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Vilnius city view to TV tower.

Vilnius Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Vilnius (also known under its Polish and Yiddish name, Wilno and its German name, Wilna) is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. It lies on the bank of Neris river and has approximately 560,000 inhabitants. Vilnius was the European Capital of Culture in 2009, along with Linz in Austria.

Sex and Prostitution in Vilnius

Prostitution in Lithuania is illegal, but it is common. The penalty for prostitution is a fine of $100 to $160 (90 to 150 Euro) for a single offense and up to $330 (300 Euro for repeat offenses.

Taxi drivers

Any well worn international traveler knows that taxi drivers working the night shift, will have a good knowledge of what's happening the city's night life, both officially and what's more hidden (e.g. prostitutes) - Vilnius is no exception. All drivers working where there are tourists and major Hotels will help you in this way. Due to the very liberal taxi licensing laws in Lithuania, there is a huge number of taxi's plying their trade in a city with limited money supply and clients, and some drivers are downright poor, consequently the drivers have to be more resourceful in finding other income avenues !For example.... They will try to persuade you to go to the strip clubs, - they get a commission. If you ask about getting a prostitute , many will already have a list available in their pocket or cell phone. But the quality varies a lot. The clever taxi drivers, will have a few semi pros available, whom they have convinced to turn a 'trick' now and then, while driving them home previously, - If she agrees, from that moment on, the taxi driver will act as her agent and guarantee (re-assuring the girl that the guy is clean, gentle, handsome etc). Of course, the price will be 120 to 150 Euro, but sometimes the quality in service and looks of these girls, can be fabulous. It's well worth to try out these taxi drivers, but expect anything - from down right scams to the most heavenly woman ! An idea could be, while being driven from the airport to your Hotel, start talking to your taxi driver about Vilnius night life, ask about how to get a prostitute (like in your country its the most normal thing to ask for !), expect any sort of answer, if he's more friendly about this concept, - ask if he has a list of girls in his cell phone ! If you're lucky, you could be pleasantly surprised ! For sure you'll find an extremely semi pro girl, even not semi , like she does 'tricks' just occasionally to tide things over, or buy those wonderful shoes she's seen in an upmarket shoe shop! (has happened in reality).

Vilnius Female Escorts

If you are looking for a beautiful Lithuanian escort to have sex with, you'll more easily find such a woman in London, Oslo or Stockholm. The really beautiful escorts of photo model quality, know what they're worth, and the purchasing power of Western European men has far stronger attraction, than the one of Lithuanian men.

A few of these women return for their holidays, or take a rest or visit their sick granny, - and continue their activity also in Vilnius, using web sites, but at a lower rate than let's say, in London. If you're lucky, you might come across such women. But they beat a hasty retreat back to for example, London, not only are the men more randy and spend-thrifty there. But how can you compare the attractions of London with little Vilnius, some escorts the author has meet have told him, their 'love' for London and couldn't wait to get back! Lucky Londoners (and Oslo-ians, Stockholmers)!

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Around 2017 (or there-abouts), the Lithuanian authorities eased the visa restrictions for Ukrainians who wanted to work temporarily in Lithuania. Visas for tourist travel were abolished too. Consequently any Ukrainian who wanted to travel and stay in Lithuania for up to six months needed to just to bring their passport when flying to Lithuania. This was done to ease the skills shortage in the Lithuanian economy of builders and drivers, local skills gone missing because Lithuanian drivers/builders all fled to higher wages in Norway and United Kingdom. But with the working men, came the working girls ! Now ad websites like 'skelbiu' (in 'pazintys' section, 'merginos iesko vaikos' - subsection), are flooded with at least 8 to 12 adverts of mostly very pretty and sexy Ukrainian young women offering themselves for 'full service' (complete penetrative sex), Typically they write in Russian, just a few words, or a few words in Lithuanian. A few write in English. It takes patience to reach them by phone, as they are often switched off, engaged, or they don't answer. But with a little perseverance, and ringing in the evening you will get hold of your lady. Often they manage to speak a little English. Their looks match more or less their photos (no fakes) but of course, she won't be wearing the super duper make up, and sexy dress she had in the photo ! Still good service, especially from ones charging a little more, than the average 50 Euros for half an hour sex. They are certainly cheaper than the equivalent Lithuanian girls who charge at least the double !

Red Light Districts

There is no official Red-light district in Vilnius. You have to travel all the way to Germany to find a Red-light district.

There is still one unofficial red light district in Vilnius. Sometimes the Vilnius taxi drivers while driving down Sodu gatve (one way direction) will tell their passengers that they are driving through Vilnius's 'red light' district. Of course, a wildly exaggerated statement compared to the Hamburg, Amsterdam and Brussels districts, but the taxi drivers take almost a perverse pride in that they are like Western Europe, not less but the same, there is an element inferiority complex, - that also in this way, they are the same as Western Europe. Yes, there is prostitution activity going on. Prostitution is illegal in Lithuania, with police fining clients and prostitutes 90 to 180 Euro. The above mentioned street and surrounding streets are heavily patrolled by police, so it is risky to come in contact with these street walkers. The area is right in front of the train station, and some girls will walk in front of the Panorama Hotel, opposite the McDonalds. Also the street behind Panorama Hotel leading to the station which has a side entrance to the Halle market, has 2 to 5 street walkers every evening. It seems there are a few in the streets around Holiday Inn, on the north side of the river, next to the 'financial' district. Again low quality, and usually for car based punters.

A word of warning, some of these girls are intravenous drug addicts and/or alcoholics, and most look really pitiful. A few may be 'clean' girls. The quality on looks inevitably, is low (3 to 6)- 10 being extremely beautiful + sexy. But the girls are very cheap - from 20 to 50 Euro per sex session. Most likely you will be taken to a Hostel/Hotel on Sodu gatve in a side court yard, to rent a room by the hour for 10 to 15 Euro. This Hostel also gets regularly raided by the police, with the aggravations this brings about. Other option is to park your car in a discreet location and have sex in the car. Sometimes in some bars/cafes in front of the station late at night, you will find some drunk or semi drunk women, who will offer themselves for a song. Again low quality looks.

In conclusion, Vilnius is not Amsterdam, - but its not a dangerous area, just be careful and sober, a few times you can also be approached by pimps, who will offer you girls, most likely they are pimps supplementing their heavy drugs business.

See Also: List of red-light districts

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Traditionally, since the fall of the Soviet Union, mongers/punters had to use newspaper ads (in the 1990's) to contact escorts.Those were the good days where beautiful girls would sell themselves for 25 U.S. dollars (at exchange rate of the time). Nowadays, 'classified' internet ads are used and there are several of them, and the girls are far more expensive and difficult to find. In Lithuanian these ads has offers like masažai (massage) or Seksas (sex ads). Read carefully the ad, if the dreaded word ‘masazai’ appears, while it means no complete penetrative sex, just erotic massage. Escort business is big in Vilnius and most girls work independently while there are still some WG´s who work for the agencies. These type of services are often very affordable and actually not much more expensive than street prostitutes, which are often not very attractive in Vilnius. Your worst option is to search sex from the Vilnius strip clubs or gentlemen´s clubs. Working girls at these places often overcharge the customers. Massage salon business is also growing in Lithuania, but so far there are no Asian massage parlours in Vilnius.

Street Hookers

Street prostitutes in Vilnius cost around 20 to 50 Euro. Usually 20 to 30 Euro will give you a Blow Job and sex will cost from 30 Euro up to a 50 Euro. You can have sex with the streetwalkers in your car or take them to a short time hotel where you need to pay 15 to 20 Euro for a one hour room. Some of the really desperate prostitutes will suck your cock even in a back alley.

You could find street walkers in Vilnius from these areas. But please note that most girls work indoors these days and some of the following areas may be in-active today!

  • The low end street prostitutes are (as in most former Soviet Union Countries) around the Railway and Bus Stations, streets Sopenu, (converting to Seinu) near the corner with Sodu. Downhill along Sodu, towards the corner with Pylimo and Bazilijonu.
  • There is a cheap-looking hotel on Sodu, probably convenient as per the Taxi Driver the most of the girl action is Friday and weekend.
  • Another good street scene is in front of "Holiday Inn", on the other side of the river.
  • The corner of Kalvariju and Konstitucijos prospect. There is usually some older street hookers which are not very attractive.
  • The street behind Panorama Hotel leading to the station which has a side entrance to the Halle market, has 2 to 5 street walkers every evening.
  • The main Gediminus street is always worth to give it a try, especially during the busy weekends.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in Vilnius:

Live Sex Cams

Can I watch Live Sex Cams in Vilnius? - Yes, you can! Basically you can watch our online live sex shows for free anywhere in the world if you’re connected to internet. Join to get 10 free private teasers and 9.99 credits for free! You can choose any girl from our trusted Live Sex Cams!

Live Sex Cams are booming at the moment. Webcam models can be found from all over the world and you can find girls, guys, trannies, couples and groups of different ages performing to you. Watching live sex shows is usually free, but if you buy some credits, you will have much better chances to see adult action as desired! It's possible also to hire a webcam model to a private chat room where you can ask the person to fulfill your fantasies.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Vilnius. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Adult Locations

Escort Services and Agencies

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

Finding an escort when you’re travelling can be a bit tricky. An ideal alternative to escorts is a girl who is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. There are thousands of horny girls willing to do anything for a generous guy. Click Here to hookup with a beautiful young woman now.

There are many different escort agencies and escorts advertising online.

They are all international portals, each having links for every European city, since prostitution is outlawed in Lithuania, local escort internet sites are obviously banned. Which is conducive to scams and fakes. 90 % of the photos of advertised Lithuanian escorts are fakes.(For the record, they want 150 to 250 euros an hour). It's called the 'bait and switch' job, and happens all over the world. This situation you find where prostitution is illegal or not recognized as a profession, so that only international portals are used for local escorts. As the international portals cannot check all the photos, many are false, some blatantly so. In Vilnius some escorts photos show girls of outstanding beauty, real photo-models(8 - 10 range). But if you book one, you'll typically get some very average, worn out, past her prime, 35 yr. old hooker(a 5 to 6). She'll obviously claim she is a the same girl, - "without make up"," a little older",- She's counting that the monger will take her , rather than go through all the hassle of finding another woman. And it sometimes works. There is a criminal organization behind these girls, who organize all the logistics (photos,advertising,etc),take a girl from who works for 50 to 60 Euroan hour, she goes with the monger in the Hotel room (most Vilnius escorts are out call), for 150 Euro , afterwards splits the 90 Euro. difference with her 'agents' - criminal organization. It seems to be a profitable enterprise, judging by the large number of escort ads, - presumably many monger businessmen fall for it.

There are a few genuine ads. One way to check for false ads, is to pass the photo through google image search. If the photo is in other escort agencies around the world, or even worse, the photo is of a named photo model or actress then obviously the escort girl is using fake photos.

Some girls might have worked previously in some other European city, typically London, Stockholm, this is plausible ,but only if its 2,3 cities max. The previous city escort sites might be reluctant to remove her photo, especially if she is very beautiful, and do the 'bait and switch' trick there.

If she's in some 10 to 20 different escort agencies around the world, there is obviously a lot of 'bait and switch' going on, what guarantee that this is will not happen in Vilnius ?

However, it's not entirely fool proof. Even if the escort photo is in no other web site (genuine). She might be using the photo of another woman, eg another escort temporarily retiring, or her photo but from many years back.

Semi pro women will often give better service.

You can find semi pros from dating websites, geared to adults searching for sex, brief relationships, group sex and any other 'unusual' sexual activity. Most of these websites require a payment, write up your personal profile and including sexual preferences (also in english).

About 30 % of the girls on Lithuanian dating sites will indicate they desire 'material support', - ranging from long term relationships of a dependable man who pays some bills to prostitutes who get paid by the hour.

Most of these 'material' women are semi - pros. They hold jobs, study, are married , but turn 'tricks' now and then to tide things over, or do it as a part time activity. Because all the women are a cross section of Lithuania society you will find some real beauties there. Yes, the very women you've seen in everyday Vilnius life are there available for you.

But they are more expensive. From 120 to 150 Euro per hour (no half hour). Sometimes more. But competition keeps prices low, at about 500 litas. But you pay for quality, the vote beauty wise is 7 - 9 (10 most beautiful). A few below 7, but certainly you'll find a sexy and beautiful woman there.

Also most offer real GFE experience, as they are not 'real' prostitutes, they will make love, like they would do with their husband/boyfriend. Once a fully fledged member, you filter your search to women who are online, live in Vilnius and need 'material support' , send a mail to a woman, wait for a response, if 6 are online at least 1, or 2 will answer immediately. You get her mobile phone once you agree on her price, and away you go.

However, there are drawbacks on some of these dating sites, it takes some time and patience to get a girl. They can be very choosy, balancing the various offers, to accept the best one. A quick survey, of these women has found that normally they sleep with 1, (or max 2) men a day, so its also important for her to choose the right guy, to increase the positive experience for her too! So you may find a woman, who offers herself for 150 Euro, but then doesn't answer when you ask for an appointment, - while always remaining online. Some don't like foreigners, because their english is so bad.Others prefer foreigners because they are known to be more respectful and generous. Also, it has been reported of male undercover Lithuanian policemen posing as potential clients, to fine the escort woman 150 Euro, when he meets her. Another reason to avoid Lithuanian men. The women look how long the guy has been as member (the more the better) of the site, and most importantly, how many female 'friends' with added comments he's got,- the more positive comments the guy has, the more she feels reassured about him. So ask the girl you meet, to write a positive comment, - but of course, after the experience for her has been positive.

Some of the dating are international, so if you are international traveler it might worth while to subscribe if in the other European country/city you are visiting, there is plenty of female ads. The choice of Viilnius women is about 10 to 20 , including both freebies (non prostitutes) and prostitutes.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

You can find many Massage ads in Vilnius from the magazines and internet. Massage is called masažai in Lithuania.

The photos of these ads often show some outstanding beautiful girls clearly in the 8 - 9 range (10 being most beautiful), a lot of photos are fake although, but not all. These girls while naked or semi naked perform massage, touching each other (client vs.masseur), skimming/rubbing each other bodies while massaging, to finish with a happy ending (woman/masseur will jerk you off). And it ends there. They call it 'erotic massage'.

They do not offer complete sex and some ads clearly state it:

  • INTYMIŲ PASLAUGŲ NETEIKIAM: which means 'intimate activity not offered' - i.e. no ordinary sex.
  • LYTINĖS AISTROS NETENKINU: also means ' no sex '

It has been reported of some masseuse girls offering a little more, like oral sex, but that happened only because the client created a good feeling, and the masseur was in the mood. It is not be taken for granted that this will happens all the time, but one can always ask, obviously offering her some extra money and having created a good vibe. There are a lots of these ads, especially in the first page, showing its a viable business activity. The prices are from 30 to 60 Euro for half an hour to full hour.

Where to find Massage Parlours in Vilnius:

  • Exotic SPA Morocco
Šv. Mikalojaus str. 5, Vilnius
Tel.:(+370)52 121215; (+370)605 55666
El.p.: [email protected]
"Exotic SPA Morocco" - is located in the very heart of Vilnius Old Town, Sv. Mikalojaus str. 5, Vilnius. We offer a wide range of traditional massages such as classical, relaxing, sports, back, anticellulite, hot stone massages, and we also offer exotic massages, such as erotic, amber, honey massages. Spa programs for couples, jacuzzi and various Spa treatments - you will find it all at "Exotic Spa Morocco".
  • Exotic Spa
Kareiviu str. 14, Vilnius
IMPULS sports and entertainment centre
[email protected]
(+370) 605 55666
Erotic massage 1 h. 170 Lt.
Oriental erotic massage 1 h. 170 Lt.
Erotic Hamam 1 h. 180 Lt.
Erotic "Four hands" massage 1 h. 320 Lt.
  • Massage Studio "Black in White"
S.Konarskio g. 21, Vilnius
Numbers for Registration:
+37064449777 (tele 2)
+37063324444 (Bitė)
[email protected]
Kama Sutra massage is designated for those who have little time, yet are yearning for gentleness. Kama Sutra massage full of touching subtleties (duration - 30 min) Kaina - 140lt price - 120 lt.
  • East Island Massage
Konstitucijos str. 26, Vilnius
Registration, Tel. (8 5) 272 2227
Mob. tel. (8 682) 33 222
El.p. [email protected]
Working hours: I-VII 10:00 - 21:00
Erotic massage 60 min.180 Lt.
This is a special gift for your body and soul. This light and relaxing massage will give you a special feeling and immerse you into the sea of pleasures and unforgettable moments. Massage is performed with tender and accurate touches, which relax you and stimulate erogenous zones of your body. It decreases tiredness, removes stress and rebuilds your spiritual balance.

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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There are no brothels in Vilnius, or at least not publicly advertised, because they are illegal. Many girls work independently from their own or rented flats. In 1990's working girls would band together in a groups of 3 to 5 and rent together a flat, from where to work, which obviously gave the client the option to choose a girl. Nowadays this is very rare. Best way to find these places (if there are any)- is to ask the taxi drivers. Usually sex costs 40 to 80 Euro at these whore houses.

Strip Clubs and Striptease

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Stag do in Vilnius View Map

We do Vilnius bar crawls, strip club tours, adult entertainment venue crawls in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Strip club "Burlesque" View Map

Burlesque show is a peculiar art which combines erotica, exotica, extravagance and pop culture. This art dates back to the 19th Century. World-famous events are shown through grotesque at burlesque shows, performing ladies boldly emphasise sexuality. Burlesque was at the top of its popularity in the ...
L. Stuokos – Gucevičiaus g. 3, Vilnius

Oldtown strip club Vilnius View Map

We can confidently claim that since 1999 working “Old Town” club has become integral part of Vilnius city history and culture. Just a few hundred meters from Vilnius town hall located club is definitely different from others, the same type of our club, because “Old Town” club offers high level sight ...
Rudninku 14

There are plenty of strip clubs in Vilnius, but all of them are quite pricy. Downtown Strip Club offers free ride to the club in a huge white American stretch limousine waiting at the very city centre. But there is nothing like free lunch: Usually sex with a girl in here costs 250 to 300 Euro..

Prostitution activity varies a lot through time in these clubs. And its always very expensive. The police made a crack down circa 2010, on the Eden club's chain, for offering full sex with women (at around 300 Euro). As they say, once bitten, twice shy. Now the Eden girls will react with horror, at any suggestion of sex, and it seems true that it doesn't happen any more there. But that's the Eden chain. The pressure and temptation is always very strong to make this kind of easy money.The clients are certainly clambering for it, constantly.Of course, out of the 300 Euro only 1/3 goes to the girl, the rest goes to management, which is why they are so tempted to offer this kind of service. Always bring a lot of small notes, every strip act will be accompanied by a request for tips, usually after she's paid special attention to you (usually you're allowed to touch/caress, but ask the doorman first if you're allowed to before entering).

Useless to say, for the male clients this is the most pleasant aspect of the evening. Female clients (if there any) are ignored, even though theoretically even they could receive this kind of attention for a tip. Whether these strip girls will do this mildly lesbian act is anyones guess. Worth trying although. The clubs are almost always empty. Which can be a bit intimidating to the punter, as he immediately becomes the center of attention. In the last 20 years, the 'expensive drinks to girls' act, has become increasingly more expensive, increasing way faster than the already low inflation rate. In some clubs you barely sit down before a beautiful waitress (the most beautiful woman in the club, who is the only one who won't do a strip tease) will hover by you, asking if you want buy a drink, and if you could buy drink/drinks to the ladies, who magically are already sitting beside you. All wearing those hate-full, plastic smiles. The girls will inevitably, 'buy' the most expensive drinks, leaving you wondering if you should bolt out of there, or continue flushing out cash like a Trevi fountain for the rest of the evening. When one considers that the clubs often are empty or have just one client,it makes one wonder how do they earn their money. It seems they get as clients, very occasionally some Russian oligarch types, central Asian and Russian or Lithuanian gangsters, who readily will burn a few thousand Euros for a good night out in these clubs. A client like this will keep the club in the black (profit) for many days afterwards, even if they remain permanently empty. A newspaper article in Lithuania, recently, suggested that they are fronts for washing dirty money, - Heroin money from the Russian mafia. It certainly explains the large number of these clubs, for such a medium sized and illiquid city(poor). An average Lithuanian wage earner won't even think for a millisecond to go such a club.After all the are plenty of other ways to get sex, both paying and not.

Here is a list of strip clubs in Vilnius: As of 2019, there are nine strip clubs !

  • Club Ekluziva • Vingriu 25 • 61-76-73
Best club in the 1990's , beautiful women, reasonable prices for drinks.The women also, offered full sex for 1000 litas. Now closed, it seems permanently - perhaps because of its prostitution activity.
  • Eden Club • Didzioji g 28
A chain, with it's associated stretch limousine. They will drive you from club to club for free.You can try to negotiate a lower entrance price with the doorman, or some Lithuanian youngster who will loiter nearby earning tot money. At reduced price, you'll get in for 50 litas. Expect the scene as explained above. But they offer escort services ! But in the literal sense of the word.The girl will accompany you where-ever , perhaps you'll get a little bit of cuddles & caresses - nothing more. And the cost is almost the same as a 'real' escort (prostitute) girl. One can imagine that the club will lead om the punters who will think they're about to have sex,instead the girl will react with 'horror' at such a prospect, but too late , you've already booked and 'had' her for some time - time to start paying!
  • Erotic Cafe • Rūdninkų g. 14 • (5) 2121349
Not a bad concept. You get an evening meal, while the waitress (or some other girl) will do a strip tease. If they added some other entertainment, not necessarily sexual,it could become popular. Following the 'theatre cafe' scene of Paris. I dare to say it, - but it could even become popular with Lithuanians !
  • Jojita • Laisves pr. 60
  • Lithuanian Wild Girls Show Club • Gedimino pr 24 • (370) 5 262 44 73
Entrance free just 10 EUR! You enter the main disco for free, which has bar and poker players. You approach the other side and pay a ticket for the strip club 'Lithuanian Wild Girls Show Club, which is a inner sanctum in an attached room. Place is really comfortable, but not impressive. Limited heat was boosted with electric heater on ground near pole. Dancers constantly do lap dance to someone after pole dance without even asking and insist to put at least something into strings later. When such money harvesting stops they really lose motivation to do something at all.
  • Medusa club • A. Vivulskio str. 3 • +370 5 2430201
Constantly closes and opens.
  • Old Town Strip Club • Rūdninkų g. 14 • (5) 2121349
Entrance free 20 EUR. Nice venue, really skilled dancers, maybe bit too dark and too hot inside. Some dancers kiss on cheek if you put money into strings on wrist and some do not leaving you behind expectations. You are constantly asked or even impolitely insisted to buy drinks for sexy girl which comes to sit near your or for yourself and some of them are really expensive. Always double-check
  • Paradise club, Vilnaus g. 29.
Right in the middle of night life epicenter with it’s abundant bars and discos on the Vilnaus street. The bouncer will double as tott, encouraging single men to enter. You can negociate to inspect for free the club, but expect an empty club - with smiling ladies looking at you eagerly! Lithuanian newspaper articles has reported it, as a luxury brothel! 300 Euros for sex with a lady ! As reported in the article! Expect to pay more - depending on your negociating skill! Far, far more than the beautiful Ukrainan girls you find ‘Skelbiu’ internet ads ! See above. Entrance fee 30 Euros.
  • Waterworld • Didzioji g. 21 • (370) 5 261 82 26
Used to have a large, indoor glass tank where naked women would swim in, smiling at the punters.Would have been hilarious just to see it, you can't get more kitsch than that ! Unfortunately, it sprung a leak, since then hasn't been repaired. Again greedy requests for drinks. poor reviews from other forums.

  • Caligula Club • Pylimo g.38 • (370) 601 93600
A short walk form Old Town strip club or from the train station. Entrance free 30 EUR, your taxi driver can negotiate a discount for you (obviously he'll later get a commission from the club). Despite its high entrance price, it's a small one roomed club, with average looking strip girls. However the 'drinks for girls' act starts immediately, with the girls choosing the most expensive drinks. Tots and bouncers from other strip clubs claim 'Caligula' is the only strip club which offers full sexual intercourse. The girls in 'Caligula' don't exclude it, but claim it will be 'very expensive' ! At this point the author, had had enough, and left the club - clearly its not worth the money - unless you are millionaire.

Karaoke and KTVs

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KTVs (hostess karaoke bars) are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Vilnius.

Swinger Clubs and BDSM

Want to show your business here? Get Started Now! is the best place for local singles, swingers, and couples in the BDSM community to connect with those interested in submissive sex, power exchange, locating persons for new slave roles, erotic BDSM, bondage & fetish sex, as well as live sex dates. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism. So whether you have the desire to explore your unrealized fetish fantasies, or you are extremely experienced and would love to train someone new, is a community designed for people with like-minded interests to find and connect with each other.


Best way to find swinger parties and swinger couples all over the world.
18 Rue Auguste Vacquerie +0033768800546

Swingers Clubs are not common in Vilnius. So fat there is only one swingers club in Vilnius called Club X Factory, you can join their online club at pazintysxxx webside. However there are some groups that gather together in a private apartments to have sex in a group. These private gang-bang sex parties can be very hard to find in Vilnius and many of them only accept couples and not single men.

Like in many small North European countries swinging, gangbangs and group sex activities is not as popular as in central & southern Europe. Perhaps being such a small country & society the local women are really afraid of being recognized by a neighbour or work colleague while having fun in a swinging/sex club.

Here is the list of Vilnius Swingers Clubs:

  • Club X Factory, T.Sevcenkos g.16
Opening Hours: Friday: 23:00 - 05:00, Saturday: 23:00 - 05:00, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel: +37 06 99 85 009 Email: [email protected] Unfortunately, from 2018 all swinger ‘private’ parties have been suspended, possibly due to lack of sufficient number of clients.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Vilnius, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

  • Sex shop, "Aistra" / "Akropolis", (Between Topo Centras and New Yorker shops), Taikos ave. 61
Phone: +370 606 66222 Open 7 days a week 10.00-21.00
  • Big 2, (Entrance from Liubeko street), Taikos ave. 141
Phone: 8-647 00033 Open Monday to Friday 10.00-20.00, Saturday to Sunday 10.00-19.00
  • Sex Shop, Taikos ave. 107
Phone: 8-46 311308. Open Monday to Friday 11.00-19.00, Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Love Hotels and Short Time Hotels

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Love hotels are popular in some parts of Asia, especially in Japan. There are also many love motels and short-time hotels in South America. Unfortunately you cannot find any real love hotels in Vilnius.

There is no such thing as Love Hotels in LIthuania, but there are so many Hotels in Vilnius with cut throat competition, that if you bring a woman to your room the receptionist won’t object. But to be really sure, best ask before booking & paying the room, for sure they will agree to you bringing in women to your room.

Nightclubs and Bars

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FREE SEX: Attitudes to sex in Vilnius are quite liberal and easy going. It is a very secular society (despite the government's pro-catholic policies), and women are very independent and practical minded.Especially since they have to deal with sexist attitudes among Lithuanian men, who make little effort to make themselves attractive to their own women. Women are similar to German women as far as sex is concerned, - slightly conservative to a degree, but they do what pleases them. But there are small differences. Chivalry is greatly appreciated. Fat and overweight men stand little chance with the local women. Dress sense is expected. Shabbily dressed men in the Vilnius night life can expect to sleep by themselves , - as they are despised by Lithuanian women, also because, Lithuanian women will themselves make great efforts to be beautiful and sexy, hence,lots of make up and sexy clothes.But the results can be quite breath taking - and Vilnius has become another (albeit minor) sex tourist attraction. Increasing numbers of young Italian men can attest to that, who are there not for day time attractions - but for the night life and it's Lithuanian women.

At this point it's worth while mentioning the best pick up joints or places to meet some-one of the opposite sex more easily.

  • Pabo Latino, Traku gt. 3/2.
It's the only salsa and Latin American music disco in Vilnius. Since opening 7 - 8 years ago it has been tremendously successful. It's more of a 20 to 50 year old clients sort of place, but plenty of young people go there, but a 45 year old woman won't be out of place there, after all dancing the salsa is for every one! Unfortunately by midnight (when it starts getting crowded) it reverts to pure disco music with a vague Latin tinge, it's what the local ladies like. It has developed a reputation for being a pick up place for middle aged foreign business men catching local beautiful women. While it might be a bit true, it is grossly exaggerated, usually by women who are not going there (housewives, etc). What is true, is that by mid night the number of females by far outnumber the guys, a situation judging by the women's unhappy faces, not good, in fact some may leave early esp. the more beautiful ones (so its worth while to move onto them fast). By 01.00 am the ratio evens out to 50/50, and the place becomes crowded, rowdy and a lot more fun! The club has a wonderful tropical/summery decor, with several bars, and 2 dance floors, lots of sofas, and lounges. The women are generally friendly, and certainly some are looking for love (a man), some like foreign men, others don't.It is the best place for the 30, and 40 's year old clients to meet people, sometimes fights break out, e.g. a drunk jealous Lithuanian man who will attack some foreign man chatting up some Lithuanian woman. The bouncers are not really friendly, and can refuse entrance to you for any silly excuse - 'there's a private party in the club' a common one. So dress well, and be polite to the bouncer, ask permission to enter when you arrive at the entrance. At worst, if you enter, you'll see a lot of eye candy and drink reasonably priced cocktails and generally have a good time. Chances of finding a sexual partner: For women - very high. For men - high.
  • Salento disco, Dizioji 28
Another successful disco, also owned & managed by expatriate Italians. The age range is lower compared to Pabo Latino , about 18 to 26 year olds. It has themed events almost every evening, which included wet shirts and foam party events. As of March 2014, these events happen less often. There are a lot of young Italian men there (summer sex tourists), with an added sprinkling of Turks and Pakistani men (exchange students).As they are very sex hungry and are always trying with the local women ,it has been reported that even ugly girls now play hard to get. Also, in 2010, there were cases of the more beautiful ones offering themselves for a high fee (high end escort price). These are again semi pros looking to turn a trick, on a friday night, - the Salento management have nothing to do with this.Even though if you ask the guards , they might have a better inkling of what's going on in the club, or not. Chances of finding a sexual partner: For women - guaranteed. For men - medium.
  • Mojitos bar (right next to Radisson Blu Astorija Hotel, in a small alleyway), - there is also another Mojitos bar at Totoriu 11 gatve, which apparently is a good place for a fun night out.
A typical Vilnius set up,that you see in any restaurant in the Vilnius center. You enter , you walk down some stairs, and find yourself in an old (medieval ?) cellar with similar interconnected rooms. There is the main bar , a small dance floor.Like all Vilnius bars & discos its best to go on a friday & saturday. Because of its small size, its more intimate and crowded - good for socializing and meeting the opposite sex ! The cocktails are good, and not outrageously expensive... time to offer that Mojito to that lovely blond sitting next to you. Chances of finding a sexual partner, For women - medium to high, For men - medium to high.
  • Cocainn, Gediminio 2a (short walk from the catherdal and Sues Raj Indian restaurant)
Another disco catering to the 18 to 26 years range. Also many foreign men, of all ages, trying with the local women. Nice set up with three rooms with different music,restaurant, and even a cigar smoking room. Chances of finding a sexual partner: For women - very high. For men - medium.
  • Brodvejus, Mesiniu gt. 4 (in a an alleyway from Vokeciu gatve, a short walk from Radissons Hotel)
One of the oldest bars with its associated disco. Its your classic expatriates drinking hole, 'hanging out' bar, or place to chill. Drinks are cheap which explains its success and crowdiness(especially friday and saturday). It has live concerts on Saturday, and themed events on other nights (not like Salento !). There is a disco behind the main bar, and a second floor with other bar and tables/chairs. The best bet for picking up someone is hang out at the bar, on a friday or saturday evening, as conversation is easier there , compared to the disco. Expect all sorts - from photo models to female nerdy PhD students, - its more of a place to meet people in general, its not a known pick up place, even though that happens too - especially on friday and saturdaynights. Chances of finding a sexual partner: For women - high & for men - medium.
  • Mazzor, T. Sevcenkos gt. 16
Used to be venue for swinging parties on weekend, and gay parties on week days - not anymore ! Now there is a Russian disco, with the local Russian ethnic crowd, containing plenty of attractive young Russian drunk women ! Who are super friendly to foreign men, but you have to offer them drinks, talk to them, and dance with them! You will find out in this club, that Russians are far more friendlier than Lithuanians, especially the women! Next door there is a male gay bath house, so watch out! Chances of finding a sexual partner: For women - very high. For men - high ( but you have to talk and dance with them !).

Gay and Lesbian

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Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Vilnius as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

Both male and female same-sex sexual activity are legal in Lithuania, but neither gay-marriage nor civil same-sex partnership are available. Although homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993, the historic legacy has resulted in limited rights for gays and lesbians. Protection against discrimination was legislated for as part of the criteria for European Union accession and in 2010 the first gay pride parade took place in Vilnius.

Gay Friendly Pubs, Bars, Cafes & Clubs:

  • Soho Club, Svitrigailos g. 7/16, Vilnius 03110, Lithuania +370 699 39567
  • Mens Factory, T. Ševčenkos gatvė 16A, Vilnius 03111, Lithuania +370 699 85009 Largest Gay Club in Vilnius.
  • X Factory Night Club, Ševčenkos g. 16, 10 korpusas Vilnius (Vilnius) +37060317755
It was a gay club (Gay Men's Factory Club), but now a gay-friendly straight club. ;-) Only Sundays it's for men only. It's used also for swinging couples parties. As swinging clubs are banned in Lithuania, they get around the law by organizing parties there now and then. You need to be a registered member of the afore-mentioned web site, and you'll receive regular invitations every 2 or 3 months to their parties. Full details you can find on their web site, you need to register your interest for the party, first, before going there. The owners of the web site also own the night club. You pay a modest sum to enter , once the guards have checked you are on the list of 'invited' guests, you're allowed in. The venue is nice, with tunnels and small interconnected semi lit small rooms at the basement floor,above there is a large dance floor and at the adjacent club (access by an internal doorway) also a pool and a separate couples only room. They have a rule that you have to wear a mask, which is rather silly, but perhaps there's the paranoia esp. among ladies that they don't their next door neighbour to recognize them, in case they're also present ! On the negative side, they have a large number of Go-Go girls which are paid to get single men to pay them expensive in the strip clubs. Very annoying and disappointing.

Gay Saunas & Bathhouses:

  • New Men's Factory, Baltijos pramogos, T. Ševčenkos g. 16 i, 03011 Vilnius (Vilnius), Lithuania +37065060601
Open: Sun 19-24h; prices: Entrance fee LTL 40, slippers and towel LTL 10.-; number of lockers: 100. This sauna is only open for gay men on Sundays from 19h. Normally this is a adult cruising club but the sauna operates on Sundays.
  • Soho Club, Švitrigailos g. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania +370 699 39567
  • Gay sauna Vilnius Neon

Cruising Cruising Areas:

  • Vingio parkas (park) - mostly in the woods around the bridge over the river or close by to they toilets.

Other Adult Services

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Indigo SPA

Our erotic massages studio is open every day from 11 to 23 pm. Gentlemans - NO sex, just erotic massages !!
Klaipedos street 2, Vilnius +370 642 222 00


Dating in Vilnius can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Vilnius and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Vilnius may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

How to find Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

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Transsexuals and Shemales

Finding someone for transsexual dating when you’re on the road can be a bit tricky, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you go so you can find locals ahead of time. is a dating site designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your hookup in Vilnius. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. With over 40 million members, and thousands of transsexual members around the world, is the world’s largest site of sex-minded friends for discreet encounters and will help you find your next transsexual play partner.

Where can I find shemales in Vilnius? You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Vilnius as long as you are connected to internet. Check Now: Tranny Live Sex Video Chat

In Vilnius, there are only couple trans-girls advertising online and they are not very attractive. Lithuanian men are quite conservative on their sexual adventures, and of course a lot more poorer than west Europeans, so Vilnius has a bad market for 'trannies'. Usually travelling transexuals escorts who work in most European countries do not even bother visiting Vilnius, because there are no customers. As of 2019, there is always at least one Brazilian tranny on tour through eastern Europe advertizing on the ‘pazintys’ ‘skelbiu’ website! Expect it to be very expensive, no competition !

Occasionally there may be some cross-dressers partying at the local gay clubs, but even this is quite rare, so if you are into the t-girls, Vilnius is not your place.

Sexual Services for Women

Best bet in Vilnius for women from 25 to 50 years old is a disco's and night club called Pabo Latino. This is a Latin American cocktail bar-club located in Trakų str. 3, Vilnius (Phone.: +370 5 262 1045 E-mail: [email protected]).

Not many male 'gigolos' are found in Lithuania. There are only few and most really good looking and experienced male escorts have moved to work in wealthier countries like United Kingdom and Germany.

Actually the U.S., London and Milan(Italy) has the best internet agencies for straight (non gay) male escorts. As far as Vilnius is concerned, it's easy to put an ad in websites and it's often free, emphasize you're not a prostitute, as of May 2014, there has been an increase of men advertising looking for female sexual partners, complete with cell. phone number - all in Lithuanian or Russian, - one can try speaking to them in English !

If you're at least decent looking, you should get some response, but Lithuanian men are not keen lovers, or good with women. Or go to the Salento bar and disco, at Didžioji g. 28, plenty of Turkish and Italian men there, looking for sex.

Wealthier local women go to the popular female sex tourism destinations during the winter.

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

Most of the hotels in Vilnius are very girl friendly. These hotels usually let you bring hookers to your room.

But sometimes if an escort girl turns up alone and heads straight to the guests room, she may be challenged by the receptionist ! She will then be asked the purpose of her visit, - if she says she's visiting a friend, the receptionist will ask if she knows the name of her 'friend' , a clever way of indirectly asking if she is a prostitute ! Because she won't know the real name of her client. So to avoid this kind of stress, some escort girls will ask you to meet her at the reception/reception lounge or even outside when the taxi arrives so that you may pay immediately her taxi!

  • Scandic Neringa
  • Hotel Citipark
  • The Novotel
  • Mabre Residence Hotel, located in a former monastery.
  • Hotel Panorama and Holiday Inn are also great options because prostitutes usually work near these hotels on the sidewalk. Hotel Panorama also has competitive prices, typically , 45 US dollars for a night (according to a Google search, 24 hrs before), in double bedded room. Makes it about a little over 100 litas , add 500 litas for your 'top' escort girl it gets to be a total of 220 US dollars, or 200 Euros.
  • Sportas
  • Europa City Vilnius
  • Hotel Klaipéda

Stay Safe

Vilnius is a relatively safe city; however, crimes do occur. Use typical common sense.

Business center and a White Bridge at night

Try and walk with a confidence and never look lost.

The area around the central train station can be particularly dangerous and most of the street lighting is not functioning. Being drunk and acting obviously foreign in the middle of the night is a bad idea(especially after mid night). If you have traveled from out of town to visit a nightclub or other venue, take taxis to and from your venue, and on return to the railway station remain in the ticket hall, which is patrolled by security guards.

It is recommended not to enter South Vilnius suburbs, including Naujininkai and Kirtimai, especially at night, as well as some parts of Šnipiškės which are located any deeper than its business district.

It is also recommended to avoid waiting long for the 148 train to Moscow. It is a noted target, and many have reported having their baggage forcefully stolen. The police are also not very helpful.

Taxis in tourist areas can overcharge 3 times the normal rate.

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