Mexico City

Mexico City Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Mexico City, Mexico.

Mexico City (Spanish: México, Ciudad de México, or D.F.) is the capital city of Mexico, and the largest city in North America.

Skyline of Reforma skyscrapers

Sex Scene and Prostitution

Prostitution is legal in Mexico but pimping and soliciting on the street are not.

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Mexico City Female Escorts

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There are thousands of escorts advertising themselves online in Mexico. 1500 Pesos is about the going rate. Sometimes you have to add taxi fare for the girl.


Mexico City main districts and roads

The city is officially divided into 16 delegaciones (boroughs) which are in turn subdivided into colonias (neighborhoods), of which there are around 250; however, it is better to think of the city in terms of districts to facilitate the visitor getting around. Many older towns like Coyoacán, San Angel and Tlalpan got merged into the urban sprawl, and each of these still manages to preserve some of their original and unique characteristics.

  • Centro Historico - Where it all began. Historic city center that is focused around the Zócalo or Plaza de la Constitución and extends in all directions for a number of blocks with its furthest extent being west to the Alameda Central.
  • Chapultepec - Lomas - Chapultepec is one of the biggest urban parks in the world.
  • Polanco - One of the wealthiest residential areas with some of the most expensive designer boutique stores in the city. Filled with embassies, upscale restaurants, night clubs and hotels.
  • Zona Rosa - Also known to tourists as Reforma district because it embraces Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, it is an important business and entertainment district. It is widely known to be the gay center of town.
  • Coyoacán - A colonial town swallowed by the urban sprawl, it is now a center for counter-culture, art, students, and intellectuals.
  • Condesa and Roma - Recently reborn after decades of oblivion, and brimming with the city's trendiest restaurants, bistros, clubs, pubs and shops. The neighborhoods are on opposite sides of Avenida Insurgentes, around Parque Mexico and España.
  • San Angel - Trendy, gentrified area lined with cobblestone streets, upscale boutiques and many restaurants. It is a wealthy residential area as well, and known for its arts market.
  • Xochimilco - Also known as the Mexican Venice for its extended series of Aztec irrigation canals — all that remains of the ancient Xochimilco lake. Xochimilco has kept its ancient traditions, even though its proximity to Mexico City has influenced that area to urbanize.
  • Santa Fe - A modern, recently redeveloped business district at the cities western tip that consists mainly of high rise buildings, surrounding a large shopping mall.
  • Del Valle - Middle class residential, business and shopping area in south central city.
  • Tlalpan and Pedregal - Largest of the boroughs and Tlalpan is home of Ajusco, a volcanic mountain peak and National Park, one of the highest mountains near Mexico City.

Red Light District

  • Zona Rosa - Also known to tourists as Reforma district because it embraces Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, it is an important business and entertainment district. It is widely known to be the gay center of town.


Most popular area for prostitution in Mexico City is Zona Rosa. Area is filled with all type of sexual workers. Females, males and transexuals.

Street hookers

Street hookers in Mexico city

You can find street prostitutes in Mexico City from these areas:

  • Plaza Garibaldi Street prostitutes can be found in the Plaza Garibaldi Zona Roza.
  • Calle Sullivan and cross streets in Mexico City late on a Saturday night. The streets are lined with working girls, reaching into the car.
  • Merced street. Within one block west of the market (and Metro station) there is an incredible street action. Up and down the northern pavement of the main San Pablo street stands dozens of young women trying to catch your eye. GPS 19.426297,-99.129789.
  • One of the first small streets south of San Pablo, just one block away from the Merced station. The job is done in a small guest house on the same street. Nude is 100 pesos extra, oral is 100 pesos extra and full service (completo) is 300 pesos extra.
  • Pino Suarez metro stop. The same one that takes you to the Zocalo. The blue line. You will exit at a market. Almost across the street you wlll find the street walkers.
  • Calle San Antonio Abad near the metro station of the same name.
  • Calle Tlalpan and the intersection of Avenida Rio Churubusco.
  • Av. San Pedro, Metro Pink Line.

Strip clubs

Here is a list of Strip Clubs in Mexico City:

  • Adults on Rio Bravo - +52 505 873 3944, 115 Rio Bravo Blvd SE
  • Bada Bing Club, A. De la Paz 39 Col. San Angel.
  • Cadillac in Mexico City - +52 5 531 9869, Melchor Ocampo y Michelet Col
  • Cheeks - +52 505 473 5259, 2841 Cerrillos Rd
  • Cherry's
  • Closet - Col. Condesa
  • Club 203 - +52 505 832 0626, 20364 E US Highway 66
  • El Club - Calle Los Cerezos con Morelos
  • Fantasy World - +52 505 884 2446, 5000 Jefferson NE St
  • Keops - +52 5514 8341, Hamburgo 146
  • Knockouts - 311 Central NW Ave
  • La Tarantula - calle Reforma calle A
  • Madonna's - Colonia Roma
  • Placers - left of Border crossing/ across Rr tracks
  • Playmates - 800 E Broadway St
  • Solid Gold - Londres 156
  • Tahiti - Florencia 44
  • TD's Gold - +52 505 291 8282, 2120 Eubank NE Blvd
  • TD's North - +52 505 875 1625, 6001 Brentwood Ln NE
  • The Foxy's Bar - Hamburgo No. 111 (Zona Rosa)
  • The Men's Club - 54 Varsobia St., Cuauhtémoc, 06500 Distrito Federal

Erotic massage parlors

Most erotic massage parlors offer full service, but not all. BBBJ is hit and miss. It really helps iof you speak Spanish and can be nice to the girl, take some time and turn her on.

Here are some erotic massage parlours in Mexico City:

  • Clinica Savalle in Zona Rosa (Londres 161 Torre A 4th floor), recommended.
  • Club venezia is a one block walk from Etopia subway station.
  • Spa Paris 1900
  • Spa Paradisus
  • Adiction Spa
  • Oxygen Boulevard Spa
  • Spa Aqua Extremadura
  • Masaryk Street 25 (third floor), more upscale place.

Escort Service & Agencies

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Transsexuals / Shemales

You can find sexy transgirls and ladyboys from the Zona Rosa. Prices are usually same as female hookers. You can also check out Cine 23 de abril, On Calle Orozco y Berra, 1.5 blocks down from intersection with Guerrero. 5 minute walk from Metro H, Mexico City. This big sex cinema has usually t-girl prostitutes working inside.

Gay and Lesbian

The Zona Rosa is a very gay-friendly area. In the information kiosks you'll find many guides with gay places to visit in the zone. A good first stop is the BGay cafe on Amberes (a street which also has several other gay bars and clubs).


  • Baños Señorial, Isabel la Católica 92
  • Baños Mina, Calle Mina 100
  • Baños San Juan, C/. Lopez 120
  • Baños Finisterre, C/. Manuel Maria Contreras 11
  • La Toalla (VIP Spa & Gym), Avenida Alvaro Obregón 259
  • SO DO ME, Mariano Escobedo 716. Mo: closed; Tu, We, Fr: 04:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.; Th: 04:00 p.m. - 04:00 a.m.; Sa: 12:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.; Su: 12:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
  • Baños Rocío, Calzada de Tlalpan 1165
  • Baños Ofelia, Camelia 190


  • Tom's Leather Bar, Insurgentes Sur 357
  • New Cine Club, Colón 1
  • New Vaquero, Florencia 35. Local B.
  • Virtual Mix Club, Viaducto Insurgentes Norte 1785
  • Q-Eros, Florencia 67
  • Macho, Amberes 24
  • 42nd Street Café, Amberes 4
  • Eback Bar La Cortina, Amberes 63 Int 7. Mo: 02:00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m.; Tu: 02:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.; We, Th, Su: 05:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.; Fr, Sa: 09:00 p.m. - 07:00 a.m.
  • Marrakech Salón, República de Cuba #18
  • Papi Fun Bar, Amberes 18
  • El Oasis, Republica de Cuba 2 G
  • El Viena, Republica de Cuba 2 E


  • Pussy, Amberes 18

Sexual Services for Women

It is really easy for a western woman to find a companion in Mexico.

Male prostitution is active on the Paseo de la Reforma avenue in Mexico City, Mexico. Within a five block stretch, about 120 guys sell their services on the black market.

Based on interviews with the men, the price for sexual services is on average around $30-60 for 30-60 minutes of service. The ages of the men range from 20 years old to 30 years old. Most of the customers are gay men, who in many cases have not publicly come out of the closet.

Based on prostitution statistics released by the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, 73.2 percent of male prostitutes in Mexico are hired by men and serve around 4 customers each week. For every 30 male hookers, 7 offer their services to women as well.

Sex Shops & Adult Stores

Viagra is available in all Mexican pharmacies at a reasonable price. There are also sex shops in Mexico City where you can watch porn movies and masturbate.

  • Cine Venus, Republica de Chile 34, Mexico City (Cross street: Belisario Domingue)

Directions:Centro Historico, not far from Plaza Grabaldi. Three blocks from Viena & Oasis (bars). Mostly straight an gay men visit this place.

  • Cine El Nacional, Fray Servando Teresa de Mier No. 290, Mexico City

3-theater complex, playing both gay and straight porno movies. Recently renovated and re-opened, currently about $US2 for admission to all 3 sex theatres. The best cinema in Mexico City at the moment.

  • Xoutique, Genova 73, Mexico City

The main floor is a typical shop. Downstairs there are booths for viewing movies. There are 30 booths that are good sized for two or even three people. They have no problems with more than one person being in a booth at one time. To go downstairs you have to buy at least one token for $30 pesos or $2.75 US which lasts for 30 min of movie time. Wednesdays are 2 for 1 tokens. They give you like three paper towels so bring your own just in case because there is no paper in the booths or the bathroom. Crowd is mainly 18 - 40 yrs.

  • Cine 23 de abril, On Calle Orozco y Berra, 1.5 blocks down from intersection with Guerrero. 5 minute walk from Metro H, Mexico City

200 seat cinema, relatively clean, showing hardcore straight porn. As good as it is gonna get in Mexico City, especially compared to other cinemas (Venus, Savoy). Lots of sucking and some sex as well. Crowd is mostly Mexicans of all ages, with those 40+ in the majority. "Working" trannies, but they leave you alone if you aren't interested.


Many hotels in Mexico City are girl friendly. You might still need to ask the opinion of the reception staff first though.

Girl friendly Hotels

  • Marriotte Hotel
  • Camino Real Polanca

Stay safe

Travel in Mexico City is generally safe. Areas around the historic center are generally well-lit and patrolled in the early evening. Much of your travel within the city will be done via public transportation or walking. Mexico City is an immensely crowded place, and with any major metropolitan area, it is advised to be aware of your surroundings.

Taxi robberies, so-called "express kidnappings", where the victim is robbed and then taken on a trip to various ATMs to max out their credit cards, do occur, although safety in the city has improved in recent years. 95% of total kidnapping victims are nationals, so your odds of being taken are very slim, they are not targeting strangers, yet you should always use your common sense.

The two most common recommendations for a safe cab riding experience are to make sure you take an official cab, and to notify a person you trust of the license plate number of the cab you are riding. There is a free app available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry (soon) that allows you to verify if a cab is official by comparing the taxi license plate number with the government provided data and that lets you communicate through Facebook, Twitter and/or email the license plate number of the cab you have taken or even communicate an emergency through these mediums. The free service is called Taxiaviso

Protect your personal information. There are pickpockets in Mexico City. Purses and bulky, full pockets are quite attractive. Do not keep your passports, money, identification, and other important items hanging out for someone to steal. Place items in a hotel safe, or tuck them away inside your clothes. The Metro or Subway system can get extremely crowded, which creates opportunities for pickpockets on cars that are often standing room only.

Do not show money in front of others as this generally attracts pickpockets.

Do not leave anything of value inside your car, always use the trunk, even things that could be considered to hold something of value (for example, an empty gift box) will attract unwanted attention to your car and might prompt a broken window.

Plan ahead, and know where you are going and how you will arrive. Mexico City is quite hospitable, and people who work for hotels and other hospitality-oriented businesses will help. This will help in avoiding confusion, becoming lost or stranded. Also, you can ask a local for advice to get somewhere, though you should speak good Spanish to do this. In the Polanco, Sante Fe and Lomas districts, some police officers and many business people and younger youngsters speak English, as it is very common to learn it in school.

Police officers

Police officers in Mexico get paid a third of what New York City police officers make, and some rely on bribes and corruption to make more money (however, never offer a bribe first since usually an officer will at least go through the formality of assessing a fine). The historic center and other major sites often have specially trained tourist police that are more helpful than ordinary transit cops.

The Mexico City Government recently opened a specialized prosecution office (Ministerio Público in Spanish) for foreigners that find themselves affected by robberies or other crime situations. It is in Victoria Street 76, Centro Historico. Multilingual staff are available.

In case of emergency

Dial 066, the number for all emergencies, (fire, police and medical).

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