Pancharevo Bath House - Sofia Gay and lesbian

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Europe / Bulgaria / Sofia / Gay and lesbian / Pancharevo Bath House
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Address Pancharevo suburb
How to Get There? Pancharevo suburb (15 km from the city centre), Sofia. You can get in here if you take minibus 37 from Orlov Bridge on Tsarigradsko Boulevard (40min).


The guy at the door will give you a key for your own locker. Take your own slippers, towel, soap, shampoo and what ever else you need for your bath. You will see a lot of taps and large bathtubs. You can choose one of the seats near the tubs and to fill it with water. Wash your body before entering the pools. Open everyday from 07 to 19. Busy at afternoon on weekends. If you see an interest from somebody you can invite him discreetly to the pool to stay close to each other and touch your cocks. Men and women are in different areas.


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