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The Cayman Islands [1] are an island group in the Caribbean Sea, ninety miles south of Cuba. The outstanding coral reefs and outstandingly clear waters have made this island group a favorite destination of divers. Great beaches and fine restaurants and resorts make it an excellent tourist destination as well.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is illegal and rarely seen. Oriented towards finance and tourist families. There are no "sex clubs" or casinos and you can't even buy Playboy at a newsstand.


Cayman Islands regions map.png
Grand Cayman
The largest island and home to most of the population and tourist facilities. The other two islands are called the Sister Islands by locals and are also tourist destinations.
Little Cayman
Cayman Brac


  • George Town - the capital

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Red Light Districts

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

You may be able to hook up with some of the North American and European tourists who visit the Cayman Islands. It is very hard or almost impossible to find prostitutes in Cayman Islands. Cuba and Jamaica are just short flight away and you could fly those islands for couple days to find cheap hookers.

Street hookers

In the past you were able to find some street prostitutes along Eastern Avenue in George Town. Blowjob did cost only about 15 USD or sex maybe 25-30 USD. Today there are no street prostitutes in Cayman Islands, but some women who are in Cayman Islands with working visa are looking for some guys with cash. The small restaurants and bars in the hinterlands to the small businesses in town and along Seven Mile Beach, all have potential. Along with the time commitment, you have to contend with most businesses being closed on Sundays which happens to be the day off for most of these girls. But they appreciate a supper, a ride to run a few errands, and a relaxing time on the beach or if you can manage to fit them in to one of the few island tourist activities. This will cost you a few bucks, and time, but you get a GF experience in return and some sex possibly.

Strip clubs

Erotic massage parlors

You can find massage studios from Cayman Islands, but it is very hard to get anything else than just a massage. If you are lucky and play your cards right, you could get some extra massage.


Gay and Lesbian

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Same sex activity was forcefully decriminalized in 2000 by a British law order imposed on the Cayman Islands–and many conservative locals did not appreciate that royal command. As a result the subsequent constitution of the Caymans, enacted by the local government, deliberately excluded sexual orientation as a prohibited status for discrimination. As a result the subsequent constitution of the Caymans, enacted by the local government, deliberately excluded sexual orientation as a prohibited status for discrimination. London protested the action as “deplorable” and expressed the opinion that it violated human rights laws. But since homophobia is irrational and obeys no rules of civility the Cayman parliament ignored the protest and today expresses its discriminatory policies in that constitution and in its official attitudes.

Sexual Services for Women

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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Accommodations are ample but tend to be relatively expensive, even on the two smaller islands. There are several luxury resorts with all amenities, as well as other less expensive options. In addition, the cost of food and drink is high in Cayman, but many visitors stay in condominiums with kitchen facilities and take advantage of the first class supermarkets and cook and barbeque on the beach.

Cayman is not known for all inclusive resorts, but there are two smaller Caribbean style properties that do offer this option.

The majority of hotels and resorts are in Grand Cayman, where the main hotel "strip" is Seven Mile Beach, home to several major chain hotels and numerous condominiums. Seven Mile Beach is a public beach, so you are able to walk the entire length of the beach.

Off Seven Mile Beach[2] are several dive resorts and, in the Eastern Districts, numerous private homes and villas, as well as several resorts and attractions for those preferring a more tranquil vacation.

Little Cayman focuses on dive vacations and has a unique charm, as well as some of the best diving anywhere.

Camping is illegal on all three islands at all times. There are no campsites on any of the islands.

Stay safe

  • Hurricanes are possible from June through November.
  • Despite being more liberal than other Caribbean islanders, Caymanians are still relatively conservative. Public displays of affection (both Gay and Straight) are not usually acceptable. Acceptance of homosexual tourists is relatively new and visitors should refrain from any sort of public displays of affection. In past years Gay cruise ships have been barred from calling in the Cayman Islands, but recent policy is to remain non-discriminatory. Gay visitors can expect the same levels of hospitality and service as any other visitor, but should expect some hesitation from older Caymanians. Young Caymanians are very liberal and for the most part, won't care either way.
  • The Cayman Islands is a "relatively low-crime area, especially compared to other vacation destinations in the Caribbean".

"However, that being said, crime is on the rise on Grand Cayman. Walking or riding a bicycle at night along dark roads (for example, along Courts Road) puts one at risk for assault and/or robbery. Pedestrians also need to worry about being hit by cars along soft shouldered roads. Drunk driving/Hit and Run accidents have been a problem. The RCIPS regularly conducts roadblocks to deter and detect drunk driving, making numerous arrests most weekends. DWI/DUI is a serious offense in Cayman.

The capital city of George Town is generally safe. Tourists should avoid certain areas (Rock Hole, Swamp, Jamaica Town/ Windsor Park, Courts Road, and Eastern Avenue) and this shouldn't be a problem as these areas are all well out of the way for most activities. In addition, George Town is virtually deserted at night as there are few centrally located restaurants, bars, or nightclubs.

One need not be overly concerned about miscellaneous belongings. While at the beach, no one will be stealing your lunch, towel or sneakers. Cayman thieves are not desperate individuals, and have no interest in normal personal effects or used snorkeling gear. Very likely the thieves are just local teens looking for items that they can sell to other local teens. Example: An average pair of sunglasses will not "grow legs"; But a flashy pair of Chanel knock-offs just might!

Special note to women: Women traveling alone should be especially careful at night, as sexual assaults do occasionally occur. Carry a cell phone capable of emergency calls to local 911. If you feel you are being followed or inappropriately watched, you should immediately call the police. The RCIPS is a very responsive and extremely professional organization. They will take your complaint seriously.

Grand Cayman is no longer a Camelot . But not to worry. You can enjoy a relaxing and "incident-free" holiday if you take care to be aware of your surroundings and lock doors and windows when possible.

(This update on crime was originally added under the discussion section.)

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