Sex and the FIFA World Cup

Sex and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil 2014 and Olympic Games 2016 in Rio De Janeiro

Some of the following tips are also good to know if you are going to Brazil to Olympic games in 2016. June 12, the FIFA World Cup kicks off in the Vibrant Brazil, a Country full of Samba energy and Football loving people. When it come to Football or Soccer, there are no people on this Planet as passionate as Brazilians. In Brazil, Football is not just a sport, it is like a religion. Football competitions go on throughout the year; unlike in most Countries where it is seasonal. As for those visiting the country for the first time, it will be experience you will never forget. The games will be played in about 12 Cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro (the Final to be played at Maracana), Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Fortaleza, and other cities.

Brazil is not only full of Great and religious Football fans, but also full of Exotic beautiful girls and women. Which brings me to the point of this article: Sex and Football in 30 days of the Tournament. While the hosting Cities are gearing up for the big games on the Planet, the exotic beauties are also gearing up to meet the Local fans and Foreigners (Gringoes as called in Portuguese). In some instances, girls have gone to an extent to learn various languages, like English, Spanish (although Spanish is very similar to Portuguese, and a Spanish speaker can easily get by in Brazil without knowing any Portuguese) and Italian. It has been stated but disputed that in some cases the local governments have been helping these girls to get ready for the tricks.

So if you are coming to Brazil to watch the games and you are a fully abled man, get ready for the games off the Football fields. Sex and Sandy beaches. Anyways, to travel thousands of miles just to Watch some Football games does not make much sense but men travels those same number of miles to seek sexual pleasures across the Globe. In general, Brazil has been a very good destination for most men for many years now because of the beauty of the girls and the friendliness of the People. I know, in Europe, you get beautiful European faces, but Brazilian girls have that natural unsurpassed energy and passion. Brazilians are the MOST friendly people I have come across in this part of the Globe. Even the City like Rio, where most Foreigners will only think of being violent, you can find the most accommodating and welcoming people in World. It is one of this reason that even men and women who do not speak any Portuguese come to Brazil; Yes, without speaking any Portuguese, they stay for weeks still have good time with the help of the patient locals. To understand my Point, try Paris without knowing any French and see how long you can stay in France.

So you want to have Sex while in Brazil and not watching the Game Like I said, there will be no shortage of Local girls and perhaps foreign girls as well, but the question will be your SAFETY. Everybody will be out to make money one way or the other in the 30 period. The costs of renting an Apartments, eating at restaurants will be at the highest in the history of the Brazil. It will NOT be cheap and Sex will probably be the most expensive food on the menu. Gangs of any kind and form will be out there to make the money as well. All kind of escort trick in the Book will be played this FIFA World Cup in addition to Football. So everything boils down your common sense and intelligent decision making.

There will be a lot of Sex Clubs in each City (where permitted), and a lot of girls hanging around the Bars and restaurants looking for clients. In Cities like Sao Paulo, Sex Clubs are banned and hard to find. In that case you will have to depend on our modern tool, THE INTERNET, local bars and restaurants. In Sao Paulo you generally get high quality girls from the internet than from the Streets. There are several websites and escort agencies, pimps, that would send a girl to your hotel. Like in any city, such ventures can have surprises of their own. 70% of the time, the girl you see on the Internet ad hardly comes to your hotel. This is especially true where the Photos of a girl does not show the face. So be wary or avoid calling the girl that does not show her face or that does not have any identification mark on the body. At least a tattoo to go by. Unless she has a unique exotic body that is difficult to "body double". As for the websites, there are tons of them, you search by the word "Acompanhantes" which means "Escorts" and you get 100s or thousands of websites. Some sites are more organized than others. Some modern and others outdated but appears on top of Google search. Most girls on the website are verified and phone numbers authenticated. They have the means of reporting a "bad date" or a dangerous encounter on the website. So if while in Brazill you encounter a "Sexual problem" that the police are not interested to hear about.

DO NOT ACCEPT a Taxi drivers offering you a girl or taking you to some place where they are a "lot of beautiful girls". While it is possible he can take you to some apartment with few girls for commission, you risk everything. You are on your own, because the Police never responds to crimes like you think. You will be lucky if they even show up to take a report. So try to hang where other people are hanging out. Don't be naive or blinded by the thought of good sex or an orgy. The Brazilian Federal Government is out full force cleaning up the World Cup cities to make them SAFE for the Football fans from both Brazil and other parts of World. Federal forces are in all Shanty compounds, locally known as Faveras. So by the utmost, all foreigners should feel safe during the Competition and beyond, but there is always a crack somewhere, and you don't want to be the one to go through that crack. Watch out for the group of young boys following you. Boys on bicycles, boys on motorcycles are the most likely to commit quick crimes and escape before the authority can get to them. Definitely leave all valuables at the hotel. Rio de Janeiro, still have a lot of Sex Clubs called Termas, and most of them still operational at the time writing. These places are probably the best place to get sex since they are very SAFE and protected in every way. I am not very sure if they will still stay open during the World Cup, since the City has to show a "cleaner" image to the World. If that happens, Internet, Restaurants and Bars will be your sources for the girls. THE KEY here is be vigilante and don't lose your intelligent decision making even if your Team wins the World Cup.

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