San Salvador

San Salvador Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in San Salvador, El Salvador.

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San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador, approximately in the center of the country in a valley near the base of the San Salvador volcano.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

San Salvador is definitely not a walking town. Places are too far apart.

Nightlife is basically concentrated in the Zona Rosa area and the Blvd. de los Heroes - Metrocentro area. From the Zona Rosa you can find many budget hostels and hotels for around US$20 to US$30. Many popular nightclub in Zona Rosa are popular among the wealthier locals and foreigners. However Playa El Tunco is just a short 30 minute drive away from San Salvador and if you do not feel like comfortable to stay in San Salvador, you can always take Uber to Playa El Tunco for around US$25 and chill there with the surfer and yoga girls and get lots of free sex from the backpacker tourists.

Where to Get Sex Now

It is easy to get sex online in San Salvador. You just need to find the best available girls. See Girls Online Here!

Red Light Districts

It's estimated that there are working about 1,300 prostitutes in three major red light districts of San Salvador.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Growing poverty and social problems are leading more and more women to turn to prostitution to survive. In San Salvador alone, there are thousands of women involved in the sex industry. Many of San Salvador's prostitutes have been infected with HIV.

Street Hookers

Street walkers in San Salvador:

  • Zona Medica. Close to the Pollos Real, near the BANCO parking lot, and close to the Edificios Morados or the purple buildings in the zone. But watch out for the travestis.
  • Blvd Los Heroes at about $23 per 30 minutes or $50 for 2 hours at you hotel.
  • Paseo Escalon and Av. Roosevelt, as well as on Heroes. Best time after 9pm.
  • Around the Casa de Sauce, Bulevar Los Heroes (49th Ave.).
  • On a street not far from the Reloj de Flores area there were Chicas standing outside of bedrooms that led right out onto the street. This is walking on Juan Pablo Segundo back towards El Centro. You need to look down the side streets for the Chicas standing in front of doors. Prices: $10 then another girl offering $5. No BBBJ for that price.
  • Parque Centenario area. The #52 bus from Metrocentro stops right in front. There are about 35 chicas milling around from about 10pm.
  • Walk down 2a Calle Oriente. 11:30 in the morning, away from the Cathedral.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Here are some Strip Clubs in San Salvador. Notice: Some information might be outdated because there has been bad administration and legal issues so some places have shutted down. Call first if you're going!

Strip clubs in San Salvador:

  • Barcos, 8th Calle pte #2303, near 43 Ave. Prices: C25 Cover.
  • Cali Pachangnon, 4th Calle Poniente #2426, across Estadio Flor Blanca. Tel: 225-6444. (Might be shutted down, call first!)
  • Tio Sams Club Bar, 29 Calle Poniente - Colonia Laique #1128. 20+ Dancers. Prices: $3 Entrance includes drink, Chicas $25 to $35-$40 30 min. Tel: (503) 2225 3735. Hours: 6:00pm to 2:00am.
  • Cesar’s Club Bar (Club 49), Col Flor Blanca 49 Av. Sur #725-A. 6 Dancers. Prices: $35- 40 30 min. Tel: (503) 2224-4282.
  • Club Chamanes, 41st Ave N.
  • Club Las Vegas, Ave. Los Andes #2998, Col. Miramonte behind Cocktails and Dreams. Prices: Beer $2-3, Chica drinks $3-7, Chicas $35-40.
  • Club Stardust, Calle 29, poniente #826, near 15th Ave. N. Tel: 225-6444.
  • Conga Club, Ave. 43 N. #235, near Calle 1 poniente. Tel: 260-6414. Hours: 2pm to 3am.
  • Exxtasis, Blvd de Los Heroes # 1523 Loc 3 antes de Kairos Discotec. Tel: 2226-6998.
  • Girls Girls Girls, Boulevard de Los Heroes across the street from Escandalo. Hours: -> 3am.
  • Stars Nightclub Bar, Boulevard de Los Heroes #226, in front of the Office Depot. 12 Dancers. Tel: (503) 260-5719. Hours: 2pm to 2am.
  • Illusion, Boulevard de Los Heroes #1146, one block north of McServe. 15 Dancers.
  • Penthouse, Bulevard de los Heroes, South of the overpass above the street Juan Pablo Segundo. 8 Dancers.
  • Paraiso, 49th Ave Sur #766, across from Cesar Club.
  • Topless, Calle Gabriela Mistral #388 and Boulevard Los Heroes continues at Servipronto and is located in front of Consulate of Finland.
  • Cocktails and Dreams, Av. Los Andes #17, Col. Miramonte, behind Hotel Camino Real, "Zona Real", beside a Chinese food restaurant, 1 block north from "auto-isla" bus stop in Bulevard de los Heroes. 20 Dancers. Prices: Cover $3 includes drink, Chica Drinks $7, Chicas $30 - 40 30 min. Tel: (503) 2260-1728.
  • Black Box, Col Escalón Ps Gral Escalón, # 4854. 15-20 Dancers. Prices: Cover $6 includes soda or beer, $7 hard drinks, Takeout $300. 2 hours. Cell: (503) 2263-6450.
  • The Best, Escalon #4346. Prices: $8 Cover.
  • Lips Club Bar and Restaurante, Ps Gral Escalón, Col Escalón # 5146. Take bus #52 towards Paseo Escalon. 50 Dancers. Prices: Cover $3. Drinks $3, Lap Dances $10-15, VIP Room $50. Tel: (503) 2263-6258. Hours: Shift Changes at 8pm, Open 12pm to 2:30am, closed Sundays.
  • Zamba, 1st Ave N.
  • Tequila Show Bar, Col Miramonte Calle Lamatepec Polig 1 # 13. Tel: 2260-1845.
  • Musas Club Bar, Col Campestre Av Alberto Masferrer Sur # 205. Tel: (503) 2263-0387.


The day brothels pose as beauty salons and/or bath houses. No neon signs or anything like that. $20 for a house lay will be just fine.

Night brothels are somewhat the same. $20 will always get you a "house lay". All nighters range from $65 up to $100. $100 for a 10, not a 9. If you find a chick you like, freelance her for $50 a night. After 2 nights, you should be getting laid by a 9 or 10 for $50 dollars for an all nighter.

Houses / Casas (Las Casas de Cita)

Here is a list of Casas in San Salvador. All Prices are in Dollars:

  • Kiss Fresh, located in Boulevard Constitution, Calle El Algodon #3, between Restaurant Macando and Diamante of China, 2 blocks downwards on the left of the Street. 15 to 20 Chicas. Prices: Cover $4, Beer $8, Chica beers $10, Chicas $28 30 min., $33 45 min., $40 60 min. Recommended chicas: Violeta, AdaMaris, Camilla, Cristal. Home Service: (503) 2274-1487, 2237-9221. Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm.
  • El Jardin, Calle San Antonio Abad #9, In front of Colegio Cristobal Colon. 8 Chicas. Prices: Cover: US$4 without drink, back room, short time $16, $100 all day.
  • Casa Keyson, Col. Mugdán 6 Av. Norte Pje Viaud # 730. 8-10 Chicas. Cover $2 includes one drink. Prices: $20-30 30 min. Tel: (503) 2225-5535, (503) 2225-5533. Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 9pm.
  • Special Touch (El Sol) (Casa Del Sol), Col Escalón 89 Av. Norte # 1. A few blocks down from the Radison. Prices: Entrance $10. Chicas $45 30 min., $75 hour. Take Out $200-300. Cell: (503) 2264-1565. Hours: 10am ->
  • Muses, Av. Jerusalem, very close to the garden square where it crosses Paseo Escalon. 7-8 Chicas. Prices: Cover $4, Chicas $60 hour.
  • 43 Ave Sur #2245, at 8 Calle Pte, which is about 5 blocks from Metrocentro. 24 Chicas. Prices: $25 30 min.
  • 316 Mansion, 43 Ave Sur on the corner of 8 Av Calle Poniente. Big 316 on the side of the house. 12 Chicas. $28 30 min., $42 hour. Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 am to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 12 am.
  • El Despacho 316, Condomino Flora Blanca A, Calle El Progresso and 43 Av. Sur. 20+ Chicas. Prices: $3. Cover, $25 30 min., $40 hour complete. Tel: 7979-6678, 2533-2019. Hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm, Sundays 9am to 2pm.

Other Areas Close to San Salvador

  • Tequila Rock, on the road to San Juan Opico or Tacachico, near Sitio del Nino about 25 kms west of San Salvador. Prices: $20-30 for 30-45 minutes BBBJ or FS. Hours: Open 6pm. Open Sundays, Closed on Mondays.
  • Modelos Internacionales, Autopiso Sur, Resid Los Próceres #14. 6 Chicas. Prices: $5 Entrance Fee. Chicas $50 30 min. Tel: (503) 2248-0293 2248-0197 2100-2842. Email: [email protected]


Here is a list of the clubs you might want to visit in San Salvador. Prices are in Dollars:

  • Las Vegas Show, 9 Calle Pte and Av. España No 110 a 25 mts de Viduc España. Cell: (503) 253-8391. Tel: (503) 2221-1199.
  • Club Bar, The Best International, Ps Gral Escalón Cond Balam Quitzé Loc B-12. Tel: (503) 2237-7830.
  • Estetica Okoles, Col. Miramonte Av. Pasco # 112. 7-8 Chicas. Cover $3 includes a beer. Prices: $25 30 min., $35 30 min. includes oral stimulation and multiple positions, $40 hour. Tel: (503) 2260-1748. Hours: 9:00 am to 7:00pm.
  • Estetica Barbie, Col. Lomas de San Francisco, Calle 3 #12. Prices: 30 min. $24, 45 min. $30, 60 min. $38. Tel: (503) 2273-0048.
  • Estetica Laura, Col Buenos Aires I Calle Gabriela Mistral # 1019. Tel: (503) 2225-8550.
  • Erotic Club, Col Médica Calle Dr Roberto Masferrer # 1324-Bis. Tel: (503) 2235-0804.
  • Divas, behind Hotel Camino Real.
  • The Vip Lounge, is on Hold, a semi private bar near Colonia Miramonte and will have a couple of girls to service your needs. If interested, email me at [email protected] or at [email protected]

Bars / Clubs

Here are some Bars and more Clubs with working girls in San Salvador. You should be careful at these areas. Prices are in Dollars:

  • Club Blue Bar, at the Redondel by the Ministerio de Hacienda on Blvd. de los Heroes. 30+ Chicas. Prices: Entrance and Beer $3. Chica Drinks $4. Chicas: $40 30 min., $60-70 hour.
  • La Ilusions, Col Layco 29, Calle Pte # 1223. Tel: (503) 2225-0051.
  • Casa Blanca, around the corner from Connections. Cover $3. Prices: $30 30 min. Hours: 6pm-2am.
  • Connections Club Bar, Col Flor Blanca 47 Avenida Norte #25, near the famous Novo Apart Hotel. 15 Chicas. Prices: Cover $3 includes a drink. Chicas $35- 40 30 min. Tel: (503) 221-5234. Hours: 6pm - 2am.
  • Stars, Fnl 67 Av Sur # 103. Prices: $3 beers, Chica Beers $5, Chicas $35 30 min. Tel: (503) 2223-7404. Thgere has been seen 3 chicas and probably the worst line up yet. These bars are a whole other scene.
    • (Same Club but Old Address?) Stars Night Club, Boulevard de Los Heroes #226, in front of Office Depot. 12+ Chicas. Tel: +503 260 5719. Hours: 2pm to 2am.
  • Studio 49, Blvd. de Los Heroes. 5+ Chicas. Prices: $3 Entrance includes beer. Chica Drinks $5, Chicas $50 30 min.
  • Z Club, (Playboy), Av. 49, Sur Casa 630, Colonia Flor Blanca. 5+ Chicas. Prices: $3 Entrance, $2 beers, Chica Drinks $5, Chicas $25-35 30 min. The club includes a decent sized indoor swimming pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi. The owner is Roque. Tel: 223-1675. Hours: 7pm-2am.
  • Zou’s, Prices: Cover $3, Beer $2-3, Chicas $27 30 min.
  • Tummy 1, Parque Centenario area. 6 -8 Chicas. This is where a lot of cervezacerias are located. Most of them surround the park but there are some on the side streets as well. The beers for guys are $1 if you drink Bravha and the chica beers were $2.25. Negotiated price to do a 30 minute session for $15, BBBJ was included.
  • Tummy 2. Negotiated session with for $10, 30 minutes.
  • Banana Club Bar, Ps Gral Escalón, Edif Alpina Loc 1. 10+ Chicas. Prices: $3 Cover, Chicas ?$150. Tel: (503) 2517-9242.
  • Cherry Club, Bo San Jasinto Calle Dari Gonazlez #715. Tel: 2517-4279.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Here is a list of erotic massage parlours where you can have sex in San Salvador:

  • La Flor Blanca, Col Flor Blanca 4 Calle Pte #119, (Callejon del Tope 119), between Av. Sur and Av. Sur at Calle Poniente, behind the Hotel Alameda and across from the Queen’s College. Prices: Cover $3 includes a beer. Prices: $30 30 min. Tel: 2512-1561. Hours: Open: Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm. (From Bulevar Los Heroes (49th Ave) in front of Flor Blanca (Magico Gonzales) stadium, go north and turn on the first street to your right - between the stadium and the National Civil Police's 911 emergency reaction force. Then you go two blocks east until you reach the Villa Serena Hotel and "Queens" school).
  • Madame Ebraxa (Sala de Masajes Antiestresantes), Col. Vista Hermosa Calle Huizúcar # 609, Fte Rancho Navarra. Tel: (503) 2242-2957.
  • La Oficina (Sala de Masajes Los Pinos), Col Escalón 77 Av. Norte and Pje Los Pinos # 101, Colonia, in front of El Paseo Mall. 10+ Chicas. Prices: Cover $10. Two Shifts, $45 30 min, $70 hour. Tel: (503) 2257-7373. Hours: 9am to 2am.
  • 44° Heat, Sauna & Masaje Spa, Sierra Nevada Col Miramonte, Av. # 702 North. Tel: (503) 2260-1502.
  • Masajes Bruno, Calle San Antonio Abad, Avenida Las Magnolias, Pasaje 2, Casa 127, in front of Shell "Las Rosas". 6 Chicas.
  • Sauna and Masaje Genesis, Bernal Col Miramonte, Av. 9-E North. Tel: (503) 2260-0723.
  • La Spa, 79 or 81 Norte.
  • Mayo Heat, Prices: Massage $9, Full Service $23.
  • B Spa
  • P. Spa, Prices: Massage $8, Full Service $24.

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Sometimes you can find trannie street prostitutes from Zona Medica. Close to the Pollos Real, near the BANCO parking lot, and close to the Edificios Morados or the purple buildings in the zone.

Gay and Lesbian

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in El Salvador may face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Both male and female same-sex sexual activity is legal in El Salvador, but same-sex couples and households headed by same-sex couples are not eligible for the same legal protections available to opposite-sex married couples.

Gay Saunas and Bathhouses:

  • 44° Heat Sauna (44 Grados Heat), Avenida Sierra Nevada 702.
  • Club Scandinavia, 87 Avenida Norte, 162. Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa: 01:30 p.m. - 08:30 p.m.; Su: 01:30 p.m. - 07:00 p.m.

Sexual Services for Women

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

If you don’t feel like visiting or cannot find any local sex shops in San Salvador, you can easily order adult products from Online Sex Shop.

Escort Services & Agencies

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Here are few Escort Agencies in San Salvador:

  • Scort Services, Col Roma Cond El Rosal Pte Cl El Progreso # 15. Tel: (503) 2298-0816. Cell: (503) 7871-2891.
  • Servicos de Compania Scort Services, Col Layco 2 Av. Norte Pje Contreras # 171. Tel: (503) 7044-2037


Here are some Hotels where to stay.

Antiguo Cuscatlan:

  • Arbol De Fuego, Avenida Antiguo Cuscatlan 11, La Sultana Antiguo Cuscatlan. Rates: $45-65. Tel: (503) 2275 7065.
  • Royalton (Motel), It is at the entrance of Col. Santa Elena (up the street from the US Embassy). $22 is the cost of the room for four hours that have different themes from a Jacuzzi, round beds, to mirrors everywhere. Guests that arrive after 9:00PM from Sunday to Thursday can stay until 8:00AM the next day with 2 breakfasts included. (Guests can stay until 8:00AM on Friday and Saturday nights when they arrive after midnight. No breakfasts on these days).

Zona Rosa:

  • Suites Las Palmas, Blvd del Hipodromo, Col San Benito. Tel: (503) 2250 0800. Fax: (503) 2250 0888.
  • Casa Las Magnolias, Av Las Magnolias # 226 and Boulevard del Hipodromo, Las Palmas. Rates: The owner speaks fluent English and you can get rates from $60 to $75 a night. It is clean, relatively new, and has a nice atmosphere. It is located right in the heart of the Zona Rosa (entrance is between La Hola Beto and the Acajutla seafood restaurants. It is halfway between the Hilton Princess and the Sheraton Presidente). Tel: (503) 2528 6500, 2223-7966, 2265-2255.
  • Sheraton Presidente*****, Final Ave De La Revolucion, Col. San Benito. Zona Rosa, Pool. Rates: $99-179. Tel: (503) 2283 4000. Fax: (503) 2283 4070.
  • Hilton Princess****, Av. Magnolias and Boulevard del Hipodromo, Las Palmas. Rates: $149-199. Tel: 503-2-268 4545. Fax: 503-2-268 4500.

Boulevard de los Heroes:

  • Real Intercontinental****, Boulevard de los Heroes and Avenue Sisimiles. Rates: $89 to $122. Tel: (503) 2211 3333. Fax: (503) 2211 4444.
  • Casa del Sauce (House of the Willows), 49 Avenida North #143, (Blvd Los Heroes), Big rooms, Cable TV, AC. WI/FI, Free homemade breakfast. Rates: $29 dollars a night.
  • Casa de Huespedes El Torogoz, Reparto Santa Fe, Final 35, Av. Norte, #7B, (Bed and Breakfast), private room, fan, cable TV and shared bathroom. No Guests. Rates: $20-30 a night. Tel: 503 225 1656.
  • Villa Serena Hotel, 65 Av. Norte # 152, Urb. Santa Monica. They also have apartments located near Escalon in Zona Rosa $40.-$55. No Guests Fee. Tel: (503) 2257-1938/ (503) 2257-1939 / (503) 2257-1940.

Colonia Miramonte:

San Salvador:

  • Holiday Inn, Urbanizacion and Blvd Santa Elena, Norte Embajada Americana. Rates: $109. Tel: Front Desk: 503-2500 6000, Hotel Fax: 503-25006001.

Colonia Escalón:

  • Royal Decameron Salinitas*****, Paseo General Escalon # 4711. Rates: $55. Tel: +503 209-3100.
  • Comfort Inn**, Calle El Carmen Juan Pablell, Prolongacion Juan Pablo, Located approximately one mile from Galeria Mall, two miles from Zona Rosa, and 25 miles from El Salvador International Airport. Rates: $65. Tel: (503) 2237 7000.
  • Novo Apart Hotel, Final 61 Avenida Norte. Rates: $50 + iva tax total came out to $58 which includes a buffet breakfast. Internet and Pool. $15 airport shuttle. $15/20 Guest Fee. Tel: (503) 2252 4200, (503) 2260 2288. Fax: (503) 2260 5053.
  • Nuevo Hotel Boston, Av. Maximo Jerez 321, and P. Nicarao, off 105 Av Norte.

Colonia San Jose/ Boulevard Universitario:

  • Hotel San Jose Hostal, Boulevard Universitario, Col. San José, # 2212, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A, Located 2 miles from Univeridad De El Salvador, 1 minute walk from San Luis Mall and more. Rates are from $39.85-$60. Includes Breakfast, High Speed Wi-Fi. Tel 2226-4603

Stay Safe

  • Always have extra money in the bottom of your shoe.
  • After you get a girl at the brothel, make the security get you a cab (many of them are there already waiting for a fare)
  • Your passport, on you or in a safe, there is no middle ground to this issue. This applies for other valuables. Before you go party, leave a photocopy of your passport, extra money, an ATM card, and plane tickets in a safe before...always
  • Spanish is a major plus in all situations
  • Don't be too "flashy".

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