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Istanbul Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Istanbul (Turkish: İstanbul) is Turkey's most populous city, and its cultural and financial center. Located on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe both physically and culturally. Istanbul's population is estimated to be between 12 and 19 million people, making it also one of the largest in Europe and the world.

Istanbul Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution in Turkey is legal and regulated. Brothels are also legal. However, many local governments now have a policy of not issuing new registrations, and in some cities, such as Ankara and Bursa, brothels have been demolished by court order.

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Female Escorts

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Red Light District

Red lights from Istanbul old sailors' quarter is on Kadem Street Istanbul (Kadem sk) and sister street, Zurafa (Zurafa sk). Red Light Area hooker streets are on your left and right hand side from Kemeralti Cd, 200 m after you cross Galata Köprüsü Bridge if you are coming from Eminönü. Zurafa is on your right hand side about 100 meter up the hill and Kadem Sk is on your right hand side (take a right turn to Leblebici Saban Sk and Kadem Sk is your first left.

Istanbul seems to have taken everything sailors do, put it in a jar, and let it germinate for 200 years. Today that jar is open and browsers are welcome. (But keep your camera stowed. Sneak a photo and you're likely to endure the humiliation of a line of angry prostitutes screaming obscenities at you and pelting you with fruit or worse.)

When you enter the Red-light district area in Istanbul or in any other city in Turkey, you must show ID. Once you show a foreign ID, the security will sometimes tell you that entrance fee is 50TL. This is a lie, so just tell them you are not going to pay. Incase there are other people nearby, just ask their help and security will get embarrass and let you go. Otherwise you just have to negotiate with them for a couple of minutes, until they allow you to enter. Istanbul Red-light districts are a hardcore, nonstop, live-couples, first-floor-straight, second-floor-gay, parade of humanity at its kinkiest. Americans who feel goofy gawking should remember that the area's streets are clogged with countless others mostly from Asia and other parts of Europe who are just as wide-eyed as you.

It is also very common for whores to scam you by putting your cock between their inner thighs. Sometime you do not even notice this and you will just cum and never end up putting your penis in her pussy.

The general house, the brothel of Istanbul, is located in the KARAKOY near Galata Bridge, ZURAFA and KADEM street there are about 10-15 places and more than 200 prostitutes working there. Price for suck and fuck is 40TK. Turkish people will usually pay less and foreigners more. Remember to keep your passport with you because security will check ID´s at the gate. Also leave your backpacks home because those are not allowed inside either. Sometimes security will ask a entrance fee from foreigners.

You can see the locations of brothels and Red Light Districts of Turkey from here: Red-light Districts in Turkey

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Prostitution is entirely legal in the Turkey since Ataturk founded the modern republic in 1923. An estimated 3,000 women work in licensed, state-regulated brothels. The average Turkish prostitute still hides her profession from most friends and relatives.

Brothels are establishments specifically dedicated to prostitution, often confined to special red-light districts in istanbul. Other names for brothels include bordello, whorehouse, cathouse, knocking shop, and general houses (Turkish: "genel ev"). Prostitution also occurs in some massage parlours and in some barber shops where sexual services may be offered as a secondary function of the premises.

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Street Hookers

Aksaraya Streetwalker prostitutes map

You might think that the streetwalkers, street hookers are the easiest to find after all, they re easy to find but remember; that is illegal and they re relatively anonymous you have to go elsewhere for better quality.

How ever if you want to fuck street prostitutes in Istanbul. Then you can head to the Aksaraya area or Taksim Square. In Aksaraya you can see street hookers at the night time walking on the street and in Taksim Square not so pretty hookers are in the park and little bit better hookers are around expensive hotels.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Strips clubs are also present in current Turkey. Strip clubs must also be licensed and strippers must be registered and have regular health checkups. All persons entering strip clubs must be at least 18 years old.

Strip clubs have existed sporadically in Istanbul with the exception of Regina Revue, which was open from 1986 to 2011 as the city's most reputable club in this category.


Closed Brothels And Clubs, It's estimated that the bulk of Istanbul prostitutes work in closed clubs and brothels - meaning that, unlike the window brothels, you can't look in from the streets. Men who go to a club in Istanbul can pick up between a few arab girls if it's a small place, or a dozen girls if it's large. But the choice will be much more limited than with window prostitution.

  • There are many brothels at Zurafa street.
  • You can find brothels in Karaköy and Beyoğlu areas, and a number of hostels/ hotels in Laleli, Kumkapı and Aksaray are used as venues where you can hook up with prostitutes. The brothel clubs in Aksaray area are all big scam or under big risk for police raid. It is not worth to go inside! Most common scam is that they will lure you inside with cheap 5 lira drinks and after you have orderer a couple beers and try to leave the place you will get a big bill! It will then be something like couple hundred liras or even 1000 liras sometimes! and bouncers will tell you that 5 lira was only the price of the first welcome drink and other drinks cost something like 50 liras each. Clubs will also charge something like 50 liras for peanuts or if the girls just sit to your table you can get charged something like 100 liras! Do not go to these clubs and do not go to any other clubs either if Turkish men will approach you and recommend you the place to go. Most of time you will get scammed!

Sex Clubs

Istanbul has quite a few notorious sex clubs, but many people who visit them get RIPPED OFF. They often start you with overpriced alcohol and you buying expensive non-alcoholic champagne for a girl hoping to get your business. Even worse, on top of an hourly fee starting around 150 euros, you ll often have to pay a taxi commission for the guy who brought you there of around 75 euros, sometimes even if you didn't come in a taxi. These places often have bad reputations, although if you've got a lot of money and want a little fun with ladies in Istanbul they might be a good choice.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Massage parlors in Istanbul and Turkey are not as great as in Northern Europe. They used to be better about 10 years ago, when there was more choice. Now you usually get a choice of about 2-4 ladies maximum. Probably because there seem to be more massage parlours than there have ever been. So the girls are distributed among them.

It really depends on the girl you go with, and what you are looking for.

Asian side of Istanbul is almost dead for this issue and 80 percent of erotic massage parlours is in European Side especially around li-Mecidiyeköwhy-Etiler-Gayrettepe circle.

Tantric Massage Services - mainly outcall (hotel and apartment visiting service) -

Escort Service and Agencies

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Escort Services in Istanbul, The difference between a brothel and an escort service (call girls), is that the escort service doesn't always receive clients. Instead, a client can call them to have a girl sent to their home or hotel room. Typically, Istanbul call girls are accompanied by a driver who's waiting outside. For the rest, most of the rules for brothels and clubs apply. Istanbul has quite a lot of escort bureaus. Some Istanbul escort girls also work freelance in Aksaray is also known prostitutes area Istanbul. And you can find prostitutes in Istanbul hotels in Taksim area. Arabian prostitutes in Istanbul turkey also work freelance in Taksim Istanbul.

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You can try to hook up with Transexuals in many Istanbul´s gay clubs or if you want to just have a hot fuck with sexy Shemale escort, you can just search online for transexual escorts. Average cost for one hour sex with Shemale escort in Istanbul is 100TL-300TL. You can also find pre-op and post-op transexuals working in the Istanbul´s Red-light district and they are much cheaper than the ones who advertise online, but also they are not very pretty looking. Example in Zürafa Street red light district, you can find about 25 transexual hookers, who will have sex with you for about 35-70TL for 20 minutes.

Tranny prostitute and brothel map
  • You can find trans brothels very close to the Taksim near Talrabasi Blv. There are transexual brothels on Buyuk Bayram Sok and Kucuk Bayram Sok. You will see many t-girls in the windows there in apartments and lots of Turkish men just watching them on the street. Price is mostly 40TL for 15 minutes. Girls will show the price from the windows with their hands, meaning 4 fingers up is 40TL. All you need to do, is open the downstairs door of the building and walk up the stairs if the brothel is on the second floor, there you get to choose from the few girls you saw at the window and sometimes there are also more transgirls in the room. Then you pay to the mamasan and walk to your room with a t-girl. They will usually ask right away for a tip. 5 to 10 liras should be fine, but make sure you negotiate first, that she allows you to penetrate. Other wise you will be fucking her only between her upper groin area without never putting it in. It is estimated there are about 5000 transgenders in Istanbul. Most transgirls came to Istanbul to escape intolerance in more rural areas. Many transvestites are sex workers in brothels, clubs or on the street.
  • On Tarlabasi Blvd 100’s of transsexual women, and gays are waiting for their clientele without security or authorization.
Tarlabaşı is one of few places in Istanbul where transsexuals have found a safe place. Turkish society is in many ways socially conservative, and transsexuals are met with discrimination, mockery and beatings. But in Tarlabaşı – often the only place in the city where they can find rooms to rent – the community feels relatively safe.
  • Beyoğlu Bayram Sokak is a famous area for transsexuals and it is located in Beyoglu across from the police department. The three story apartments are filled with shemales and transsexuals waiting at the windows for customers. The visiting fee is the same with the brothel, 35 TL (12-15 euros).

With a reputation as the Transgender neighborhood, it is located on the opposite side of Beyoğlu District Police Department. Place is open from 10:00-18:00.

  • Some trans prostitutes in Istanbul can be found on Turgut Özal (Millet Cd.) somewhere down the road near Hasekí tram stops on the right side (if you are coming from Aksaraya). Most of these transexual hookers hang out in side street corners and I guess there are some real girls as well. You can get a blowjob or sex for like 30-50TL, just remember to negotiate because these transvestites tend to ask more money from foreigners. They have a rooms nearby, which are not clean at all. Be careful in the area, because some transgirls may try to pickpocket you.
  • Zehra Shemale Escort

Shemale prostitute with a 7" cock. Bondage, BDSM, oral and anal sex but safe sex only. Active and passive t-girl.

Website: Number: + 90535-4413151

Gay and Lesbian

The gay activities have become more and more visible in Istanbul during the last 20 years. The number of the gay venues has increased rapidly especially during the last 10 years. Taksim district of Beyoglu town on the European side of Istanbul is the centre of almost all major gay venues. In fact, this district is the centre of local night life. There are many modern or traditional gay bars, clubs, saunas and hamams near the Taksim/Beyoglu area. This neighborhood is also frequented by many (mostly bi-sexual) rent-boys. Some of these boys can really be as sexy as film-stars indeed. There are also many bars and clubs for transvestites and transsexuals in Taksim district. Indeed, the gay life of Istanbul is very colourful and vibrant. The 1st gay and lesbian organization of Turkey called Lambda Istanbul is also located in Istanbul.

  • On Tarlabasi road 100’s of transsexual women, and gays are waiting for their clientele without security or authorization.

Gay Friendly Saunas and Bathhouses

In recent years, there has been extra pressure over gay-action places including bath houses and saunas and since 2007 majority of the senior gay friendly bath houses have been closed down. These hamams had been popular meeting places for local gay-men for decades. But gay men has naturally discovered new places in place of them.

  • Cihangir Sauna, Altipatlar Sokak, No: 14. Cukurcuma / Beyoglu / Istanbul
  • Aquarius Sauna, Address: Istiklal Caddesi, Sadri Alisik Sokak, No: 29/1 Taksim-Beyoglu, Istanbul.
  • Firuzagha Hamam. (10:00-23:00), Address: Cukurcuma Cd. No: 6, Cukurcuma, Beyoglu.
  • Yeshildirek Sefa (10:00-20:00), Address: Tershane Cad. Yolcuzade Sok. N:74 Sishane, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
  • Chesme (10:00-20:00) Address: Persembe Pazari street, Yeni Camii Cesme Sokak, Karakoy, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
  • Pasha Hamam. (10:00-20:00) Address: Pasa Hamami Street., 2/6 FatihIstanbul.
  • Horhor Hamam. (10:00-20:00) Address: Hamam Sokak, No: 8 Aksaray/Istanbul.

Gay Friendly Bars, Clubs and Cafes

  • Haspa Cafe Bar, Istiklal Cad., Küçükparmakkapı İpek Sk No:16/2
  • Chianti Cafe & Pub, Istiklal Caddesi, Balo Sokak No: 31, Kat:2
  • XLarge Club, Meşrutiyet Caddesi Kallavi Sokak 12
  • Club Cheeky, Kucuk Bayram Sokak No:1/A
  • Club 17, Istiklal Caddesi, Zambak Sokak No. 17. Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su: 09:00 p.m. - 04:00 a.m.
  • Tek Yön Club (Club Tekyon), Sıraselviler Caddesi No 63/1
  • Durak, Muratpaşa Sokak No: 9

Lesbian Friendly Cafes, Pubs and Bars

  • Catwalk Women Club, Istiklal Caddesi, Balo Sokak No: 31, Kat:3
  • Bigudi Club, İstiklal Cad. Mis Sokak. No:5 Teras Kat
  • Rocinante Cafe & Bar, Sakiz Agaci Caddesi, İmam Adnan Sk, Öğüt Sokak No: 6/2

LGBT Bars Pubs and Cafes

  • Café Morkedi (Mor Kedi), Istiklal Caddesi, Imam Adnan Sokak No. 7/3. Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
  • Pinokyo Cafe & Bar, Istiklal Cad., Buyukparmakkapi Sk No: 26/1
  • XLarge Club, Meşrutiyet Caddesi Kallavi Sokak 12
  • Frappe Istanbul Cafe & Bar, İstiklal Cd Zambak Sk No: 10 / A. Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su: 02:00 p.m. - 02:00 a.m.
  • Club 1001 Gece (Pub Marylin), Sirarelviler Caddesi No. 61/18 (Drag)
  • Sahra, Ayhan Işık Sokak No: 40 (Drag)
  • Ekoo Club, Tarlabaşı Bulvarı No: 32/a
  • NoName Club, Tarlabaşı Bulvarı No: 28-32 (Drag)
  • Love Dance Point, Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:349
  • Züppe Club, Istiklal Caddesi, Zambak Sokak, No: 2/5

Gay Friendly Sex Shops, Cinemas, Adult Arcades, Bookstores and Glory Holes

  • Gunes Sinemasi, Cakiraga Mahallesi, Kurkcubasi Kulhan Sokak, No:5. The Gunes Sinemasi (cinema) is located in the Aksaray district of Istanbul. Apparently it is difficult to find if you are not familiar with area, directions are it is located near the hotel/disco Seranda; near McDonalds. Take a right turning by the police headquarters and climb up the steps and its on the left. It has been screening straight movies for many years and caters to a mainly straight audience of guys, although some gays and bi-curious attend. Back seats are the cruisiest spots.
  • Ruya Sinema, Istikal Caddesi. This place is very hot. Sexy Turkish men love to get blown and fuck. Action all over the place but mostly in the back. Guys will sit near and wave their dicks at you it they want you. Great variety of hotties. Many young boys come in groups to see the so be a bit discrete. The strange thing about these turkish theaters is you must tip and tip. The usher with the flashlight, sometimes the ticket taker and always the toilet, only the are free.
  • Eros Center Sex Market, Kutlu sok. 41-43, Uygur ishani kat:1. Gumussuyu, Taksim. Phone: (212) 249 07 01, 293 19 93. Gay videos, lubricant, sex toys,etc.
  • LIPS & DELTA I (glm), Sehit Asim cad. 4/1, Koc Han. Beasiktas. Open 9-21.30h. All kinds of sex toys.
  • LIPS & DELTA II (glm), Namik Kemal cad. Firat Ishani 1/8, Aksaray.
  • Marginal Center (gl), Rihtim cad. Resit Efendi sok. 32/1, Ak Ishani Kat:2, Kadikoy. Phone: 418 34 88

Sexual Services for Women

Istanbul is a great place for women who are looking for sexy young men. Turkish men are very horny and they do not care if you are old or young, overweight or skinny. Most men will be happy if you buy them a small gift or lunch for an exchange of hot night of sex.

Male Escorts

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Adult Shops

You can buy Viagra, Cialis and Kamagra from every pharmacy (Eczane in Turkish) in Istanbul without the prescription. Condoms are also widely sold in every supermarket and pharmacy.

You can find Adult theaters and Sex shops from the Gay Friendly Sex Shops and Cinemas


In general, it is possible to find some kind of accommodation in any district of Istanbul. Here is a quick list of the districts where they are concentrated most:

  • Harbiye is a popular place to stay, as in the main center of the new city on the European side, and contains a variety of international standard apartments, hotels, and moderate hotels for budget travelers. Nişantaşı and Taksim are 5 minutes from Harbiye so you can stay in Harbiye and benefit from all activities in Nişantaşı and Taksim.
  • Taksim is the main center of the new city on the European side. Locals and tourists go to Taksim for shopping and entertainment, as well as moderate hotels for budget travelers. There are also two hostels in this area.
  • Sultanahmet the main center for the old city on the European side. It has a selection of quality, reasonably priced hotels, many with terraces overlooking the Golden Horn, or with views of the Marmara Sea and the Blue Mosque. Most hostel-type accommodation frequented by independent travellers are located in this district, although it is possible to find a few upmarket hotels.
  • Quite pricey hotels can be found in western suburbs, especially around the airport, as well as on/overlooking the banks of Bosphorus.
  • With the closure of relatively central Ataköy caravan park, the place where you can tow your caravan nearest to the city is now located in Selimpaşa, a far outer western suburb of the city, though it is still a good 40 km away from central parts of the city.

Girl friendly hotels

A number of hostels / hotels in Laleli, Kumkapı and Aksaray areas are used as venues where you can hook up with prostitutes.

  • Ciragan Palace Kempisnki
  • Four seasons at the Bosphorus
  • Sangrila Bosphorus
  • Radisson Blu Ortakoy
  • Dedeman Hotel
  • Conrad Hotel
  • W hotel
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Park hyatt
  • The Marmara taksim
  • Divan Hotel
  • Hilton Istabul
  • Ceylan Intercontinental
  • Point hotel Barbaros
  • Movenpick
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Le meridien
  • Edition hotel

If you are staying close to airport we can recommend a few airport hotel which does not make any problem to escort girls:

  • Polat renaissance airport hotel
  • WOW hotels
  • Radisson airport
  • Holiday Inn airport north hotel
  • Sheraton Atakoy hotel
  • Marriot Courtard hotel

Just do not go to Grand Cevahir hotel - they don't allow female escorts.

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Stay Safe

As with most European cities, but especially in crowded areas of Istanbul, watch your pockets and travel documents as pickpockets have devised all sorts of strategies to obtain them from you. Do not rely too much on the 'safe' feeling you get from the omnipresence of policemen. Taksim Square, Sultanahmet Square, Istiklal Avenue, Kadikoy Square etc. are observed by security cameras monitored by police 24/7 non-stop.

Also be wary of men in Taksim who splash water on the backs of your neck. When you turn around, they will try to start a fight with you as another man comes in and robs you. These men tend to carry knives and can be very dangerous.

Istanbul is home to three of the biggest clubs in Turkey and arguably European football: Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe, and Galatasaray. It is advisable not to wear colours associating yourself with any of the clubs--black and white, blue and yellow, and red and yellow, respectively--particularly on the days of matches between the sides due to the fearsome rivalry they share.

Be respectful of the Turkish flag. Don't put it on places where people sit or stand, don't drag it, don't wrinkle it, don't contaminate it, don't use it as a dress or uniform. Not only will Turks be very offended, furthermore the desecration of the Turkish flag is a punishable offence. The flag is extremely important and well respected in Turkey.

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