The Cathedral in the capital city.

Asunción sex guide advises where to find prostitution, hookers, brothels, erotic massage parlors and escorts in Asunción, Paraguay (South America).

Asunción is the capital and economic centre of Paraguay.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution in Paraguay is legal for persons over the age of 18. Prostitution is common in the country.

Prostitution is rampant and obvious after dark on the main avenues in the outskirts and in small parts of the city center's oldest parts near the port. Transvestite prostitutes are common around many areas, and are best avoided as they are known to cause trouble occasionally.

Where to Get Sex Now

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Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in Asunción. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

There is no official red-light district in Asuncion. Street prostitutes are spread in different areas, just like brothers also.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Prostitutes in Asuncion, Paraguay can be found in streets, special private clubs, massage parlors or in some late night bars or night clubs.

Street Hookers

You can find street walkers in Asuncion from following areas:

  • In the park across from the Plaza de la Democracia, Calles Estrella and Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, near the Panteon de los Heroes.
  • Plaza Uruguaya.
  • Palma Street. Price of sex: 100g.
  • There is one chica per intersection along Estrella and Olivia between Plaza Uruguaya and Montevideo.
  • Presidential Palace
  • Near the old train station (Plaza Uruguaya). Price of sex: 50g-100g.
  • Main road to San Lorenzo in the district of Fernando de la Mora on the street Mariscal López, from about the supermarket Superseiz and the Shell gas station.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Here is a list of clubs in Asuncion:

  • Club Playboys. 14 de Mayo at Calle Azara. 5+ Dancers. Prices: 20Gs entrance fee if there is a show. 60-100$. 250G take out. Hours: Until 3am.
  • 845 Mexico. Prices: $60-100. Hours: Until 3am.
  • Toc Toc Club
  • Studio 54, Av. Colon. 5-10 freelancers after 10PM. Prices: 100G.
  • Karim Club, Calle Estrella. 2 blocks past La Plaza Uruguaya.
  • Lebacan, Alejo Garcia 1576 with Av. Carlos Antonio Lopez, Barrio Sajonia. Tel: 420 772.


  • Near the Gran Hotel Armele. 5-10 Chicas. Prices: 100g. Hours: After 10pm.
  • Arena Café is located on Brasilia Avenue corner of Siria Street. Stripper.

Brothels / Casas

Here is a list of brothels (casa = "house") in Asuncion. Prices are with local currency in thousands. Some information might be outdated (try to call first):


  • Caballero 903 with Manuel Dominguez, (Independiente 1). 3+ Chicas. Prices: 50g 20mins. 70g 30 min. 100g hour. Tel: 448 086. Hours: 7 Days.
  • Colon 766, 1ro. Dpto. 01, with Humaita. (Yanina 1, 62). Tel: 444 882.
  • Colon 766, 3ero. Dpto. 06, 1 55, Red carpet with flowers, with Humaita. Tel: 0981-938 087.
  • Colon 766, 3er. Dpto 7 with Humaita, (Alana). Tel: 0991-610 252.
  • Colon 767 at Haedo and Humaita. Tel: 447 117.
  • Colon 791 with Humaita. Tel: 0971-984 742.
  • Estrella 864, 1er piso, at Montevideo and Ayolas, (Claus I). Tel: 443 662, 0982-204 470.
  • 14 de Mayo 473, 2do, Ultimo piso, at Oliva and Estrella. Tel: 0981-885 743.
  • Estrella 994, 2nd floor. 2+ Chicas. Prices: 60g 30 min, Tel: 0981-166 395.
  • 15th de Agosto 230, 9 piso dpto. 01. Tel: 0971-272 172.
  • Pasaje Recalde 1169, Fondo right, (Independiente 2).

Plaza Italia:

  • Ayolas 709 (Planta Alta) see / Víctor Haedo why Humaitá, (El Jardin de las Diosas).2+ Chicas. Tel. : (021) 444 468, Cell: (0972) 874 195, (0982) 659 473, (0982) 659 434. Hours: 24.
  • 14 de Mayo 1008, with Manduvira or Piribebuy, (Deseos Agency).5. 10 Chicas. Prices: 70k 30 min. 100k 45 min. 120k hour. Tel: Best to call First (021) 447 563, 491 978. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9. 00am to 9. 00pm. Recommended: "No hassles with floors or separate buzzers. Very comfortable place, made welcome and well organized. A gay guy answered. Sitcom funny, no aggressive or hard sell. The girls are all young, beautiful and really hot." (On the web they claim to be open 24hs. Better call first if you go at odd hours).
  • 14th de Mayo 1241, with Ygatimi, (A. C. Or Gira Producciones). Near Plaza Italia and its plastic tent squatters. 7 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30mins. 120g hour. Tel: 495 769.
  • J. E. Oleary 556, 2do. Piso Dpto. B C. Fis at Gral Diaz and Oliva. Tel: 494 591.
  • J. E. Oleary 556, 5to dpto. A with Gral Diazand Oliva. Tel: 445 567.
  • J. E. Oleary 757, 3 Super Altas at Haedo and Humaita. Tel: 0961-840 477.
  • J. E. Oleary 796 at Humaita. 5 Chicas. Tel: 445 991.
  • Roma 920 with Montevideo, (Perfiles Producciones). Tel: 0981-122 363, 425 582.

Catedral / San Roque:

  • Mexico 451, piso 1, enter with Cerro Cora at 25th de Mayo, (Sigana Mia). Tel: 496 597.

San Roque:

  • Azara 479, between Mexico and Caballero Bianca. Prices: 100, 000g 30 min. 200, 000g hour. Tel: 0983-750 866. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9. 00am-8. 00pm.
  • Azara 561, Piso 11, Dpto C, at Paraguari and Mexico Edificio. Tel: 0981-843 366.
  • El Eden Azara 495, Top of the stairs. 200g hour.
  • Azara 905, piso 1, Dpto A or D, with EEUU and Tacuary, (Valkirias).4 Chicas. Prices: 80g 30 min. 100g 45 min. 120g hour. Tel: 441 943.
  • Azara 1270, at Curupayty, (Babylonia).15 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30 min. 100g hour. Tel: 0971-138 070, 021 221 990.
  • Azara 1565, at Cnel Irrazabal and Peru, (Elite Producciones).5-7 Chicas 2 Shifts. Prices: Day 70g 30 min. 150g hour, Night 250g hour. Tel: 208 405, 0981-177 976. Hours: 24, Closed Sunday.
  • Brasil 992, with Tte. Fariña. Tel: 0971-348 201.
  • Cero Cora 166 at Yegros, (Promociones & Eventos). Tel: 0981-937 629, 446 760.
  • Cerro Cora 217, at Yegros and Iturbe, (Diane Escorts) , (Promociones and Eventos Pal).7 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30mins. 80g 45mins. 100g hour. Tel: 021-440-926, (0982) 348-466, 446-760, (0981) 937-629.
  • Cerro Cora 462, at Mexico. 5-6 Chicas. Prices: 100g 45 min. 120g hour.
  • Cerro Cora 655, Pta. Alta timbre Nic, at Paraguari and Antequera. Tel: 447 581.
  • Cerro Cora 904, at ?. Hours: 5pm-2am. Might be 3am closing on Friday / Saturday. Closed Sunday.
  • Curupayty 563, with Cerro Cora. 2 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 0971-964 421.
  • Estados Unidos 258, Pta. Alta, Dpto B, at Eligio Ayala and Mcal Estigarribia, (Las Cibeles Models).2 Chicas. Prices: 50g 20mins. 70g 30mins. 120g hour. Tel: 211 565, 0981-987 652.
  • EEUU 525, piso 1er, Escalera Dto 4, and Cerro Cora, (Naomi Producciones).4-5 Chicas. Prices: 60g 20mins. 120g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 497 386, 0981-347 257, 0981-166 923, 0991-522 450.
  • EEUU 525, piso 2do, Dpto B, (Las Cibeles). Tel: 211 565.
  • Estados Unidos 1361 and 2da, White House. 1 Chica works here. Prices: Massage 40g, massage with oral 80g, completo 100g. Tel: 373 998.
  • Mcal. Estigarribia ?, at Pai Perez and Parapiti, (Lethys). Tel: 0981-283 612, 214 120.
  • Mcal Lopez 958, Tacuary and EEUU. 4 Chicas. Prices: 100g hour. Tel: 493 514.

San Roque / Pettirossi:

  • Pettirossi 355, 1er Piso Dpto 7 2, with Pai Perez. Tel: 0961-876 491.
  • Pettirossi 355, 1er Piso Dpto 8, Says Camilla on buzzer, with Pai Perez. Tel: 0971-378 924.
  • Pettirossi 355, 2do, Dpto 6, with Pai Perez. 2 Chicas.
  • Pettirossi 355, 2do. Dpto. 10, with Pai Perez, (Paco Producciones).2 Chicas, Prices: 60g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 0981-290 183, 0961-956 273.
  • Pettirossi 355, 3er. Piso Dpto 12, with Pai Perez. 2 Chicas. Tel: 211 843.

San Roque / General Diaz:

  • Luis Alberto de Herrera 1479, Dpto. A, at Peru. Prices: 80g 30min. 100g 40min. 150g 1 Hour with anal is 200g.
  • Tte. Fariña 1043, at Brasil and EEUU. Tel: 0961-990 264.
  • Tte. Fariña 1442, 2do Piso, at Peru and Pai Perez, (Claus II).3 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30min. 120g hour. Tel: 208 392, 0971-615 960, 0971-613 877.

General Diaz:

  • Antequera 652, 3ro. Dpto. 32, Lider III, with Herrera and Azara. Tel: 492 503.
  • Iturbe 1023, escalera puerta 2 5, Dpto 2, subir la escalera, at Tte. Fariña. Prices: Condoms 2G. 60G 30mins. 100G 60mins. Tel: 445 863.
  • Iturbe 1105, at Rca de Colombia. 1 solo aparato grande. 2+ Chica. Tel: 445 289.
  • Manuel Dominguez 762 at Antequera and Tacuary. 3 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 443 316.
  • Manuel Dominguez 971, with EEUU, Black Doorbell, (Star Model).2 Chicas. Prices: 40g 30mins. 80g hour. Tel: 444 860, 0971-277 611.
  • Lomas Valentinas 992, piso 1, 50, with EEUU (Fina and Coqueta). Tel: 0981-242 804.
  • Paraguari 757, escalera 1 Aporatos, at Herrera and FR Moreno. Tel: 441 865.
  • Paraguari 1397, esq. 2da. Prices: 100g 30mins.
  • Rca. Colombia 589, Alta Dto. A Ptal, with Paraguari. Tel: 0971-115 763.
  • Rca. Colombia 589, Dpto. B Plta. Alta Tr, with Paraguari. Tel: 0981-924 848.
  • Rca. Colombia 1035 at EEUU and Brasil. 2 Chicas. Prices: 80g 30mins. Tel: 0971-118 932.
  • Avda. Dr. Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de la Francia 226, piso 1 A, with Yegros, (Harem Acompanantes Agency). 3-6 Chicas. Prices: 60g 30 min. 120g hour (Until 8pm). Tel: 445 463, 445 457, Cell: 0982 413 191. Recommended.
  • Yegros 1250 at Rodriguez de Francia and 1ra. Particular, (Tania Producciones).4 Chica. Prices: 60g 30min. 100g hour. Tel: 446 275, 0981-433 496, 0981-894 333, 0961-815 298.
  • Simon Bolivar 1046, with EEUU with Cinturon. 3 Chicas. Prices: 30g 20min. 40g 30min. Tel: 0971-132 252.

Ciudad Nueva:

  • Ave. Eusebio Ayala 270, Piso 1 Dpto. 7.2 Chicas. Prices: 30g 20mins. 50g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 0981-947 194. Hours: 6pm to ?.
  • Ave. Eusebio Ayala 270, Pta. Baja, Dpto. 03. I visited. 1 Chica. Prices: 60g 30 min. 100g hour. Tel: 0971-713 877.
  • Ave. Eusebio Ayala 326, Dpto. 1, with Mayor Bullo, (Hot Girl).4 Chicas. Prices: 70g 30mins. 120g hour. Tel: 228 449.
  • Ave. Eusebio Ayala 335, piso 1, 64, with Mayor Bullo, (Paraiso).4 Chicas. Prices: 70g 30mins. 120g hour. Tel: 207 379.
  • 25th de Mayo. 7 piso dpto. B, at 22 de Setiembre, Antequera Edificio. Garantia. Tel: 0981-508 717.

Ita Enramada:

  • Rojas Silva 1110, and Republica de Colombia. Prices: 70g 30mins. 100g hour. Tel: 0981-971799.
  • Rojas Silva 1214, Dpto. 1 Up, and Rodriguez de Francia. 2 Chicas. Prices: 50g hour. Tel: 0981-433 898.

Villa Morra or San Cristobal?:

  • Gral. Garay 530, at Moises Bertoni, (Thais). Tel: 611 658.

Exact Location Unknown:

  • Zona BCP ?, (Chick). Tel: 0981-710 506, 0971-629 705, 0991-333 903.
  • Ceci Productions, ?. 2 Chicas. Prices: 300g hour.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Here is a list of erotic massage parlours in Asuncion:

  • "Casa de Mesaje", in the Mercado 4 district. 6 Chicas. Price: 100G hour.
  • Piribebuy 296 (269?) , at Chile. 2 Chicas. Price: 50g-80g hour. Tel: 900 266.
  • Estetica Corporal / Masaje. 533 Estados Unidos. Price: 50k hour. Tel: (021) 211-678.

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You can see trannies wandering many streets at night time. Be careful.

  • Main road to San Lorenzo in the district of Fernando de la Mora on the street Mariscal López, from about the supermarket Superseiz and the Shell gas station One block after the petrol station there are also transvestite prostitutes.

Gay and Lesbian

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Paraguay may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in Paraguay, but same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for all of the same legal protections available to opposite-sex married couples.

Gay saunas and bathhouses:

  • Sauna 945, Tte. Fariña 945
  • Menstetic Sauna, 14 de Mayo 865. Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su: 02:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

Gay bars and clubs (men only):

  • Friend's Club, Chile 932, 1er Piso

Bars and Clubs for Gays and Lesbians (mixed, trannies welcome):

  • Trauma Disco Pub, 25 de mayo 760
  • Hollywood Dance Club, Independencia Nacional c/ Teniente Fariña
  • Frogus Karaoke, Estrella 852

Sexual Services for Women

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in Asunción, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

  • Eros Sex Shop, 3er Piso Oficina 37, Estrella 692, Asunción, Paraguay
  • Sex Shop Intimos Placares, Asunción Super Centro, 15 De Agosto, Asunción, Paraguay (Tel: +595 21 448116)

Escort Services & Agencies

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In Asuncion, the local escort girls ask US$30 to US$150 for sex, depending the looks and quality of the girl and time.


  • Hotel Imperial, Calle 25 de Mayo, 352 (/ Caballero) (located between the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza Uruguaya). Probably the cheapest in the center. The rooms are very basic and can be rented for the hour - therefore this hotel is known to be used by secret couples and prostitutes. Rooms with A/C for 40.000 Gs with private bathroom. Smaller rooms with fan and private bathroom for 20.000 Gs (probably the cheapest in town), but don't expect too much for this price.

Stay Safe

National police has a highly visible presence, some already decked out in riot gear as if an uprising would be forthcoming at any moment. Because the dictator in the 80's did not tolerate crime in any form crime is not prevalent. Although the perception of crime is that it runs high since the dictator's fall in 1989. Some houses are protected by twenty foot high walls topped by barbed wire and electric fence or razor wire, and those who can afford it, have a full-time guard on their grounds. Despite the locals' rather high perception of crime, Asunción is one of the safer capitals in South America and violent crime is very uncommon. Due to the low numbers of tourists in Paraguay in general, visitors are not likely to be specifically targeted by criminals. Key things to watch out for are petty thieves (watch your pockets on crowded buses) and taxi drivers trying to rip you off (make sure they use the meter). Pickpocketing is said to be prevalent in crowded downtown streets near expensive hotels.

Prostitution is rampant and obvious after dark on the main avenues in the outskirts and in small parts of the city center's oldest parts near the port. Transvestite prostitutes are common around many areas, and are best avoided as they are known to cause trouble occasionally. Female travelers should be aware that they will receive a lot of unwanted attention from Paraguayan males -this is mostly intended as innocent banter in the form of shouts or wolf whistles etc., but can sometimes be accompanied by touching, especially in clubs. This sort of attention is best just ignored. Liquor is easily available but not widely abused, there are a fair few street drunks in some parts of the city, but they are invariably harmless.

Be extremely careful when crossing streets in Asunción. Most drivers consider stop signs and traffic lights to be merely suggestions, even if police are nearby. Buses will stop for almost nothing, so be very careful.

The United States CDC recommends that all visitors to Asunción receive a typhoid vaccination prior to travel. Dengue fever is frequently a risk one takes when traveling to Asunción; unfortunately, no vaccine for this currently exists. To avoid insect-spread diseases, ensure that you use bug spray at all times of the day, without exception.

The "Chacarita" area by the river, next to the Palace is an extremely impoverished and dangerous part of the city, and is definitely not a place to go exploring.

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