SM/Ayala Mall

Cebu's SM Mall go the French Baker to get a french kiss. Bo's coffee in Ayala... get coffee AND cream… because there are hookers there too. Also, in the Ayala Mall you may see a 60+ Western man with a cane holding the hand of a girl wearing a “Dora the explorer” shirt.

WHO CARES about the older gentleman and his high school sweet heart?! How do you get a piece of that MALL action? The first step is to have money. Second step is that it helps to be white. Not saying you MUST be white. Just saying it REALLY helps since 99% of Filipinos worship white skin. Ultimately, in Ayala and SM all you have to do is look cool and look foreign. Last step, approach girls that look interested in you. It's so easy right?

One more pick up place is in front of Robinson’s Mall where girls stand and wait to get picked up by customers. Sometimes they are there at daytime approaching white guys to pay them for sex. They look fine. There's one Bo’s coffee shop in Robinson's too. That is mostly where white guys that live around hang out and look around for meats. Mostly those girls are out there waiting at night time when Robinson’s mall closes. Prices would be 500-1500 Php. It really depends on negotiation but it cannot be higher than that. In Ayala that on the second floor has a Bo's coffee. That is where they passes by and hunt a customer by that coffee shop there's a terrace on the side. So they stand there first smoking, then start checking for guys that they can approach.

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