Bar fine

If you like an escort and you want to take her out of the bar or nightclub, you have to pay a bar or nightclub a fine which compensates them for missing out on earnings for drinks sold by that particular escort. It does not include anything that comes after, it is just the amount that you pay for the right to take her with you. Escorts working in bars receive just a very basic salary or sometimes nothing and their job is it to make men come in and buy drinks on a daily basis, not just for themselves but also for the escorts – called lady drinks (140-180 baht of which the escort generally receives half of it). Escort can either be female, ladyboy or even a male at some clubs.

If you pay the bar fine for the right to take her out of the bar she will normally receive nothing of that or in some places a tiny share. Bar fines are the major source of income for go go bars and beer bars in many countries.

You will have to talk with the girl about how much she needs for short time, long time or whatever. Tip: Do it in the bar as she will (normally) tell you a basic price and it’s gonna be more expensive if you ask her after you took off her bra back in your room.

Short Time and Long Time Bar Fines

Most bar owners (especially the Go Go bar owners ) have started to divide their bar fines into two types: If you take an escort out for short time (up to 2 hours) then they charge you a short time fee. If you want her to spend the all night with you then you need to pay a “long time bar fine” which often double of the short time fee.

These short time and long time bar fines are now charged at most Go Go´s around Asian countries. Keep in mind it’s the go go bars that usually have the best looking escorts and they really got that high price tag.

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