Petain Road

Petain Road, aka Kin Jio Kar (hokkien for Banana Leg) is one of the lesser known legal red-light districts in Singapore. 'Kin Jio Kar' is what the older people in Singapore calls it and this brothel has been around since the last few decades. It is a fairly popular to hunt for budget bonks for Singaporeans, foreigners and foreign workers.

There are about 30 houses in total and each house has up to 20 cubicle rooms with some houses having 2 stories. Each cubicle is just large enough to accomodate a bed. Some rooms come with attached showers. There are no pimps to pressure your choice, which can sometimes result in many customers crowding to peek at the more popular ladies. The rooms are rented by the ladies themselves, mostly Malaysians and these ladies normally start work around 11.30hrs to end around 20.00hrs. There are some ladyboys too, mostly housed in House 9. Almost all the ladies are Chinese with a minority of Malays. Competition has increased in recent years as many ladies from other Red Light Districts Geylang and Orchard Towers has moved their trade here. The place is open daily including all public holidays.

Working girls & Prices

Ladies here are mostly professional mature with the exception of some young girls. Age range is from early 20s to the late 50s. As for the looks of the ladies, this will really depend on individual preferences. Prices start from $20 to $50. Customers will check out the price by asking. The ladies will normally reply with using fingers on their price. Price negotiation is possible here although not used by all customers. The popular ones normally commands about $50 and almost all hookers expect the session to last about 15-20min although there are no hard rules for the time since the ladies are their own boss. Ladies here are required by the authorities to go for a health screening almost every few weeks, so it is safer than the freelancers/streewalkers.

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