Burgos Street

Burgos Street Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Burgos Street, Manila, Philippines.

The little red-light district in Manila at Burgos Street in Makati is a well known hangout for sexpats and business people. It's high prices keep away the large crowd of sex tourists that invade Angeles City in the north of the Philippines. The Manila scene of Filipino bars with overpriced drinks and thirsty GROs has not changed to much over the past years. It is a long street lined on both sides with Go Go Bars.

Burgos Street is always packed Go-go bars, ladyboys and street whores

Bars and Restaurants on P Burgos

There are many good restauranst and bars on Burgos Street and on nearby streets. There is a wide range and variety of quality and price around the area from Ladyboy and midget bars to a normal beer bars.

The bars of Burgos red light district open up much later than in other red-light districts around the world.

At the daytime, the selection of staff members working a restaurants and go-go bars can be anywhere from limited to truly low-quality, if you are in to the skinny hot filipinas. Because on the daytime most women working at the go-go bars are older and bigger ladies, but if you are up for a good company, usually these ladies have the best jokes! Some bars like Bottoms and Shampoo open in the afternoon and change their shift early at night, while other places like Kojax and Plan B do not open until 9 pm.

After 930pm most go-go bars start to oepn up and the new girls come on and customers start to fill the seats and the party gets started. At this time most of the bars on Burgos have many sexy girls on stage. Tickles and Bottoms have usually most girls working at the same time, so these are great options for a good quality time and smaller places like Dimples may have also many! Most of these girls are around 22 to 27 years old.

Go Go Bars

System: Buy one drink for yourself at minimum. If you want female company, you are expected to buy her a lady drink, which costs 2-4 times the price of your drink. If you want to take her home, you have to pay the bar fine, which is 10 times the cost of a lady drink. You can deduct the cost of lady drinks from the bar fine. For example a common lady drink price is 390. The bar fine would be 3900. If you buy her 10 lady drinks, then the bar fine is waived. If you buy her 5 lady drinks, then 1950 is deducted from the bar fine. She will stay until morning, and you also have to pay her a tip between 2000-5000, depending on the girl. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are the best. There are more go go bars in Makati area than listed here, but you should start with these:

Bar Name San Miguel Light Lady Drink Bar Fine Lady Tip
Bourbon Street 160 390 3900 3000
Crazy Horse 100 300 3000 3000
Dandasha 160 390 3900 3000
G string 120 295 3500 3000
Hollywood 160 390 3000 3000
Ivory 160 390 3900 3000
Ivory Jungle Room 160 390 3900 3000
Kojax 100 300 2600 3000
Lucky Charm 105 300 3000 3000
Mixed Nuts 150 390 3900 3000
Papillon 160 390 3900 3000
Plan B 100 300 2800 3000
Rascals 160 390 3900 3000
Rogues 85 350 1600 4000
Shampoo Bar 150 390 3900 3000
Tickles 150 350 3500 3000
Wow 130 390 3900 3000
  • Rogues has become popular lately cause of its more reasonable prices. Voted best bar by most. Bar fines in the vicinity of P1200/1500 , if your lucky. Suggest you try it first , and then it might be all down hill after that. Rogues is more of a bar fine place. BJ's available on the premises.
  • Jools is located at the top end of P. Burgos St. This is principally a top Show Place and is not a GoGo bar as we know them. Rogues and Bottoms are used more for barfining girls, not for shows. Normally no strip tease in this joint. Drinks cost P150 (beer) and Ladies Drink (P350) which is relatively expensive. Not all of the girls are of the 'take out' variety , so don't spend money on Ladies Drinks without asking her availability first. No cover charge , no pushing for Ladies Drinks, excellent floor show which starts around 10pm. Arrive 9/9.30pm for good seat. Show comes on for 20/30 mins (scantily dressed normally).
  • Bottoms, there are usually lots of girls. Normally a busy bar (good sign). Bar fine reputably P3900 minus any ladies drinks already bought. Possibility of a BJ in the booth. Nice looking girls.
  • Bandito
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Wow Wow Wow
  • Dimples, P. Burgos Street.
  • High Heels (girls will grope your privates)
  • Plan B bar (opposite to Bottoms bar)

  • 'Ringside’ The most refreshing new opening is a bar called Ringside. This new joint offers a nice deco. Instead of the typical dance floor they have a small boxing ring in the center of the bar where foxy boxing fights of Filipina bargirls take place every other night - highly entertaining fun!
Red Light District of Manila.


  • Royal Bellagio - the Royal Bellagio offers 110 themed rooms on 16 floors. They offer overnight and short time deals. In the same building there are new bars like The Bronx and Mirrors and just a few meters across Burgos Street.

Massage Parlors

  • Thai Massage - there is a new Thai massage parlor right beside Ivory bar.

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