WikiSexGuide in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Bogotá, Colombia (South America).

Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. With a population of about 8.8 million people, Bogota sits approximately 8,660 feet (2640 m) above sea level in the Colombian Andes region. Orientation is relatively easy, as the mountains to the east are generally visible from most parts of the city.

To understand the sheer size of the city, consider that Mexico City and New York City are the only North American cities larger than Bogotá. Bogotá is a city of contrasts, and as such it offers a unique experience to its visitors. Prepare to find a hectic balance between the new and the old; the peaceful and the frantic.

Sex and Prostitution in Bogotá

The “red district” (Spanish: "zona roja") of Bogotá, also called “the high impact zone” is the only area in Bogota where prostitution is legal. Following the example of Amsterdam, this is an attempt from the local administration to consolidate inclusive processes, have more control over the situation and establish a better grasp on prostitution, an activity that is present in most medium and large cities around the world.

Bogota city view at night.

The area is located in "Santa Fe" neighborhood, you can find the "tolerance zone" between 19th and 22nd streets, and between Caracas Avenue and carrera 17.

It is necessary to walk this area to form your own opinion on how well or not things are going with this process- sure to be an eye-opening trip!

In Bogota, lots of illegal prostitution also goes on outside of the designated areas.

An study made by the Chamber of Commerce about prostitution in Bogota points towards the fact that the down town zone of the capital there's about 14.000 sex workers. Among them, more than two thirds work on the streets. About 380 establishments where you can book a service and almost 90 street spots.

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Be careful at the clubs in Bogota and never leave your drink unattended. You need to be extra cautious especially with the prostitutes.

Unfortunately it is very common in Bogota for prostitutes to use Scopolamine, also known as Burundanga to rob people. This drug makes people open to suggestion, and its amnesic effects make it easy to get away with robbery. Sometimes victims wake up after a couple of days at the bench in a park and their bank account is emptied and all their items stolen. This was lately revealed on the TV show called Scam City - Bogota.


Bogotá Female Escorts

Many of the thousands of escorts and sex workers in Bogota have started to advertise their services online. Having online escort ads is not very common here yet but it's growing all the time.

Online ads now a days are the main source for clients and escorts to find each other. It has allowed many women to become independent and manage their own agenda, without the need to seek clients on the street or unwanted places where there might be other interests in hand.

Red Light Districts

Bogota's Red Light District

Bogotá's red light district which is known formally as the Tolerance Zone (Santa Fe), is sleazy, down-market and, late at night, dangerous. But the place is honest, and, hopefully, the world's oldest profession is practiced here more safely and with less exploitation than it would be if it were prohibited. Tragically, there are also girls who prostitute themselves around here, often to support drug habits.

It is the area around Carreras 13A and 13, between Calle 22 and Avenida 19 and between Avenida Fernando Mazuera and Avenida Caracas, (Santa Fe is West with respect to Av. Caracas where the TransMilenio runs). If you use the TransMilenio get off at Calle 22, South Exit (only 2 exits), from there walk to the West, keeping the Montserate mountain on your back, go towards Carreras 14, 15, 16.

There's also the "girls between bars" at street 19, between Caracas and Carreras 13, giving their servicios and gifts behind iron bars, usually with a cheaper price.

Acording to paid sex guide to Bogota, psicologist Ana Suarez, which runs an observatory of the sex work in Colombia, other than barrio Santa Fé, other zones with huge density of prepagos are the Mariposa square, Terraza Pasteur and La Carrillera down town.

In all of these areas you will find much better prices, and every type of want or need that you desire (young, old, new, experienced, transvesti, transexual), BUT, it's highly discouraged to go alone late at night, even if these zones count with a lot of police presence, sometimes it's just not safe.

Guide for the Tolerance Zone

Map of the Bogotá Red-light district

Customer report (7th Nov 2014): I'd like to expand on the original description above: I became quite familiar with Red Light district in Bogota and it is a great entertainment zone and offers wonderful bang for your buck. The best area with quality women is the block I outlined with red dots (see the map). You can also try walking around the block with orange dots but it offers less attractive women. The best thing about this zone is that it is safe, relatively honest and also offers entertainment during day time. I personally like to have fun during the day and day offers great selection of attractive women. As I mentioned, this block is safe but you need to be careful how to get there. Bogota is not the city where you can assume you can walk anywhere, even during the daytime. I'd recommend to start walking on Carrera 7, which is the main pedestrian thoroughfare, turn into Calle 24 (away from the mountains), this walk can be somewhat unpleasant, at least until you hit the Red Light Zone. Once there, turn left into Carrera 15. This block is by far the best. When you're ready to return, do NOT walk toward decreasing Calle's, this zone becomes full of transsexuals and is really dangerous. Walk back the same way how you got there. On the map I used black dots to indicate how to get to the Zone safely.

Customer report (18th Jan 2016): So the previous customer report is pretty spot on. His directions are impeccable, and the place is incredible. However the one thing that needs to be added is that this is not a place to be at night time. I went there around 5:30PM, everything was fine. When I was finishing up with a girl ~6:30, unbeknownst to me the sun had gone down. She warned me to leave very quickly as she said the area was now "muy peligroso." And it was. I am far from skittish, I'm 26 in good shape, and spent my 18th and 19th years homeless in LA with a drug problem: so when I say it got incredibly shady, I mean I put my head down, and took calle 24 straight out. You're fine until the sun sets, mornings and afternoons are great, felt like a kid in a candy store, but get out before night. And as a suggestion from my past experiences, even during the day, dress down, don't look like a gringo, don't wear flashy stuff; no need to draw attention to yourself. You will notice that on Cra 7 most everyone is dressed nice, on Calle's 15 and 16 you will notice a different sort walking around. Why stick out?

You can take a virtual tour of this block using Google Street View with this link: RLD Street View In reality, there is much more women here but they probably ran away from the camera.

Most girls ask 40k pesos for plain intercourse, 20min which frequently means 15min. If you ask for cunnilingus (Spanish: mamar chocha) it will become 50k pesos. An upgraded package [intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio without condom (mamada sin condon)] will cost 50k-60k, even without negotiating. The women are extremely pretty and young, you'll not need things like Cialis on this trip!

My personal favorite became the white house 23-61 on Carrera 15 and the house immediately preceding it. There was also some interesting action in front of Hotel Vargas on Carrera 16 (near Calle 23, within the red block).

Do NOT try to explore Cl 3 & Kr 10-11 mentioned below. This area is located in the south poor section of town and is extremely dangerous.

Customer report (5th August 2017): So this place is nice for a quick bang for around 35.000 Pesos. But as mentioned above this place can be dangerous for foreigners after dark as people in the area might rob you. You will see police there, but as my cab driver said, that the police will not do much about it. So most of us will come here either from Europe, US or Australia and we are used to at least pay 100 USD for a decent bang at our home countries. Instead try escort service here, it costs around 120.000-150.000 Pesos for an hour and they are way more service minded. I tried something else while here and I recommend ALL of you to try this out. It is a house with ladies. Way more convenient and relaxing than the Tolerance Zone. The ladies will come ind one by one. You can choose one for 150.000 Pesos or 2 girls for 250.000 Pesos, that is like 80 USD, for an hour with two girls doing all sort of stuff. Really service minded and in comfortable environment. No rush, the girls actually treat you as guest. The house is located at the following address: Tv. 3 #55-37, Bogotá Or try to call them before you come, so that they will have ladies prepared for you, 3007793581 or 3023419908. The two girls I banged were amazing, I felt like Rocco handling two girls. One sucking my dick and the other one sucking my balls - Damn! Also they provide lesbian show included in the price, however not all girls provide this service. This depends on which girls you choose.

""Captain's Log, Stardate 49214.2 (January 20204)""

Upon my arrival in Bogotá in this early part of the year 2024, I find myself immersed in the vibrant tapestry of a new culture. The local dynamics, however, present a nuanced landscape, one that demands a keen understanding and respect for the customs of this region.

Navigating the city, I observe the local economy and social interactions. It appears that the market for companionship is prevalent, with a range of prices for such services. Bargaining is a common practice, and a judicious application of common sense is essential in these transactions, much like negotiating through the nebulous regions of our exploratory ventures.

Yet, as the sun sets and the nightlife awakens, I must remain vigilant. The urban environment, like the uncharted territories we encounter in space, can be fraught with perils. It is imperative to assimilate into the local culture, a principle applicable across galaxies. By blending in, one reduces the risk of attracting undue attention and ensures a more harmonious interaction with the denizens of this diverse locale.

Partaking in nocturnal festivities, I have frequented various establishments, including raves and clubs that, like our own ship, transform from dormancy during daylight hours to vibrant hubs of activity after dark. The gatherings host a myriad of individuals, both professional and otherwise. Caution is advised, however, as the shadows may conceal those with ill intentions.

Much like any urban enclave in Earth's history, the law of the streets remains applicable. Awareness of one's surroundings is paramount, and caution is advised against those who may exploit the unfamiliarity of visitors. It's a lesson learned in the alleys of any city, whether in the Americas, Europe, or beyond.

In this unfamiliar yet intriguing environment, I must tread carefully, mindful of the delicate balance between exploration and the preservation of personal safety. As the night unfolds, so too does the tapestry of Bogotá's mysteries, and I embark on this terrestrial adventure with the wisdom gained from the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

There is a huge variety of sex workers in Bogota. Prostitutes are working on the streets, in the brothels, strip clubs, freelancer bars, nightclubs etc. Many of the sex workers have also started to advertise their escort services online.

Thousands of prostitutes in Bogota are working at the red-light district.

Street Hookers

There is always a risk when buying sex from street walkers in Bogota. Some of the street girls are also drug addicts. Always remember to use a condom if you are having sex with a street prostitute!

WikiSexGuide, the streets of Bogota

You can find streetwalker prostitutes in Bogota from these areas:

Santa Fe:

  • Cl 3 between Kr 10 y 11, very dangerous area!
  • Casas are all around the block, in almost every doorway, Carreras 16A to 17 and Calles 22 to 24. Prices: 30-40k 20 min.
  • Calle 20 and Carrera 15 Bis, venezuelan girls. Prices: 20min. 26k
  • Along Carreras 13A, between Calles 22 and 23, between Avenida Fernando Mazuera and Avenida Caracas. Older Chicas, Watch out for the Trannies.
  • Calles 18 to 19, between Carreras 14 and 10. Prices: 30 min. 20k plus 6k for the casa.

Chapinero Central (watch out in this Area):

  • Calles 56-60 and Carrera 15. Watch for Trannies.


  • Calle 12B and Carrera 30 (dangerous place)

7 de Agosto:

  • Calle 67 between carreras 21-22

Zona Rosa/El Retiro/Chico:

  • In front of the Hotel Dann Carlton, Av. Carrera 15 and Calle 104.
  • Av. Carrera 15 between Calles 90-100 (mostly between 97-99). Hours: 11pm.
  • Carrera 15 North of Calle 85, near bars Casanova and Copacabana on 86 or 87. Hours: Midnight.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in Bogotá:á

Live Sex Cams

Can I watch Live Sex Cams in Bogotá? - Yes, you can! Basically you can watch our online live sex shows for free anywhere in the world if you’re connected to internet. Join to get 10 free private teasers and 9.99 credits for free! You can choose any girl from our trusted Live Sex Cams!

Live Sex Cams are booming at the moment. Webcam models can be found from all over the world and you can find girls, guys, trannies, couples and groups of different ages performing to you. Watching live sex shows is usually free, but if you buy some credits, you will have much better chances to see adult action as desired! It's possible also to hire a webcam model to a private chat room where you can ask the person to fulfill your fantasies.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Bogotá. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Adult Locations

Bogota is one of the best cities in the world to find some adult fun. Use common sense always when visiting local adult venues and be extra careful at night. Bogota has so huge number of adult businesses that make sure that the venue is still operating before visiting. Some of the adult place lists are outdated because lots of places shut down and new ones are starting their business all the time.

Zona T is the nicest area with the most nightlife and many good adult locations for fun. La Candelaria is where many tourists stay and this area has also many escorts working from the private aparetments. Chapinero ha also some nightlife and a university nearby, if you are a pick up artist.

Escort Services and Agencies

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

Finding an escort when you’re travelling can be a bit tricky. An ideal alternative to escorts is a girl who is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship. There are thousands of horny girls willing to do anything for a generous guy. Click Here to hookup with a beautiful young woman now.

Advertising escort services and agencies in Bogotá online is growing all the time. Incall means that you will visit the escort's apartment or a short-time hotel and outcall means that you will order the escort to come to your place (apartment, hotel room etc.).

Besides agencies, you'll also find that independent escorts advertise their services through online platforms. The most well known are Mileroticos, PasionPrepagos and Photoprepagos. The first one being the one with the most amount of advertisers, but without any kind of filters its a pit of fake pictures and scammers. PasionPrepagos on the other hand, has less amount of girls because they have to pay to show themselves in it, and they do a great job filtering fake pictures and scammer's phone numbers. Photprepagos is free like the first one, but they also do a great job with filtering.


Erotic Massage Parlors

Unfortunately we don't list in this category!

Many of the erotic massage parlors in Bogota offer full service, happy endings, blow jobs, body touching and of course, massage. Massage costs usually about 30k and full service (suck and fuck) costs 150 to 200k.

Absolut Spa Address: Carrera 16 No. 80-66 (Prices 280 mil todo, tarjeta 30% extra = 365 mil COP) Address 2: Carrera 11 No. 97-10 Ofc. 302. Phone: (+57) 1 6112518

Adhara Spa Address : Carrera . 9a 61-57 Phone: (+57) 3227745172

Abejitas Spa Address : cerca de Supercade – Street 25 Phone: 46104390 – 3144793990 – 3144229299

Oriental Spa Address : Calle 53a #27a-10 Galerías Phone: (+57) 3184280576

Sensitive Spa Address : Cra 77 #12-33 Price : 190 mil (todo)

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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Lido View Map

One of the most upscale in Bogotá. About 70 girls on a busy night and 20-30 on a slow night. Gated. May look small on the outside but pretty big on the inside. Very safe since off-duty cops occasionally hang out there. Girls typically ask for 400K COP for start but can bargain down to 350K; I was ve ...
Cra 14 # 95-33

Casa de Chicas View Map

Brothel in Barrio Alcazares district.
CRA 28 A NO 71 43 BARRIO ALCAZARES +57-320-332-0723

Scorts 72 View Map

About five working girls. Price from $40.000 pesos.
Cra 58 No 72-37 +57-314-388-2515

These places (reservados, casas) are more private, some even look like common family houses, some others are more like small bars, usually the owner run the place all by himself. In some places, as soon as you come in, all available girls will introduce herself, then you have to select the girl (or girls) that you like. In other places, you make the first move. You can have some drinks before sex if you want, those places usually have kind of private tables where you can hook up with the girl without been bothered by other clients. Be aware that the girls often agree to one hour for the same price as 15 minutes, but then after 15 minutes, she is up and getting dressed. You get what you pay for. There is some very beautiful, young, good fucking stuff out there though.

If you don't know your way around the city, please try to get a local to give you for information about where you want to go, since this list is very hard to keep up to date. Many places could have closed and many others could have opened.


  • Palacetes (Chica Casa), Calle 30 where it dead-ends into Carrera 19. Prices: 40k-60k Full Service in House, Take Out House Fee 100k, 160k All Night.


  • El balcon de las gatas Diagonal 46 sur # 52C-57 piso 2, Tel 7101309
  • Kiss (Porkis) Diagonal 45 sur # 52C-91


  • Fase III Av Caracas 31-56 SUR, tel 3143472420, 311 483 0252, 312 876 4316
  • CARACAS SHOW, Av caracas 27-73 SUR
  • Carrera 17 #17-48 sur,
  • Calle 17 sur #17-19


  • CLL 42A SUR # 78F-06 MEDIA HORA $40MIL. MASAJITO PLUMITA Y ReLACION. Tel 3144860334,3118396097,3177132718
  • Avenida 1 de Mayo #68I-13
  • SHOW DE DIOSAS PASARELA, Avenida 1 de Mayo #69-29
  • DIVAS BARRA BAR Av. Primero de Mayo # 69 - 32
  • CUEROS SHOW, Avenida 1 de Mayo #69-46
  • Avenida 1 de Mayo #69b-53
  • PEREIRAS Avenida 1 de Mayo #69c-16
  • ANGELOS 1 de Mayo #69c-20
  • POLA Y TANGA Avenida 1 de Mayo #69c-40
  • PURPURA Av 1 de Mayo # 72 - 95
  • AURIUS MALEJA, CALLE 40 F NUMERO 78-02 Sur Tel 3145766887
  • CALLE 42A SUR No. 87D-15 LOCAL 12 SEGUNDO PISO 3103119130
  • AQUA, Calle 6 sur #71D-92


  • Las Colombianitas, Crr 100 # 20C-02, 40mil el rato


  • cll 12B # 30-20
  • cll 12B # 30-26
  • cll 12B # 30-32
  • cll 12B # 30-52

Santa Fe:

  • ARCO IRIS SHOW' CR8 A 2 A-03, tel 7784736
  • Cl 15 9 20
  • Nameless, Carrera 10 #15-13... address is close, but approximate. ignore the guy trying to get you inside.. just go on in. His info is not very accurate. I had Joanna for 50,000 for one hour.
  • CALLE 16 # 8-88 TERCER PISO. LOCAL 303, Abierto todos los días. Domingos y Festivos, Frente a la Cámara de Comercio.
  • Cl 16 9-23 L212
  • Kr 9 16 62
  • Video Pink, Carrera 9 #17-54 L. 302
  • Kr 9 # 17-62 P 2
  • Blue Star, Carrera 10 #18-61. 3 piso, local 203
  • Cl 19 8-92 P2
  • Casa Show Internacional, Carrera 8 # 19-31
  • Video, Carrera 10 #19-37.
  • Tanga show, Carrera 10 #19-38. 20 chicas, Hours: 8am-3am, 3114144481
  • Billar Tanga Pasarela Show Carrera 13 No 19-16 piso 2
  • CALLE 20 NO. 8-43 2 PISO, Tel.: 286 03 48
  • Cl 21 9-35 P4, entrada por el parqueadero
  • Crr 10 22-24
  • CALLE 23 # 5-96 Tel.3346759,Entrada por la cafetería
  • Fantasias Centro, CALLE 23 NO. 6-61
  • CRA. 9 NO. 23-70 2º Y 3º PISO Tel.: 341 9882 Horario extendido de 9:00 a.m. a 10:00 p.m. Abierto de Domingo a Domingo
  • Kr 9 23-87
  • Zeus, Calle 24 # 7-38


  • (T-girls) Club travestis, Av 32 15 45
  • CRA. 19 # 32-47 Apto. 202 (timbrar en 202 y decir q viene a TERAPIAS)
  • Teusaquillo, Calle 33A# 21-06.
  • Models, Calle 36 #17A- 44. Tel: 287-2319, 245-4266.

Puente Aranda:

  • Galerias, Crr 17 # 51-54. 3-6 Chicas. Tel: 3133470787


  • Babilon, Av Caracas #40A-83, Prices: Chicas 20k 15 minutes, 2 chicas x 30k.
  • WHISKERIA PALERMO Carrera 13 No.41-05
  • NIÑAS DEL OESTE SIN RODEO, Carrera 13 N. 48-15
  • WHISKERIA SHOW LINARES, Carrera 13 No. 48-21
  • La Mansión de la Barbie, Calle 49 # 13-70. 6-8 Chicas. Prices: Entrance 1k, Chicas 20k 15 minutes, 40k 30 min., 60k hour.
  • Pasarela la 49, Cl 49 # 13-88
  • WISKERIA SHOW LA 49, Kr 13 49-77
  • Veteranitas cll 50 no. 15-06, 10am a 6pm. Tel 3208258757, 6051597
  • Tu y Yo, Calle 52 # 16-74. 6 Chicas. Prices: 30k 30 min., 60k hour, +10k BBBJ. Tel: 249-0564, 348-1743.


  • Mariana y Luna, CLL 55 # 13-58, $12000 Tel 2557255 / 3202530621 / 3208316125
  • Video Bar la 55 Avenida Caracas # 55-26
  • CARRERA 15A - NO. 56-45 Tels.: 2118393, Domicilios 2118393, Reservado: 9 A.M. en adelante
  • CALLE 57 NO. 9-75
  • Exclusivo bar reservado, CALLE 57 NO. 15-26, Domicilios 212 4863
  • COLEGIALAS VIDEO BAR AREM, Carrera 9 # 57-13
  • VIDEO BAR L & C, Cll 58 # 10-33
  • Carrera 8 # 58-07
  • Magic Hands, Cll 59 # 13-52 int 7, Cel 3205900554, Tel 5409336
  • MASAJES 112 CALLE 59 NO 13 - 84 Mesanine 112, Tel 2101953- 3118145232
  • CRA. 17 NO. 59-62, Tel 2 10 02 98, ½ hora x $ 20.000, 1 hora x $ 40.000, de domingo a domingo
  • El Club Pasarela Show, Calle 60 # 13-20. Hours: 3pm-3am.
  • Video XXX, Calle 60 # 13-26. Hours: 9:30am-2:30am.
  • Banos Turcos (Lindas Chicas), Calle 60 # 14-13. Prices: Starts at 20k. Tel: 212 5740. Hours: 11am-3am.
  • Whiskeria Jr., Calle 60 # 14-29. Hours: 8pm-3am.
  • Carrera 9A # 60-41 Loc. 2
  • Bar las Delicias de Lady, Carrera 13 No. 60-07, Cover $ 5.000
  • Cherry Pasarela Bar Carrera 13A # 60-19, 3142469347
  • SALA AMAZONAS Carrera 13B # 60-48
  • CALLE 60 BIS NO. 13-44 Atendemos a partir de las 10: a.m
  • Las Divas, Calle 61 # 13-75. 15-20 Chicas. Prices: 60k 30 min. Hours: Until 2-3am.
  • Donde Peter, Carrrera 9 # 61-48
  • AVALON 2, Carrera 13 No. 61-47, L. 126
  • Eros Club Carrera 13 No. 61-47 L. 204. Press TIMBRAR
  • El Tercer Piso, Calle 61A # 13A-39, with Av. Caracas. Prices: Starts at 20k.
  • Confidencias, Carrera 13A # 61A-16
  • Hans magic cll 62 # 13-31 oficina 202, Tel 3118145232, 4669432
  • Garotas club, cll 62 # 13-32, 10am-10pm
  • CALLE 63 NO. 13-79 2do. Piso
  • Bar Palmara, Calle 63 # 16-72, Tel: 3208989774, 3105859030
  • Abejitas La 63, Calle 63 # 16A-42. Prices: Starts at 20k. Tel: 547 5083, 801 8117, 316 800 9700.
  • Solid Gold, Avenida Caracas # 63-68 Loc 1
  • Aventuras en Pañales (La Huevera) Avenida Caracas No. 63-72
  • CRA. 15 NO. 63-26,lunes a Domingo 9:00 a.m. a 8:00 p.m.
  • CALLE 64 NO. 13-35 - APTO. 201 Tel.: 606 26 20, Lunes a SábadoDe 9:00 a.m. en adelante
  • Nuevo Pasarela (old Chanteclaire), Calle 64 # 13-71 (door is 13-73) Hours: 10am to 3am.
  • Salome, Calle 64 # 13-88 piso 3. Prices: 1 hour 60K, 2 Chicas for 50K. Tel: 349 2183.
  • CLUB LAS DIOSAS SHOWS Cll 64 # 14-34
  • Club Reservado Bar, Calle 64 # 14-89, piso 2. Prices: 20k 20min, 60k 60min. Hours: 9am-9pm.
  • Calle 64 # 15-18, (ask the old man in front of the door with no number)
  • Calle 64 # 15-30
  • Sexy Mor, Carrera 13 No. 64-16 Locl. 123
  • Carrera 13 No. 64-16 Locl. 142
  • Centro Terapias Corina Carrera 13 No. 64-16 loc. 223
  • Avalon, Carrera 13 No. 64-67,L.210,213,204,215
  • Gatitas(Reservado el Eden), Av. Caracas # 64-36. Prices: 5 Servicios x 20K, 2 Ninas x 30K. Tel: 481 2653.Tel.: 248 52 32 - Chapinero
  • Fira Blue, Carrera 13 No 65-29
  • La Mansion del Placer, Cra 16 # 65-23
  • La 65, Carrera 17 # 65-05, Prices: 20k 20 min, 30k 30 min, 60k hour. Closes at 8pm.
  • Chicas Siglo XXI, Calle 66 No. 13-41
  • Danubio Azul, Calle 66 #15-05, 3142113045
  • BAR LAS GOLOSAS , Cl 66 # 17-06 P2
  • Las Munecas, Avenida Caracas # 66-09, piso 2. Prices: 5 Servicios x 20k. 2 Ninas x 30k. Tel: 249 1181. Hours: 10am to 9pm.
  • Lindas Universitarias, Avenida Caracas # 66-67. Prices: 50.000 for 30mins, 90.000 for an hour. They're known to give discounts for larger hours or group sessions. Tel: 235 5502. Hours: 10am-9pm.
  • Carrera 15 # 66-17. 4-5 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min, 30k 30 min, 60k hour. Hours: M-Sat. Closes at 9pm.
  • Carrera 15 # 66-22. _4 Chicas. I Didn't ask about prices since I didn't take anyone. Hours: Closes at 9pm.
  • Coquetas, Carrera 17 # 66-28
  • Carrera 17 # 66-31. 2-3 Chicas days, 6-8 Chicas nights, after 8-9pm. Hours: Open till 2-3am.
  • Bar Las Divas De Javier, Carrera 17 # 66-32. Prices: 25k 30mins. Tel: 310 343 3398. Hours: 7 Days till 3am.
  • Carrera 17 # 66-41. Hours: 7 Days till 3am.
  • Carrera 17 # 66-52. 2-3 Chicas days, 6-8 Chicas nights, after 8-9pm. Hours: Open till 2-3am.
  • Bar Reservado Azucena, Carrera 11 No. 67-26
  • Cielo Azul, Calle 67 No. 11-33 Piso 2
  • Fantasias, Calle 67 # 16-05. 4+ Chicas. Prices: 6 servicios x 20k, 30k 30 min., 60k hour. Condoms 1-2k. Tel: 249 4279. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am-7pm.
  • Chiquitas Club, Calle 67 # 16-25. 4 Chicas. Prices: 6 servicios x 20k. Tel: 606 2993. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm.
  • Tantra Spa 67, Carrera 15 # 67-24. Prices: Special promotion 25k 25 min., and 1 free beer. Tel: 212 4508, 310 2652. Hours: 9am-9pm.
  • Julianas #1, Carrera 19 # 67-47. 6+ Chicas. Prices: 30k 30 min., 60k hour. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • Carrera 19 # 67-50. 2-4 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min, 30k 30 min., 60k hour. Hours: M-Sat. Closes at 9pm.
  • Carrera 19 # 67-93 Local 201. Hours: Closes at 8pm.
  • Samsara club del placer Carrera 21 # 67-20
  • RESERVADO Diagonal 68 No 12-24
  • Club Las Vegas, Calle 68 # 17-77 Local 1
  • cll 68 # 21-10 local 202, video xxx por $12.000, oral adicional $30.000, total $42.000 3102697978
  • cll 68 # 21-10 local 204, MASAJE RELAX EROTICO A 4 MANOS POR $60.000, media hora $80.000 y hora $100.00 tel:3033922
  • Johana Reservado, Carrera 13 No.68-14, Servicio de Bar
  • (T-girls) crr 13 # 68-60 apt 202 Tel 3105281274

Porcinuncula :

  • Calle 70A # 14-30 2do Piso
  • Chicas Milenio, Calle 71 # 14A-20. 30 Chicas in Shifts. Prices: 30k 30 min., 50k hour. Tel: 249 2927, 312 5074. Hours: 9am to 3am.
  • Chicas 2000/ Las Profesionales, Calle 71 # 14A-27-33. 6 Chicas. Prices: 22k 20 min., 32k 30 min., 54k hour. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • Casa de Chicas, Calle 72 #15-60.
  • Cl 73 15 10 of. 201
  • Kukylandia Av. 13 (Av. Caracas), # 73-28, piso 2. 8-30 Chicas. Prices: Beer 3k, Chica and room 20 min, 30k.
  • OZ 74, Calle 74 # 16-79. Prices: 300k. Tel: 217 3438. Hours: Monday to Saturday 3pm to 2am.
  • PENTHOUSE CLUB Calle 76 No. 15-34
  • Calle 76 No. 15-36
  • Cl 86A 14 49
  • Cl 86A 14 57


  • CALLE 69BIS # 14-52 PISO 2, 3 chicas, Tel 3144328432
  • Studio Model, Crr 17 # 70a-80, domingo a domingo desde las 9 am, Domicilios, tel 3107854329 3102957750
  • Reservado veteranas Cra 24 # 70-31 apto 202, barrio alcazares, tel 3126105596 / 3107727120, de 10am 7pm
  • Abejitas House, Crr 20 # 71-52, piso 2, Tel, 3214456039 9am-10pm
  • Casa de chicas, Carrera 28A #71-43. 15 Chicas. Tel: 630-2862, 301-253-3659, 320 3320723 / 318 5069685 / 301 7231366
  • Angelicales (A Scort), Carrera 26 # 71B-61. 15 Chicas. Prices: 40k+. Tel: 250 8567, 630 5664. de 9am 10pm
  • scorts72, Cra 58 No 72-37, Tel 3143882515, 3202601704, 3165832292

Las ferias:

  • (T-Girls) CLL 68 NUM 92 41, Tel 2523415, 3144555587, 3134241633
  • Bar Night Sex Cll 72 # 78-73
  • Manhattan Cll 72 # 78-94

Santa Barbara Occidental :

  • La Mansion, Av. Pepe Sierra (Calle 116) and Autopista Norte 117. Prices: 20k for Beer, 150k-300k 60 min.
  • Estrato 6, Transversal 33 # 123-30. Prices: 150k for 2 hours. Tel: 620-0700.
  • Flirt Bogota, Carrera 45A # 123-30. Prices: 100k to 1.500k. Tel: 311 252 5422, 214 0311. Hours: Visit Monday to Saturday after 2pm. MUST Call First.


  • CLUB SOCIAL EL STERO, Cl 161 19-91
  • BARACOA BAR, Kr 7 # 161-71
  • BAR EL ROSAL, Kr 7 # 161-77

Strip Clubs and Striptease

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Penthouse View Map

Penthouse is one of the most super-stylish clubs in Bogotá. Spread over several large rooms, it’s made even bigger with oversized mirrrors affixed to walls. Chandeliers and disco balls send glimmering lights across the ceiling, and clubbers switch between shimmying on the huge dance floor and loungi ...
Calle 84 No. 13-17

Most of the strip clubs are kind of a mix of striptease, brothel and sex club.

Best Girl (Chica) Selection is usually at 8-10pm. Best Vibes: 11-12pm on weekends (real party feeling).

  • Gisell Barra Dance Cl. 58 Bis #10-05, Chapinero, Bogota. One of the best strip clubs in Colombia
  • Santa Fe:
  • Imperios, Carrera 16A # 22-37.
  • El Castillo Night Club, Calle 23 # 14-19. 20-40 Chicas. Prices: Chicas 60k-80k 30 min, Room 13k. Tel: 482-8436, 482-2518. Hours: 5pm to around 2am.
  • Doll’s House, Calle 23 # 14-27.
  • Whiskeria California Night Club, Calle 23 # 15-22. 23+ Chicas. Hours: 4pm to 3am.
  • Las Vegas, Carrera 15 # 23-07. 20 Chicas. Hours: 2pm to 2-3am.
  • La Piscina, Carrera 15 # 23-64. 20-40 Chicas. Prices: Beer 3k, Room 10k, Chicas 60k-80k, 380k take out. Tel: 341-2420. Hours: 1pm to 2am.
  • La Piscina del Dia, Carrera 15. 8+ Chicas. Prices: Beer 2k-3.5k, Chicas Full Service 30k-60k. Hours: Days closes around 8pm.
  • El Encanto, Carrera 15 # 23-80.
  • (No Name) Corner Bar, Calle 23 # 16-02?, Green Wall, when White Metal door in open.
  • Latinas Bar, Carrera 16 # 23-07.
  • Las Paisas Bar (Strip Club), Carrera 16 # 23-58. 15 Chicas. Prices: Cover 5k, Beer 2k, Room 5k, Chicas 35k, Take Out 100k-200k.
  • Manzalitas (Strip Club), Calle 23 # 16-19.
  • Atunes, Carrera 16A # 23-19.
  • Venus Show Bar (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-43. Prices: Chicas 30k Complete.
  • Encuentros (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-47.
  • Fiebre Sex (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-50.
  • Montebello (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-63.
  • Llaneras (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-71/73.
  • La Casona (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-76. Prices: Beer 2500p, Chicas 40k 20 mins, 80k 40 min. Hours: Closes around 2am.
  • A Tun, Carrera 16A # 23-88.
  • Troya Night Club (Strip Club), Carrera 16A # 23-89. Prices: 40k 20mins, +5k room.
  • Tamaguchi, Carrera 16A # 23-91.

Zona Rosa/El Retiro/(Chico (Around Carrera 11/13 and Calle 80-86.) These places are not cheap to have sex in Bogota!:

  • Penthouse Club, Calle 76 #15-34. Prices: Chica Drinks 7k, Chicas 100k hour. This place is closed.
  • El Cedro, Calle 82 # 15-35. Prices: 100k Bar Fee, Chicas 150k+ hour. Tel: 257 68 90.
  • Copacabana, Calle 86 # 7-22. 20 Chicas. Prices: 100k Bar Fee, Chicas 150k+ hour.
  • Casanova's, Black Building, no number, next to Calle 86a # 14-57. 20 Chicas. Prices: 27k Chica Drink, 93k Bar Fee, Chicas 150k+ hour. Hours: 11pm to 4am.
  • Club Extasis, (Cabaret Sign) Calle 86a # 14-57. 20 Chicas. Prices: Entrance 20k, Beer 20k, Bar Fee 150k, Chicas: 150k -400k.
  • Lalo’s Club (High Class Inn), Carrera 15 #88-33. Prices: Bar fee 93k. Tel: 236 1338. Hours: 24.
  • Opera, Carrera 15 #88-92. Prices: 300k+.

Parque de la 93 (Calles 93-97 and Carreras 11A/14.):

  • Lancaster, Calle 90 # 14-57. Prices: 100k Bar Fee. Hours: Until 6am.
  • Juan Pablo, Calle 93 and Carrera 18. Prices: 100k Bar Fee. Hours: After 10pm.
  • Bar Zhivago (Juan Pablo Karaoke), Carrera 18 # 93A-83. 20 Chicas. Prices: 80k Bar Fine, Starting Price 150k 60 mins. Hours: 8pm to 2am.
  • Los Angeles, Calle 95 # 14-45 at Carrera 14. Prices: COP20k for Beer, US$30 Room, US$60 Chica. Tel: 218-3931, 616-3909.
  • IWHA Shopping Restaurant Shows, Carrera 14 # 98-18. Prices: Beer 20k, 70k Bar Fee. Tel: 610-6963.

Santa Barbara:

  • X VIP Pompi (Barby’s), Calle 116 # 19-57. Tel: 620 0586.

Karaoke and KTVs

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KTVs (hostess karaoke bars) are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Bogotá.

Swinger Clubs and BDSM

Want to show your business here? Get Started Now! is the best place for local singles, swingers, and couples in the BDSM community to connect with those interested in submissive sex, power exchange, locating persons for new slave roles, erotic BDSM, bondage & fetish sex, as well as live sex dates. Find thousands of play partners for whatever your fetish may be; bondage, foot, cockold, spankings, role-play, electric or water play, sadism and masochism. So whether you have the desire to explore your unrealized fetish fantasies, or you are extremely experienced and would love to train someone new, is a community designed for people with like-minded interests to find and connect with each other.

Bogota has quite a few clubs for swinging couples. Sometimes some of these swinger party clubs has also an access for single female and male visitors. Often the swingers find other open minded people from the online platforms and even on Tinder in Bogota you can find many couples looking to hook up with other men and women. How ever be careful since there are many prostitutes and scammers who are trying to pull tricks this way.


  • Luxure club, Calle 15 # 12-70 Piso 3ro, 2869820
  • LABERINTOS DE ZEUS calle 19 # 9–30 tercer piso


  • Bogotá Swinger, Cra 14A No 66 - 60 (Entrada por la calle 67), Tel 750 5532, 310 339 6530, 317 737 0740

Occidente :

  • Club International de Normandia, Carrera 75 # 54-36,. Tel: 810 0030. Hours: 7pm to 2am.

Zona Rosa:

  • CLUB SAUNA EUROPEO, Clle 76 # 16 - 20 Piso 2, tel 2181309
  • Bliss Swinger Club, Carrera 14A #83-44. Tel: 5000 0001.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Bogotá, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

Sex Shop Compliamor Bogota View Map

El mejor Sex shop de Bogotá, Con 7 Puntos de atención, y los mejores productos al mejor precio, Te esperamos para atenderte con la mejor asesoría personalizada, llámanos 5376518 – 3105617280Les ofrecemos a nuestros clientes asesoría personalizada, donde le escuchamos, entendemos y ofrecemos produc ...
Ac 80 # 90 a 54

Sex Shop Bogota View Map

The Best Sex Shop in bogota colombia.
av calle 80 No 112 a 23

Compliamor Sex Shop View Map

SEX SHOP, TIENDA EROTICA DE JUGUETES Y AYUDAS SEXUALES COMPLICIDADES PARA EL AMORGracias por permitirnos contar con su confianza por mas de 15 años, nuestra meta es ofrecerle excelentes productos de la mejor calidad y a buen precio , nuestro deseo es mejorar continuamente para ser su Sex Shop bo ...
av calle 80 90 a 5a

secretpassions View Map

sex shop online,vibrador,lenceria erotica,anales,disfraces sensuales,anillos,juguetes sexuales
calle 65 n 25-52, Bogota, Colombia +57-3168448085

Sometimes also brothels might be called as sex shops in Bogota.

Here are some sex shops in Bogota:

  • Fantasy shop, Carrera 13 no 64-67, Loc 105. Chpinero.
  • LA TIENDA DEL SEXO, Av1 de Mayo-71 D 57.
  • SEXSHOP CEREZA Y MELÓN, Cr24 67-28 L 201.

Love Hotels and Short Time Hotels

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Love hotels (or love motels) are designed for an erotic vibe for customers who are willing to have sex. You can take your girlfriend or a one night stand to the hotels and rent it for one or few hours. Usually all of the working girls know the nearest short-time hotels where you can rent a room.

Love hotels in Bogota:

  • Hotel El Dorado, Calle 15 and Carrera 4.
  • Motel Los Alpes, Calle 18 Sur # 15-44, Restrepo off the Fucha exit on Transmilenio. They have a flat screen TV, stereo, pillow-top bed, and vertical rain-shower. Rates: 22k for 6hrs. Tel: 278-9966.

Nightclubs and Bars

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Amanecederos (Afterhours)

Party is over at 3AM, it is illegal for clubs to stay open after that so if you last that long, you will be asked to leave. Nevertheless, some few nightclubs close the door and keep the party going inside until sunshine, those are called "amanecederos". Not only customers but also girls from other clubs come to the amanecederos late at night, so those places are usually crowded, full of drunk guys and prostitutes. Please be careful, amanecederos are illegal, girls there are paid for make you drink as much liqueur as possible, there are also drugs all around.

Chapinero Central / Sucre:

  • La oficina bar, Avenida Caracas # 35-70
  • Salon La Fortaleza, Avenida Caracas # 40-53. Prices: Chicas 100k TLN 80k -150k.

Chapinero Central:

  • (Unknown Name Bar), Av. Caracas and Calle 47.
  • CALLE 49 13-88
  • Whiskeria la Forty Nine, Carrera 13 and Calle 49. Prices: 150-300k.
  • Next door to Whiskeria la Forty Nine, Carrera 13 and Calle 49.
  • Carrera 17 # 55-41. 2-3 Chicas days, 6-8 Chicas nights, after 8-9pm. Hours: Open till 2-3am.
  • Av. Caracas # 55-15. 2 Chicas.
  • Sensaciones de la 55, Av. Caracas # 55-53. 2 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min., etc. Hours: 9am-3am. An opposite to a luxury place but of course some guys like that atmosphere.
  • La Cascada (Caffeto Bar), Avenida Caracas # 58-40
  • kronuss club privado, Calle 58 # 14A-53.
  • Pussy's House, Calle 61 #13-64, piso 3. Prices: Cover 5k. Hours: Until 2-3am.
  • (Unknown Name Bar), Calle 61 # 13-65. 6 Chicas. Prices: 60k + 40k BBBJ. Hours: Until 2-3am.
  • Tantra Spa 61, Calle 61 # 15-42. Prices: Starts at 20k. Tel: 310 2652. Hours: 10am-8pm.
  • Free Women, Av. Clle 61a # 13a - 39 Quinto piso Bogotá

Chapinero Norte (near or between Calles 62 and 72, Carrera 16 and Avenida Caracas.):

  • Sexirama Club, Calle 63 # 13-78. 7 Chicas. Hours: 3pm to 3am.
  • Club Reservado Mileidi, (Julianas #2), Calle 64 #15A-31. 4-5 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min., 30k 30min, 60k 60min. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • Calle 64 # 15A-19. 4-5 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min., 30k 30min, 60k 60min. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • Clapton Bar 2, Calle 64 # 15A-25. 4-5 Chicas. Prices: 20k 20 min., 30k 30min, 60k 60min. Tel: 212 4936. Hours: 9am to 9pm.
  • (Unknown Name Bar), Calle 67 # 16-13. 3 Chicas. 6 servicios x 20k. Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am-9pm.
  • Calle 67 # 16-23. 4+ Chicas. Prices: 30k 30 min, 60k hour. Hours: M-Sat. Closes at 7pm.
  • Calle 67 # 16, unmarked door (between # 05 and 23). It has the same owner as above. 4+ Chicas. Prices: 30k 30 min, 60k hour. Hours: M-Sat. Closes at 7pm.
  • Tauros, carrera 22 # 67-17
  • Kronos Bar, carrera 22 # 67-27


  • Kukylandia, (a.k.a., Café Con Piernas, a.k.a., Pasarerla Show), Av. 13 (Av. Caracas), # 73-28, piso 2. 8-30 Chicas. Prices: Beer 3k, Chica and room 20 min, 30k. Hours: 9am to 3am.
  • Clapton Bar y Whiskeria, Av. Caracas # 73-46. 5-10 Chicas. Prices: Beer 3k, Chica and room 27k 27 min. Tel: 321 3521. Hours: 1am to 3am.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE) / Non Pro

The girlfriend experience (commonly known as GFE) is a type of service a female sex worker offers which includes acting like a girlfriend to the client. High class prostitutes do not work at brothels nor nude clubs, they prefer going to the most expensive discos of the city seeking for a big fish, and they do love foreign guys. They even look like any other normal girl, so don't get confused, if you get approached by a beautiful girl, it is not your lucky day, she is just looking for the money and she knows how to take it all.

La Candelaria (Bars & Discos):

  • Quiebra-Canto, Salsa, Mixed, Age Group: 20-30s. Carrera 5 #17-76. Tel: 243 1630, 341 2319.
  • El Viejo Aleman, Carrera 5 and Calle 13-14. Age Group: 20-40s.

Zona Rosa (Lots of Bars, Restaurants and Dancing):

  • Gotica, (Dance), Carrera 14 # 82-40. Tel: 218-0712, 218-0727 or 616 9320.
  • Latinoes, (Salsa), Carrera 11 #79-75. Tel: 211 8738.
  • La Corraleja, Calle 84 # 13-86 and 14 Carrera. Tel: 218-0089, 218 1938.
  • Salsa Camaca, Calle 82 # 14-38. Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Rock Garden Pub, Carrera 13 # 81-37.
  • Tropical Cocktails, C.C. Altantis Plaza, Calle 81, L 215/16. Tel: 530 7428/26.
  • Bogota Beer Company, Carrera 12 # 83-12 and Calle 84.
  • Bogota Beer Company, Carrera 13 and Calle 85.
  • The Irish Pub, Carerra 12A # 83-50.
  • Beer Station, Calle 83 # 12A 03.
  • Palos de Mogeur, Bar/Brewery/Restaurant, Calle 84 #12-09.
  • Penthouse180 (Degree), Club and Lounge, Calle 84 # 12-17.

Parque de la 93 (Lots of other places in the Area):

  • Red Lion, Calle 93 and Carrera 13.
  • Salto del Angel, Restaurant/Disco, Calle 93 # 93A-45 and Calle 93B. Hours: Disco after 11pm.
  • Bogota Beer Company, Carrera 11a # 93-94, L-2. Tel: 621 9914.
  • Tropical Cocktails, Calle 93A #13A-31. Tel: 530 7428/26.
  • Tabu, Carerra 11A # 93b-12, Tel: 236 1019.
  • Kukaramakara Club Bogotá, Carrera 15 # 93-57.
  • Aroma y Tanga, Carrera 15 # 95-52. Tel: 636 0794. Hours: Monday to Friday, 6:00pm to 3:00am.

Santa Barbara:

  • Romanos Bar, Calle 107 and Av. Carrera 15.

Santa Rosa Malls:

  • C.C. Andinos, Carrera 12 at Calle 82.
  • C.C. Atlantis Plaza, Carrera 15 at Calle 81.

Gay and Lesbian

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Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Bogotá as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

On any list of gay-friendly Latin American cities, Bogotá would have to be near the top. After all, it's the capital of one of South America's most progressive nations in terms of gay rights. Add to that an array of impressive cultural and historic attractions, fine dining, and a lively gay nightlife. There are lots of local hot gay latino guys who are very interested in foreign gay tourists.

Gay Saunas & Bathhouses

These are only for gay men, some of the saunas have darkrooms, glory holes and other erotic facilities:

  • Babylon Baths Bogotá, Calle 73, #14 - 32.
  • Casa Romana Baños Turcos, Calle 35 # 7-24.
  • Club De Baltimore, Diagonal 33 # 15-17.
  • Cómplices Spa, Carrera 13A # 38-60.
  • Baños Turcos Saint Moritz Bogota, Calle 65 # 13-30.
  • Sauna Ulises, Carrera 15 #31B-26.
  • Acuario's, Carrera 69 Sur #25 - 11.
  • El Mediterraneo, Calle 66 #10-15.
  • Bagoas Club, Calle 69 # 10-30.
  • Saint Moritz Chapinero, Calle 59 # 9-34.
  • Baños Turcos La 82, Calle 82 # 15-39.
  • Baños Turcos De La 24, Carrera 13 # 24-70.
  • Turcos De La 57, Carrera 8b # 57-32.

Gay Night Clubs and Lounges

These places are for gay men but check out below gay & lesbian places:

  • Romeo DiscoClub, Carrera 12 #93-43, Parque de la 93.
  • Lottus, Calle 58 #10-42.

And these places are for gays and lesbian mixed (trannies are mostly welcome):

  • Theatron de Película, Calle 58 #10-34.
  • Blues Bar, Calle 86A #13A-30.
  • Cavu Club, Cr. 15 #88-71, Piso 2 (floor 2).
  • Tokyo Lounge, Carrera 15 #97-22.
  • Virgin Bar Virgin, Carrera 71D # 8-84 Sur, Interior 1 Piso 2.
  • Tropical Men's, Avenida 1 de Mayo # 71D-21.
  • Babilonia Corporación Privada, Avenida 1 de Mayo # 69-62.
  • Bacos Club, Calle 23 # 7-58.
  • Tauros Disco Club, Calle 57 # 13-94.

Bars & Pubs etc.

There are lots of Music Bars, Theme Bars, Video Bars, Pubs, Indoor Cruising places, Erotic Shops, Hotels and much much more interesting places for gay people.

Here are just few of those places:

  • Colosos Cafe Bear, Calle 60 # 9-65 Interior 108 (men only).
  • Village Café, Carrera 8 #64-29 (mixed).
  • Hotel High Park, Carrera 4 #58-58 (mixed + trannies welcome).
  • El Solar, Calle 68 # 11-21 (Café).
  • Dark Club & Video, Calle 64 # 13-35, Segundo Piso (2nd floor - Cruising bar for men).

Gay Escorts

Bogota has quite large selection of gay escorts and gay prostitutes. Some of them advertise their services in internet.

Other Adult Services

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Sex Bodyworker View Map

Hi. You can call me Laura i´m Sexological Bodyworker - Sexologist Somatic, coach in erotic massage and Tantra.
Calle 39 #29 - +57 3144304172

BDSM services are becoming more and more popular in Bogota. You can find dominating escorts from the Bogota online classified pages and many of the street whores in Bogota are also willing to spank you if you wish so.


Dating in Bogotá can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Bogotá and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Bogotá may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

How to find Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies

If you are looking for an alternative to escorts in Bogotá with a girl who doesn’t charge by the hour, sugar dating is the ideal solution. There are thousands of beautiful young women at SecretBenfits willing to do anything for a man who will help them pay their bills.

Often referred to as the “Tinder for Older Guys”, SecretBenfits matches hot young women interested in pampering older gentlemen. You don’t have to be a millionaire at, you just need to be a respectful gentleman who knows how to treat a woman.

Transsexuals and Shemales

Finding someone for transsexual dating when you’re on the road can be a bit tricky, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you go so you can find locals ahead of time. is a dating site designed to help you find exactly what you are looking for in your hookup in Bogotá. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. With over 40 million members, and thousands of transsexual members around the world, is the world’s largest site of sex-minded friends for discreet encounters and will help you find your next transsexual play partner.

Where can I find shemales in Bogotá? You can watch transsexual live sex shows in Bogotá as long as you are connected to internet. Check Now: Tranny Live Sex Video Chat

Transsexual prostitutes in Bogotá's central red light district, in the Santa Fe neighborhood.

The Santa Fe neighborhood is even informally divided between female sex workers and a smaller number of transvestites, each group with its own area. Price for sex with shemale in Bogota is between 15.000 - 50.000 Colombian Peso

  • Along Carreras 13A, between Calles 22 and 23, between Avenida Fernando Mazuera and Avenida Caracas. You can find shemale street hookers.
  • Calles 56-60 and Carrera 15. Is also a hangout place for tranny streetwalkers in Bogota.
  • You can try also Club travestis, Av 32 15 45.

Remember to be extra cautious when you are dealing with transexual prostitutes in Bogota. Unfortunately it is very common that ladyboy prostitutes will drug their client and rob their valuables once they passed out.

Shemale Escorts in Bogota

It can be often safer to meet the t-girls who advertise on the famous online sites, since you can read their reviews and how long they have been operating in the business. Price of the online tranny escorts is often higher than than the trannies who you meet at the red-light district, but the apartment is also cleaner and the service is often better.

Sexual Services for Women

It shouldn't be too difficult to find local latino men who are happy to have sex for fun.

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

Bogota has a huge selection of different kind of hotels. But you should note that the safety plays an important factor, when choosing your hotel or airbnb while visiting Bogota.

Chapinero , Zona T and La Candelaria are all going to be quite safe, but do not try to venture out into other areas of Bogota on your own. It is also not recommended to walk around at night time in Bogota

If you want to use public transportation you can use Transmilenio buses or get a taxi which are very cheap. So there should not be a reason to walk around even if you are hotel is a bif far from the location where you at.

Guest Friendly Hotels in Bogota

Hotel policies can vary a lot between different type of hotels and their business. Some hotels don't allow you to bring guests to your room but for some hotels it's totally fine. remember that there are also hotels which are designed for couples to have sex. These are called love hotels or love motels. Many call them also short-time hotels. See also the "Love hotels" section from above.

Here are some escort friendly hotels in Bogota:

  • Sofitel Victoria Regia, Carrera 13#85-80 Cundinamarca.
  • Hotel El Virrey

See also: Global list of girl friendly hotels

Stay Safe

All areas can be dangerous at night, be careful!

Bogotá has no tropical diseases like malaria because of its altitude and no mosquitoes either. Altitude sickness is, in fact, the largest health problem affecting foreigners. Generally, a few days without hard physical activity or time spent in a mid-altitude city like Medellín will do the trick.

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