Izhevsk Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Izhevsk, Russia.

Udmurtia Republic Circus.

Izhevsk (Russian: Иже́вск ee-ZHEHFSK) is the capital and principal city of Udmurtia. Very few tourists make it to this city, but is an interesting destination for anyone interested in the Udmurt people or, for that matter, the world's most popular assault rifle, the AK-47 Kalashnikov.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal in Russia, but the fine for prostituting is symbolic and amount to from 1500 to 2000 Russian rubles (about 30-40 euros). This sum is less than many Russian prostitutes earn for the standard for Russia one-hour work. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the sexual practice is widespread and so blatant in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and every other major Russian city.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Izhevsk. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

There are less and less street prostitution in Izhevsk each year. It is connected with police raids and a growing role of the Internet in people's lives. You can still find sex workers on Udmurtskaya street (the central street in the city). There are often a few cars near them, waiting to take a girl and a client to his place or a hotel. Hourly prices are about 1000-1500$ (17-25$).

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Street prostitutes offer cheap services, but the quality is different. Some of the girls will do everything for money, some of them are very clumsy and some are newbies and are still a bit shy. Individual workers don't stand on streets. You can normally find them through people you know or on specialized websites or in newspapers. These girls provide average or higher than average level of service. Most of them take care of their health and hygiene. If you have a choice, you should rather choose the freelancer.

Street Hookers

Street prostitution in Izhevsk is different from what you can see in other big Russian cities or abroad. For example, you will never find ads about prostitution in local newspapers or even specific websites on the Internet. In general women in Izhevsk are quite cold and distant, that's why you can forget about kissing with a prostitute. Most of the prostitutes come here from other cities. The girls are very young, from 16 to 25 years old (that's why always ask for her ID since sex with minors is forbidden by law) and at the age of 23-25 they become pimps. Prices are cheaper than in brothels. They don't mind having sex in your car or ever right on a street around the corner.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

There are only a few strip clubs in Izhevsk, so there is not much of a choice when you are looking for one. Local venues do not offer unique and unforgettable services, but they still look decent. Bars offer big choice of alcohol and author cocktails from experiences barmen. There are both public areas for watching girls on stage and private rooms for an afterparty. In private rooms you pay per song, but there is a possibility to prolong your staying if you feel like it. Some of the strippers will eagerly go with a client to his hotel after the show is over. These working girls are "cleaner" and more expensive than hookers from brothels.

  • ZАЖИГАЛКА, Komunarov street 235 (ул. Коммунаров, 236), tel.: +7 (800) 333-88-68, working hours: every day 20:00-6:00.
This is a representative of a chain of federal bars in Russia. A lot of respectable men come here every day. Most of them have higher than average income and services in "ZАЖИГАЛКА" completely satisfies their needs. This venue fits 45 people at a time.
  • GOLDEN, Molodezhnaya street 91 (ул. Молодежная, 91), tel.: +7 (3412) 906-506, working hours: every day 20:00-6:00.
This is another place for businessmen who know value of money. They come here to watch cute and hot professional dancers and receive a special private service.
  • ШАМБАЛА, Sovetskaya street 66 (ул. Советская, 66), tel.: +7 (3412) 636-354
They promise that every visitor will feel emotions he hasn't felt for a long time.


In Izhevsk you will find a unique phenomenon called brothels on wheels. A car with a personal driver is attached to one or two street hookers. While girls stand or walk on streets looking for clients, these cars are parked next to them. Once the hooker picks up a client, they can have sex in this car or a driver can take them to an hourly hotel or a client's place. Sometimes people confuse these drivers with pimp, so don't worry, this was made for a comfort of dear clients.

Erotic Massage Parlors

There are some Asian massage salons in Izhevsk, but all of these places do not offer Happy Ending. You can however find many escort girls online who offer erotic massage services. Usually these girls charge around US$100 per hour. There are also additional accommodations like jacuzzi and hookah, sometimes they are included in the final prices. Here are a few massage parlors you can visit when in Izhevsk:

  • Пантера, Pushkinskaya street 116 (ул. Пушкинская, 116), tel.: +7 (3412) 772-225, website: http://pantera118.ru
This is a high-quality venue, designed to bring pleasure. All working girls are professionals and carry medical books. On Wednesdays each client gets a hookah as a gift, on Thursdays masseurs do massage dressed as cute playful cats and on Sundays each client gets a glass of beer as a gift. Prices start from 4000 rubles/66$ for an hour of massage in positions of Kamasutra. The most expensive program is VIP - 16000 rubles/266$ for 2 hours of different types of erotic massage made by 3 beautiful masseurs.
  • Гейша, Azina street 1d (ул. Азина, 1д), tel.: 8 (950) 155-77-55, website: http://geisha18.ru
Basic programs include classic relax, double relax, deep and lingam massages, massage with whipped cream and massage in a bath. There are also VIP programs where you can add as much toys, hours, masseurs and other accessories as you want. Prices start from 3000 rubles/50$ for an hour of classic massage.
  • Клеопатра, Lenina street 93 (улице Ленина 93), tel.: 8-919-903-60-73, website: http://kleopatra18.ru
There are about a dozen of erotic massage programs on their list. There is a classic massage programs, body-to-body massage, jacuzzi with flowers, stone and orange massage, shower with a masseur and a tea ceremony in the end. A Ceasar program allows a client to choose exactly what he wants to do during a massage session.

Escort Services & Agencies

Finding an escort when you're travelling can be a bit tricky. If you are looking for escorts in Izhevsk, Escort Directory is the ideal solution. There are thousands of beautiful young women at EscortDirectory.com waiting for your call!

Keep in mind that sometimes the hookers in real life are not as good as they are at the photos - photoshop rules the world. Sometimes that are not even their own pics - just some models from the internet who look like the subject you are going to meet. In the worst case they could even not have anything common with the girl in photo. Ask your local friends, or hotel staff or a taxi driver about a reliable escort agency.

Transsexuals / Shemales

There is no transsexual escort in Izhevsk and a foreign tourist should rather stay silent about his desire to find one. Shemales are highly despised in Russia and most of the people find such activity as not normal and people who want to change their nature as sick.

Gay and Lesbian

Gays and lesbians try to hide their nature and some of them even more out to other more gay-friendly countries. You may be able to find some gays or lesbians on dating websites and even have sex for free.

Sexual Services for Women

It is easy for an attractive western woman to find a man willing to have sex with her in local bars or night clubs. Otherwise, sexual services are provided by professional masseurs in erotic massage parlors or by call boys, who advertise their services online.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

Local shops offer condoms of all sizes and designs, sex toys, vibrators, vaginas, BDSM accessories like whips and more. Sex shops also sell pills like viagra, cialis and camagra without prescription. If you don't feel comfortable coming into such venues, you can always choose goods online and order a delivery. The payment can be made with a credit card or in cash to a delivery boy.

  • Эрос №3, Kirova street 119 (улица Кирова, 119), tel.: +7 341 297-04-76, working hours: 10-21
  • Озорник, 50 years of October square 5 (площадь 50 лет Октября, 5), tel.: +7 341 256-81-23, working hours: 10-21
  • Интимэксперт, Soyuznaya street 107 (улица Союзная 107), tel.: +7 963 543-06-07


When visiting Izhevsk a traveller can choose to stay in one of the many hotels or rent a private apartment. Individual prostitutes of Izhevsk work on calls to hotels all over the city. Since it's a common practice, hotel's personnel is used to it and will not mind guests having hookers with them. Sometimes, a bell boy or a security guard will come to see a visitor and ask if everything is alright after the sex-worker has left. Don't forget to leave to leave some tip for the personnel when leaving.

Stay Safe

Izhevsk is an average Russian city and it is quite safe. Though it is still recommended not to walk around by yourself when it's dark and especially in lonely and abandoned places. Foreigners should rather bring credit cards along. In this case when a foreign tourist gets scammed, he will be able to return lost money. But if you go to respectable and reliable places, it will never happen. Also remember about high rates of STDs among local prostitutes and always carry condoms with you.

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