La Paz

La Paz Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in La Paz, Bolivia (South America).

La Paz Skyline

La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, while Sucre is the constitutional capital and the seat of the Supreme Court. La Paz was established in 1548, and is in the Andes. Altitude of the city ranges from about 4,058 m (13,313 ft) above sea level in El Alto (where the airport is located) to 3,100 m (10,170 ft) in the lower residential area. It is the highest national capital in the world.

The sight from the air as one flies into La Paz is incredible. First, one sees the sprawling shantytowns of El Alto, slowly giving way to the sight of La Paz itself, clinging tenuously to the sides of what looks like a large gash in the earth.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

In Bolivia, prostitution is legal and regulated.

Prostitutes must register and must undergo regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases (every 20 days). The police are allowed to check whether the prostitutes are registered or not.

Although prostitution is widespread in Bolivia, the prostitutes are severely stigmatized by society, they are blamed for everything from broken homes to the rising HIV-infection rate.

In past years La Paz had a good flow of very decent Argentinean, Brazilian and Paraguayan prostitutes, but in recent years more cash flow to Santa Cruz has produced a shift in higher quality escorts preferring that city for business.

La Paz Female Escorts

You can find hundreds of female escorts in La Paz. The ads can be found from various websites and local newspaper called "La Razon". Search for the section of "Intimidades".

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in La Paz. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

There are many prostitutes and illegal bars in El Alto Area and it is considered a Red-light district. El Alto is just north of La Paz and is one of the country's largest urban areas in Bolivia, with nearly 1 million inhabitants, mostly Aymara and Quechua Indians. There are no proper Red Light Districts in the city of La Paz.

In the 12 de Octubre neighborhood or also called "La 12" (The Twelfth) is a few streets away from the highway linking this gritty industrial city to neighboring La Paz. As night falls over the Altiplano highlands, around 20 brothels will come alive.

Every night, La Casa Verde (The Green House) - one of the area's busiest whore houses will come alive.This is a two-story establishment, loud music resounds as clients parade around, haggling over the price of fucking before entering any one of the small doors surrounding the central dance floor.

Behind each door is a tiny space furnished only with a small bed and table, outside of which countless men await to have sex with a hooker.

Most sex workers wait by the doorway wearing lingerie or completely nude and they are aged around 20.

The 20-minute session with a whore is between $6 and $8 at the El Alto red-light district.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Most of the (indigenous) Bolivian girls are not very attractive. Besides bolivianas, La Paz has prostitues from other countries as well; for example Paraguay. However, you can sometimes find real local gems.

Street Hookers

You can try your luck to find street walkers in La Paz from these streets, although because of the combined effect of social stigma and the cold weather, the options are limited:

  • On 20 de Octubre (supposedly around Plaza del Estudiantes at night).
  • Along Avenida America, hanging out on the corner of the Club Zeus sidestreet.

Hookup and Pick Up Local Girls

Meeting local girls and getting laid for free is fun! Read more on how to pick up girls in La Paz:

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

There are no American style Strip Clubs in La Paz but you can find plenty of brothels and sex clubs.

Brothels / Fuckclubs

You can find a lot of action with girls (chicas) in La Paz. Here is a list of places. Some information (prices) might be outdated as the businesses change their location and shut down often.

Miraflores Area

  • Variette (old name being Kassandras), 100 Honduras y Avenida German Busch. Huge neon sign "Variette," can't miss it. Next to a gas station, half a block off Busch. Open nights. Thurs-Fri-Sat has 25 to 30 chicas, less on other days. Show and dance starts around midnight. 25 BS for a glass of beer. 40-100 BS for a chica.
  • Bella y Discretta, 990 Avenida Busch esq Honduras. Ring buzzer for access. About 3 chicas. 2244698.
  • Nameless Bar, next door to 1010 Avenida Busch, just a few meters from Bella y Discretta, by a place called Good Buby Karaoke. 30 BS for a large beer (same for chicas). About 5 chicas.
  • Barra Americana, next door to 1172 Calle Ponsnasky y Av Cap Hugo Estrada. 30 BS beers. Open nights. 5 to 7 chicas.
  • Pub Stand Bar (Lindas Conejitas), 1192 Calle Ponsnasky y Av Cap Hugu Estrada. 20 BS for a glass of beer. 100 BS chicas (says the newspaper). Open nights. 10-15 chicas when visited.
  • Paraiso, 1617 Claudio Pinilla y Arturo Ponsnansky, a medio cuadra del Stadium. Grey door, ring buzzer. Open during the day, 9am to 9pm. 1 chica when visited. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 100 BS for one hour. 2226784. 72570400. 72592200.
  • Scorpion, 1307 Calle Honduras y Busch. Decent house (for La Paz), quoted 130 BS for a half hour, 170 BS for one hour. Open Sunday. 3-4 chicas when visited. 2222665. 73502949.
  • Casa Blanca, 685 Pje Alipaz, a block up from Calle Puerto Rico. Mon-Sun. Decent house setup, quoted 200 BS for one hour. 3-4 chicas when visited. 2225098.
  • Xtremo Sensual, 1277 Pasaje/Calle Panama. Closed on Sunday. Quoted 80 BS for a half hour, 1 chica was present. 73050965. 72599303.
  • Xcape VIP, on the corner of Busch y Puerto Rico.

Sopocachi Area

  • Katanas Table Dance, next door to 2465 Capt Ravelo y Puenta America (bridge). 35 BS for a glass of beer. One chica quoted $50 for an hour. Open nights. Usually $40-$100US for a chica and Usually 25 to 30 girls around on all nights; the busiest place in all of La Paz. '(This place might be closed by now!)
  • Anacondas. Across the street from Katanas. Open nights. On Thurs-Fri-Sat. Usually 10 or so girls.
  • New Kasual Koctail Whiskey Bar Club Privado, next door to 2040 Capt Ravelo y C. Gral Zapata (corner of). 8 chicas when visited.
  • Dolls, 2023 Capt Ravelo, across street from New Kasual Koctail, look for the numbered neon sign, head down a couple stairs. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 100 BS for 1 hour. 3 chicas present.
  • Deja Vu, 2521 Calle Hermanos Manchego (por la Pedro Salazar, entre 6 de Agosto y Plaza Isabela Catolica). Quoted 100 BS for a half hour, 150 BS for one hour. 20 BS for a beer. 2-3 chicas during the visit. 2442472. 71533699.
  • Prima's, 637 Calle Bella Vista (en Sopocachi). Entre Aspiazu y Ecuador. Decent place with bar. Quoted 200 BS for 1 hour. Medium quality chicas when visited, 6 of them.

San Pedro Area

  • Esmeralda Club, next door to 1612 20 de Octubre. Open nights. 3 chicas during the visit.
  • Dulce Miel, two doors down from 1824 20 de Octubre. Reads "404" over door. Open nights. Large bottle of beer 30 BS (same for chicas). 6-10 chicas present. 70590897.
  • El Ejecutivo, a hole in the wall beside Dulce Miel. These clubs are one block up from Plaza del Estudiante. 3 chicas present.
  • Kansas. Another hole in wall beside Dulce Miel. 2-3 chicas present.
  • Nameless Bar. Another hole in the wall beside Dulce Miel. 2-3 chicas present.
  • Harem, next door to 1293 Calle Gral Gonzales y C. Almirante Grau. It is only a few meters off Plaza San Pedro. Look for the large neon sign "Harem." Decent place. Open nights. Negotiate with chica for price. 6 chicas during the visit. [exact address is Calle General Gonzales 398, on opposite side of Hostal Melody (Almirante Grau esq. General Gonzales #416, green neon sign), more than one block away from Plaza San Pedro. February 2018: opens 10:30 p.m., at least before 10:30, there is no neon sign, even the taxi drivers had no idea that Harem exists.]
  • Estrella Oriental, 868 Calle Illampu esq Sagarnaga. Mon-Sat, 9am-9:30pm. 40 BS. 73033615. 77582182. Appears deserted and shut down.
  • Oasis, 1155 Calle Illampu, second floor. Cabs of guys getting out and walking when visited at 2am.

Casco Urbano Central Area

  • La Encantada, 803 Loayza y Calle Sucre. 10-15 chicas present at 10-11pm.
  • Maipo Cabaret (Havana Bar), next door to 803 Loayza y Calle Sucre. 20 BS for a glass of beer. Quoted 200 BS for a chica. 5 chicas usually present.
  • Malibu, 802 Loayza y Calle Sucre. 20 BS for a glass of beer. 8 chicas.
  • Paraiso, 802 Loayza y Calle Sucre, inside the entrance of Malibu is an offshoot door to this bar. 2 chicas.
  • Drakar Club, on Calle Sucre, around the corner from the above four clubs. Quoted $20US for a chica. 3-6 chicas usually present.
  • Fruto Prohibido Pub, 1448 Calle Juan de la Riva, office 3 (entre Bueno y Loayza). Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 80 BS for one hour. 2205345. 3 chicas during the visits. 72049544.
  • Fantasia's VIP, 1448 Calle Juan de la Riva, Int 100, cerca a la Camacho. Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm. Fri-Sat 24 hrs. Quoted 100 BS for a half hour, 150 BS for one hour. 2-3 chicas during the visits. 72080048.
  • Gata Sensual, 1448 Calle Juan de la Riva, Int 120, office 5. Mon-Thurs 9am-10pm. Fri-Sat 24 hrs. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 100 BS for one hour. 3-4 chicas present. 72561541. Find these three casas in a parking lot. Pass through a large gate and by a guard. A small sign over the gate pictures a cat and reads "GS 1448 INT. 120"

Calle Figueroa and Area (by Plaza San Francisco)

  • Las Vegas, Calle Figueroa 606 y 610 Interior P.B. Walk into 610 Figueroa and see a small door off to the right marked 606. Quoted 50 BS for half hour. Paid 10 BS for a large beer. 72533756.
  • Pasione Secretas, 610 Calle Figueroa, 3rd floor, office 4. Quoted 50 BS for half hour, 80 BS for an hour. Thurs-Sat 24 hrs. Sun-Wed 9am-9pm. Booklet says 100 BS for takeout. 2457505.
  • Punto, 615 Calle Figueroa. Walk into a Punto Cotel phone booth office and ask for servicio; they open a door to a back room. Quoted 30 BS for 20 minutes. 70644124. 22324265.
  • Jazmin (previously called Lluvia de Amor), 647 Calle Figueroa, Piso 1, office 0-A. 35 BS for half hour. 77766870.
  • Mujer Tentacion, 647 Calle Figueroa, Piso 1, office 1. Mon-Sun. 73002965.
  • Muchachitas, 647 Calle Figueroa, Piso 1, office 2-A. 35 BS for half hour. Mon-Sun, 9am-11pm. 71281292.
  • Flor Canela, 671 Calle Figueroa. Mon-Sun. 70594687. Appears shut down.
  • Sexy Placer, 695 Calle Figueroa y Graneros. 9am-10pm. 35 BS for half hour. 73501627. 71258026. The mamasan here is a wench. Play dumb to exit without paying a fee here and at other places.
  • Isis. 766 Calle Figueroa, Edificio Gonzalez, 2nd floor, office 5. No access to 2nd floor; appears shut down.
  • Cafe Arte Fantasy (also called Pomba Gira), 805 Calle Figueroa. Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm. 30 BS for 15 minutes, 50 BS for half hour. This place has a decent little bar and seats unlike many other places along this street, 10 BS small beers.
  • Gatitas VIP, 850 Calle Figueroa esq Santa Cruz, Edificio Incerpaz, Piso 1, Office 4. Mon-Sat, 8am-9pm. Quoted 35 BS for half hour. 72530317.
  • Las Nenas, 754 Calle Pisagua (entre Armentia y Montes), a pocos pasos de la Perez Velasco. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 100 BS for one hour. Two chicas present for the visit. 70551294. 73009625.
  • Rubi, 203 Calle Inca y Goyzueta (one street over from Montes), 20 BS. 73501627. Tried visiting twice, no answer both times.
  • Nusotras (previously called Gran Remate), 630 Av Montes, office B (frente al Cine Mexico). Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. Quoted 30 BS for a half hour. 2 chicas when visited. 77277703.
  • Dulce Pub, 630 Av Montes, office 1-A subsuelo (frente al Cine Mexico). Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm. Quoted 40 BS for a half hour, 80 BS for one hour. 2 chicas when visited. 77765802. 72598061.
  • Olimpo, 793 Calle Murillo est Santa Cruz, first floor, office 15. Mon-Sat 9am-9pm. Quoted 40 BS for a half hour, 80 BS for one hour. Seems only a single chica works out of here. 72593219.
  • Club Zeus. Clubs 50 to 54 are all in the same area within a couple blocks; open at night only; each had about five chicas at 3am. Find Plaza Vicenta Juariste Eguino (2-3 blocks from Plaza San Francisco) then head up a block or two along Avenida America. Club Zeus has a sign whereas the others don't; merely neoned doorways leading up and down stairs. Look for clubs 50-51-52 along a small sidestreet.
  • Nameless club. Next door to Club Zeus. Head downstairs.
  • Club Dragon Rojo. Across the street from Club Zeus.
  • Nameless Club, 357 Avenida America. Head downstairs.
  • Nameless Club. 347 Punto. Head upstairs.

Zona Sur

  • Divas La Paz. Calle 21, 772. (Across from the San Miguel Church, on the "other" side of Avenida Ballivian, close to the calle Inofuentes corner). Green House with a black door, no other significant sign. You ring the bell and they open it from the inside, you have to walk in into the living room where you'll be greeted and asked to wait. It's open 24h but the number of chicas varies between 3 and 7 depending on day of the week and time. They're usually nice and most are actually university students, some quite decent, specially compared to the girls you'll find in other parts of town. 200 BS for half hour, 300 for an hour. No drinks served. Rooms are actual rooms and beds are decent. Clean place in a nice part of town.

El Alto Area

Sometimes you should be careful on this area. Another thing that concerns are the packs of dogs along the sidestreets; some of them are really mean. Take care after 6-7pm when they start to wake up and move around.

  • Acapulco, 34 Calle Jorge Carrasco, pisos 2 y 3, entre calles 2 y 3. Mon-Sun 9am-10pm. 6-7 chicas present. 50 BS for a half hour. 20 BS large beers (same for chica). 70631500. 70685600.
  • Penelope Club Privado, between Calles 2 and 3 at 36 C. Jorge Carrasco, piso 3, sobre "Rey Palace." Going up the stairs you will see remains of old name “Harem” and over the door is “Exotik VIP.” Entrance is a few doors down from Acapulco. Mon-Sun. 30 BS. 4 chicas present during the visits. 70179021. 70129689. 70151291.
  • Gatubela's, #80 Av Raul Salmon y Calle 4, Edificio Azul, piso 2, office 10. Mon-Sun 9am-9pm. 70565694. 2825983. These three offices (# 10, 14, 69) are all on the same floor and cubicle, some 10 chicas total. Three prices are spoken: 20 BS to 35 BS.
  • Te Amo, #80 Av Raul Salmon y Calle 4, Edificio Azul, piso 2, office 14. 72514692.
  • El Beso de la Sirena, #80 Av Raul Salmon y Calle 4, Edificio Azul, piso 2, office 69. Mon-Sat 9am-10pm. 20 BS. 76298266. 2825303.
  • Njnfas, #80 Av Raul Salmon y Calle 4, Edificio Azul, piso 5, office 77. Mon-Sun 9am-9pm. 20 to 35 BS. Only seen 1 chica here on both visits. 70182980.
  • Romances (new name could be 100 TE – ME), #33 Calle 3, between Franco Valle y Raul Salmon, Piso 3. Quoted 50 BS for a half hour, 80 BS for an hour. 4 chicas present during the visit. 70576006.
  • Mujer Secreta, Calle 2, entre Franco Valle y Jorge Carrasco No. 86, piso 5. 50 BS. 2820228.
  • Al Rojo Vivo, Av Jorge Carrasco, entre Calles 2 y 3. Mon-Sun. 60 BS. 2825581.
  • Fuego y Pasion, #204 Calle 5, piso 1, office 204-A, in Plaza Juana Azurduy. Mon-Sun. 50 BS (takeout 150 BS). 70119312. 71923967. 70131807. Some of these clubs are impossible to locate due to the fact street numbers will go from 60 to 700 to 275 to 100 within a single block.
  • Hechiceras, 1144 Calle Martin Cardenas. This is on the other side of 6 de Agosto. If you stand in front of the Corte Superior Justice El Alto at the intersection of Juan Pablo II y 6 de Agosto, to the right cut down a curving alleyway. A block down the alley you will come to 1144 Calle Martin Cardenas. Ring the middle buzzer. Mon-Sun, 9am-9pm. 3 chicas when I visited. 2841592. 73082832.
  • Club Privado, 1100 Avenida Antofagasta entre 4 y 5, piso 1. Mon-Sun, 9am-10pm. 50 BS 2825934.
  • Las Palomitas, Calle 3 Villa Dolores. Mon-Sun 9am-9pm. 77268677. 70555171.
  • Las Canelas, detras del CEIBO No 36 Ceja El Alto. Mon-Sun 9am-9pm. 73073409.
  • Munequitas. Mon-Sun 9am-10pm. 2825934.

More places (not verified)

Partial details from newspapers and booklets:

  • El Eden. 2248995.
  • Encanto de Sirenas, Calle Murillo. 70127090. 77762670. 72589453.
  • Encanto de Sirenas II. 70127090. 77762760. 72589453. C Murillo (entre Santa Cruz y Sagarnaga). 40 BS.
  • Ambasador Club Privado. 72565170. 2248995.
  • Carisma, Calle Prolongacion Vincenti No 502, subiendo media cuadra del Surtidor Kantutani. 80 BS. 2411201. 71260667. Mon-Sun.
  • Chibolitas, 2001 Altura Cruz papal C/9. Mon-Sun. 50 BS. 2842391.
  • Artenas. 1155 Av del Ejercito.
  • Atenas. 2223307. 71997345.
  • Plaza del Estudiante. Opens 8:30am. 50 BS. 2444500.
  • Top Model. Avenida 20 de Octubre. Opens 10am. 80 BS. 72597577. 2493441. Seen the sign many a time yet never gone in. Looks more like a modelling agency than a fuckclub.
  • Monicas. 2204089.
  • Desire. 9am-10pm. 2445039.
  • Decide Tu, en Sopocachi, near discoteca Forum. 2426091. 2410482.
  • Aries, Illampu y Sagarnaga. 35 BS. 72551966.
  • Eross. 50 BS. 2442685.
  • La Mansion. 2415103.
  • Amazonas. 100 BS. 2229034. 73503279.
  • Juegos Eroticos. 100 BS. 71256030. 2225756.
  • Bellas VIP. 50 BS. 73033346.
  • Jardin de Amor, Calle Figueroa, Edificio Santa Cruz, piso 2. 50 BS. 9am-8pm.
  • Andromeda, Zona San Pedro. 50 BS. 2491123. 70664665. 72590637.
  • Lluvia de Pasion, a pocos pasos de la Obelisco sobre la Av Camacho. En pleno centro. Mon-Sat, 9am-10pm. 73551381.
  • Lady VIP, a pocos pasos de la Obelisco. Mon-Sat 8am-9pm. 70556374. 2200243.
  • Magnate, Av Manco Kapac (vita). Mon-Sun. 77251703. 2462093.
  • Extasis. Av Camacho. 2205405.
  • Pasiones Eroticas, Plaza Alonso de Mendoza (subiendo una cuadra La America) c. Union (Garaje Verde). Mon-Sun, 9am-10pm. 72599245. This is right near Calle Figueroa but cannot find it.
  • 333 and 344 Calle Belazario Salinas (corner of Ecuador). 100 BS for 1 hour. (Nibu's post 37). Another member says 333 or 444, by Mango's Restaurant, look for "tweety birds" on front gate, 200 BS.
  • Shanghai on 341 Calle Belazario Salinas appears to be shut down. Cannot find.
  • Top Platinum (Platynum Solid) on Av Busch, cannot find.

Other vague mentions and/or no directions:

  • houses on Ecuador street, Atlantis
  • "many lowish-end clubs along Av S. Bolivar after it hits Ave Comacho,"
  • Kamasutra in Miraflores
  • Nightclub Secrets on Av Savedra (nearby to Barra Americana)
  • Swing on Calle Mexico
  • Musas in Miraflores (Av Busch y Haiti)
  • Vivians in Sopacachi
  • Emanual club at Avenida Ecuador
  • Encanto club and Eros in Gran Poder district on Prudencia, Candela
  • Erotic, Capricornio
  • Playwomen by Plaza El Condor (Tajmayo 793 Edificio Santa Cruz)
  • Bellas and Hermasas (50 BS on Av Mariscal, Santa Cruz edificio, seguro Bolivar, 5th floor, office 5)
  • Osiris on Calle Figueroa
  • Deja Vu at 2447 Capt Ravelo (2nd floor)
  • Piel a Piel a couple doors down from Deja Vu
  • Piel Calida on Guatone y Jamaica
  • Las Reynas in Miraflores

Erotic Massage Parlors

You can find many escorts in La Paz who are willing to offer erotic massage. You can ask sensual and body-to-body massages. If you know some Spanish it will be much easier. You can ask for example for "Masaje erotico".

Live Sex Cams

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Gay and Lesbian

Gay modeling in internet is getting more popular all the time and it's a big market alongside with gay porn. You can watch gay live sex also in La Paz as long as you are connected to internet. Check it out: Gay Live Sex Video Chat

Here are few gay friendly bars and clubs:

Gays and lesbians mixed (trannies are also most welcome):

  • Calipso - Avenida Baptista
  • El Chamaco - Calle Gosalvez 221
  • Centro cultural Vox (pride center) - Avenida Heroes del Pacífico 1330 A

Outdoor cruising places for gay men:

  • Plaza Pérez Velasco - Avenida Montes / Calle Comercio (Norte)
  • Plaza Avaroa - Avenida 20 de Octubre / Calle Belisario Salinas

Sexual Services for Women

It's not difficult to hook up with local or foreign guys in La Paz.

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in La Paz, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop. Here are few places for shopping:

  • A&P LOVER'S - Av. Evaristo Valle # 150 Galería Heriba PB Of. 8A
  • A&P LOVER'S - SUC.EL ALTO - c. Jorge Carrasco Ed. Juan de Las Nieves P2 Of. 14
  • NEW AMERICAN SEX - CEJA - c. Franco Valle entre c. 1 y 2 Comercial Cristian PB Of. 7
  • NEW AMERICAN SEX - CENTRO - c. Almirante Grau # 189 entre Mcal. Santa Cruz y Murillo Galeria Cuevas Of. 3
  • SEX SHOP - c. Almirante Grau # 189 Of. 3

Escort Services & Agencies

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Escorts in La Paz:

Another good option is buying a newspaper "La Razon" daily which has the most escort ads, specially on Friday and Saturday, the section is called "Intimidades".


Some hotels don't mind if you will bring guests to your room. However, if you're planning to invite escorts to your place, it's advised to rent an apartment.

Stay Safe

In crowded areas be careful for pickpockets and bagslashers. A common trick is that one person spills something on your clothes and, while you or he wipes it off, another person lifts your wallet or slashes your bag. Be vigilant when checking into a hotel or hostel. Keep a hand on all your bags and belongings at all times. Acting as if they work for the hotel, opportunist thieves will create a diversion and snatch the nearest unattended bag.

A recent twist in the above scam is the involvement of accomplices where they try to befriend you on a bus and when the 'plain clothes' policeman approaches the accomplice claims that the same thing happened to them and that you should cooperate with them. This is a trap and the same scam as described above.

There have been several cases of violent muggings in taxis. Take only Radio Cabs (they will have the telephone number and their call centre listed above the cab). The taxis, or Gypsy Cabs, have no boarding above the taxi and have taxi written on the side and are dangerous to take at night, as many of the drivers are paid to drive tourists to specific locations for muggings. Be especially careful if you are at one of the illegal after-hours bars such as Fin Del Mundo or Route 36, as most of the muggings happen in taxis from these locations. Lock the doors and don't allow other people to share the journey with you.

La Paz is a very safe city, and if you keep your wits about, you there shouldn't be any problems.

Travelers to La Paz often become ill the moment they arrive in the city. Why? La Paz is 11,900 feet above sea level, the highest metropolis in the world. People with ailing hearts or bronchial problems are warned to stay away, and even those in perfect health usually cannot avoid some illness resulting from the altitude.

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