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Vienna Sex Guide (Wien Sex Guide) advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Vienna, Austria.

Vienna (/viːˈɛnə/; German: About this sound Wien (help·info) [viːn], Austro-Bavarian: Wean) is the capital and largest city of Austria, and one of the nine states of Austria.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution in Austria is legal and regulated. This is an example of regulated prostitution. Prostitution is legal but restricted by several regulations. Around 90 percent of all sex workers in Austria are migrants, mainly from the former Eastern Bloc countries.

Sex workers operating legally in Austria were, according to the police mostly from the European Union: They come from Romania (29 percent), Hungary (25 percent), Bulgaria (15 percent), Slovakia (eight percent) or the Czech Republic (six percent). The proportion of Austrians is four percent. From non-EU countries, most sex workers were from Nigeria. In Vienna the figures are almost the same; 38 percent of the registered prostitutes in Vienna came from Romania, 26 percent from Hungary, and 10 percent from Bulgaria.

Unlike in German and Dutch cities, most Austrian towns don’t have Red-light districts. Of course the number of the sex workers is highest in the capital, Vienna, but there is significant existence of prostitutes in other cities too. Thanks to the legality of the sexual services, more and more girls come to the country to work in the nightlife.

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Vienna Female Escorts

Vienna has a good selection of escorts.

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Red Light Districts

You can find several bars and shops in the Red-light district "Gürtel" in Vienna. Many neon signs say: "erotic", "live show", "open".

The hookers in Mariahilferstrasse to Technisches Museum want to have 50€ for blowjob and fucking and night time there is lots of whores. The negro and the uglier white ones want 30€ for blowjob and fucking in a near by park. The other ones will take you to a small Red-light district hotel, room price of 10€ is included in your 50€ they want from you. The whores in Felberstrasse, same street-level, just on the other side of the railroad tracks, also want 50€ for sex and sucking your dick. Linzerstrasse, it is the Felberstrasse continued to the outskirts, girls want to have 40-50€ for intercourse and sucking your cock. The white whores do not usually negotiate, but you can bargain with Latino and African ones. In Linzerstrasse hookers will fuck as cheap as 30€.

If you like window shopping, there are Laufhaus brothels in Vienna, where one can walk up and down in the building and browse prostitutes.

  • Popular Laufhaus Brothels in Vienna are: Kontakthof, Erlaaerstrasse 37, Eros Center, Juchgasse 11 & Laufhaus Rachel, Triesterstrasse 176.

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Prostitutes and Sex Workers

As of 2008, there were 1800 girls and a little over 20 male prostitutes registered as prostitutes with the city of Vienna, which means that they attend regular health checks and legal monitoring. However, police estimates give a number of 5,000 girls who are thought to work as hookers in total – the 3,000 to 6000-odd non-legal hookers working mostly on the street without a permission. Street prostitution in generally illegal in Austria, so by going to a brothel, clients could avoid ending up with an unchecked, illegal sex worker. Often, this does not happen for financial reason – street hookers are cheaper. In 2003, the oldest sex worker was a 71-year-old Austrian lady, who offered her service in the second district of Vienna, the so-called Leopoldstad.

Street Hookers

Street prostitution in Vienna is generally legal, but limited to certain streets outside of residential areas. :Up to 150 prostitutes work on the streets of Vienna. The street prostitution in Vienna is dominated by women from Eastern Europe. In 2009, the city of Vienna announced plans to approach the problem of illegal sex workers. Issues arose mainly around hookers that work on streets, whereas those who make contact with potential clients in bars might still be illegal, but at least less of a problem for people who live in the area. The city of Vienna named five "hot spots" of streets in Vienna where hookers can be found particularly easily: Linzer Straße in the 14th district, Hütteldorfer Straße and the outer Mariahilferstraße with side-lanes in the 15th district (all three can be found not far from Westbahnhof station); but also the Struwerviertel area (known for drug addicted hookers) and the Prater area (known for African women, usually asylum seekers). The latter two areas are in the second district and the "low cost option" when it comes to hookers in Vienna.

Now there are only two locations left to legally work on the street: the Brunner street in Liesing (west) and the Autokaderstraße in Florisdorf (north), both desolate industrial areas on the outer fringes of the city without access to bathrooms or hotels, where women are standing on the side of the street waiting for customers to drive by.

Price on the street in Vienna is around 30€ for sex. Street girls are much more dirtier than the prostitutes who work in Brothels, because street whores do not have a place to clean up between sex sessions example.

Currently the city council of Vienna is considering installing "mini-hotels" or "drive-in brothels" in outer boroughs of the city to improve working conditions for street prostitutes.

The facilities were first installed in Zürich over a year ago as an experimental measure by the municipality to make street prostitution safer and easier for prostitutes. Customers enter so-called "Sex boxes" by car and remain parked in the wooden, carport-like structures for the duration of the service. There are alarm buttons for safety, toilets, and showers.

Adult Locations

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Strip Clubs and Lap Dance

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Vienna/Strip clubs/Bar Venusfalle View Map ... Address: Heinestraße 23. Telephone: +43-1-2168553.
Vienna/Strip clubs/Maxim Wien View Map Brothel Maxim Wien is one of the most prestigious brothels, it is located in the city centre. A real gentlemen´s club with more than 20 Maxim Girls. No entry fee! Sex with girl and striptease are available every day.... Address: Kärntnerstrasse 61. Telephone: +43-1-503-30-61.
Vienna/Strip clubs/Chez Nous View Map Website says; This presence is currently unavailable Maybe closed... Address: Kärntner Strasse.
Vienna/Strip clubs/Arena Bar & Nightclub View Map ... Address: Margaretenstraße 117. Telephone: +43-1-5444726.
Vienna/Strip clubs/Queen Club View Map ... Address: Hernalser Gürtel 34. Telephone: +43-1-4083280.
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Some of the Vienna nude bars also operate as a brothels. These places can be also called as a Gentlemen´s Clubs or Kontaktbars. Here is a list of the clubs in Vienna, where you can find striptease or prostitutes. Often the Strip clubs are also called Nightclubs in Vienna.

  • Casanova Revuebar (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Dorotheergasse 6-8 1010 Wien
  • Golden Gate (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Karlsplatz 1 1010 Wien
  • Peep69 I (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Davidgasse 20 1100 Wien
  • 6Lounge (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Senefeldergasse 44 1100 Wien
  • Pascha's (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Schellinggasse 3 1010 Wien
  • Pour Platin (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Neubaugürtel 13-15 1150 Wien
  • Eve Bar (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Schellinggasse 1 1010 Wien
  • Hollywood GoGo Dancing (CLOSED) , Bauernmarkt 21 1010 Wien

Table Dance Bars in the ‘90s

Since brothels were illegal in the late 90s, the table dance bars seemed like the best option. By taking advantage of the Schlüsselkraft loophole, dancing agencies started hiring dancers as “people with a key skill”.

This meant that all the best girls could have the option of only dancing and stripping and make a lot of money without having sex with the clients. Dominant clubs have risen through this occasion, like Beverly Hills Girls Club. This “empire” used to own four Table Dance Bars: Beverly Hills, Big Apple, Starclub and Rush Hour; one restaurant: Schwimmende Pyramide and a disco nightclub: Celentano.

The good days of the Table Dance Bars have long been gone, brothels taking the lead in Vienna’s sex nightlife. Beverly Hills, once a great empire in Vienna's nightlife, is now left with only a dying club. They struggled in 2014, with closing and opening moments throughout the year.

Source: Table Dance Bars in Vienna Now and Then

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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Vienna/Brothels/Studio Ingrid View Map ... Address: Hauffgasse 14A.
Vienna/Brothels/Studio 124 View Map ... Address: Gumpendorferstrasse 124 A. Telephone: +43-660-424-27-88.
Vienna/Brothels/Studio Hotlips View Map ... Address: Gfrornergasse 13.
Vienna/Brothels/6 Paradies View Map ... Address: Favoritenstrasse 194a. Telephone: +43-676-91-75-632.
Vienna/Brothels/Element6 View Map ... Address: Kaiserstrasse 95. Telephone: +43-1-990-43-42.
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Brothels in Austria are often located in studio apartments. After entering the whore house, the customer gets to choose a girl from a various of naked or sexy dressed ladies presented and then gets to go to the room with her. Usually there is a shower in the room, so you can clean before and after. Often there is 1 to 10 girls working in a Austrian bordello. Brothels offer more privacy than the Sex clubs. Sex clubs are also popular in Austria likewise they are common in Germany. Some of the Sex Clubs have a wellness areas that include a swimming pool, saunas, solarium, whirlpool or other things. Entrance fee is usually around 30 to 60€ and this price includes often soften drinks and alcohol. Half hour with the sex club girls cost often 50 to 100€.

There are Kontaktbars where prostitutes hang out hoping to pick up customers. Some Kontaktbars are just normal bars where you just happen to see many sex workers, with or without the owner's consent, but you often also get "normal" people besides (it can be quite amusing and/or instructive to settle down with a drink and watch discretely).

A Laufhaus is a place where sex workers rent a room where they can serve clients. Usually prostitutes can arrange their working schedule and decide the pricing themself, but sometimes the schedules and prices are decided by the brothel owner. The clients walk through the corridors of the house (hence the name: Laufhaus/Walk House) to see and negotiate with the prostitutes. Some Laufhäuser have entrance fee, but often the entrance is free.

FKK Saunaclubs and swingersclubs are also popular in Austria.

Club & Studio Brothels

  • Club 1A, Schüttelstrasse 33 1020 Wien
  • Studio Michelle, Schüttelstrasse 33 1020 Wien
  • Studio Rosi, Taborstrasse 36 1020 Wien
  • Paradies Sauna, Untere Augartenstrasse 36 1020 Wien
  • Charly Bar, Volkertstrasse 22 1020 Wien
  • Club 9 Wolfgang, Schmälzlgasse 9 1020 Wien
  • Bussi Bar, Ybbsstrasse 4 1020 Wien
  • D'Amour, Aspangstrasse 57 1030 Wien
  • Japan Studio, Beatrixgasse 26 1030 Wien
  • Studio 10, Grasbergergasse 7 1030 Wien
  • Vienna - Eros Center, Juchgasse 11
Near the town center, between cafes, old-established shops and parks. Inside the whore house there are 25 rooms, where you can find sexy working girls from all over the world. Take the elevator to the top and go through nine floors down and stroll your choice. Chat with the hookers about their services, their preferences and prices. Only when everything is discussed to your satisfaction, you follow the prostitute of your choice in her room. All escort girls have a health book so you can guarantee maximum security.
  • Kirschblüteninsel , Khunngasse 17 1030 Wien
  • Sakura II, Khunngasse 17 1030 Wien
  • Secret Wellness, Klimschgasse 1 1030 Wien
  • Relax, Landstrasser Hauptstrasse 2 1030 Wien
  • Studio Happiness, Posthorngasse 5 1030 Wien
  • Studio 70, Rennweg 70 1030 Wien
  • Goldene Spinne, Ungargasse 1030 Wien
  • Studio DeLuxe, Ungargasse 22 1030 Wien
  • Asia Relax, Goldeggasse 34 1040 Wien
  • Kayoko, Kleine Neugasse 2a 1040 Wien
  • Prinz Eugen Strasse, Prinz Eugen Strasse 74a 1040 Wien
  • Wellness for You , Schelleingasse 31 1040 Wien
  • Club Suite La Vie , Schwarzenbergplatz 16-17 1040 Wien
  • Sakura I, Embelgasse 6-8 1050 Wien
  • apan Massagestudio, Margaretenstrasse 72 1050 Wien
  • Palace, Rüdigergasse 19 1050 Wien
  • City Massage III, Schönbrunnerstrasse 149 1050 Wien
  • Studio Nina, Sechshauserstrasse 5a 1050 Wien
  • Sexextase, Spengergasse 5 1050 Wien
  • 6Sternchen, Spengergasse 14 1050 Wien
  • Studio Relaxe, Stolberggasse 21a 1050 Wien
  • Asientipp Massage, Vogelsanggasse 37 1050 Wien
  • Shiatsu Relax, Aegidigasse 20 1060 Wien
  • Studio Hotlips, Gfrornergasse 13 1060 Wien
  • Studio 124, Gumpendorferstrasse 124 1060 Wien
  • Emotion Wellness, Laimgrubengasse 2 1060 Wien
  • Sauna Royal, Mariahilferstrasse 31 1060 Wien
  • Asia Studio, Mariahilferstrasse 111 1060 Wien
  • Aromastudio, Millergasse 5 1060 Wien
  • Hot Angels II, Mollardgasse 26a 1060 Wien
  • Fair, Webgasse 43 1060 Wien
  • Fortuna, Burggasse 101 1070 Wien
  • Healing Hands, Burggasse 117 1070 Wien
  • Studio Eurozone, Halbgasse 3-5 1070 Wien
  • Frivoli, Halbgasse 11 1070 Wien
  • Element6, Kaiserstrasse 95 1070 Wien
  • Hollywood, Kandlgasse 26 1070 Wien
  • Dream Bar, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 60 1070 Wien
  • Beauty & Art, Neubaugasse 29 1070 Wien
  • Helga’s Kabinensex, Neubaugürtel 18 1070 Wien
  • Kore Palast , Schottenfeldgasse 39 1070 Wien
  • Nana's Oase, Schottenfeldgasse 92 1070 Wien
  • Aromabeauties, Grohgasse 5 1080 Wien
  • Studio Magic Massage, Josefstädter Strasse 1080 Wien
  • Angel's World, Laudongasse 34 1080 Wien
  • Studio Monika, Lerchenfelderstrasse 150 1080 Wien
  • Club Traumland, Schlösselgasse 11 1080 Wien
  • Thai Fa, Alserbachstrasse 19 1090 Wien
  • Der Tempel, Boltzmanngasse 13 1090 Wien
  • Exzess, Heiligenstädterstrasse 6 1090 Wien
  • Sexmäuschen, Kollingasse 9 1090 Wien
  • Erotikbörse , Liechtensteinstrasse 125 1090 Wien
  • Sun & Soft, Maria-Theresien Straße 5 1090 Wien
  • Sauna Papillon, Müllnergasse 5 1090 Wien
  • Studio Toll Haus, Rögergasse 12a 1090 Wien
  • Thai Jensabai Massage, Sechsschimmelgasse 23 1090 Wien
  • 6Lady, Dampfgasse 13b 1100 Wien
  • Asian Beauties, Dampfgasse 13a 1100 Wien
  • Studio 4 Love, Favoritenstrasse 194a 1100 Wien
  • Luststudio, Hauffgasse 14a 1100 Wien
  • Club SexyBienen, Himberger Strasse 7-9 1100 Wien
  • Studio Himberg , Himberger Strasse 7-9 1100 Wien
  • Studio DolceVita, Katharinengasse 9 1100 Wien
  • Life Club, Puchsbaumgasse 49 1100 Wien
  • Outback Sauna, Quellenstrasse 131 1100 Wien
  • 6Studio, Raaber-Bahn-Gasse 9a 1100 Wien
  • Schröttergasse44, Schröttergasse 44 1100 Wien
  • 6Traum Studio, Triesterstrasse 47 1100 Wien
  • Sauna Club FKK Golden Time, Karl-Gunsam-Gasse 1, 1110 Wien (Vienna), Austria
Entry is 80€ which includE (non alcoholic) drinks and food. Open until 4am. The ambience is OK, but not great. The rooms are OK and the ladies are fine.Prices for sex is 60 € per 30 minutes. Phone:+43 1 9699090
  • Studio Noblesse, Sedlitzkygasse 47 1110 Wien
  • Studio 21, SImmeringer Hauptstrasse 1110 Wien
  • 6 Devils II, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 21 1110 Wien
  • Mondpalast Massage, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 189 1110 Wien
  • Studio Bianca II, Assmayergasse 62a 1120 Wien
  • Studio Stern, Assmayergasse 62 1120 Wien
  • Cherie Bar, Breitenfurterstrasse 131 1120 Wien
  • La Petite, Hetzendorferstrasse 150 1120 Wien
  • Studio Intim, Ignazgasse 42 1120 Wien
  • Studio Bianca I, Oelweingasse 18 1120 Wien
  • Studio Christina, Wolfganggasse 36 1120 Wien
  • Swingerclub Neue Oase, Wolkersbergenstrasse 28 1130 Wien
  • Studio 63, Linzer Strasse 63 1140 Wien
  • Love Angels, Linzerstrasse 63 1140 Wien
  • Studio 115, Linzerstrasse 115 1140 Wien
  • Studio Chantal, Märzstrasse 152 1140 Wien
  • Studio Rita, Märzstrasse 152 1140 Wien
  • Relax Bar, Matzingerstrasse 17 1140 Wien
  • Asiagarten, Matznergasse 18 1140 Wien
  • Club4Fun, Meiselstrasse 71 1140 Wien
  • Lolas Massagen, Spallartgasse 8 1140 Wien
  • Club 28, Felberstrasse 28 1150 Wien
  • Bar Scandaleux, Felberstrasse 36 1150 Wien
  • Studio Penthouse, Geyschlägergasse 14 1150 Wien
  • Salin & Linda, Goldschlagstrasse 125 1150 Wien
  • Studio Hollergasse, Hollergasse 38a 1150 Wien
  • Le Souterrain, Hütteldorfer Straße 49 1150 Wien
  • Thai Classic Massage, Johnstrasse 26 1150 Wien
  • Love Studio Linzer , Strasse 115a 1150 Wien
  • MyRelax Kuschelstudio, Markgraf Rüdiger-Strasse 29 1150 Wien
  • Studio Sky, Moeringgasse 20 1150 Wien
  • Kellertreff, Stättermayergasse 31a 1150 Wien
  • Aromastudio Sweetdream, Tannengasse 15 1150 Wien
  • Royal Club Sauna, Weininger Platz 5 1150 Wien
  • La Casa Piccola, Würffelgasse 1c 1150 Wien
  • Traumstudio Susi, Brunnengasse 4 1160 Wien
  • Asia Studio Wien , Brunnengasse 6a 1160 Wien
  • Coco Nr1, Fröbelgasse 48 1160 Wien
  • Love Tempel, Haberlgasse 71a 1160 Wien
  • Club4Fun 1160, Hellgasse 2 1160 Wien
  • Kuschleck, Koppstrasse 13 1160 Wien
  • EroaseX, Kulmgasse 1a 1160 Wien
  • Flamingo Club, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 31 1160 Wien
  • Velvet Palace, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 55 1160 Wien
  • China Palace, Liebhartsgasse 40 1160 Wien
  • 6bunnys, Lorenz Mandl Gasse 24 1160 Wien
  • Star Studio, Neulerchenfelder Strasse 69 1160 Wien
  • Contessa, Redtenbachergasse 34 1160 Wien
  • Studio Megamöpse, Redtenbachergasse 34 1160 Wien
  • Vienna 4 Girls, Dornerplatz 11a 1170 Wien
  • Erotikgenuss, Frauengasse 10a 1170 Wien
  • Chez Christin, Hernalser Gürtel 25 1170 Wien
  • Studio23, Hernalser Hauptstraße 23 1170 Wien
  • Studio 17a, Hormayrgasse 17a 1170 Wien
  • El Nido , Klopstockgasse 27 1170 Wien
  • Aroma Tempel, Palffygasse 3 1170 Wien
  • Kontakthaus, Schumanngasse 77 1170 Wien
  • Massageokina, Martinstrasse 59 1180 Wien
  • Studio 43a , Schulgasse 43a 1180 Wien
  • Haus Nelly, Währinger Gürtel 53 1180 Wien
  • Club4Fun 1190, Gunoldstrasse 6 1190 Wien
  • Come2me, Bäuerlegasse 29 1200 Wien
  • Exclusiv 6, Bäuerlegasse 29 1200 Wien
  • Kisses World, Bäuerlegasse 29 1200 Wien
  • Studio Damm, Dammstrasse 24b 1200 Wien
  • Hot Angels I, Denisgasse 9 1200 Wien
  • Privatstudio, Dresdnerstrasse 62a 1200 Wien
  • Asia Massage, Engerthstrasse 146 1200 Wien
  • Studio20, Heinzelmanngasse 12A 1200 Wien
  • Top Thaigirls, Klosterneuburger Strasse 104a 1200 Wien
  • La Luna 111a, Klosterneuburger Strasse 111a 1200 Wien
  • Studio Othmargasse, Othmargasse 16 1200 Wien
  • Studio 15, Wallensteinplatz 2a 1200 Wien
  • Japanische Massage, Donaufelderstrasse 2 1210 Wien
  • Relaxxx, Donaufelderstrasse 14 1210 Wien
  • House4Love, Floridusgasse 65 1210 Wien
  • Aromaheaven, Pragerstrasse 93-99 1210 Wien
  • Massage Studio Stadlau, Breitenleerstrasse 226 1220 Wien
  • studio4FUN Vienna, Donaustadtstrasse 42 1220 Wien
  • Donau Dreams, Donauturmstrasse 6 1220 Wien
  • L.A. Swingerclub , Hirschstettner Strasse 44 1220 Wien
  • Last Paradise, Kagranerplatz 7 1220 Wien
  • Kings Club, Strahlehnergasse 1 1220 Wien
  • Kontakt-Zentrum, Süßenbrunner Strasse 7 1220 Wien
  • Time4you, Baslergasse 12 1230 Wien
  • Kontakthof, Erlaaerstrasse 37 1230 Wien
Open: 9-23. To get here, you take the U6 to the Alt Erlaa stop, and then the 66 bus towards Liesing 3 stops. There's a side enterance to the place that should be easily found by walking past the main enterance and turning right on the first street just past it. The Kontakthof is your typical Laufhaus where you walk through and find hookers sitting in their rooms, or standing in the doorway. Surprisingly enough, for 50 € you get a 15 minute ride that is wild and worth every penny.
  • Simply Top, Mellergasse 22 1230 Wien
  • Funpalast, Richard Strauss Strasse 8 1230 Wien
  • Laufhaus Rachel, Triesterstrasse 176, 1230 Vienna
Tel:+4316651022. Open Mon-Sat 11: 00-01: 00 and Sun 11: 00-00: 00
  • Nina's Club Bar (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Bauernmarkt 21 1010 Wien
  • Josefine (MAY BE PERMANENTLY CLOSED), Sonnenfelsgasse 9 1010 Wien

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Erotic Massage Parlors

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Vienna/Massage parlors/Bombera II View Map Traditional Thai massage. No sure if they offer any erotic massage.... Address: Sechsschimmelgasse 23. Telephone: +43-1-315-79-71.
Vienna/Massage parlors/Amethyst Massage View Map Each of our massages will give you a deep relaxation both for the body and for the mind. If you are very stressed and feel the muscles contracted, we recommend a longer massage session or a double massage. The most requested massage is the Tantra massage, maybe because it is a very special experienc... Address: Gurkgasse. Telephone: +43-680-246-18-24.
Vienna/Massage parlors/Aroma Massage View Map Business may be closed.... Address: Zinckgasse 13. Telephone: +43-1-789-19-45.
Vienna/Massage parlors/Asia Studio View Map ... Address: BRUNNENGASSE 6A. Telephone: +43-676-360-80-15.
Vienna/Massage parlors/Silent Energy View Map ...
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If you like to relax and receive an Erotic massage. In Austria, there are Asian Massage Parlors, where you often pay first for the massage and when the massage is coming to end, you will be asked if you want a Happy Ending. Most of the time one hour massage at the Asian Massage Salons cost around 50-100€ and Happy Ending will cost around 20-100€, depending if you choose a hand-job or a sexual intercourse. Then there are also Massage Brothels, where you have to decide what you want, before receiving the massage. These places usually have a menu with options listed, such as "1 hour massage and hand job" for 100€.

Karaoke and KTVs

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KTVs (hostess karaoke bars with beautiful female staff) are popular in some parts of Asia but you cannot find any of them from Vienna.

Escort Services and Agencies

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link=Vienna/Escort agencies/Darling Wien Escort Agency
Vienna/Escort agencies/Darling Wien Escort Agency View Map All our girls know how to carry themselves in social gatherings and they are well fluent in English.... Address: Ungargasse 29/2 1030 Wien. Telephone: +43-699-171-066-01.
Vienna/Escort agencies/Grand Escort View Map ... Address: Outcalls only.. Telephone: +43-676-9031555.
Vienna/Escort agencies/Paradies Escort View Map ... Address: Outcalls only.. Telephone: +43-676-550-55-05.
Vienna/Escort agencies/Luxury Escorts Vienna View Map Luxury Escorts Vienna has extremely high standards for its escorts. Every Luxury Vienna Escort has been met and interviewed by our staff and invited to join our VIP team based on extreme levels of requirements that supersede the physical.... Address: Outcalls only..
Vienna/Escort agencies/Sexy Angels View Map ... Address: Outcalls only.. Telephone: +43-699-1020-95-92.
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There are many good escort agencies in Vienna.

Swinger Clubs

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Vienna/Swinger clubs/Swingerclub Der Tempel View Map ... Address: Boltzmanngasse 13. Telephone: +43-1-3192313.
Vienna/Swinger clubs/Club Traumland View Map ... Address: Schlösselgasse 11. Telephone: +43-1-405-66-94.
Vienna/Swinger clubs/Swingerclub Outback View Map ... Address: Quellenstraße 131. Telephone: +43-1-9200887.
Vienna/Swinger clubs/Swingerclub Frivoli View Map ... Address: Halbgasse 11. Telephone: +43-1-5246625.
Vienna/Swinger clubs/Swingerclub Hollywood View Map ... Address: Kandlgasse 26. Telephone: +43-1-5225731.
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Into swinger clubs you go usually together with a girl and you can find there somebody who is willing to change partners. On certain days also accessible for single guys, but with higher entrance fee (60 -100€) and with no guarantee to find there somebody. And if, these are usually not the cutest women. The walls to the rooms in swinger clubs have holes so that the guests can watch the couples inside.

Here are some swinger clubs in Vienna:

  • Traumland Verein, Schlösselgasse 11

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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Vienna/Sex shops/ART-X - Wien 21 View Map ... Address: Lundenburger G. 4. Telephone: +43-1-2940104.
Vienna/Sex shops/Orion View Map Orion is one of the most popular Sex shops in Austria and Germany. You can always get best condoms and sex toys from there.... Address: Rautenweg 5. Telephone: +43-1-7437990.
Vienna/Sex shops/Sex Shop no.1 View Map All your basic sex toys and porn movies cans be found here.... Address: Hütteldorfer Straße 48, Vienna. Telephone: +43-1-7862502.
Vienna/Sex shops/Liebenswert View Map ... Address: Esterhazygasse 26. Telephone: +43-1-5955255.
Vienna/Sex shops/Kino-Labyrinth Wien 20 View Map Nine different video cabins. Hardcore straight, gay, tv/ts and bi-sexual porn movies. Dark rooms, single rooms, group rooms, changing rooms and shower rooms.... Address: Hannovergasse 3.
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There are many nice adult shops in Vienna. Some sex arcades have many gay clients.

Love Hotels

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Love hotels are popular in some parts of Asia, especially in Japan. There are also many love motels and short-time hotels in South America. Unfortunately you cannot find any real love hotels in Vienna.

Nightclubs and Bars

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There are many nice nightclubs and bars in Vienna where you can try your luck to find sex for free.

Gay and Lesbian

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Not too many European cities have such a rich gay history as Vienna. Gay emperors, generals or composers of days gone by and all the gays and lesbians of today convert Vienna into a unique tourism destination.

Homosexual male prostitution was legalized in 1989 - under paragraph § 210 of the penal code (Strafgesetzbuch). A major reason for legalization was to reduce the spread of HIV through regular medical examinations. In 2014 there were 70 registered male prostitutes in Vienna.

The center of today’s gay scene in Vienna (Wien) is the "Rosa Lila Villa" where gay tourists and locals can obtain information and advice on orientation-related issues. The lion’s share of gay clubs, cafes and bars is situated near the Villa, in the district along Linke Wienzeile and Rechte Wienzeile.

Annual gay highlights in Vienna are the Regenbogenball and Rosenball during winter, the Vienna Bear Congress in spring, the world-renowned charity event Live Ball in May, the Queer Film Festival identities in June, the Rainbow Parade (Vienna Gay Pride) in July, and Wien in Schwarz (Vienna in Black) in October.

Gay Clubs, Discos & Parties

Over the past few years, Vienna’s gay club and partying scene has developed at tremendous speed. Today, clubs and organizers provide night clubbers with a great variety of groundbreaking events to choose from.

  • Why Not, Tiefer Graben 22 [U: Herrengasse, Schottentor]
Open: Fri, Sat 22:00 – approx. 04:00. Gay club in the central Vienna. Most young clientele, mixed gay and lesbian. One dancefloor (party classics) and two separate bars (each with different music). Admission: free before 24:00
  • G-Mix @ Club U, Karlsplatz
Monthly Pop and Dance party for lesbians & gays. With DJane KamiKace and guest DJ´s. Entrance: 5 €
  • Wiener Freiheit, Schönbrunner Straße 25 [U: Kettenbrückengasse, Pilgramgasse]
Open Fri & Sat 21:00 – 04:00. On the ground floor there is a old style bar, in the basement a disco (minimum consumption is 5 €). +43 (0)1 9139111;
  • Pitbull,
Monthly night for gay bear, cubs & admirers.

Gay Cafes, Pubs & Bars

Viennese coffee culture and the relaxed, kicked-back atmosphere (in German called “Gemütlichkeit”) are well known. You have to indulge and enjoy. The gay and lesbian cafés and bars combine great Viennese charm with queer lifestyle.

  • Café Rifugio, Schönbrunner Straße 10 [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
A daytime bar. Open 10:00 – 22:00. +43 (0)699-10977891 (mobile);
  • Café-Bar Cheri, Franzensgasse 2 [U4: Kettenbrückengasse]
Very small and basic gay bar. Mainly locals guys. Open 18:00 – 04:00. +43 (0)664-1162338 (mobile);
  • Club Stiefel, Fünfhausgasse 11 [U: Gumpendorferstraße]
Mon-Sat 21:00 – 05:00/07:00 +43 (0)660-6308208 (mobile);
  • Felixx, Gumpendorfer Straße 5 [U: Museumsquartier]
Gay cocktail lounge bar with a street terrace at summer. Open 18:00 – 02:00. +43 (0)1 9204714;
  • Goldener Spiegel (TEMPORARY CLOSED) , Linke Wienzeile 46 (entrance via Stiegengasse) [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
Big gay pub with old-fashion design and very explicit wall decoration. Kitchen (traditional local dishes) open till 22:30, Friday and Saturday till 23:30. Mixed ages. +43 (0)1 5866608;
  • Gugg, Heumühlgasse 14 [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
CEntre of Austria's gay and lesbian association HOSI Wien. Cafe-Bar: Tue 18:00 – 22:00; Fri, Sat 18:00 – 01:00; Sun 18:00 – 22:00 (in summer Fri only till 22:00, Sun closed). +43 (0)1 2166604;
  • Inside Bar, Schikanedergasse 12 [U4: Kettenbrückengasse]
Tiny gay bar near Naschmarkt. Mixed age crowd. Mon-Sat 21:00 – 04:00. +43 (0)676-9093590 (mobile);
  • Mango Bar, Laimgrubengasse 3 [U4: Kettenbrückengasse]
Well-known small gay bar, clientele mainly 20 to 30 years old. Open daily 21:00 – 04:00. +43 (0)1-9204714; Website
  • Red Carpet, Magdalenenstraße 2 [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
Café-bar for lesbians, gays and friends. Mostly young people. Open Mon-Sat 21:00 – 04:00. Snacks available. +43 (0)676-7822966 (mobile);
  • Rüdiger, Rüdigergasse 14 [U: Pilgramgasse, Kettenbrückengasse]
Cozy Gay hustler bar. AYOR. Open: 20:00 – 03:00
  • Village, Stiegengasse 8 [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
Music bar, popular with a young guys. Open daily 20:00 – 03:00
  • Wiener Freiheit, Schönbrunner Straße 25 [U: Kettenbrückengasse, Pilgramgasse]
On the ground floor there is a – rather old-design – bar, in the basement a disco-club (minimum consumption 5 €). Fri, Sat 21:00 – 04:00. +43 (0)1 9139111;
  • X Bar, Raimundhof (between Mariahilfer Straße 45 and Windmühlgasse 20) [U: Neubaugasse]
Small gay cafe-bar in the passageway Raimundhof at Vienna's famious shopping street Mariahilfer Straße. Open Mon-Sat 16:00 – 02:00; Sun (in winter) 18:00 – 24:00. +43 (0)1 9744759;

Gay Saunas

  • Kaiserbründl Sauna, Weihburggasse 18-20 [U: Stephansdom]
Daily 14:00 – 24:00; Sat till 02:00. +43 (0)1 5133293; One of the most beautiful gay bathhouses in Austria. In oriental bathhouse style decoration. Located in the historic center of Vienna. Admission: 20 € (cubicle 24-27 €)
  • Sportsauna, Lange Gasse 10 [U: Rathaus, Volkstheater]
+43 (0)1 4067156. Small gay sauna in the Josefstadt district (8th district) of Vienna, in the basement of the Hotel-Pension Wild. Admission: 10–14 €. Opening hours: monday - tuesday 3.00 pm - 1.00 am, friday 3.00 pm - monday 1.00 am. A young crowd in particular relaxes here in the steam room, the Finnish sauna or the tanning bed.
  • Apollo City Sauna, Wimbergergasse 34 [U: Stadthalle/Burggasse]
Daily 14:00 – 02:00. +43 699 81165200 (mobile). Small bear gay-friendly sauna. Mainly older clientele. Admission: 16 € (8 € up to 25 years, 10 € students up to 28 years). The Apollo City Sauna has been a meeting point of the gays for 23 years. Located in the 7th district, its attractions include themed days (e.g. Couples Day on Monday) and a swimming pool.
  • Römersauna, Rüdigergasse 2 [U4: Pilgramgasse]
Open: Mon-Thu 11:00 – 24:00; Fri 11:00 – Sun 24:00 nonstop. Sauna in the popular gay area of Vienna. Refurbished in 2014. Entrane fee: 14 € (only 8 € up to 24 years). +43 (0)1 8907898;

Gay Indoor Cruising Clubs

  • Club Losch, Fünfhausgasse 1 [U: Gumpendorferstraße]
Fri, Sat 22:00 – 04:00 +43 (0)1 8959979; Gay cruising club for fetish, harder stuff and special interests. Check the agenda and dresscodes at the club website. Admission: 12 €, incl. 1-2 drinks
  • Eagle Vienna, Blümelgasse 1 [U: Neubaugasse]
Daily 21:00 – 04:00 +43 (0)1 5872661; Cellar bar, with small cruising labyrinth. No dresscodes. Mixed ages.
  • Hard On, Hamburgerstraße 4 [U: Kettenbrückengasse]
Fri, Sat from 23:00; Sun 19:00 – 24:00 Playground of the LMC Vienna (›Leather & Motorbike Community Vienna‹). Check the agenda and dresscodes at the club website.
  • Sling, Kettenbrückengasse 4 [U4: Kettenbrückengasse]
Daily 15:00 – 04:00. +43 (0)1 5862362; Gay cruising club. Mainly younger and middle-age men. Best after 20:00.
  • Wiscot Gay Center, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 45 [U: Josefstädter Straße]
Daily 12:00 – 24:00; Thu, Sat till 03:00. Gay cinema, a bit far off the city center.

Gay Outdoor Cruising & Glory Holes

  • Donauinsel, Vienna
Parking Floridsdorfer Bridge, Danube Island. On the wooden bridge and into the toilet cruisy toilet facility.
  • Naturist beach North (FKK Gelände Nord), Jedleseer Bridge, 1220 Vienna
Danube Island / Pumucklbrücke (Jedleseer bridge), especially in the summer.
  • City Hall Park (Rathauspark), Rathausstraße 17, 1010 Wien
Especially on the side of the Parliament very well attended, year round. After sunset to sunrise.
  • Swiss Garden (Schweizer Garten), 1010 Vienna
In addition to the South Station, year round.
  • Türkenschanzpark, Hasenauerstraße, 1180 Wien
During the day, after the lock entry only possible over the fence
  • Venediger Au, Prater , 1010 Wien
In addition to the Ferris wheel at the Prater.
  • Toilet U3 Zieglergasse, Ziegelergasse 38, 1070 Wien
In the toilet the subway station Zieglergasse gays take for cruising.
  • Wertheimstein Park, Bauernfeldgasse, 1190 Wien
Wertheimstein Park in the 19th district, corner Döblinger Str. and Barawitzkagasse! Fail mostly on the restroom facility Döblinger Str. In addition, lower parking area by the lake is very popular along the wall.
  • Wienerberg, 1100 Wien
Vienna Picks - Nudist hills and cruising area in the reed field next door. During the day, on the northwest shore of the Viennese mountain pond. Access Parking Triesterstraße / Hertha Firnberg road.

Other Adult Services

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Kontaktbar is a place where prostitutes hang out hoping to pick up customers. Some Kontaktbars are just normal bars where you just happen to see many sex workers, with or without the owner's consent, but you often also get "normal" people besides (it can be quite amusing and/or instructive to settle down with a drink and watch discretely).

  • Kontaktbar Susi Bar, Ausstellungsstrasse 15 1020 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Miranda Bar, Czerningasse 25 1020 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Stadion Bar , Mayergasse 5 1020 Wien
Tel: 01 214 02 64
  • Kontaktbar Safari Bar, Obermüllnerstrasse 1 1020 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Sauna For You, Rembrandtstrasse 12 1020 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Xcite Bar, Am Heumarkt 3 1030 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Happy Night Bar, Waaggasse 13 1040 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Piccolo Bar, Wiedner Gürtel 28 1040 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Fantasie, Margaretenstrasse 101 1050 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Kontakttreff, Spengergasse 51 1050 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Etoile Bar, Wimmergasse 11 1050 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Cafe-Bar Angelique, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 40 1070 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Oxay Bar, Neubaugürtel 42 1070 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Belibi Bar, Seegasse 21 1090 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Luna Bar, Oberlaaer Strasse 209 1100 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Lovekino, Michael-Bernhard Gasse 13 1120 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Cinderella Bar, Arnsteingasse 30 1150 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Castellani, Neubaugürtel 15 1150 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Kontaktcafe, Sechshauserstrasse 18 1150 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Melodie Bar, Ullmannstraße 51 1150 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Karibik Bar, Hormayrgasse 49 1170 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Amore Bar, Klopstockgasse 26 1170 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Femina Bar , Kutschkagasse 1180 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Feeling Bar, Währinger Gürtel 25 1180 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Bar 66, Leopoldauer Strasse 66 1210 Wien
  • Kontaktbar Bar Christine, Leopoldauer Strasse 66 1210 Wien


  • Peepshow, Burggasse 112 1070 Wien
  • Peepshow Burggasse, Castle Street 112, 1070
  • Peep Erotic, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 31, 1160
  • Peepshow Raaberbahngasse, Raaberbahn Gasse 20, 1100
  • Peep ML Revue, Mariahilfergürtel 23-27, 1150
  • Peep 69, Davidgasse 20, 1100 Wien


  • Laufhaus Juchgasse, Juchgasse 11 1030 Wien
  • Laufhaus-Rachel, 1230 Wien, Triesterstrasse 176
  • Laufhaus Vienna, 1100 Wien, Triesterstrasse 41-43
  • Kontakt-Zentrum, Süßenbrunner Straße 7 1220 Wien
  • Kontakthof, 1230 Wien, Erlaaerstrasse 37
  • Laufhaus ICI Paris, 1220 Wien, Wagramer Straße 242
  • Laufhaus House4Love, 22. Süßenbrunnerstraße 7


The basic form of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline/ Dominance & Submission/ Sado-Masochism) is all about the erotic and sexual acts and mind-sets of dominating and relinquishing control.

In the past few years BDSM has got a pretty bad reputation, but the basic principles can be extremely liberating and in the long run if you engage with it, turn you on in a way that you would never even have thought about. The fact that the standard media representation of BDSM is of something seedy and weird and sometimes make it feel like a taboo.

But if girl take the reins it can actually increase their sexual confidence and sense of agency, while giving men a break from having to be 'on top', psychologically as well as literally which is the standard dynamic for most lovers. The trick is to have an open mind to sexuality, obviously anything which causes harm to your loved one or yourself is not good, but we're all humans and exploring the parts that make us a little different is what can make a hugely beneficial relationship.

BDSM Services in Vienna

  • Atelier Prison, Wien
Weekdays Mon - Fri 8-17. Tel: 01 504 56 13
  • Madame Queen, Steiningergasse 42 Wien
Tel: 0664 303 30 89
  • Domina Casandra, Novaragasse 46 1020 Wien
Open 11-19. Domina and massage services offered. Tel: 01 216 08 29
  • Lady Sarah, Breitenfurterstraße 88 1120 Wien
Tel: 0664 2810857
  • Lady Andrea, Brunnengasse 6a 1160 Wien
Tel: 0676 360 80 15
  • Lustsklavin Michelle, Herbststrasse 35A 1160 Wien
Tel: 0699 11 63 82 02 E-Mail:
  • Lady Vivienne, Hyrtlgasse 23 1160 Wien
Tel: 0676 605 54 18
  • Bizarrtreff, Neulerchenfelderstrasse 89 1160 Wien
Tel: 01 489 35 05
  • SMart Angels Haslingergasse 13a 1170 Wien
Tel: +43 (0)664 324 70 83
  • Madame Sanders, Kreuzgasse 1180 Wien
Tel: 0664 4906530
  • Victoria, Othmargasse 16 1200 Wien
Tel: 0676 530 94 31
  • Lady Bizarr, Pragerstrasse 114 121 Wien
Tel: 0664 560 5885
  • Funny House, Pragerstrasse 114 1210 Wien
Tel: 01 278 14 31

Transsexuals and Shemales

Many of the Shemale Escorts working in Vienna, come from South European and South American countries. Half-hour sex usually costs around 100-150€ and 1 hour sex cost 150-200€. Most of the transexuals are versatile, but make sure you tell ahead what you want incase she is "top only" and you are looking for a "bottom" tranny.

Where to find T-girls in Vienna

  • Studio Passion, Handelskai 208, 1020 Wien (Near: Mexikoplatz – U1 Vorgartenstrasse) Monday to Thursday from 10.00 - 24.00, Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 03.00.
  • TS Lucia, Handelskai 208, 1020 - Vienna
Curvy surprise in the studio Passion. Phone: +43 688/968 42 41
  • TS Valery, Handelskai 208, 1020 - Vienna
Brand new - 23 cm real passion in studio in Vienna! Phone: +43 688/64 69 39 22
  • Diana Shemale, Phone: 06764922915
  • Ladyboy, Phone: 0699 10 60 84 24
  • Trans Woman Sabrina , Phone: 0664 104 73 532
  • TS PALOMA, Phone: 06649288563
  • Melissa, Phone: 0676 4922915
  • Savannah Trans, Ramperstorffergasse 28, 1050 Vienna, Telephone: 0676 718 1509
  • XL Patricia, Gfrornergasse 13 1060 Vienna, Phone: 0676 49 51 566
  • Trans Babs 1100, Vienna, Phone: 0664 5814364
  • Trans girl Tanja, 1120 Vienna, Phone: 0699 81467090
  • Lea, Herbststrasse 25a 1160 Vienna, Telephone: 0699 11 740 962
  • TS Lara, Seeböckgasse 23 1160 Vienna, Phone: 0664 36 88 467 E-mail: contact @
  • Mercy Trans, Causeway 24B 1200 Vienna, Phone: 0676 4157935
  • La Luna 121a, Klosterneuburger Street 121a 1200 Vienna
  • Hinge, Paschinger Strasse 33 4060 Vienna, Phone: 0676 742 00 05

Sexual Services for Women

Male prostitution is not so common in Vienna as in 2014 there were only 70 male prostitutes in Vienna and most of them serve gay men instead of women.

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

Vienna offers a complete range of hotels. Prices are relatively higher than in neighboring countries, or in the neighboring countryside, but quality is also often better.

In choosing an accommodation it is important to know which part of the city you want to spend time in. Most accommodations claim to be centrally located, which for the Viennese would mean they should be in or next to the 1st District, few actually are. Many are even outside the core districts 2-9. Still, all of them are located within about a 5-minute walk to an underground or at least a rail or tram station, you can get to the center within 20 minutes or less on public transportation form anywhere in the city.

A quick reminder about addresses and districts: the number preceding the street name is the district. So 9., Badgasse 26 is Badgasse #26 in the 9th district. These can also be made into a postal code by substituting it the XX: A-1XX0 Vienna (0X for districts below 10), for instance A-1090 Vienna for the 9th district.

Smoking rooms are relatively common. Non-smoking rooms are in limited supply, and hotels with non-smoking floors are less common. Senstive non-smokers may be bothered that public areas of the hotel (often the hallway outside your room) are often heavy with tobacco smoke.

See also: Global list of girl friendly hotels

Stay Safe

Vienna is potentially one of the safest cities in the world for its size. There are no slums or districts you should avoid. In general, you can visit any part of the city at any time of the day without taking many risks — just use your common sense. At night, though, it is wise to avoid parks. The drug scene at Karlsplatz (underneath the Opera) hangs out there during the day, but they do not care at all about tourists. Just ignore them and they will ignore you. The Prater (fair grounds/amusement park area) is said by some locals to be less safe at night, though more in reference to pickpockets than anything else. As in any major city, watch out for pickpockets who grab and run when boarding the U-Bahn (['u?ba?n] subway). Petty crimes (like jackets 'going missing') are more common and normally go unreported and won't get much sympathy. There have been a very few racist assaults in Vienna (even some by the police themselves). Many streets and public-transport facilities are littered with racist and nazi graffiti. One runs the risk of being pickpocketed. Schwedenplatz, along the Ring, is sleazy in the evenings, but basically harmless; the Stadtpark, along the Ring, to the East, is a bit deserted at night and therefore best avoided.


Prostitution is legal, even on the street, and is common around the area of the Prater. Ironically, some of the areas are stones thrown from the UNODC Headquarters (the UN agency responsible for combating human trafficking) and are human trafficking hubs for all of Europe. Many of these prostitutes are not registered and a high number are known to be trafficked, so take care if seeking their services. It is safer for everyone involved to visit a brothel. Women dressed in a certain manner walking around these areas alone at night might feel uncomfortable being checked-out in a certain way but there is no real danger. (There is no male street-prostitution to speak of in Vienna.)

Missing people

Austria has one of the highest rates of missing people (per-capital) in the Western world. It is similar to that of the USA despite Austria's small size and the fact that everyone is required to register their address with the state.

Fraud and scam

Recently, there have been some reports of fraud around Karlsplatz and the Ring. The usual scenario is that someone will stop you and ask for directions. A couple of other guys show up claiming to be police, showing a badge (must be fake). They ask if you were getting drugs from the other guy and then will ask for your passport and wallet for verification. When you are busy trying to convince them that your passport is valid, one of them sneaks out some money from your wallet. Best to tell them that you want to go to the police station — there is one at Karlsplatz U-Bahnstation. It's a minor annoyance, but it's better to be careful. In a different case of fraud they try to convince you that your money is counterfeit money and that they have to inspect it. As always use common sense: police are taught to approach you in a very distinctive way (you will notice if they do so), the badge must have Polizei ([?p?l?'?a??] police) and the Austrian coat of arms and/or the Austrian flag located somewhere on it, and they will be willing to bring you to the police station or a properly uniformed officer.

Related articles:

Bike lines

Do not walk on the bike lanes and cross them like you would cross any other road. Some bike lanes are hard to recognize (e.g. on the "Ring" in Vienna) and some cyclists bike rather fast. Walking on bike lines is not only considered impolite but it is illegal and you run the danger of getting hit.

Street gambling

If you see people gambling on the streets (usually in popular tourists' destinations like Stephenplatz or Mariahilferstrasse), stay away! The modus operandi usually involves a guy playing the classic game of "hiding the ball". This involves covering the ball (or small trinket) with either a bottle cap or a match box and swirling it around with two other bottle caps asking people to guess the position of the ball. The game is set in a way that you can easily see the ball's position. This is done to lure the unsuspecting person into placing a wager. There are usually two main players and, between them, they will lose and win money back and forth to give the appearance that it is a fair game - do not be tricked! They are from the same gang. Once you get greedy and get lured in, you will surely lose your money! The person in control of the bottle caps will remove the ball from their position through sleight of hand and you will never see your money back. Besides the two or three other players involved, there are usually at least two lookouts - one on each side of 'stage'. Vienna has plenty of legal casinos if you care to try your luck.

In addition, it is common for suspicious persons to approach you in the city centers if you are standing still for a while (particularly if eating at outdoor tables). They will be holding magazines for sale, and will ask you if you are interested in looking at one for free. They are typically very aggressive in their demeanor. Do not be fooled by them! It is not free. If you look at the magazine for free, they will refuse to take the magazine back and demand payment for it at a high cost (typically 2 euros, which is the price of local homeless' magazines in Austria like "Augustin", but they are in German anyways and it indeed has become a trend amongst non-related people to abuse the idea). The best response in this situation is, when they first approach, to simply wave your hands demonstratively to say no while shaking your head and repeat the phrase "Nein danke" ([na??n 'da?k?] no thank you) to them repeatedly until they leave. If police are nearby, these people may accuse you of stealing the magazine, but many police know of their trickery so stand your ground. However, the best response in all cases is simply to dismiss these beggars by saying "Nein danke" and refusing to take the magazine. They will often look for tourists or people who look as though they are visiting hoping to make a sale; therefore, be prepared to tell them "Nein danke" as necessary so that they will leave you alone. They are not violent and just trying to get money from you, so do not be afraid that they will hurt you if you tell them no.

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