How to identify a cheap prostitute

When you have targeted a prostitute, it's always good to know what kind of working girl you are dealing with. In some situations she might be also an undercover cop or a dude!

Tips and Tricks

A street prostitute talking to a potential customer in Turin, Italy

Here is a list of handy tips and tricks for properly identifying them:

  • Depressed stare = hooker
  • Bad smelling breath = hooker
  • Breath smelling to donuts = cop
  • Missing teeth = hooker
  • Five o clock shadow = dude
  • Full head of hair = cop
  • Semen on her hair = hooker
  • Hygiene = cop
  • Penis = dude
  • Low voice = dude
  • Cheddary smell = dude or hooker
  • Knife scars = dude or hooker
  • Real jewelry = dude or cop
  • Visible infection = hooker
  • Visible ribs = hooker
  • Visible spine = hooker
  • Sense of pride = cop

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