaper to hire an independent escort but in the other hand agencies are usually more reliable.

You can find escort service agencies advertising their products and offerings online as well. Thus, in order to hire an escort service, you can always choose to opt for the online method. This can save time and make things easier and more convenient too.

Erotic Massage Parlors

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Some Thai massage parlors in Beirut are offering HJ's and Blow Jobs. Remember to bargain from the price what the massage girls offer. You should get a hand job or BJ for around $30USD. Mostly the massage is just a basic Oil Massage, but some of the Beirut body rub parlors offer a different kind of massages such as Tantric Massage or Lingam Massage.

You can find certain erotic massage joints located in and around Lebanon. Well, the best way to find these places is to opt for the sources available online. One can use the internet and look for relevant names and venues that would come up eventually. There are certain happy ending massage centers in Beirut, offered by both male and female masseurs.

  • Mystic Asian Massage. Address: Hazmieh, South Mount-Lebanon. Phone number: +9615953153, +9613953153. Working hours: Mon-Sat 11:00 am to 12:30 am, Sun 4:00 pm to 12:30 am. Services: Couples Massage, Full Body Massage, Happy Ending Massage, Adult Massage, Body-to-Body Massage
  • 7thheaven. Address: Jal El Dib Highway, Sea Sweet Bdg, first Floor. Phone Number: 00961 76 663 466, 00961 4 715 359. Email: [email protected]
  • Mystic Asian Massage. Address: Fiyadieh Highway, Facing Toyota Audi Saradar. Website: Working hours: 11:00 - 00:30.

Many escorts in Beirut provides massage for clients with happe ending as well.

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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The highway going across Jounieh (North Beirut) has a lot of brothels. Just look for "super night club" signs. Most of these clubs have quite attractive girls and a good selection. One can use the internet and search for the availability of adult entertainment clubs and joints in Lebanon. There are certain forums and online portals that contain a list of available sex clubs and brothel-based areas in and around Lebanon. Apart from that, one can expect to find prostitutes offering their range of sexual services at the red light areas and in and around certain stretches where streetwalkers are mostly seen operating.

Strip Clubs and Striptease

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Strip bars are not a rarity in Lebanon. Go to Jouneih and you will find dozens of sexy strip clubs. “Excalibur” club is considered to be the best nightclub in Lebanon. It is almost a legendary one with a great selection of the sexiest women. You will find a huge number of prostitutes in this club. As always, everyone will strive to deceive you with prices. Your face says that you are a tourist, and for that reason, everyone wants to get your money out of your pocket. Do not hurry and you will find a gorgeous girl at a low price.

Two types of nightclubs operate in Beirut—nightclubs and super-nightclubs. The financial exchange for sexual favors may or may not occur in the nightclub setting. Super-nightclubs contain nudity and strip shows and hold the expectation that sexual favors will occur at the right price.

Most of them are in Jounieh. Try out Excalibur that's the most legendary one, with the best selection of girls. Be careful at these clubs, because it is common to scam tourists with high prices. Always ask the price before making an order and remember that it costs if the strippers come to spend time on your table. You may be able to "take out" girls as many of the strippers also operate as escorts. You may find some strip clubs and lap dance hubs situated in and around Beirut. Apart from that, there are chances of finding a few adult entertainment joints as well. One can go through the internet in order to find such relevant results related to adult entertainment clubs. However, chances are there that most of the strip clubs are underground. You can always ask the local taxi drivers if they can drive you to such places.

How do things work in Beirut night clubs?

According to Lebanese immigration law, these foreign girls are allowed to work inside the night clubs as “artists”. In addition to tourists, Lebanese men visit these brothels for casual sex instead of having extra wives. Lebanese men like the blondes, mostly from ex-Soviet republics and the average age of the customers range between 40-60 years. There is also substantial demand for women from Lebanon itself though it is legally forbidden for Lebanese women to be engaged in the sex industry.

Lebanese super nightclubs are actually the pickup point of girls. Men are not allowed to speak with “artists” inside the super nightclubs unless they pay for it. Customers pick the woman they want to talk to by walking through the club or seeing the woman dance or perform on stage. Many clubs offer a “cabaret” beginning at midnight, where women perform dance routines to European and Arabic music and swing on polls dressed in a variety of tight, low-cut and short-skirted costumes. In order to speak with one of the female artists, a customer must order “champagne” or “picolot,” and select the woman he wants to sit at his table. The champagne has nothing to do with a bottle of alcohol: the term is merely super nightclub-speak for having one of the artists sit at a customer’s table for exactly an hour and a half. A “picolot” is similar “code” for having a woman sitting with a customer for a half hour. Champagne usually costs around US$60 to US$80, and a picolot around US$30 to US$35. A customer may negotiate one or two drinks to be included in the cost of the “Champagne”. A “Picolot” usually includes one drink. The super nightclubs are not cheap places to grab a drink without sitting with a woman: a can of beer costs US$15. Once the women are ordered, they arrive at the customer’s table, sit down and strike up a conversation. A waiter brings drinks.

If the customer purchased “Champagne”, he can spend exactly an hour and a half with the woman enjoying drinks and talking. But sex inside the nightclubs is not permitted. Once the customer settles the “date” with the girl, she will meet him at the customer’s own place or a place arranged by the super nightclub management. Generally, girls are allowed to “date” with the customers during 1:00 – 8:00 pm, as according to Lebanese regulations, the “artists” are supposed to be available at the super nightclubs between 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. It is also mandatory for them to be available at the hotel they stay between 5:00 am to 1:00 pm, which allows the Lebanese police to keep the industry tightly regulated; it also allows the club owners to dominate the women’s lives and restrict their movement. To safeguard their investment, super nightclub owners keep a tight leash on their “product.” Club owners take their female employees’ passports, and it is a regular practice for owners to lock the doors of the hotel between 5:00 am and 1:00 pm.

Best strip clubs and nightclubs in Beirut:

  • Chic Club . Is Lebanon's latest and most fashionable night spot. The club is inspired by a French cabaret theme of earlier days. It is owned and operated by a group of enterpreneurs and international businessmen with an impeccable reputation. The vision of the club is to provide an exquisite gentleman's entertainment inspired by a woman's concept. Professional dancers often perform classical and ballet routines in an elegant style reminiscent of the original French cabaret theme. Chic Club promises its exclusive customers unforgettable and memorable evenings that are sure to impress the most discerning and demanding clients. Phone: +961 (3) 072 837. Website:
  • The Emperor Supernight Club . Address: Khoury&Baroud bldg, Jounieh highway in the direction of Beirut. Phone number: +961 71 777 835. Working hours: 22:00 - 05:00. is a strip club where cou can come for a drink and enjoy the girls dancing to sizzling music in a "HOT" stage show all night. If you are looking for a more intimate experience you can sit down with a girl of your choice in a dim lighted atmosphere and enjoy your time up-close and personal with her. Whether you prefer blond bombshells or luscious metise, they have girls all the way from East Europe to South America.
  • Excalibur show . Operating at 800 square meters of space, Excalibur Show Super Night Club offers a wide seating area, split into different sections, in-between its massive bar and large dance floor where you can surround yourself and your friends with a wide range of GORGEOUS DANCERS and the right type of music to spice up your night. Known as the highest rated Super Night Club in Jounieh, Excalibur is open 7 nights a week from 22:00 until 05:00 am! Witness one of the biggest International shows in a Lebanese Super Night Club ever! Phone: 009619855222, 009613840484. Email: [email protected] Website:
  • Amsterdam Jounieh Super night Club . Phone number: +961 3 688 185

Karaoke and KTVs

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There are no KTVs in Beirut. It is unlikely that you will find any adult oriented KTV and Karaoke bars in Lebanon. You can still try and figure it out from the locals if they know anything about the availability of underground KTVs and Karaoke bars.

Swinger Clubs and BDSM

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You can not find any swingers clubs from Beirut, but there are other open minded couples who often organize private Swingers and gang-bang events in the secret locations.There are no official swinger clubs and venues available in and around Lebanon. However, one can try approaching the foreign couples to figure out if they are interested in such activities. Apart from that, there are certain swinger clubs available online as well. So, being a member of such online forums can bring you some satisfactory results.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Beirut, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

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You can find condoms from pharmacies and supermarkets. There is also some online shops who sell sex toys to Lebanon. Some pharmacies will also sell Viagra without a prescription. Actual adult shops and adult theatres are not common, but luckily there are few of them in Beirut.

  • Cinema Morocco, Mar Doumit Street, Sin el Fil Beirut
Cinema screening a mix of old movies, straight porn and mainstream films. Regularly frequented by straight, gay and bi-sexual guys. Some gay action happens in Bathrooms.
  • Ciname Plaza, Mar Doumit Street, Sin el Fil Beirut
Very busy regular cinema with a reputation for being frequented by the the most attractive crowd in Beirut.
  • Al Khayaam, Rue Jeanne d'Arc, Beirut
Erotic kino screening old films and straight porn but sometimes frequented by gay and bi-sexual men. Busiest on sunday afternoons.

The best thing one can do in this matter is to opt for the online availability of sex shops and adult stores. You can order the product online and expect it to be delivered right at your place within few days.

Love Hotels and Short Time Hotels

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There can't be found any original style love hotels in Beirut. There might be some short-time hotels and the working girls usually know these places. Love hotels are accommodations that allow unmarried couples to enter and spend time in privacy for few hours. These days most of the hotels are open to female guests, but is would be helpful if you try and figure out whether the particular hotel you are entering allows female guests. At times, certain private parties and interaction can take place in private apartments, if you or your local friend can arrange the same.

Nightclubs and Bars

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You might want to visit one of the super night clubs. Taxi drivers should know all the best places but they might get commission for bringing you for the exact club, even that wasn't your plan at first. Beirut has some places and nightlife destination including beach clubs and the likes. There are other types of nightclubs and regular bars located in the Beirut Downtown region as well. So, you may try visiting these places and venues in order to get lucky with someone whom you may find attracted towards you. But, one should always prioritize safety in such cases, so that they could avoid of the risk of getting conned by fraudsters.

Following some best nightclubs in Beirut:

  • O1NE Beirut. Address: O1NE Building, Beirut Waterfront، Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: +961 70 939 191.
  • Al Mandaloun. Address: Nahr (Armenia Street), facing Bank of Beirut. Old Cinema.، Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: +961 71 400 005.
  • AHM. Address: Bloc Market Waterfront, Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: +961 3 703 371. Website: Working hours: 9:30 PM until 7 AM, closed on Sunday.
  • Discotek. Address: Tanois Chahine, Bayrut, Lebanon. Phone: +961 81 706 030. Working hours: Daily 10 PM- 3AM.
  • Cassino Club. Address: Damascus street, Bayrut, Lebanon. Works daily 11 PM to 5 AM. Phone: +961 1 656 777.
  • Citrus Club. Address: Amir Bachir Street, Beirut, Lebanon. Phone: +961 70 335 375.

Gay and Lesbian

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Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Beirut as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

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Male and female same sex sexual acts are illegal in Lebanon punishable by fines or up to a year imprisonment.

Thousands of men are estimated to be working as male prostitutes in Beirut.

Clients of male prostitutes in Lebanon reportedly pay about $150-200 on average for a Lebanese escort. Due to the conflict in neighbouring Syria, there has been an increase of Syrian men working as prostitutes in Beirut. The reported price for a Syrian male escort is $40-50 on average.

Most of the male hookers in Beirut cater to gay men. In a report by Al Jazeera, gay app such as Grindr has helped escorts and customers find each other. 40 percent of the Lebanese male escorts identify themselves as heterosexual. The rate for Syrian male escorts is 68 percent.

Reportedly, Lebanon is getting closer to decriminalizing homosexuality. People looking for casual dating can opt for the availability of online sites where they can get in touch with other likeminded gay and lesbian partners. Beirut is considered as the gay capital of the Middle East due to its openness.

Gay Friendly Bars

  • Dark Box, Monot Street
  • White Beirut, Majidiye
  • Sun7, Ain El Mraisseh @ Palm Beach Hotel

Gay Friendly Nightclubs and Parties

  • White Ghost Club, Blvd. Sin el Fil
  • Milk Club Beirut, Port De Beyrouth
  • Sky Bar, BCD Colony @ Biel
  • B-018, Lot 317 La Quarantaine
  • Main Street, Phone: +961 71 090 953
  • Bardo, phone :+961 1 340 060

Gay Friendly Saunas, Hamman´s and Bathhouses

  • El Agha Hamman, Hamra area - behind the Bristol Hotel (In the narrow street directly behind the Bristol hotel), Beirut, Tel: +9613013032

Other Adult Services

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Lebanon has long been known for its liberal atmosphere in the Middle East, even being dubbed by some as the “Las Vegas of the Middle East.” Still, the subject of BDSM, recently made trendy by “50 Shades of Grey,” may seem a bit edgy, even for Beirut.

Many of the escorts do provide dominating services and there are few experienced lady domina´s in Beirut. Private BDSM parties are held in villa´s and club, but they can be very hard to find as non of them advertise openly.

Talking of other adult services and activities in Lebanon, one can enquire about these things and figure it out from the escort girls and professional sex workers. If they have something new and innovative to offer, then they might come up with the same for their potential customers.


Dating in Beirut can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Beirut and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Beirut may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

How to find Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

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Transsexuals and Shemales

Finding someone for transsexual dating when you’re on the road can be a bit tricky, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you go so you can find locals ahead of time. is a dating site designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your hookup in Beirut. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. With over 40 million members, and thousands of transsexual members around the world, is the world’s largest site of sex-minded friends for discreet encounters and will help you find your next transsexual play partner.

People interested in shemale and ladyboy escort companionship and services can go through the internet in order to find some relevant results. One can find some gay friendly nightclubs situated in Beirut. One can visit such venues in order to enjoy some gay and transsexual actions.

Where can I find shemales in Beirut? You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Beirut as long as you are connected to internet. Check Now: Tranny Live Sex Video Chat

The best looking and most skilled t-girls in Beirut advertise online and operate from the private flats and hotels. There a few really good looking t-girls in Beirut, the other are mostly average looking. You could try cafe at ABC Ashrafieh mall, it is rumoured to be a common place for TS/TV/TG and CD girls to hang out at. White Ghost Club at Blvd. Sin el Fil is a nightclub that is known to gather a small tranny crowd.

Sexual Services for Women

For women to get sex in Lebanon is more than easy. Specially in Beirut there are a lot of bars night clubs and lounges where men are hunting for women. Also male prostitution is rising in Beirut so don't be surprised if some guys ask for money. Women can hire the services of male escorts in Lebanon by getting in touch with them via websites. Apart from that, one can hook up with the local guys and have sex for free. But that should be done by being absolutely self aware and wise for safety reasons.

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

There are lots of hotels in Beirut's metropolitan area, ranging from cheap hostels to luxury suite hotels. Prices and quality vary across the spectrum, but if you look well enough, there's bound to be the perfect hotel inside whatever budget you set. Many muslim owned hotels are not girl friendly. It is said that the girls in Lebanon like foreign men but they would not be interested in someone who is over eager in his approach. So, relax and be nice to them and things might work out well. Talking of sleeping friendly hotels in Lebanon, there are some girl friendly hotels in Beirut where you can bring in female guests and spend your private moments with them.

Stay Safe

Since 2009, Lebanon has become a safe place and the number of tourists is dramatically increasing (more than 2 million in 2009), although the number has peaked since then. The US government's warning to travelers visiting Lebanon was lifted in mid-September 2009. Due to recent terror attacks in Lebanon carried out as part of the Syrian civil war, caution in necessary and it's advised to check security threats before travelling.

It is of course necessary for any individual to give importance to the safety aspects thoroughly. One must stay self aware and quite careful about things that are going around. Apart from that, one must also consider paying importance to certain things like using condoms while having sex and not disclosing personal information to someone who don’t know.

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