Aargau Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Aargau, Switzerland.

The Canton of Aargau (German About this sound Aargau rarely anglicized Argovia; see also other names) is one of the more northerly cantons of Switzerland. It is situated by the lower course of the River Aare, which is why the canton is called Aar-gau (meaning Aare province). It is one of the most densely populated regions of Switzerland.

Districts in Aargau

Sex Scene and Prostitution

The prostitution scene in Switzerland changed a lot with the gradual coming into force of the Free Movment of Persons Agreement, from 2002 on. This agreement allows firms and independant workers from the European Union to work in Switzerland 90 days a year. As a result, a lot of European prostitutes started to come and work in Switzerland for short periods.

This changed is easily perceptible in street prostitution. Until the 2000's, most of the prostitutes were local, and a lot of them stayed in the business very long. You would see faces month after month, year after year, offering their services at the same place. Now, street prostitution is dominated by women who stay in Switzerland just for a while. Some of them come only once, some other come a few months every year. A big part of them are South American with a European passport and Spanish is the dominant language amongst the prostitutes.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Aargau. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

There is no Window prostitution in Switzerland´s Red-light district´s, but some of the Swiss cities have a designated areas for prostitution.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Sex workers who chose to work in the industry must pay a tax of $5.39 (5 Swiss Francs) for each night that they work as a prostitute. There are 14,000 officially registered sex workers in Switzerland, with 800 located in Geneva. In Zurich, there are a reported 11 prostitutes per 1,000 residents. According to union rules, the must charge at least $100 to a client. In 2011, the annual revenue of the sex trade in Switzerland was $4.4 Billion. One in Five men between the ages of 20 to 65 in Switzerland has visited a sex worker at least once in their lives.

Street Hookers

Street prostitutes in Switzerland come mainly from South America and Africa. There is lots of pickpocketing and drug dealing involved in street prostitution areas, so be aware.

Cost for quickie with a street whore in Switzerland is 30-100 CHF. It gives you the right to a mouth job and a fuck. Service can be really good and sometimes bad: it depends entirely on the girls. You could have appalling or wonderful experience. Usually if you want better service, then stay away from those girls who are too insistent, pick up the one who just gives you a nice smile as you’re passing by.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Strip bars in Switzerland are called nightclubs or cabarets. What you can expect there are very expensive drinks (i.e. 20 CHF for a beer) and shows with half-naked girls dancing on a pole until they are entirely naked - some offer table dance. Admission is usually free and when you take a seat a girl will sit next to you trying to get you to buy her a high-priced drink - or you can buy yourself a private lap-dance. Interaction is usually not possible in these clubs. Kontaktbars are just normal bars where you just happen to see many sex workers, with or without the owner's consent, but you often also get "normal" people besides (it can be quite amusing and/or instructive to settle down with a drink and watch discretely).


  • Laguna Front, Vordere Vorstadt 31 5000 Aarau
Tel: 062 823 58 44
  • Penthouse, Schlossbergplatz 3 5400 Baden
Tel: 056 222 56 06
  • Almshouse Bar, Rechengasse 27 5620 Bremgarten
Tel: 079 406 29 06
  • Happy Life, Hauptstrasse 77 5075 Hornussen
Tel: 062 871 08 14
  • Cabaret Jura, Hauptstrasse 14 5024 Kuettigen
Tel: 062 827 13 05
  • Stars Bar, Hauptstrasse 82 4853 Murgenthal
Tel: 079 422 89 38
  • Tiffany Nightclub , Alte Hauptstrasse 17 5084 Rheinsulz
Tel: 062 874 15 55
  • Nightclub Bändli, Döttingerstrasse 2 5301 Siggenthal station
Tel: 056 281 11 14
  • Blue Lagoon, Aargauerstrasse 6 5610 Well
Tel: 056 610 48 41 Email: blue lagoon-Well @ bluewin.ch


  • Schnäggli Bar, Obere Vorstadt 18 5000 Aarau
Tel: 062 777 66 69 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Latino Bar, Baslerstrasse 1 5200 Brugg
  • Chäfer Bar, Hauptstrasse 54 5113 Holderbank
Tel: 062 893 30 70
  • Farmer Bar , Hauptstrasse 11 5647 Oberrüti
Tel: 041 787 12 38
  • Goldwand, Landstrasse 6 5415 Obersiggenthal
Tel: 056 282 30 50
  • Biene-Huus, Bahnhofstrasse 29 5116 Schinznach Bad
Tel: 056 443 11 31


Studio, Laufhaus, parlour, FKK Saunaclub and Brothel prostitution prices starts usually around 100-200 CHF in Switzerland and can cost much more. Quality usually is much better than in a street. Brothels in Switzerland are often located in studio apartments. After entering the whore house, the customer gets to choose a girl from a various of naked or sexy drssed ladeis presented and then gets to go to the room with her. Usually there is a shower in the room, so you can clean before and after. Often there is 1 to 10 girls working in a Swiss bordello. Brothels offer more privacy than the Sex clubs. Sex clubs are also popular in Switzerland likewise they are common in Germany and Austria.

There are Kontaktbars where prostitutes hang out hoping to pick up customers. Some Kontaktbars are just normal bars where you just happen to see many sex workers, with or without the owner's consent, but you often also get "normal" people besides (it can be quite amusing and/or instructive to settle down with a drink and watch discretely).

A Laufhaus is a place where sex workers rent a room where they can serve clients. Usually prostitutes can arrange their working schedule and decide the pricing themself, but sometimes the schedules and prices are decided by the brothel owner. The clients walk through the corridors of the house (hence the name: Laufhaus/Walk House) to see and negotiate with the prostitutes. Some Laufhäuser have entrance fee, but often the entrance is free.

FKK Saunaclubs and swingersclubs are also popular in Switzerland.


  • Laufhaus, Devora Schönenwerderstrasse 33 5000 Aarau
  • Violet House, Oltnerstrasse 160 4663 Aarburg
  • Laufhaus BB Beautys, Oltnerstrasse 164 4663 Aarburg
Tel: 076 627 71 86 E-Mail: [email protected]


  • Club Haus Andrea, Guyerweg 6 5000 Aarau
Tel: 062 824 26 70
  • Teufel Girls, Oltnerstrasse 104 4663 Aarburg
Tel: 079 944 38 54
  • Nagel Bar, Oltnerstrasse 164 4663 Aarburg
Tel: 076 332 57 85
  • Ofelia Club, Oltnerstrasse 164 4663 Aarburg
Tel: 078 776 95 08
  • Das Rote Haus, Baslerstrasse 23 5330 Bad Zurzach
Very discreet parking behind the house where there is also the input. Hot girls. Tel: 056 249 39 88
  • Sexy House, Badenerstrasse 4 5620 Bremgarten
Tel: 056 631 05 22
  • Salon Madhouse, Kirchenstiege 1 5620 Bremgarten
Tel: 056 633 86 88
  • Relax Club, Hendschikerstrasse 11 5605 Dottikon
Tel: 076 206 43 37 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Knusperhuus, Aarauerstrasse 3b 5018 Erlinsbach
Open 9:00 - 01:00. Tel: 062 844 02 33
  • Studio Kim Dorfstrasse 34 5442 Fislisbach
Tel: 079 680 36 87
  • Dilaila Club, Dorfstrasse 519 5728 Gontenschwil
30 minute specials start as low as CHF 80. Tel: 062 773 11 43
  • Noblesse Girls b. Engel, Bahnhofstrasse 12b 5502 Hunzenschwil
Tel: 062 773 11 43
  • Mondana, Bahnhofstrasse 25 8956 Killwangen
Tel: 044 554 83 24 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Studio Sonnenschein, Studacherstrasse 7a 5416 Kirchdorf
Tel: 056 282 00 20
  • Siam-Club, Bernaustrasse 218 5325 Leibstadt
Tel: 079 844 47 56
  • Discountpolinnen, Grenzstrasse 9 5737 Menziken
Tel: 077 454 20 89
  • Studio Thai Sauna, Hauptstrasse 33 5737 Menziken
Tel: 062 771 68 56
  • Lustlaube, Damsaustrasse 3 5432 Neuenhof
Tel: 056 406 06 69 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Pinkyhouse, Aeussere Luzernerstrasse 22 4665 Oftringen
Open hours: Sunday - Thursday 17:00 - 00:15 and Friday - Saturday 17:00 - 02:00. Tel: 062 797 97 71
  • Maison Extreme, Baslerstrasse 2 4665 Oftringen
Hourly sex services, quickies, erotic massage etc. Tel:0627979536
  • G 1, Gartenstrasse 1 4665 Oftringen
  • Pure Dreams II, Am Tych 4665 Oftringen
Tel: 076 704 45 01
  • Haus Monika, Am Tych 30 4665 Oftringen
Tel: 076 634 53 77 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Privat und Diskret, Am Tych 30 4665 Oftringen
Tel: 076 796 02 30 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Moulin Romantic, Bifang 8 4665 Oftringen
Tel: 079 288 37 37
  • Girls Deluxe AG, Hölli 2 5504 Othmarsingen
Tel: 076 296 62 12
  • Privat Girls, 5032 Rohr
Tel: 078 901 62 63
  • Sweet Studio, Bernstrasse 40 4852 Rothrist
Tel: 062 794 09 10
  • Sixsens, Bernstrasse 40 4852 Rothrist
Tel: 062 534 41 61
  • Lisas Paradies, Bernstrasse 211 4852 Rothrist
Tel: 076 766 09 96 E-Mail: [email protected]
  • Playgirls, Striegelstrasse 25 5745 Safenwil
Tel: 079 242 00 69
  • Seetal, Seetalstrasse 119 5503 Schafisheim
Tel: 076 471 57 10
  • Butterfly, Seetalstrasse 130 5503 Schafisheim
Tel: 062 891 50 60
  • Studio Memory, Bodenfeldstrasse 2 5643 Sins
Tel: 041 787 01 56
  • Exotic Girls II, Industriestrasse 8957 Spreitenbach
Tel: 079 789 93 84
  • Lady O Untere, Dorfstrasse 90 8957 Spreitenbach
056 402 00 29. Around 5 hot prostitutes. Julia is recommended.
  • Studio Diana, Döttingerstrasse 4 5303 Würenlingen
Tel: 076 227 70 53
  • Amore Club, Hauptstrasse 151 5732 Zetzwil
Tel: 062 773 20 69 E-Mail: [email protected]


  • Aegi Life, Aegertenstrasse 11b 5200 Brugg
Tel: 056 442 43 45
  • Gebi, Landstrasse 75 5412 Gebenstorf
Tel:056 223 47 04
  • FKK Neuenhof, Ringstrasse 14 5432 Neuenhof
Big saunaclub where you can expect daily 10-20 international working girls. Personal and discreet Club. Entry fee is 69 CHF and this includes unlimited stay in the entire club area, spa, towels, disinfected slippers, soft drinks, 3 wines or 3 beers as well as all-day buffet. Guests remains free to wear whatever they want in the club area, however spa and pool area should be entered for hygienic reasons only with slippers, towel or bathrobe. You can park for free of charge at the discreet parking in the front of the property and after 17 clock around the street available. Tel:056 406 34 06
  • Sex Park, Kirchfeldweg 15 5036 Oberentfelden
Relaxing spacious wellness area with steam bath, sauna and jacuzzi. Live shows, the sex cinema and a variety of entertainment. Daily 10-15 working girls. The ]]Sex club]] is handicapped accessible and accordingly wheelchair accessible. Tel:062 723 30 43
  • Vip Laetitia, Juch 12 5622 Waltenschwil
Tel:056 610 41 83
  • EFA, Landstrasse 55 5430 Wettingen
Tel:056 430 05 05
  • Club Plan B, Mülligerstrasse 80 5210 Windisch
Tel:056 442 48 42
  • Sauna City, Storchengasse 4 4800 Zofingen
Tel:062 751 10 51

Erotic Massage Parlors

Usually one hour massage costs around 100CHF in Switzerland. Most Asian massage parlors offer Erotic massage services such as Happy Ending.

Massage parlor workers of Switzerland have noticed that clients invariably haggle over the price of sexual services – and to an increasingly aggressive degree. Usually extras starts from 100CHF and most places offer HJ, BJ and Sex. Most Escorts also offer Erotic massage for an additional fee.


  • Working Girl Tantra Master Rütmattstrasse 5000 Aarau
Tel: 079 869 84 97

Swinger Clubs

Swinging culture in Switzerland is not as popular as in Germany.

Live Sex Cams

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Dating in Aargau can be a bit tricky due to cultural differences, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before your trip so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Aargau and get to know them on a personal basis before you arrive. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting. Since your time in Aargau may be limited, get to know each other’s desires beforehand, so that when you meet you can start having some real fun.

How to find Sugar Babies & Sugar Daddies

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Swinger Clubs and BDSM

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Transsexuals / Shemales

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Most t-girls in Switzerland work from the private flat brothels and advertise online. Minimum charge is 100CHF, but usual is couple hundred CHF per hour. Many of the Shemale Escorts are from Spain and South America.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in Aargau as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

In Switzerland, the rights of individuals have traditionally had a high priority. At the same time, privacy is regarded as a fundamental asset. There is a strong contrast between cities and the countryside in public discourse about LGBT rights in Switzerland. Although some personal attitudes may change slower than the laws, the general public is tolerant of LGBT people and thus bias motivated violence or discrimination is all but unheard of. There is a vibrant LGBT community with a wide range of gay and lesbian subculture in the two main cities of Zurich and Geneva, as well as some on offer in the neighbourhood centres of Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Lausanne, and St. Gallen. Outside of these centres, LGBT people are barely noticed/noticeable in public.


The basic form of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance & Submission/ Sado-Masochism) is all about the erotic and sexual acts and mind-sets of dominating and relinquishing control.

In the past few years BDSM has got a pretty bad reputation, but the basic principles can be extremely liberating and in the long run if you engage with it, turn you on in a way that you would never even have thought about. The fact that the standard media representation of BDSM is of something seedy and weird and sometimes make it feel like a taboo.

"But if girl take the reins it can actually increase their sexual confidence and sense of agency, while giving men a break from having to be 'on top', psychologically as well as literally which is the standard dynamic for most lovers. The trick is to have an open mind to sexuality, obviously anything which causes harm to your loved one or yourself is not good, but we're all humans and exploring the parts that make us a little different is what can make a hugely beneficial relationship.

BDSM in Aargau

  • Studio Residenz Hekate, Mellingerstrasse 208 5405 Dättwil
Tel: 056 470 93 14
  • SM-Studio Gebälk, 5000 Aarau
  • Lady Mahal 5502, Hunzenschwil
Tel: 079 333 35 48
  • Devote Sklavin Sonja, Nelkenstrasse 5432 Neuenhof
Tel: 078 632 61 17
  • Lady Cassandra , 4600 Olten
Tel: 078 627 76 90
  • Herrin Diana, Bernstrasse 49 4852 Rothrist
Tel: 079 858 84 75
  • Petit Château, 8957 Spreitenbach
Tel: 079 259 50 83

Sexual Services for Women

Most male prostitutes in Switzerland come from other European countries. Some of the male prostitutes only serve men, but there are some high-class male escorts who will also satisfy women´s needs.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Aargau, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop. You can buy condoms from most grocery and corner stores. Pharmacies also carry Viagra, but you need to have a prescription. Swiss Adult Shops usually have a good variety of sex toys and some of the erotic shops also have an Adult theater or Adult Arcade.

Escort Services & Agencies

Finding an escort when you're travelling can be a bit tricky. If you are looking for escorts in Aargau, Escort Directory is the ideal solution. There are thousands of beautiful young women at EscortDirectory.com waiting for your call!


Most hotel in Switzerland do not give you a trouble if you bring guests. If the hotel workers however tell you different, you have to listen them. You should not bring streetwalkers to your room either, because they tend to steal things. It is safe to have sex with them in your car.

Stay Safe

Switzerland is not surprisingly one of the safest countries in Europe, but anywhere that attracts Rolex-wearing bankers and crowds of distracted tourists will also bring out a few pickpockets. Obviously, keep an eye on belongings, especially in the midst of summer crowds.

Quite a few Swiss establishments will print your entire credit card number onto the receipt, thus raising identity theft concerns when shopping with a credit card in Switzerland. Therefore, visitors using credit cards should carefully review the information printed on all receipts prior to discarding them. This happens, for instance, in some book and clothing stores and even at the ubiquitous K-Kiosk. This list is obviously not exhaustive; therefore, the visitor must beware whenever using a credit card.

Women travelling alone should have no problems. The younger Swiss tend to be very open with public displays of affection - sometimes too open, and some women may find people getting too friendly especially in the wee hours of the club & bar scene. Usually the international language of brush-offs or just walking away is enough.

Swiss police take on a relatively unobtrusive air; they prefer to remain behind the scenes, as they consider their presence potentially threatening to the overall environment (practice of de-escalation). Unlike some more highly policed countries, officers will rarely approach civilians to ask if they need help or merely mark their presence by patrolling. However, police are indeed serious about traffic violations. Jaywalking (crossing a red pedestrian light), for example, will be fined on the spot. The upside to stringent traffic rules is that automobile drivers are generally very well-disciplined, readily stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks, for example. Generally, you are safe anywhere at any time. If, for any reason, you feel threatened, seek a nearby restaurant or telephone booth. The emergency phone numbers in Switzerland are:

  • Police emergency call: 117
  • Fire station: 118
  • Medical emergency, emergency rescue service: 144
  • International emergency call: 112 (for international compatibility), operators are generally English-speaking.


  • Car break-down service (Strassen-Pannenhilfe): 140
  • Personal crisis line (Telefon Seelsorge, Dargebotene Hand): 143
  • Toxin information (Giftinfos, Notfall-Beratung): 145
  • Children, youth emergency (Kinder-Jugend Notruf): 147
  • Road condition (information only): 163
  • Avalanche/all-points bulletin (information only): 187
  • Rega, air rescue: 1414
  • Air-Glacier: 1415
  • Parents emergency call (Elternotruf): 044 261 88 66
  • Tropes institute (Tropeninstitut Basel): 061 284 81 11
  • Animal rescue service (Tierrettungsdienst): 044 211 22 22

Football (soccer) games are the only notable exception to the above rule. Due to the potential threat of hooligan violence, these games (especially in Basel or Zurich) are generally followed by a large contingent of police officers with riot gear, rubber bullets, and tear gas, in case of any major unrest.

Switzerland has very strong Good Samaritan laws, making it a civic duty to help a fellow in need (without unduly endangering oneself). People are therefore very willing and ready to help you if you appear to be in an emergency situation. Be aware, though, that the same applies to you if you witness anyone in danger. The refusal to render help to a person in need can be punishable by law as "Verweigerung der Hilfeleistung", ie refusal of aid. The general reservation of Americans to avoid entanglement with strangers due to possible future civil liability does not apply in Switzerland, for it would be practically impossible to wage a civil suit against anyone providing aid.

The drinking age for beer, wine and alcoholic cider is 16 (but not in all cantons, so make sure to ask before buying) while the age for any other alcohol (eg spirits, "alcopops", etc) is 18. The public consumption of alcohol in Switzerland is legal, so do not be alarmed if you see a group of teenagers drinking a six-pack on public property; this is by no means out of the ordinary and should not be interpreted as threatening.

Switzerland is not a country of insane civil lawsuits and damage claims; consequently, if you see a sign or disclaimer telling you not to do something, obey it! An example: in many alpine areas, charming little mountain streams may be flanked by signs with the message "No Swimming". To the uninitiated, this may seem a bit over the top, but these signs are in fact a consequence of the presence of hydroelectric power plants further upstream that may discharge large amounts of water without warning.

In mountain areas, be sure to inquire about weather conditions at the tourist information office or local train station as you head out in the morning. They should be well informed about severe weather conditions and will advise you about possible avalanche areas.

There have been problems with police assuming that any Black, East European, or Arab person without an ID card or passport is an illegal immigrant, and treating them accordingly. That could be a considerable problem if you are travelling alone.

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