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Asia / Japan / Tokyo / Love hotels / Hotel Roppongi
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Also Known As ホテル六本木
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Address 7-19-4, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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How to Get There? Nearest Station Roppongi


Located 6 minutes by walk from Roppongi Hills. The brick building covered with green is far from the typical image of a love hotel. The rooms are not flashy and they offer a quiet atmosphere in the city of Roppongi. Many types of rooms are available including a very stylish Japanese room. While it looks expensive, the price is actually quite reasonable. You can also leave the room for an exciting blast downtown, before returning to your room. Admission: Rest (2H) 7,000-12,000yen; Stay 10,000-18,000; Service Time 7,000-12,000yen.


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