Walking Street (Pattaya)

WikiSexGuide near Walking Street, Pattaya.

Walking Street is part of the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a famous tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the night life. Walking Street of Pattaya is one of the most famous red-light districts in the world with many go-go bars and brothels. The Pattaya Walking Street runs from the south end of the Beach Road to the Bali Hai Pier. A large video sign was erected in March 2010 at the Beach Road entrance, replacing an earlier metal arch, and a small arch adorns the Bali Hai entrance. Walking Street has not fully recovered after COVID, as the government has made clear that they wish it to eventually become a family-friendly area. About half the original girlie bars remain, but you are better served in the other redlight areas.

Walking Street is closed to vehicles from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am, and car parking is provided at the Bali Hai end. The area includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discothèques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs, and is illuminated at night by many colored neon signs. The closing time of 2:00 am has been extended for many entertainment establishments.

Girl prices in Walking Street can vary a lot. Usually the bar fine is around 500 baht which is a bit more than in Soi 6 red-light district where the bar fine is only about 300 baht. Girls ask around 1500 baht to 3000 baht for a short time. You could also secretly ask the girls Line or WhatsApp number and then meet them after hours to reduce the bar fine.

What is great about the Pattaya Walking Street girlie bars is that many of them have girls dancing or hanging out at the Yakuzi´s completely undressed. This is great as you can really see if their bodies are good unlike in the street where the prostitutes can hide their stretch marks, bad skin or needle marks. Other great thing about the Pattaya Walking Street bars is that example in G-Spot and The Windmill Club and also many others you can ask the naked girls in Yakuzi´s or the dancing girls to do very nasty things with you.

Example if you wish to lick the girls pussies or asshole, you can just hand them 100 baht bill and they will bend over their ass towards you and you can lick the pussy. Most girls will also allow you to stick your tongue in their anus, but it is recommended to ask first if its ok to lick the ass instead of the pussy. Price is same 100 baht if the girls agrees.

It is recommended to lick the Yakuzi girls pussies instead of the dancing girls pussies because the Yakuzi girls will always clean their vagina between the oral sex sessions.

If you wish to have your beer with ice, you can ask ice from the Yakuzi girls and they will stick a ice cube in to their vagina and then pop it out to your beer glass. Again you should tip them 100 baht for this.

What is great about most Yakuzi bars, is that the draft beer will only cost around 80 baht. Shots, champaign and the girl drinks are always more expensive.

There are also bells in the Yakuzi and go-go bars and usually the rule is that if you ring the bell once, you will buy the drinks for all the go-go girls or if you ring the bell twice, you will buy the drinks for the staff also!


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