Murmansk Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Murmansk, Russia.

Murmansk Harbour, Russia.

Murmansk (Russian: Му́рманск; IPA: [ˈmurmənsk]; Kildin Sami: Мурман ланнҍ; Northern Sami: Murmánska; Skolt Sami: Muurman) is a port city and the administrative center of Murmansk Oblast, Russia, located in the extreme northwest part of Russia, on the Kola Bay, an inlet of the Barents Sea on the northern shore of the Kola Peninsula, close to Russia's borders with Norway and Finland. The city is named for the Murman Coast; Murman is an older Russian term for Norwegians.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal in Russia, but the fine for prostituting is symbolic and amount to from 1500 to 2000 Russian rubles (about 30-40 euros). This sum is less than many Russian prostitutes earn for the standard for Russia one-hour work. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the sexual practice is widespread and so blatant in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and every other major Russian city.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Murmansk. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

A Red Light district of Murmansk is located on Sverdlova street. All locals know that you can go there for a fast fuck without having to take a prostitute to a hotel or your place. These street hookers agree for suck and fuck in the nearest bushes, desolated areas and a client’s car.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Here you will see all sorts of sex workers. You can find street hookers, ready to do everything as long as you pay them, escort agencies that post their ads everywhere they can, individual prostitutes who work both on in calls and out calls and prostitutes who work in brothels.

Street Hookers

Most of the street hookers are not beautiful at all. Some of them are really ugly. The uglier she is, the less price she will agree on. If you are really lucky, you will find a shapely blond here, but that's rare, because such girls are on demand. If you want to have a big choice of prostitutes, start looking at about 18 o'clock - this is when they come out on streets.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Murmansk invites people who like thrill to watch erotic shows performed in local strip clubs. Here you will receive a ton of positive emotions and an opportunity to spend some time with the stripper you like in private. Believe us, it will only do good for you. Naked beauties spinning on poles in front of you along with smiling waitresses who keep bringing you fine alcohol is what a sex traveller may be looking for!

  • Ледокол, Knipovicha street 17 (Книповича, 17), tel.: +7 (8152) 28 98 50
  • Магнит, Captain Mironova avenue 1 (просп. Капитана Миронова, 1), tel.: +7 (8152) 60 09 60


Prostitutes working in brothels are very different. There are many women in their 30s and 40s who stay dedicated to their profession no matter what. Their clients are elderly men and foreigners. If you find a young working girl, it is recommended to take her right away, because you may not find another young one in the brothel.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Let's relax together! Erotic massage parlors in Murmansk invite guests to come in and have a good time. Local masseuses know to how make a man happy not only with professional massage techniques, but with their appetizing forms as well. Murmansk is a northern city that's why men who live here and come to visit need additional warmth. The best way to receive it is to trust yourself into tender welcoming hands of masseuses.

  • Студия массажа, Knipovicha street 23 (Книповича 23), tel.: тел.: 7 952 290 01 91
Prices start from 4000 rubles/66$ for one hour
  • Jessica, Polyarnye Zori street 10 (Ул. Полярные Зори 10), tel.: 704-469
Prices start from 2500 rubles/41$ for one hour

Escort Services & Agencies

Finding an escort when you're travelling can be a bit tricky. If you are looking for escorts in Murmansk, Escort Directory is the ideal solution. There are thousands of beautiful young women at waiting for your call!

Here escort agencies are called as Dating Clubs. They post their ads everywhere they can: on the Internet, in newspapers, leave their cards in entertainment venues. Here girls are different too, sometimes it may even be hard to find a decent one. Prostitutes from these clubs often escort clients to saunas.

Transsexuals / Shemales

You will find several advertisement boards created for meetings of transsexuals. There are only a few people who post there profiles on such boards, that's why you'd better agree on what you find there, because otherwise you will be left with nothing.

Gay and Lesbian

Gays and lesbians also have websites for meeting one another. You can post your own profile here or look through existent profiles, find a gay or a lesbian you like and ask him/her to meet with you. Usually it will take some time to get to know each other better before he/she will agree to have sex with you.

Sexual Services for Women

Information about call boys can be found in local newspapers and sex-related websites. They cost the same as women prostitutes - 1500-2000 rubles/30-34$ for one hour. Usually male prostitutes work on outcalls, but sometimes on in calls as well.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

Sex tourists in search of thrill and diversity in their sexual lives, can try to find something interesting in local adult stores. There are 2 chains of adult shops with basically the same product lines that include condoms, gels, vibrators and vaginas, anal balls, realistic sex dolls, underwear for him and for her, pharmacy and perfumes with pheromones.

  • Ламур, Shcherbakova street 14 (ул. Щербакова, 14), tel.: +7 815 299-46-69
Dzerzhinskogo street 8 (ул. Дзержинского, 8)
  • Hetera, Baumana street 33 (ул. Баумана, 33), tel.: +7 815 275-42-42
Geroev-Severomortsev street 47 (ул. Героев-Североморцев д. 47)


There are 55 hotels in Murmansk with prices from 500 rubles/8$ to 6300/105$ for one night. The higher the price the more accommodations there will be. Most of the hotels tolerate prostitutes and some even allow them to operate on their premises: wait for clients in lobbies, bars and go to their rooms. These hotels' prostitutes cost about 1500-2000 rubles/30-34$ for one hour of sex. Extras are paid for separately.

Stay Safe

Murmansk has never been a center of criminal activity. Occasionally gangsters and officials were killed because of their internal disassembly. Usually the rivalry occurs about money, real estate and power, so a foreign traveller who is not involved in business and politics should have nothing to worry about. When planning a trip to Murmansk, consider its specific day and night regime.

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