Kurfürstenstrasse has been one of Berlin's main red-light districts for over 100 years, but the sex work is becoming increasingly marginalized. Back in the days prostitutes could freely work in places like the local parks or abandoned spaces but luxury condos are being build in those spots, radically changing the character of the area.

For some prostitutes working in brothels isn't an attractive option because it makes them less flexible—and the cost for a room can be expensive. There are two hot-sheet hotels in the area, with only a couple of rooms each. The sex workers say that one of them is filthy, but I was denied access to it twice. The other hotel is The Hotel Stockholm, which is the oldest establishment in Berlin. It's well run, but there aren't many punters who are willing to pay 15€ extra for a room.

Most of the sex workers in Kurfürstenstrasse red-light district are from Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary, but some of them are Sinti Roma´s. The majority of the prostitutes are female, but there are some transsexual sex workers also in Kurfürstenstrasse.

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