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Montreal Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Montreal, Canada.

Montreal [1] (French: Montréal) the metropolis of the province of Quebec. Quebec City is the political capital but Montreal is the cultural and economic capital of Quebec and the main entry point to the province. The second largest city in Canada, it is a city rich in culture and history and a well-deserved reputation as one of the liveliest cities in North America. Montreal is the second-largest French-speaking (as a mother language) city in the world, behind Paris. The population of Montreal is about 1.9 million, with 4 million in the metro area.

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Montreal has made itself known globally with its budding sex culture. In the most liberal province of Canada, it has often been compared to Amsterdam by more than one objective critic. During the United States prohibition, Montreal became a hub of gangsters looking for a good time. With this surge of tourism, not only did the authorities turn a blind eye, but it became en vogue for women of little means to apply to the various brothels. After the two world wars and the return of the soldiers, the brothels made enough money to pay off the fines and keep a regular clientele satisfied.

Although brothels themselves were shut down sometime in the 50s, street hookers, escorts, and strip clubs have become quite trendy. Today there are over 6000 men and women working in the sex industry, generating an estimated $350 million per year!

Female Escorts

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Red Light Districts

The Café Cléopâtre on Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

There is no official red-light district in Montreal, although the definition of the boundaries has varied according to both the source and the time period. According to Viviane Namaste in 1973, it was bordered by René Lévesque Boulevard to the south, Sherbrooke Street to the north, Saint Laurent Boulevard to the west and Saint Denis Street to the east. According to Daniel Proulx, it was defined early in the twentieth century by Sherbrooke Street to the north, Saint-Denis Street to the east, Bleury Street to the west and by Old Montreal to the south. Proulx claims that today, it has shrunk to centre on the corner of Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Laurent, the area's historical heart.

Prostitution, gambling and drinking were more prevalent in this area because of its proximity to the city center, which is often a major tourist attraction, and the high density of liquor shops (taverns, bars, night clubs, cabarets, etc.).

The future of Montreal's red light district may be heading down a new path. Many well-recognized organizations are rallying to legalize prostitution in order for it to be more protected and safe for both the seller and customer. If all goes according to plan, soon we may see Montreal becoming as sexy and liberal as Amsterdam and maybe there would even be a window prostitution area some day.

Prostitutes and Sex Workers

Prostitutes in Montreal can be found from the streets, massage parlors and escorts from the internet.

Street Hookers

Street walkers can be found usually down by St. Catherine and St. Laurant intersection area and east of that. Montreal street whores usually charge $50-$200 for hour, depending what time it is and how busy they are. Just be careful with the street girls as sometimes they try to pull scams and many of them have STD´s.

Adult Locations

Strip Clubs and Lap Dance

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Mostly along Montreal's major downtown drag, Rue Ste Catherine, you'll see bright signs advertising the cheapest and sexiest dancers at almost every intersection. Drinks at Montreal strip bars are measured (1oz), and can run $7-$12 on average. Lapdance cost average $15-$30 per song and a common scam is for the stripper to lie about the number of dances they performed. In Montreal they don’t ask if you want another dance; the meter just keeps running. To avoid this pre-pay the strippers and save yourself a large bill. Don’t tip them unless you really want to. Cover charge is $10-15$ usually. Club Super Sexe and Le 281 are most popular strip clubs in Montreal.

Here is a list of strip clubs in Montreal:

  • Bar Sexe Mania • 2683 rue Ontario Est • 514-526-9166
  • Cabaret Les Amazones • 6820 rue St-Jacques • 514-484-8695
  • Cabaret Sex Appeal • 381 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-849-7304
  • Cafe Cleopatra • 1230 boulevard St-Laurent • 514-871-8065
  • Caleche Du Sexe • 328 rue Saint-Catherine Est • 514-844-6690
  • Chez Paree • 1258 rue Stanley • 514-866-0495
  • Club Downtown • 1196 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-861-5193
  • Club Super Contact • 690 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-878-9696
  • Club Super Sexe • 696 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-861-1507
  • Club Wandas • 1310 boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest • 514-842-6927
  • Gentleman's Choice • 1200 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-875-7379
  • Kamasutra Club • 3580 rue St-Dominique • 514-842-4892
  • Kingdom Gentleman's Club • 1417 boulevard St-Laurent • 514-286-1417
  • Le Bar Salon Solid Gold • 8840 Boulevard St-Laurent • 514-381-6283
  • Le Gentlemen's Choice II • 1755 rue St-Denis • 514-845-7906
  • Le Végasr •2308 Boulevard Marie-Victorin, Longueuil, QC • (450) 646-4220 ‎
  • Stockbar • 1171 Rue Ste Catherine Est • 514-842-1336
  • Studio d'Exhibition Pussy Corps • 263 rue Saint-Catherine Est • 514-284-0017
  • Temptations • 972 rue Saint-Catherine Ouest • 514-397-2652

Brothels and Sex Clubs

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Montreal does not have real brothels like in Frankfurt and every other city in Germany, but it has many massage parlours where you get pussy for $100-$200. There are hundreds of erotic massage ‘brothels’ flourishing in Montreal despite federal anti-prostitution law. Many of the erotic massage salons are open 24/7 and illegally employ women who have sex with men in the massage rooms. Police does usually leave them alone as they mostly go after the pimps and the street prostitutes.

Erotic Massage Parlors

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Erotic Massage Parlors

Bright and flashy neon signs that simply read 'massage' have become a fixture in Montreal in the past decade, but while they bill themselves as legitimate businesses, what happens behind closed doors is anything but. Many massage parlours -- not to be mistaken for legitimate therapeutic clinics -- are now brothels, and they have sprouted up in almost every corner of the city. Prices vary from as little as $20 up to hundreds of dollars. Some AMP´s are open 24 hours, and many advertise online.

There are an estimated 350 massage parlors in Montreal that offer illegal prostitution services, according to law enforcement and non-governmental organizations. Up to 70 percent of all prostitution activities that takes place in Montreal is believed to occur within massage parlours.

See Also: Massage Parlor Etiquette


  • Oriental Rehab Centre, 1088 st.laurent (Tel: 514 954 0049)
Going south on stlaurent just past rene levesque, it is on the right side is 1088 stlaurent. This is a studio with separate rooms. Mostly older Asians. Price is $50 -1 hr. There is usually an older Asian man at the desk. Massage quality is not the best though.
  • Peng Cheng Massage Des Peids, 1065c st.laurent (Tel: 514-393-0886)
Left side is 1065c st.laurent. Place is on the 3rd floor and they specialise in feet and have 3 therapists. For full body massage only 2 woman and 1 man $45-1 hr. Down side is there are no rooms, only 4 tables separated by curtains. This can be annoying because the lack of privacy, but you will get a good massage.
  • Centre De Massage Traditional, 19 Viger Ouest (Tel: 514-296-6628)
If you continue south on st.laurent from the previous 2 places you hit Viger, then turn right west a few steps to 19 viger massage. $50-1 hr Full Body Professional Complete Massage. Ask for Lisa and you will get a good service.
  • Centre Beaute Eminence 71b Rue de la Gauchetière O (Tel: 514-868-1551)
If you walk south on sturbain from rene leveques on lagauchetiere 71A Rue de la Gauchetière O, you turn west up is a hair dressing establishment full body complete professional massage.
  • Centre d'esthetique J.C. 66 de la Gauchetiere West, 2nd floor (Tel: 514-398-9398)
  • Dolfie Dream Massage, 1018 unit b (Tel: 514-800-1903)
  • If you walk south on sthubert from rene leveques west side right is 1018 unit b. Go in and down stairs. 1/2 hr $35/1/2 hr. Massage skills are bad.
  • Da Tang Massage, 1022 st urbain (Tel: 514-461-2321)
If you continue a bit walk south on st.hubert from rene leveques . Right west side is 1022 st urbain full Body Complete massage. You walk up stairs and price is $60-1 hr (but only gives you 45 mins). Helen and Maggie give good massage with a Happy Ending. Salon is better than 1018b next door.
  • Sunshine Holiday Spa, spa sinomonode 99 ave viger (Tel: 514-878-9558)
Further south on st 99 viger, the holiday inn basement 99 ave viger professional massage you go in and down.
  • Body Massage, 1125 clark (Tel: 514-954-9702)
South on clark from rene leveques. East side of the street a small studio.
  • Body Massage, 1014 St-laurent - 2nd floor.
Older Asian lady. Sign says 39$ massage.


  • Club Wanda's, 1458 Mountain St Montréal, QC (514) 842-6927
  • Le Notre Dame Massage, 1418 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montreal, QC (514) 798-2919
  • Spa Eau Claire, 1280 de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal, QC (514)-521-7776
  • YPG SPA, 5660 Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4H1 (514-)419-0799
Some hot Asian and Latina girls.

Karaoke and KTVs

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Escort Services and Agencies

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There are a lot of escort agencies in Montreal. Newspaper The Mirror has lots of escort agencies advertising in the back pages. Its distributed freely all over the place downtown. You can also check escort agencies from the internet.

Swinger Clubs

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There is an active Swinging community in Montreal. Swingers should check out the one of the best swingers club in the are called L'Orage (7387 St-Hubert Montreal, QC - 514-439-1669) and Kamasutra Club (3580 St Dominique Montreal, QC H2X 2X4 - 514-842-4892).

Sex Shops and Adult Stores

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Adult shops are another Montreal novelty, with dozens of peep shows and erotic cinemas at every major section of the city and mostly in the Rue Ste Catherine. Some of them sell erotic DVDs and sex toys while others have a liquor licenses! Many of them are heavily advertised and on busy corners of the street, while others have found their niche hidden off the major routes. In Montreal it's hard to choose because there are so many options!

  • Cinéma L'Amour, 4015 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y4, Canada, +1 514-849-6227
  • Peep show, de la montagne, corner of ste-catherine, Montreal
Video peep show with two cinemas that show straight movies.
  • Peep Show Rue St Hubert, 6999 St Hubert (look for pink neons next to a bar), Montreal
Some video booths but no doubles. It's best to hang in cinemas. There's no supervision once films are playing.
  • Venus Palais, On Sainte Catherine, Montreal
The best is Cinema 2. No limit no in and out. Cinema costs $7, Individual cabin 1$ per 100 min plus 2 very big cabin. The busiest time is 11am to 2pm after 5pm and night the week
  • Video Erotica, 222, rue Sainte-Catherine est, Montreal
Video arcade with booths. Keep the coins flowing and no one will care what you're doing.
  • Peep Show, Ste Catherine E, Montreal
This is a peep show with 30 booths, large enough for two and there's six cinemas downstairs. Lots of gay orgies happen in the cinemas.
  • Village formerly City, 1209 Rue St. Laurent, Montreal
There are six cinemas, in groups of two. Each pair are behind a revolving gate and you have to feed $6 into the gate to gain entrance.
  • Wega Video, 930, Ste-Catherine Est, Montreal
Video store that has a private theatre and arcade. Pay the fee and wander through.
  • Cinema XXXIT, Mount-Royal, Montreal
  • Lorgasme formerly Aphrodicentre, 10 837 Pie IX Blvd., Montreal
$12 per view and you can stay as long as you want they do not bother you.
  • Video Show, MontRoyal and Coloniale, Montreal

Love Hotels

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Gay and Lesbian

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Gay and Lesbian

Montreal Gay village is located at St Catherine St East (between St.Hubert and Papineau ). Village is filled with parks, memorials and extremely packed sidewalks, the Gay Village hosts international restaurants of all flavours, trendy clothing stores, cafés, gaudy strip clubs, big saunas and more gay bars and discotheques than Paris. It’s common knowledge that a hardcore partier can start Thursday afternoon and party until Sunday morning, all within the confines of Montreal’s Gay Village. Gay Village is about one mile long, making it the biggest Gayborhood in North America in terms of size.

A "Peep Show" along St Catherine street in Montreal's Gay Village.

Gay Night Clubs & Cabarets

Quebec guys are not shy about their bodies, and Montreal has a long tradition of handsome guys entertaining others by stripping down to skin. The larger nightclubs feature between 15 to 40 dancers each night. Dancers begin sets slowly, casually dressed, sometimes in fantasy costumes, to end up at finale, strutting aroused, in full priapic glory. Those who catch your fancy will provide private lap-dances in secluded lounges, for a little extra money.

  • Campus (1111 Ste-Catherine E), world-famous Montreal nightclub, muscle-buff guys strip down and show off for men every day 3pm-3am (except Sunday for women), with dimly lit VIP private section for one-to-one attention.
  • Le Lux (1681 Ste-Catherine E), old Adonis and JP's location, nude male strippers for men, friendly and casual, multiple dancer erotic shows, guest porn stars.
  • Stock (1171 Ste-Catherine E), nude male dancers of all kinds, shower shows, large VIP lounge, two backrooms, open seven nights. Wednesday women's night. See the website for dancer photos and sign-up for live feed of stage performances and "getting personal" sessions, from 8pm local time.
  • Taboo (1950 De Maisonneuve E), open nightly, nude male strippers; fresh, lithesome and energetic dancers. New management restored popularity after a rocky patch.

Gay Friendly Bars & Cabets

  • Aigle Noir

Other Adult Services

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There is an active BDSM and Fetish community in Montreal. Many of the escort girls offer BDSM services and there are actually few really experienced and world known dominatrix escorts working in Montreal. Club Sin is one of the best known BDSM clubs in Montreal.

Transsexuals and Shemales

Montreal shemale escorts usually advertise on the backpage of the free newspapers you can find in every street corner. Also most of the hot ones have add´s online. Occasionally you can find some on St. Catherine street also. TS/TV/TG and CD prostitutes usually charge from $50-$300 depending your looks and negotiation skills. You can also find some non-escort trans-girls from the Montreal Gay Village.

Some of the greatest drag shows in Montreal go down inside the plush and glitzy Cleopatra Cafe. Cleopatra Cafe was renovated in 1999, giving the art of cross-dressing a modernized environment within which to stretch its wings. On the swooping golden stage, in the dark and smoky room, singing in brilliant costumes beneath the bright lights, these famous ladies put on a diverse and moving show.

  • Cabaret Cleo (1230 St-Laurent) real-girl strippers at street level, and drag queen shows on the 2nd floor.
  • Cabaret Mado (1115 Ste-Catherine E) the campiest drag shows in Montreal, every day.
  • Cocktail (1669 Ste-Catherine E) karaoke & lounge bar, amateurs and performers in drag, games.
  • Sky (1474 Ste-Catherine E), popular 3-level dance complex, gay/straight, young/old; drag cabaret, pub, roof terrace with Jacuzzi and outdoor pool.

Sexual Services for Women

Sleeping and Girl Friendly Hotels

Most hotels around the red light district are use to the prostitutes and do not mind a lot if you bring a guest to your room. There are also many cheap motels and they are often handy if you just need a room where you can fuck a girl who you just picked up from the street

  • Hotel l'Abri du Voyageur, 9 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1Z5, Canada (Quartier des Spectacles) +1 514-900-1002 - This hotel is surrounded by the sex shops and lots of prostitution activity is around it.

Stay Safe

Visitors to Montreal will feel much safer than in other cities in North America. Montreal is a large city so use your common sense as petty crime such as pick pocketing is still always a threat. Don't carry valuables and ensure that you use the safe at your hotel or motel. Take care around rue St Catherine and east of Place des Arts during the nighttime as there are many junkies, hookers and homeless people. Avoid the city parks at nighttime and be vigilant if you are out late at night, especially near the bars and clubs.

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