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Address Grablovičeva 1
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On the lowest level of the ever popular Orto, this bar's surroundings are consistent with the rock club atmosphere that is housed above it. There is a small stage for strip dancing, but lap-dances and personal attention are the real focus here with private dances available at your table or in one of the back rooms. Open 21:00-04:00.


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Alright, expected way better for central Europe
Alimusei 18 August 2015
Came on Monday night, realize that it is the slowest night of the week. Got about 5 out of 6 dancers fro Dominican and one from Ukraine. All Dominicans looked the same and were super aggressive with drinks. Spent more on drinks for the dancers then lap dances themselves. (Each drink for the lady is 20euros) and they all super pushy to get lady a drink. Quality of dancers were the worst I have seen in Europe and United States unfortunately. Not worth it at all.

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