List of brothels in Nevada

This is a list of the legal brothels in Nevada. They are arranged by name within location (the nearest town or named place) within each county that licenses such establishments.

As of June/July 2008 there were 28 legal brothels in Nevada. While prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada, it is illegal outside these licensed brothels. Prostitution is illegal under state law in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas and its metropolitan area. Other counties may choose to allow it, if they desire to. Currently Washoe County (which contains Reno), Carson City (an independent city), Douglas County, and Lincoln County ban brothels. Eureka County has no law on the books either permitting or prohibiting licensed brothels and currently has no brothels. The other countries permit brothels, but some of them do not currently have any active brothels.

Elko County




Humboldt County


Lander County

Lyon County

By local ordinance, brothels are restricted to the Mound House area.

  • The Love Ranch (Formerly Bunnyranch II, Kitty's, and various other names)
  • Moonlite BunnyRanch
  • Sagebrush Ranch

Mineral County

  • Wildcat Brothel

Nye County

Amargosa Valley

  • Alien Cathouse in Amargosa Valley at the junction of US 95 and Nevada 373 (sometimes referred to as "Lathrop Wells")


  • Cherry Patch Ranch (also known as Mabel's Whorehouse and/or Madame Butterfly's) near Crystal. This business was purchased by Dennis Hof, owner of two prominent Northern Nevada brothels, in the fall of 2010 and is now called the Crystal Love Ranch.



  • Angel's Ladies (formerly Fran's Star Ranch and Circle C Ranch)

Scotty's Junction

  • Shady Lady Ranch, south of Scotty's Junction between Nye County Mile Markers 91 and 92 on US95

Storey County

near Patrick

  • Mustang Ranch

White Pine County


  • Big 4 Ranch
  • Stardust Ranch

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