How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You

How to Get a Girl to Have Sex With You?

A couple teabagging

Find yourself getting sexually attracted to a girll? Use thes steps on how to get a girl to have sex with you to arouse her and seduce her.

Ask her to have sex with you

If you have the confidence to pull this off, honestly it is best just to ask her to have sex with you. But before asking you should know if a girl wants to have sex with you.

See if she's talking about sex a lot

If a girl is ready to get in bed with you, it's likely that she'll be talking about sex more, or making a dirty jokes. She can do this in many different ways, from talking about other people who have sex, to casually asking your opinion on sexual topics. If the word "sex or fucking" is on the tip of her tongue, then she is obviously thinking about having sex with you. If she mentions having sex while you're alone together, then it's even more likely you have a chance to have sex with her. If she is very curious about which of your friends are having sex, or how many people you slept with, then she may be thinking if you want to have sex with her.

See if she gives you sexual compliments

If a girl tells you that you have sexy abs, big biceps, or nice ass, then she's hinting that your body makes her wet. Instead of telling you that she thinks your jeans look nice or that you have a nice sunglasses, she's choosing to let you know that she notices your body and may be thinking about what would it feel like to have sex with you. If she gives you these compliments while you're being intimate or kissing, then it's even more likely that she may want to bang you.

See if she talks about your bedroom a lot

If a girl comes to your place and says your bed looks or feels really comfy, then she may be hinting that she wants to get in bed with you. If she actually lies on the bed and says how great it is, then she probably wants you to lay down beside her and have fun with her.

  • Don't send her any dick pics. This makes you look like a pervert.

How to be Cool with the ladies

  • You have to love women. Have you ever wondered why your friends have more luck with the girls? They just genuinely enjoy their company. If you feel intimidated by ladies because you've been dumped or rejected, this comes across. Find some lady friends and learn to have fun in their company.
  • You have to make her feel sexy. Example; you can make her laugh. Whether it be through a joke or a funny a story, making her smile will give her a confidence boost.
  • Always play to your strengths. If you're sexy, go to the gym and get hotter. If you are a funny guy, go from being quite funny to the funniest guy in city. If you’re not funny, work on being the nice guy all the girls are friends with. But be aware this takes longer but will pay off eventually.
  • Always be nice to her girl friends. If they think you’re an asshole you’re never getting in her pants. It never ceases to amaze me how many guys forget this.
  • Learn how to appreciate women for more than just sex. If you’re just as happy spending time with them as having sex with them you have a much better chance as the pressure’s off.
  • Be a gentleman. Good manners are sexy like helping the people around you. Always be aware of how you can help people. Wait an extra few seconds to hold the door for the one behind you.

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