FKK Clubs

Germany has over 500 so called FKK Clubs. Other countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic have copied the concept and business over the past decade from Germany. True Original FKK Clubs are defined by the original FKK Club which was invented over 30 years ago in Lichtenberg-Hennef Germany by a local German named "Bernd's".

The Original FKK Club concept includes the following:

  • Girls are totally nude with the exception of heels
  • Girls are forbidden to approach the men
  • Sex can take place anywhere in the club area and often does
  • The club is well lit as opposed to dark night club settings and black or red lights
  • No hassle pricing, prices are set firm
  • Entry fee includes all your drinks, including alcohol and beer
  • Customer input and experiences determine if girl continue to work
  • There are several terms used for German sex clubs "FKK Clubs" included (Sauna Club, FKK Club or FKK Sauna Club)

All the terms above can and are used to define if a club is indeed an authentic FKK Club

Clubs such as Golden Time, Living Room, Villa Vertigo, Planet Happy Garden often are listed and included as FKK Clubs however they are not authentic. The reason for this is the girls are often wearing swim suits or lingerie.

In the last decade Hybrid clubs have evolved and surfaced which are called "Pauschalclubs"

German Pauschalclubs offer all the sex you want within a specified period of time.

Typical Pauschalclub Prices:

  • 60 Euros for 60 minutes
  • 70 Euros for 3 hours
  • 129 Euros for all day (12 hours)

Pauschalclubs some were previously were FKK clubs, brothels, swinger clubs or partytreffs which went out of business due to different reasons. Over the last decade clubs have more than doubled in Germany and sprung up in few other countries due to the international popularity. While the customer base has not necessarily grown as fast as the clubs competition has grown clubs were forced to offer more to their clients. A decade ago food was rarely to never found at any FKK clubs. Basics included soft drinks, coffee, cookies, fresh fruit or sometimes soup. Pauschalclubs go the extreme providing one price which includes all the sex you want, food and drinks such as beer.

Sex Clubs:

  • GoldenTime Sauna Club Germany
  • Living Room Sauna Club Germany
  • Villa Vertigo Sauna Club Germany
  • Planet Happy Garden Sauna Club Germany
  • FKK Club Oase Frankfurt Germany
  • FKK Club World Giessen Germany
  • FKK Club Sharks Darmstadt Germany

Biggest German FKK-Clubs:

  • FKK Club World or World FKK Club (has the largest grounds.)
  • FKK Club Oase or Oase FKK Club (has the most women which can be as high as 150)

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