Thai Massage Guide to Sweden

Sweden Sex Guide advises where to find sex, prostitution, hookers, brothels, erotic massage parlors and escorts in Sweden.


  • Stockholm - The capital and largest city, famous for its beauty and the amazing archipelago. In addition, Stockholm offers a unique nightlife scene and it is home to some of Northern Europe's best restaurants.
  • Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) - A port and industrial city on the west coast, second in size.
  • Malmö - Connected to the Danish capital of Copenhagen by the Öresund Bridge.
  • Västerås - The centre of Swedish industrialisation. Only an hour away from Stockholm.
  • Växjö - In the heart of Småland this beautiful city defended Sweden against the danes back in the days.
  • Linköping - A University city and the 7th most populous in Sweden.
  • Jönköping - A picturesque town surrounded by lakes in Småland, also the 10th most populous in Sweden.
  • Kiruna - A mining town in Lappland, and the northernmost city in Sweden.
  • Luleå - Industrial city in northern Norrland, with a technical university.
  • Umeå - University city in Norrland.
  • Uppsala - Lively pretty old university city. Fourth largest city in Sweden.
  • Örebro - Old shoe manufacturing centre, halfway between Stockholm and Oslo.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Here is the description about Erotic Massage in Thai/Asian massage parlors in Sweden. Maybe it will clarify things for women, and those men who have not tried it. Most generally Asian/Thai massage parlors can be found all over the Sweden. Most places will have bright lightning in windows and there is usually a doorbell that you need to ring to get in. Even if the places looks like closed, it is worth to ring the doorbell because some girls also sleep in the parlors and work 24/7.

If the place is smaller there is only one girl working and you can negotiate what you want and bargain right at the door steps. If there studio is bigger, then mamasan will ask you if you want half-hour or one-hour massage? Then you will pay and either get to pick your girl or mamasan will lead you to your room and random girl will come to your room and give you a massage. Usually cost is 300-350 kr for an hour.

In a room you will get naked and lay down on your stomach. Incase you do not get naked and when girl comes to your room she will ask you to take your underwear off or just pull them off. Some places will also have a small towel they use to cover you.

Usually there will be some Asian music playing during the massage and massage quality will differ a lot. Some girls will actually massage you quite well. But most of the time brochure is following: Lady will massage you very gently or just rub your back and legs a little and usually "accidentally" touch your balls. After a 10-15minutes she will ask you to turn around. If you have a hard-on, then she will usually say something like "ooh, it´s so big, do you want to get it massaged also?" and if you´re not hard she will keep massaging for a while and touch your penis more "accidentally" and then ask the same question. Some girls will ask also if you want sex or blowjob.

This is where you need your negotiation skills. Usually starting prices can be quite high and you can pretty much always get what you want at least half of the price they ask. Just remember to have smaller bills and do not show for the lady that you have more money than you are willing to pay because then they will try to get that money too.

After you pay, service you get can differ a lot. Sometimes you can get really good hand job and girl will let you finger her at the same time. Sometimes you will get a handjob with rubber glove and girl will not even look you at the same time. Also sex can be sometime very good and sometimes the girl will just lay down on her back and not even look you in your eyes.

After you cum. Girls will usually clean the cum with a paper towel or real towel. Some girls will make you to clean it. Then most of the time girl will leave the room after you come and not come back even if there is time left. You will get dressed and leave the place either satisfied or not satisfied.

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