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Puerto Galera is a town on the northeastern coast of Mindoro Island, Philippines. Among travelers it is commonly known as encompassing the region surrounding it. While a small town itself, other adjacent smaller towns, such as Sabang and White Beach, are the primary destinations; however, all are lumped together as Puerto Galera as it hosts the ferry terminal (to Batangas) through which most people arrive.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Puerto Galera in Sabang is a nice enough side trip from Manila. Nothing on the scale of Manila or Angeles City, but worth a mention just the same. Sabang has lovely surrounding scenery, cute little alleyways and a small compact western orientated chick scene that should satisfy you for two or three days or more.

Red Light District


Street Hookers / Freelancers

Disco : Philippine Village is where Freelancers hangout , mixed with some good girls (not for hire). As usual the ladies of the night do not start fronting up until around midnight. Price for freelancer prostitute 500-1000php for an all nighter.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Go Go Bars

Prices are approx : Ladies Drink P100; Bar Fine (aka Departure Tax : ) P4/500 ; ST 500 LT 800/1000 . A far cry from Makati prices but the girls are not so pretty and lavishly packaged as in P. Burgos St. "Sunset" is the most popular and has the friendliest and prettiest girls. 2. "Sabang" is not so friendly, more of an Asian clientele and can be pushy re LD's , but nice gals. 3." Umbrella" is another one with pushy management. Management changes, places change, let's know how it was when you visited Sabang.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Transsexuals / Ladyboys

Gay & Lesbian

Sexual Services for Women

Sex Shops & Adult Stores

There are street hustlers that provide viagra, cialis and related products. Mostly all of them are fake.

Escort Services & Agencies


Stay Safe

Remember, if dealing with Freelancers, watch your valuables, especially overnight.

Dont forget , as advised elsewhere , take care of your valuables , some girls are not averse to stealing from your room (incl. drugging you before hand , exceptional , but can happen) , others are under 18yrs and can cost you as much as Pesos 100,000 if Police get involved. If you dont pay requested police bribe you might end up in prison for many years. Exceptions admittedly , but can happen. Just be aware of these possibilities.

Also take care with your health , ie wear condoms. These gals are not checked regularly (or ever) for STD's etc. Scams , rackets , theft is more likely in Manila , but can happen in other towns/cities too.

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