Fuji Building

Fuji Building is known as the prostitution hot spot of Hong Kong

The typical building as red light district in Hong Kong is the Fuji Building. This building has 22 floors and 18 of them are home to one-woman brothels, with between five and eight of them on each floor. Fuji building a Hong Kong walkup located along Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay. There are more than 100 prostitutes in this building and it is all legal.

The Fuji Building is full of prostitutes and each prostitute flat can be shown to be a separate unit from all the rest, it has its own water connection, electricity meter, it is above board. The majority of these prostitutes are Hong Kong card holders who have a legal right to work in Hong Kong, but the problem is that they are illegal immigrants live in these buildings. Foreign prostitutes that are soliciting in the street or in bars are also working here on tourist visas, so when the policemen arrest them it’s for breaching the condition of their immigration status, not for prostitution. A Chinese hooker welcomes western men in the Fuji Building walkup Lockhart road Hong Kong.

In the Fuji Building, many of the women live there, their work place is also their home. For the girls who rent the rooms, in most cases they are not making enough for anyone to get a cut of their takings anyway. They’d pay their rent and that’d be it. The landlord might unknowingly rent the premises to someone who sublet it to a prostitute.

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