Lutsk Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Lutsk, Ukraine.

Voli Avenue

Lutsk (Ukrainian: Луцьк, Luc'k, [ˈlut͡sʲk], Polish: Łuck, Yiddish: לוצק‎, Luck) is a city on the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine.

Sex and Prostitution

Prostitution in Ukraine is illegal but widespread and largely ignored by the government. Sex tourism rose as the country attracted greater numbers of foreign tourists.

Red Light Districts

There is no specified Red Light district in the city, other than popular places like hotels, night clubs and stops and stations of public transportation. These places are popular among prostitutes, because they attract men who want to relax and this is exactly the type prostitutes look for.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

A sex business is illegal and therefore it is hidden in Lutsk. Occasionally you will see women who sell their bodies on streets, but that's rare. On the other side, the sex business flourishes behind closed doors of private apartments, houses and entertainment venues like strip clubs. The best way to find sexual activity is to ask locals about locations or contacts of sex workers.

Street Hookers

You will rarely see hookers parading streets of Lutsk, especially during week days. Sex workers come out on streets during weekends, when more men start looking for entertainment and a way to unload. Remember that street hookers are the worst type of hookers and though they are very cheap, they often carry different STDs and maybe even AIDS/HIV.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Watching a strip show is a great way to end your day. A long trip to Lutsk and a day full of business meetings and sightseeing can exhaust everyone. In order to start over and regain a lively mood, you should visit one of the local strip clubs. Venues change their entertainment programs every weekend and always try to surprise their visitors. Often they let strippers change the show themselves, thus making it even more unpredictable.

  • Метро, Rovenskaya street 89 (Ровенская, 89)
  • Голивуд, Boika street 1 (ул. Бойка, 1), tel.: (050) 806-05-05


Local saunas operate as brothels and administrators of such venues operate as pimps. They have a portfolio of available sex workers and offer their visitors to take a look at it. When you see a prostitute you like, he gives you her phone number and you agree about a meeting and services she will provide. When it is time to pay for the hooker, the administrator will expect to have a share of her income as well.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Erotic massage - after the first visit to a good salon you will understand what a pleasant procedure it is... People have resorted to it for several thousand years. It can take a long time to talk about the benefits of erotic massage, but it's much better and more useful to just try it yourself. You can not imagine how pleasant is erotic massage, done by Ukrainian beauties. Erotic massage can help men to discover secrets of their body, for example, new erogenous zones and release the hidden power inside.

Escort Services & Agencies

If you are looking for quality and maybe even intelligence, then an escort agency is where you should turn to. These agencies offer only upscale prostitutes who know how to please a client both physically and mentally. If this is exactly what you need, contact them through sex related websites where they post portfolios or through advertisements in local newspapers.

Transsexuals / Shemales

It is almost impossible to find a transsexual in Ukraine and the smaller the city, the less chances you have. A lot of web resources offer transgenders an opportunity to meet and have sex online. This is exactly what you should do if you don’t have any luck with finding a shemale in a real life.

Gay and Lesbian

Gays and lesbians are more open about their sexual nature and among them lesbians are more open than gays are. The reason is that many people find lesbians amusing, while the same people consider gays sick and abnormal. Sometimes prostitutes can serve women as well.

Sexual Services for Women

A woman sex traveller will be surrounded with attention of local men. All she needs to do is go to a local entertainment venue (like a night club, or a bar or a restaurant) and let men know that she is bored and looks for a company. Or she can do the same on a local forum.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

Local sex shops guarantee that they provide low prices, quality products and absolute anonymity. Some of the goods also have certificates that prove their quality. The stores offer costumes for role games, sexy lingerie for women, vibrators, strapons, vaginas, fetish and BDSM accessories, sex cosmetics, souvenirs and scents.

  • Для тебе, Karpenka Karogo street 1 (вулиця Карпенка-Карого, 1), tel.: +380 50 638 2442, website:
  • Казанова, Ogienka street 20 (вулиця Огієнка, 20)
  • LoveStore, Karbysheva street 1 (вулиця Карбишева, 1)


If the purpose of your trip is sex tourism, you should consider staying in a private apartment, rather than a hotel. Not every hotel tolerates prostitutes and it would be a pity to find out about it when you are standing with a prostitute in front of the door. Living in a private apartment lets you be free in choosing how you want to spend your time and whom you want to bring over.

Stay Safe

Lutsk is a city in which old and new are harmoniously combined. Spacious streets and neat houses, green parks and colorful flower gardens give the city a picturesque fabulous view. The city is in general safe, but you should not lose your head and be alert in dark and abandoned places and always use safety means when having sex with a prostitute.

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