Tobita Shinchi

Tobita-Shinchi is a rare old-fashioned red-light district in Osaka. Unlike other old places in Japan, it has not been closed by police because the district is where many construction workers who seeks their job daily and live alone. If the police were to close these areas, serious security problems might have happened.

The brothel district is about three square blocks, and is just inside a turn from South to West of the major elevated highway that runs over this area. Safe sex is easily available to the foreigner (gaijin) to Osaka, even those who speak no Japanese. Osaka's Tobita Shinchi brothel district is alive and well. Although this neighborhood is described as lower working class (and probably is), you will feel completely safe.

Prostitution may be illegal, but Japan’s relatively lax attitude toward what’s euphemistically called “adult entertainment” means red-light districts are often smack bang in urban centers and anything but inconspicuous. Tobita, though, is a throwback to an utterly different era — tucked away between a dilapidated shopping street, a highway flyover and a housing project, it’s like falling into a pre-World War II time warp. Tokyo has its own version of its western sister city’s hard-to-find pleasure zone in Yoshiwara, a far less glittery neighborhood than the bright lights flashing in the famed Kabukichō district in bustling Shinjuku, but involved in the same gritty entertainment business. While Yoshiwara can match Tobita in age, it lacks the architectural appeal and is often left alone by most Tokyoites.

How to get Gaijin Service

As you walk by each shop, smile and nodd your head. About two-thirds of the time the women will not respond or they just look away. These are the gaijin unfriendy places. The remaining will smile, wave, call out to you, and often the young lady sitting in the doorway will smile and look invitingly right at you. After walking through the whole place marveling at the sights, chose the "Hello" shop where the young lady is the petitest, thin, lovely. If you don't speak Japanese, just smile. Possibly the seated young lady will have a small grasp of English, and will be able to give you a price and invite you in.


The prices haven't altered that much over the past decade. "20 for 1,600" (20 minutes for about US$170). "30min will set you back about "21,000" (about US$225). You will usually find a sign stating the price at 15 minutes is US$110. $330 for 45min, and $440 for one hour.


After removing your shoes, follow the young lady up the stairs. At the top, you will be invited to use the toilet. The bathroom will be spotless and doorless with toilet, urinal, and sink. From outside the bathroom (where your lady will be waiting, just a curtain in the doorway) she will hand you a moist washcloth. Wipe your hands and down under. Then you will be directed to a room. The room will be small but clean. On one side there is usually a low table with cushions on either side. You might be offered iced tea and a cookie. Taking off your clothes, you hostess will hung them up. On the other side of the room there will be a futon and pillow. She will then strip and wipe her privates conspicuously, then yours.

The young lady will expertly applied one (Okamoto Mega Big Boy, black box with red print and photo of an elephant - Available in larger drug stores) with her mouth and will bring you to attention in minutes. She will accomodate you in every position that you indicated. You'll find her tight, energetic, enthusiastic, and wonderful. Afterwards, she'll clean you with moist wipes, and will hand you a moist washcloth for your hands. A bell will ring for the 5 minute warning. Then the end bell will be sounded, and you will need to make a hasty departure. On the way out, give her a 2,000 yen tip which will be accepted with a smile.

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