How To Pick Up Hookers in North America

A street prostitute talking to a potential customer.

Here are the simple rules that apply for picking up streetwalkers (SW's), street prostitutes and street hookers in United States of America and Canada. In European, African, Asian or South American countries some of these rules do not apply as the law and culture is a bit different.

WikiSexGuide doesn't incite anyone to make illegal actions. If you're picking up a street prostitute in the area where it's not legal, that's your own choice and there's always a risk involved.

13 Rules

1) Only carry as much money as you are willing to lose. Stash all valuables (wallet, extra cash, cell phone, etc.) in a hidden spot. Carry a nearly empty monger's wallet with you.

2) Be very cautious if the street hooker on the street looks too good i.e., in most cities, street hookers do not dress in stilettos, leopard prints, or other obvious hooker outfits. It smells of a sting. Caution is the watchword.

3) Do not call attention to yourself by making a show out of the stop (no U turns or no flagrant traffic moves). Catch her eye (she will be looking) and pull just around the corner onto the next side street and let the prostitute come to you. Do not keep your foot on the brake, because you do not want everyone to see your flashy lights. Once having caught the street whores eye, go smoothly around the block, and keep looking out for law enforcement.

4) When you pull up to her (have the doors locked), be willing to drive away if your close up impression of her through the window is not good enough (sores, too thin, wired, dirty, stinky, sullen or "dead" eyes etc.). Street hookers are never as good as your first drive by impression. You can tell her you thought she was someone else and drive away.

5) Ask her if she needs a ride. She should immediately say "Yes" and hop right into the vehicle. Do not negotiate through the window. The monger's first test for LE: stinging decoys will not get into the car. However be cautious. It is difficult to guard against busted streetwalkers who in order to stay out of jail may be forced to serve as decoys. They might get into your car. But if you refrain from discussing business until you are out of the neighborhood and make certain you are not being tailed, you should be OK. If she insists on negotiating through the window, tell her you thought she was someone else and split. Watch out for tailing LE- Another variation is to say, "I'll give you some cash to let me take nude photos of you back at my room." as nude photography is not a crime. Any streetwalker will be happy to take cash and not have to participate in anything illegal. A decoy will obviously say "No thanks" as they don't want to waste time with someone they can't bust.

6) Once the street girl is in the car, immediately get out of the neighborhood. Local LE may stop and hassle you if they see a known hooker in your car. Get permission to feel her bare breasts to be sure she is not LE. She may grab your crotch to ensure that you are not LE. Then get a crystal clear understanding of exactly what you want (covered or no, catch or no, swallow or no, etc) and for exactly how much (plus tip if satisfied). Extensive bargaining is a warning flag of a troublesome hooker and another reason to turn her out. Warning flags should go up if the girl is willing to do full service uncovered.

7) Go to your location unless given a good reason not to. Her location may include a male friend of hers who will rob you. If she refuses your place, you have another reason to turn her out. Be especially cautious of locations where you have no easy exit. Be very leery of taking them to your home! You know the phrase “They will come back to haunt you…”

8) Never give up money before you are finished. You can pay a small token up front, but never the whole amount. If she refuses, then say “Thanks, but no thanks.” Once she has your money, she is in control. This includes fronting money so they can buy some "butter." Money in their hand may mean you will never get to have fun with them.

9) Streetwalkers drug use can be a problem, but try to read what it might be. Crack (butter) leaves them still cogent, able to reason, and may make them more enthusiastic. On the other hand, heroin (dog food) addiction leads either to very dangerous situations, or makes them semiconscious—hardly satisfying. Crack creates a dependency, but does not cause the kind of withdrawal that becomes an emergency for them. Crack can make them very horny - do not have direct experience. If they seem really drugged up, it is another reason to turn them out. The difficult truth is that the vast majority of streetwalkers do so to support some habit.

10) Do not let outside people get involved. No answering doors, no second girls, no nothing. You are just asking for serious problems.

11) If confronted with a dangerous situation, do not get hostile or seriously argumentative. Tempers flair quickly, to what extent, you may not want to learn. You are in the underworld. Give it up. After all, you stashed your wallet, extra money and valuables elsewhere, right?

12) If you are ripped off, publicize it to our discussion forum with as much descriptive detail as you can. Educate the rest of guys about what mistakes you might not make again. Give a detailed description of the hooker, her name, exactly where, when, how you connected. If you got a picture, post it!

13) Finally, try to get to know those hookers who are dependable. They can, and often are willing to advise you about dangerous, drugged out or HIV positive hookers. Remember however, even long-time dependable hookers should not have too much temptation placed in front of them - even they can "grab and run."

Stay safe - even if the thrill of the hunt is part of the deal!

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Prostitution laws: Some states and cities have "loitering with intent solicit prostitution" (California, Detroit and Cincinnati). So when you are picking up a SW be extra careful and aware of your surroundings. These days many people limit their contact with SW's. It's smart only stop if you are interested in them. When stopping to pick up a SW do not use any language that has any connotation of sex or prostitution. These can include the terms "date" or even the word "fun". These words have been used as the basis for a arrest. If you are new to area try to get a feel if the cops are cracking down. Sometimes it's a good idea to park somewhere and watch and see what LE is up to.

Locations to take SW's: When you pick up a SW drive at least 10 blocks and or a minimum of 3/4 to 1 mile away. It is also a good idea to try and find an area where you can enter only from one direction. This cuts down on the amount of traffic passing by.

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