Seattle Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Seattle, Washington. Seattle, Washington, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is Washington's largest city

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Seattle has long been the leader in trafficking and prostitution, but has also long been a leader in efforts to fight the problem and share those with the rest of the country. Today is no different. Ten years after Seattle passed the nation’s first anti-trafficking laws, Washington continues to lead the fight in anti-human trafficking, passing twelve additional laws.

Seattle Female Escorts

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Red Light Districts

There is no Red-light district in Seattle like the ones in Amsterdam or Hamburg. But you can certainly find streetwalkers all over the city for cheap sex. Strip clubs are also all over the city and not in one little area. Massage parlours are also in the every corner, so you will not have problems getting laid in this beautiful city in Washington.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Most prostitutes in Seattle advertise online and there is hundreds of girls to choose from. Just remember that most pics are photoshopped or they can be complete fakes. Average cost to fuck a prostitute you find from internet is $100-$150 for half hour and $200-$300 for one hour.

Street and online prostitution, massage parlors, home-based brothels and escort services are all common in Seattle.

Street Hookers

Seattle has quite decent street prostitution scene, just like nearby city Vancouver in Canada. Average cost in the street is $20-$40 for HJ, $30-$60 for BJ and $40-$100 for sex.

Locations of Seattle Streetwalkers

  • One block on either side of Aurora Avenue North from North 145th Street on the north to Denny Mercer Way on the south
  • One block on either side of East Yesler Way from 21st Avenue (South) on the east to Interstate 5 on the west.
  • South Cloverdale Street from 14th Avenue South on the east to 7th Avenue South on the west, and 14th Avenue South from Dallas Avenue on the north to South Donovan Street on the south.
  • The area bounded on the north by South Charleston Street; on the east by 42nd Avenue South from South Charleston Street to South Dawson Street, 46th Avenue South from South Dawson Street to South Graham Street, 51st Avenue South from South Graham Street to South Frontenac Street, and Seward Park Avenue South from South Frontenac Street to South Othello Street
  • The area bounded on the south by South Othello Street; on the west by Letitia Avenue South to 35th Avenue South to Renton Avenue South from South Charleston Street to South Orcas Street, and 42nd Avenue South from South Orcas Street to South Othello Street.
  • The area bounded on the north by Mercer Street, on the west by 5th Avenue North, on the southwest by 5th Avenue, on the southeast by Lenora Street, and on the east by Westlake Avenue.
  • The area bounded by Virginia Street on the north, Columbia Street on the south, 9th Avenue on the east and 1st Avenue on the west.
  • The area bounded by (East) Pine Street on the north, (East) Pike Street on the south, 10th Avenue on the east and 9th Avenue on the west.
  • The area bounded by Yesler Way (west of Interstate 5) and South Jackson Street (east of Interstate 5) on the north, South Weller Street on the south, 12th Avenue South on the east and 5th Avenue South on the west.

Strip Clubs & Lap Dance

Some Strip Clubs in Seattle have a cover fee of $10 - $30 just to get in. Also some clubs offer unlimited drinks if you pay $10-$20 more. Lapdance costs $20-$40.

  • Pandora's Adult Cabaret

8914 Lake City Way N.E., Seattle, Washington 98115 206-524-6003

Club Type: Nude Dancer Ethnicity: Mixed Hours: 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Daytime Cover: 10 Nighttime Cover: 10 Dance Prices: 20 Drink Prices: 5

Features: Juice Bar, Couple Friendly, Non-Smoking, DJ, Bikini Dancers Only, Topless Dancers, Nude Dancers, Bikini Lap Dances Only, Topless Lap Dances, Nude Lap Dances, Private Lap Dance Rooms, VIP Room, Prepay Private Dances

  • Dreamgirls at Rick's

11332 Lake City Wy NE, Seattle, Washington 206-971-8916

Club Type: Nude Dancer Ethnicity: Mixed Hours: M-Sa 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m Su 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Daytime Cover: 10 Nighttime Cover: 10 Dance Prices: 20 Drink Prices: 10

Features: Juice Bar, Couple Friendly, Non-Smoking, DJ, Bikini Dancers Only, Topless Dancers, Nude Dancers, Bikini Lap Dances Only, Topless Lap Dances, Nude Lap Dances, Bed Dances, Private Lap Dance Rooms, VIP Room, Feature Dancers, Prepay Private Dances

  • Little Darlings

2027 Westlake Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121 call206-623-0183 click Little Darlings Website map Map to Club Star Rating - Exceptional 147 reviews | Write a Review

Club Type: Nude Dancer Ethnicity: Mixed Hours: Mon-Sat 11 a.m. - 2:30 a.m.; Sun 2 p.m. - 2:30 a.m Daytime Cover: 10 Nighttime Cover: 10 Dance Prices: 20 Drink Prices: 0

Features: BYOB, Juice Bar, Couple Friendly, Non-Smoking, DJ, Bikini Dancers Only, Topless Dancers, Nude Dancers, Bikini Lap Dances Only, Topless Lap Dances, Nude Lap Dances, Private Lap Dance Rooms, VIP Room, Feature Dancers

There is privacy if you want a VIP dance. There's this back room, and girls dance to your pleasure inside curtains for $20/song.

  • Dancing Bare


10338 Aurora Ave N Seattle, Washington

  • Sands Showgirls


7509 15th Ave NW Seattle, Washington

  • Centerfolds

Star Rating - Exceptional


8517 15th Ave NW Seattle, Washington


In Seattle, there is no brothels like the ones in Europe or Mexico. Similar business happens in the most of the massage parlours in the city, where you can fuck a girl under $200.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Highly organized massage parlors in Seattle are run foreign nationals with older prostitutes from South Korea, [Vietnam]] and China. Money goes back abroad to their homelands.

Seattle has hundreds of erotic massage parlors around the city. Pretty much all of them offer extra services and some in very cheap prices! You can get full service as cheap as $50 in some massage studios. Average price for full service is $80-$150, blowjob $30-$70 and handjob $20-$50.

  • Asian Spa

929N 130TH ST #6 Seattle 206-588-1422

This place will relax all your muscles to take away your stress and pain. 2 girls 4 hands/$100 Body Massage 1 hour/ $50 or 2 hours/ $100 Table Shower and Massage 1hour/$65 Open 7days 10:00am to 12:00am Midnight

  • Asian Doll

303 12th Ave S #B Seattle WA, 98144

This place has some very sexy Asian girl.

Body Massage 1 hour Open 7days 10:00am to 12:00am Midnight

  • Leena Massage

5210 Roosevelt way NE suite c seattle wA 98105 (206)849-2000

We offer wonderful Asian massage to rejuvenate your body Full body massage: one hour-$ 60. 30min $ 40 Deep tissue/ Swedish Private room/ very clean

Open 7 days a week. 10:00am--9:00pm

Transsexuals / Shemales

You can find t-girl hookers online and they charge usually $100-$150 for half hour or $200-$250 for one hour. Shemales who work on the streets are cheaper and are willing to have sex for as low as $40.

  • TransFusion

When: 2nd Friday of every Month from 8pm-2am Where: Annex, RAW Space 1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle, WA 98119

Who: Open to the public, 18+ ID Required Cost: Members: $20 (Includes CSPC, SboL, NWB & RCJ); Guests: $30 ($5 Discount for Students & Seniors) AYCE & Premium Members: Free

TransFusion is a trans-general party, for people of any birth assignment who are trans-identified or otherwise gender non-conforming, and their friends and lovers to get up to shenanigans, hijinks, and tomfoolery.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay Bathouses

  • Steamworks formerly Club Seattle

1520 Summit Ave.


You will always get laid in this place. In private rooms you can leave the door open soother guys can watch. Lots of hot young guys who love to get their dicks deep throated. There is also cage area where you just get in the cage and drop your towel and chum a guy into the next booth, and when someone stops to watch you sucking him you grab at the front of his towel and then you have two dicks within a foot of each other.

Each room is equipped with an in-house video monitor with about 20 channels. What many dudes do not know is that one of the channels shows the sex activity going on in a Glory hole area. The camera is located high on the wall near the fan. It has night vision capacity so that from your room, you can see clearly what boys are doing in the dark.

Gay Cruising Areas

  • Carkeek Park - Boy Beach
  • Columbia Tower
  • First Hill Park
  • Freeway Park
  • Green Lake Park
  • Kinnear Park
  • Licton Springs Park
  • Magnolia Park
  • North Acres Park
  • Ravenna Park
  • Rogers Park
  • Shoreline Public Library
  • University of Washington Arboretum
  • Volunteer Park
  • Washington Park
  • Westcrest Park
  • Woodland Park

Sexual Services for Women

Average cost for a male escort in Seattle is $100-$200 for one hour. Most will advertise online.

Sex Shops & Adult Stores

There is quite many Sex Shops in Seattle. Most will have also Sex Cinemas where you can masturbate.

Sex Cinemas

  • Taboo Adult Video

1012 1st Ave, Seattle Plays a variety of porn movies: straight, guy, tranny, gangbang, interacial. Clean place.

  • Fantasy Unlimited

2027 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 622-4669

They have mostly straight movies. Lots of action in the back of a dark place. This place also offers vid booths and booths with nasty looking girls in them along with the theatre. All the cruising takes place in the theatre which is upstairs. Once a week there is gay night where they play gay vids in the theatre. Downstairs is ordinary shop with toys, clothes, vids and mags. The theatre is $10 dollars just like almost anywhere else in the city.

  • Hollywood Boutique

12706 Lake City Way


Basement of the Boutique has three rooms. Main room is straight vids, first room on right is small tv's with "classic " on each, second on right( in the back corner) is the bi-sexual room. Most, if not all action is in this room. Not a lot of Privacy, gotta just get hard and find someone who wants to suck your cock.

  • Taboo Video White Center

9813 16th Ave SW

Place has small video booths with half-cut doors. It is fairly clean and never full. The place next door called "Your Choice Video" though is the one with more action.

Escort Services & Agencies

Most agencies advertise online and cost is usually $250-$350 for one hour. There are lots of good looking escorts in Seattle.


Seattle has a good variety of hotels. You can find cheap accommodation for under $50 or high-end hotel rooms for about $150.

Stay Safe

Seattle is a fairly safe city. Like all large cities you should be cautious of potential danger and use common sense. There is little concern in the residential North Seattle districts, except for the areas around Aurora Avenue and Lake City Way at night time. South Seattle neighborhoods have had a history of gang and drug related violence. Common sense and smart thinking should be used in any neighborhood you are unfamiliar with, especially if traveling by foot or alone.

Seattle has many lovely parks that while quite nice during daytime, become cesspools at night. Any activity at night in city parks should be avoided. You will also do yourself a favour by going out to enjoy the nightlife in a group, as walking around downtown alone is a good way to get rolled. The same applies in Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, and the International District.

Downtown Seattle has a high influx of homeless men and women (suburbs on the East side enacted laws which forced homeless people into Seattle's downtown core), and while many may beg for change, only a small percentage are to be considered harmful.

The right to assemble and protest is taken very seriously in Seattle (as well as the rest of Washington), and often goes to extremes. Protest related violence is frequent and well documented, and it would be a poor exercise of judgement indeed to be found anywhere near one in the city. Keep in mind also the Seattle Police are not known for being soft-handed in such situations.

Seattle is a difficult city to drive in, and even tougher to park in. Throughout your time here, drive smartly and defensively. This should be applied to the rest of the state of as well.

Enjoy your visit.

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