Casa de Campo

The park at the outskirts of Madrid called Casa de Campo is the largest area of street prostitution in the city. The women normally prostitute themselves along the sides of the streets where cars circulate. The Municipality closed the streets around Casa de Campo various times in the past years, trying to make access difficult. Because of these measures, the groups of prostitutes have changed and increasingly mixed. Since 2004, the policeís hostility towards prostitutes has been added to traffic interruptions; this hostility has been effective, and it has increased the women's problems.

The scene changes a lot depending on the time of day. The study carried out in 2002, requested by the Province of Madrid, to draw a profile of the type of clients counted 110/125 women working during the day. At night time there are more, 205/230. The larger contingent, both during the day and at night time, is represented by women from Sub-Saharan Africa, followed by Eastern Europeans, Latin Americans, and, finally, Spanish women.

During the day, the prostitutes share the space with cars, pedestrians, people doing sports. In summer, every prostitute usually stands under a tree, generally near a car park. At night this space seems to belong only to the sex workers and their clients; it is also possible to meet people from the same countries as the prostitutes, police cars, and mobile units of the associations assisting prostitutes.

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