Mexico City/Zona Rosa

Zona Rosa is a business and entertainment district located in a portion of Colonia Juárez, near the center of Mexico City. It is one of the city's most touristy areas, filled with hotels, dance clubs, restaurants, bars and live bands. Demographically, it boasts a healthy gay population as well as a relatively high concentration of Korean immigrants.

Zona Rosa (which means "pink zone", not to be confused with zona roja, a red light district) was the place to go for nightlife in the city, but recently other areas, most notably Condesa, have since surpassed it in trendiness.

Prostitution and all its guises, like lap dancing, massaging, or giving old Johnny a quick rub, has become huge business in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa area. This once pleasant neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants and theatres in now best avoided at night when the strip club touts take over and the young, drug-dealing spivs rule the roost. Dallying with street whores in the Plaza Garibaldi, or anywhere away from the town centre is akin to taking your wallet, watch and jewellery and throwing them into a river, you will certainly be accosted, more often than not by the police that guard the fringe areas of the place.

Drugs, greed and the dangers of AIDS have taken any pretence of romance from a sojourn with a lady of the night these days. Many years ago, buying a woman for an hour or a night was a harmless, low-key diversion for both the girl and the client. The clubs were simple places with a juke box and occasional mariachis. The girls was happy to spend an hour or so dancing and having a few real drinks. Although money was obviously the prime mover, it was not made unpleasant as it is today. Some girls had regular customers and really had genuine feelings for them. The waiters, police and management were nice people, happy to chat and protective of both the girls and the visitors.

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