How to Spot a Ladyboy

Every single guy who travels around the world meets at some point a ladyboy. In a lot of cases it can be very hard to tell the difference between a woman and a ladyboy especially for guys that come for a holiday to Thailand, Malaysia or Philippines for the first time and just don’t have the experience. Shemales are normally men half feminized who work in prostitution or porn films, trannys are men in drag and ladyboys are called Katoeys in Thailand and are respected as transsexuals in their country. Often a term ladyboy is only used in Asia and Shemale or T-girl in the rest of the world.

Ladyboys in Bangkok.png
Kathoey working in a go-go bar in Bangkok's Nana Plaza entertainment area

Many guys end up missing out beautiful girls for being scared about her being a ladyboy or what rather happens they are just too wasted or too inexperienced to spot the difference and end up facing a penis instead of a pussy back in their hotel room.

10 ways to spot a ladyboy, kathoey, t-girl, tranny transexual, transvestite or a shemale.

1) Too Tall for a Girl

Generally Asian women are not very tall, but almost all ladyboys are taller than average girl, with heights of 5.9 ft not being unusual. In South America and Europe some shemales can be close to 6.5 ft!

2) Unnatural Voice

In the majority of the cases, voices are what gives many ladyboys and shemales away. The pitch might be higher than men's voices but it somehow sounds unnatural.

3) Adam's Apple

Adam's Apples can be surgically removed, but if she has one, you can be sure she is a ladyboy.

4) Overacting:

Way more than necessary, often loudly in a high-pitched, exaggerated voice. If you start arguing with ladyboys or hear them arguing, you can definitely hear the manly voice.

5) Huge Breast:

This is not an absolute rule but too big tits is a good indicator. Many ladyboys often invite you to check 'how their tits feel'.

6) Looks Too Feminine:

Try to look way she uses make up, the way she walks and moves her hands and arms, especially over-enthusiastic hair flicking. Real girls would only act like this on a "catwalk".

7) The Dress Code:

Most ladyboys dress a lot sexier than girls. Huge amounts of make up, feathers and glitter gives many ladyboys away.

8) No Bra

In Asia, no matter how small the breast and how open-minded a girl is, even in GoGo bars, girls always wear a bra! If she does not have a bra and she has big breast and she is very tall, you are probably talking to a ladyboy

9) The Elbows:

Supposedly men's elbows are more square than a women.

10) ID Card.

You can always ask their ID Card to see if they are male or female. But be careful, she may get offended if she is a girl.

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Best Cities in Asia to find Ladyboys

1) Bangkok

2) Pattaya

3) Angeles City

4) Kuala Lumpur

5) Singapore

7) Cebu

8) Manila

9) Phuket

10) Ho Chi Minh City

Best Countries in the rest of the world to find TS/TV/TG or CD girls

1) Brazil

2) Spain

3) Germany

4) Italy

5) USA

6) Venezuela

7) Netherlands

8) Colombia

9) Argentina

10) Canada

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