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Address Near Nyugati on Teréz körút
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This brothel does not disguise itself as a night club. You must ring the bell from the street. Security or the owner will come down and lead you upstairs, where there are 4-8 girls usually. Most of them are 30-40 years old and not the best looking ones, but the prices are affordable: about 12,000 HUF for half an hour.


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OK - Worth a punt
Bswanabe 2 April 2016
Dodgy entrance, escort by security (behind curtain once in, but knew not to cause shit - why would you). Choice was OK, some quite big though, chose Lillian, who was looking after me - happy with service - 69, bj & sex, but threw €160 ish at her (should be €120ish), but not bothered as: pretty, sexy, fit, & she enjoyed (by her moaning), Website needs updating badly, I only visited as pissed & 100 yards from Radisson Hotel) - Glad I did though.
Everything is Extra -- Bad experience
Awork911 11 March 2016
Saw their card in the hotel's reception, so went to the place. They have about 6 - 8 girls. They say minimum 12000 HUF, but when you go into the room, the girl would say everything is extra. You can't hug / kiss or do anything. Whatever you do will cost you 5000 HUF or 1000 HUF more. Avoid the place!
Good Time - Try it.
Liveonce 27 September 2015
Decent choice - reasonable to good figures & faces...Price circa €!40 time was (reality boys) till you cum (happy 3/4hr & made Lilliane orgasm - sexy...before several bj's, 69's & fucks until appreciated sack empty). Security - escorted in upstairs but hidden away behind curtain there after). Would go again & t pay less that I did - but good nevertheless...

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